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  • Obama Walks Back Promise On Keeping Your Private Insurance

    Less than 24 hours after Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner questioned the veracity of President Obama’s persistent claim that, under his health care proposals, “if you like your insurance package you can keep it”, the White House has begun to walk the President’s claim back. Turns out he didn’t really mean it.

    According to the Associated Press, “White House officials suggest the president’s rhetoric shouldn’t be taken literally: What Obama really means is that government isn’t about to barge in and force people to change insurance.”

    How’s that for change you can believe in?

    Depending on how the public plan is designed in Congress, millions of Americans would lose their existing coverage. By opening the public plan to all employees and using Medicare rates, the Lewin Group, a nationally prominent econometrics firm, has said that the public plan could result in 119.1 million Americans being transitioned out of private coverage, including employer based coverage, into a public plan. With employers making the key decision, millions of Americans could lose their private coverage, regardless of their personal preferences in this matter.

    When was the last time Washington passed major legislation, costing nearly $2 trillion dollars, overhauling a major sector of our economy that didn’t change our lives? Oh yeah, TARP.

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    48 Responses to Obama Walks Back Promise On Keeping Your Private Insurance

    1. Nina J. Memphis, tn. says:

      Those of us on Medicare Advantage plans will have to start paying extreamly high premiums, with drastically less coverage, and more and more money out of the individual! Tell me we aren't turning into CUBA! What happens when we can't pay the premiums? We'll loose coverage altogether. With deep cuts into Medicare & Medicade What will the poor and people on fixed incomes do? With some bureaucrat on the sweet congressional plan we're left with what ever 'Kennedy-care' they want to give us. They also don't mention anything about disabled people, what is to become of them? We have a disabled child, will he loose all care? He is a former cancer patient and has diabetes.

      We need the Republicans to step up to the plate and tell 'O' and Demarats, NO,HELL NO! Somebody needs to stand up to these idoits!

    2. Mike, Florida says:

      What can we really do to stop this? This is become harder to listen to and know it's coming soon to my family. Why is the minority speaks for me? Shouldn't it be the other way around? And is my vote on this going to be allowed?

    3. Donna, Mont Clare Pa says:

      If this is a democracy, shouldn't the American people be granted a chance to vote on whether or not we want "public" healthcare? I am already tired of Obama and his controlled congress's overreaching. Polls show that while Obama's personal popularity is still relatively high, they also show that most Americans do Not agree with his government power grab

    4. ann, new york city says:

      I really don't understand why you all seem to think you will lose coverage if the Obama plan goes through. Nina's sick child would still have coverage whether she is working or not. That's the point of having the option of a government run plan!!!

      As for rationing, haven't any of you ever been refused drugs or procedures or needed hospital days by a health insurance company bureaucrat? Isn't THAT rationing? I'm a cancer survivor and I sure have despite what my doctors wanted me to have and despite currently shelling out $1500 a month for my husband and I. Our premiums have regularly gone up 15% each year – we keep having to downgrade to continue afford care. Rationing healthcare through means is what's going on. If you have money, you're golden, if you don't, good luck! I was born in England and until I came here, I NEVER knew the fear of falling ill and losing my home to medical bills if I lost my job or insurance coverage. Can you honestly say that?

    5. Barb -mn says:

      Stop the jargon, mr. president. It's rude and unbecoming of an American President making history. Give the elderly the right to the best care at no cost. As they have given themselves throughout their lives at various costs, for your ability to be where you are at today. It isn't FAIR to cheat them, is it, Mr. President?

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    9. Barb -mn says:

      And military. Elderly and military, the truly entitled.

      BEST PRIVATE HEALTH CARE AT NO COST. It's the least you can do for your gratitude to the roles both played in making it possible for you to be who you are…Don't you agree, Mr. President?

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    12. Shirley Kaswinkel says:

      We are very happy with the health insurance we have. What can we do to stop Obama's plan.

    13. Wade Jessee WA says:

      It seems to me that the point of all this is when am I going to get to vote on this. Last I knew we are still living in a democratic society.

    14. Jo, oregon says:

      You don't get to choose who your insurance company is now, if you get insurance through your employer — your employer does. That's exactly what would happen under the proposed reform legislation. Except that now your employer decides whether you have insurance at all.

    15. ra,ohio says:

      Our government used to be a democracy, it is becoming a dictatorship.

      Re: Czars….. CZARS ???? who answer to no-one but Obama, or his administration, who were all APPOINTED, and not ELECTED.

      And congressional representatives just blow you off when you call them, or e-mail them, I've tried. We're nothing to them aside from a hindrance to their goals.

      VOTE THEM ALL OUT in 2010, and we'll start over.

      It would be great to see Obama staring at a congress that could stop his movement toward socialism, and repeal or rescind policies he's tried to embed in our community.

      Keep in mind his foreign policy decisions are weak, and indicative of his voting record in the Senate, over 100 times "present".


    16. Annie Carroll says:

      to anne of NewYork, Obama has not kept any of the promise that he has made, it's all been smoke and mirrors, with us chocking on the smoke. Do some research on what govt. medicine has done in England, Canada and other nations who accapted this lie.

    17. Barb -mn says:

      Including the vets, in case you need specifics, Mr. President.

      Let the rest of us do for ourselves, Mr. President. Let us be the control of ourselves. Quit the communist, socialist threats. Let the free market work. Or step down, as you are a threat to freedom!

    18. Thomas, Alaska says:

      Ann from NYC,

      The way I understand it, the federal government starts using taxpayer money to provide health insurance for anyone who wants it. Business owners weigh their options and decide between purchasing a private plan that their employees pay for via wages, or switching to a public plan that the employees pay for through taxes. No question that the taxpayer funded plan is cheaper for the employer as they don't have to buy a plan, so they dump their private plan and let the employees fend for themselves.

      You seem to be missing the fact that even if YOU want to keep your plan, it's not YOUR choice; your employer is running the business so the choice is ultimately theirs.

    19. Ellen K says:

      If we are going to truly make this a society of equals, then the first healthcare system dismantled should be that serving the members of Congress and their staffs. They have the platinum quality service on our dime. Heck, my uncle, who worked for Clinton in the Interior Dept. in Arkansas and at the Federal level gets two pensions, two different healthcare plans. He lives in a mansion while my mom lives on social security. And my parents worked all their lives-just not in government. When that happens, then will I support this federal takeover and not before.

    20. Ina Ayliffe, Dallas, says:

      I find it puzzling that people would fight against a government plan like medicare. I have been on medicare for 20 years, and have never had them deny a legitimate claim, and they pay quickly. My supplemental policy simply seldom pays. They find ways to deny claims. I have heard this from numerous people. If you are still working and have an employer-related plan, maybe you will do better than we retired people, but I doubt it. As for trusting the drug companies or insurance companies , to lower cost, as they promised, I would never trust them. Why would we? I am for a single payer plan provided by the government, affordable to all. I hope we get it, or I fear that we will have problems, that will make Iran, look like a walk in the park. Don't continue to put us in a corner. You have let our jobs be shipped out of the country, you have failed to demand a more energy efficient automobile, and now the auto companies are failing and taking the labor force down with them. We sent you people up there to represent us, not the corporations. Shame on you for selling out to the scammers.

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    25. Ruth Hofmiester says:

      Why won't the president and all of congress be covered under the same plan. This tells any one this is not good.

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    27. Starley Shelton, Tol says:

      I have travelled to several countries with one payer/government medicine and have been surprised at the positive attitude towards the system. The waiting times described in emergency rooms etc were actually less than what I have experienced in the US. They found it horrifying that in the US that the uninsured could be pushed back on the streets once stabilized without followup treatment. The lower per capita cost, greater longevity and higher birth survival rates seem to indicate in objective statistics based on the purpose of healthcare insurance that one payer is performing better.

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    31. Gaye, Ft. Walton bea says:

      anne in new york city -

      When you were denied drugs or anything else by the insurance company, you had the option of taking your business elsewhere or pursuing the appeals process. When the government is in control, to whom will you appeal, the U.N.?

    32. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      A couple of quick comments :

      Governments do NOT create jobs. Never have and never will. Government is sustained thru the taxes it generates on private sector employment. In other words, they cannot do anything without US.

      Socialism is not about re-distributing wealth – it is about CONTROLLING the wealth. Do not let the Government control your health care decisions. If they have that power over us, they have won.

      "Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition." – Thomas Jefferson

    33. Starley Shelton, Tol says:


      Considering the number of Social Security lawyers and the appeals processes available in all government service programs, it seems we may actually have a better process with the government.

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    35. Richard, Spring TX says:

      Do you want to stop this nonsense, make it a requirement in the law that all Congressmen, Executive Branch employees and Judicial Branch employees be covered by the government plan.

    36. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This country is ruled by the vocal minority, the silent majority is just that, silent. America as we all know and love is no longer the same and will never be again. The American people are going to be dependent on the "guvernment" for all our needs and none of our wants. health care will be rationed according to age and productive left in life. The old and sick will become a drain to the system and will be left to their own fate. Name it what you will, socialism, marixist, communism, we the people will no longer count.

    37. Matchpoint says:

      Vote out any member of the Senate or House who votes for such a plan -Republican or Democrat.

    38. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      I don't know why everyone is so surprised at Obama backing– make that " a White House source" off what he said to a bunch of Drs. What's new, he shoots off his mouth and somebody has to come out and say, "well, he didn't really mean that". Where the hell is Harry Truman when we need him? The buck stops at your desk MR President. Start acting like one and take some responsible action. Stop with the idea of Government run health care, you can't run Medicare. What makes you think you can add another bloated government agency and get it to work? Trillions of dollars wasted on banks that you should have let fail! Car companies the government has no business running! Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave. When is somebody in Congress going to get a pair and stop this socialist?

    39. Grace, Florida says:

      Do you all see what's happening in Iran right now? If our government is not stopped this is what America will turn to. I agree shouldn't the people get the opportunity to vote for national healthcare. Obama is like a trainwreck. I really don't like this guy. He is bad, very bad for this country.

    40. Robert Ivy Dawsonvil says:

      A lie is a lie. Rhetoric is only a smooth way to lie. Still a lie is a lie.

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    42. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Right! Private insurance, paid by yourself, cannot deduct the premiums. Insurance provided by your employer, must be added to your wages and taxed as income. Government insurance, low price, no tax. Very fair, even playing field. Yah, right!


    43. Tabatha, Naples, FL. says:

      Dennis, we're not silent…their just not listening! Phone calls and emails are falling of deaf ears. The minority get a lot of air time on the OB networks selling his policies as the greatest things since sliced bread and our government is no longer acting as a Republic. This is a time in American history where America is hanging its head low as we spiral into debt to China and we're well on our way into instituting Taxation Slavery.

      I am in no way (by any stretch of the imagination) in favor of government/board controlled healthcare. I worked in the healthcare field and later become an auditor, let me tell you about the fraud that takes place. Our government needs to clean up their mess called Medicaid & Medicare first!

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    48. Mendel Potok says:

      Um, I'm pretty sure it was a republican Congress and president that approved the TARP fund…those folks don't have our backs any more than the democrats. Best to vote for the clown that will help you out the most, and that's going to be the one who will give us affordable health care.

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