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  • North Korea Trawler Chase Highlights UN Resolution Weakness

    The US Navy is shadowing a North Korean freighter that may be transporting military cargo banned by UN Resolution 1874. US defense officials have not identified the suspected military contraband, which could run the gamut from conventional weapons to missiles or even nuclear technology or components. The UN resolution imposed such tightly constrained means for enforcement that it now hinders international efforts to prevent North Korean nuclear and missile proliferation.

    The UN resolution, passed on June 12 in response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test, is plagued with loopholes. The document merely “calls upon” rather than requires member nations to inspect cargo suspected of containing restricted materials. Nations can only inspect suspect vessels with the consent of the flag nation; without such consent, the ship must be directed to an “appropriate and convenient” port for the required inspection. China resisted efforts to base implementation on Article 42 of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which would have allowed military force to uphold the resolution.

    The danger of North Korean proliferation is high, since it previously sold missiles to several countries and was assisting Syria to construct a nuclear reactor prior to it being bombed by Israel in September 2007. Media reports have cited the Kang Nam as a “known proliferator.” However, previous instances of law enforcement seizure of the ships (several North Korean freighters share the same name) were in response to safety violations rather than illegal cargo. A rumored October 2006 interception for suspected arms smuggling proved to be erroneous.

    If the North Korean ship is carrying proscribed cargo, it would be the latest blatant act of defiance by Pyongyang against the international community and another test of the Obama administration. The North Korean ship has declared for Singapore where it would likely be subject to search by local authorities. But, if the ship deviates from its declared destination, Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said the US navy would not board the ship without permission since the resolution “does not include an option for opposed-boarding or noncompliant boarding.”

    The numerous shortfalls of the UN resolution, and the dangers it poses for preventing North Korean proliferation, show the need for the Obama administration to continue to press the UN for more expansive rules of engagement to enforce the resolution. Because China and Russia will continue to be obstructionist, the Obama administration should also initiate a parallel multilateral effort to impose punitive measures on North Korean proliferation and illegal activities. Finally, the US should engage with other nations to define the circumstances in which North Korean ships would be boarded if they are suspected of carrying missiles or nuclear material.

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    12 Responses to North Korea Trawler Chase Highlights UN Resolution Weakness

    1. Joseph W. Ackerman says:

      What would you expect from the UN. How many times have resolutions by the UN had an effect. If the US thinks it has weapons on board inspect. Did North Korea ask permission to take the Pubelo (spelling)? How much help did we get out of the UN. Stop the money to the UN until they get their act together.

    2. Spiritof76 says:

      Obama will probably order the US Navy ship to fly the white house preferred white flag and escort the N.Korean ship to an Iranian port. With that action, he would have proved how his America is really friendly unlike in the past when we were belligerent. He would have also demostrated to the Iranians that the US under his command is not meddling in Iranian interests since he had already declared that Iran has a right to nuclear material. Furthermore, he stated that no single country has the right to deny another country its nuclear ambition including the bomb.

      May be Obama can declare July 4th this year as American liberation day!

      Long live Comrade Obama!

    3. ozzy6900 says:

      We should have taken care of North Korea back in the 1950's but alas, that was the beginning of the United States going to battle with no intention of winning. Ever since the Korean War, we as a Nation have taken part in numerous battles, never to finish the job. WWII was the last time that the Country rallied and supported the efforts of the military 100%. Since then, we start strong but the weak stomach, namby-pamby's start their whining and wailing and suddenly, no one is thinking straight. We leave sawed off runts to come back and haunt us (the Free World) when we should have finished the job we started 50 years ago.

      This is what the Left does. Just as we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are all gung-ho in the begining but as soon as the bodies start piling up, the Left gets cold feet and we are left with a mess like North Korea to bite us in the butt later on.

    4. Ron, Derry NH says:

      Life itself is a constant engagement of principles.

      Either strong or weak they all bear the fruit of the methodology used. Results vary. History proves that.

      No war is once and for all. Participation on this planet and this united states maintaining its advantages is soon losing its value due to many variables, many of which stem from our own college ranks and systems teaching fantasy 101 instead of reality world at war!

      We are engaged in survival of our way and it has brought more world change and advancement in a shared combat with friend and foe alike but we never gave up. It is the giving up and relinquishing to foreign powers, opinion and ways of government that frighten me. We have become a weakened society by the purposeful attacks of our own colleges and politicians. We have become their play things so they can feel superior with the proof.

      Americans have got to stop accepting the language of defeatism that politicians perpetuate and that some professors seed with their personal disdain for the uncleanliness of victory. We are a great nation despite of them. We are a great people with or with out them.

      Sadly we must endure their ignorance and arrogance every time they lower their expectations and become that in which we despise….capitulation experts.

      There is difference between a man who knows he must get his hands dirty to succeed and one that avoids getting his hands dirty to succeed and it is revealed in how they use others or themselves to gain success.

      We are governed in most part by the ones who have never toiled at their own expense or defended with their own blood, but are all too willing to freely give away what was paid for by others with dirt between the fingers and blood upon the soil.

    5. mb, Virginia says:

      See, there was this neighborhood bully and he kept pushing his weight around, picking fights with everybody he knew wouldn't stand up to his crap….. Really bugged me. Well one day he pushed and I punched him with a good one right in his nose. No more bully. That was a lesson learned in the 4th grade…or we could ask China for their help again……….

    6. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      Read the letter, now a petition, on Glenn Beck's website. It could be the spark that lights the fire. Hurry, because America is bleeding, losing arterial blood.

    7. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ron, Derry NH:

      Well said. You have described the results of the infiltration of the Franfurt School into academia post Worl War II. The result is the birth of political correctness and the beginning of the end of our culture. I have no doubt our President has been greatly influenced by subscribers to this school and is guided by their ideology.

      A footnote: tenure was developed to protect university professors from religious persecution many centuries ago. At the time it helped advance science. Today tenure is job security assuring the professor cannot be fired – at least easily. The first step in the transforamtion of academia is to get rid of tenure. There has to be acountablity at all levels.

    8. Chuck , Cumming , Ge says:

      Being a former United States Navy Destroyer sailor, I want very badly to be aboard the U.S.S. John S.McCain at this very moment. That being said, I also understand that a man who has never held a job, never served his Country, only admits to being "present" and is afraid to discuss the real relationship of his "Friends" to his current office is not a man that can be an effective "COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF"…it's all just a very sick and frightening play.


    9. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Our Commander in Chief, is no Warrior! I would rather have the Enemy at my back than him. I can trust the enemies intentions, not Mr. Obama's. He send our soldiers into battle with no bullets, and he makes not only targets of them, he makes them a joke.

      A Tiger does not pay attention to a Flea, until the flea becomes an irritation. Then the Tiger removes the irritation. I say North Korea, unlike the people of Iran, are as one Flea. We have spent almost Fifty years being irritated by all these different threats. Do we wait for one of them to strike? Why?

      We have never really waited before. Check our History of this Great Nation before questioning this last Statement.

      I, for one was raised with World Threats, always by someone, somewhere. Let us just get it on! Stop all this foolish, school yard, bickering and either fight, or walk away. One or the other, but enough of this arguing!

      In the meantime, next year replace all the people we can in DC. Two years latterreplace all those we can, including a gutless wonder of a President, who invents money out of air, and wishes to rule the World. P.S. Keep the good people, you'll know who the areby the Social Programs and Taxes they did not vote for!


    10. Chuck , Cumming , Ge says:


      Well said !!!!I was beginning to think that my Wife and I were the only ones that were not afraid to speak up.

      I have a day burned into my mind that so many other families have had, and that is to see one of your own family members sent home in flag draped box. It was on my mind the whole time I served and the rest of my family also.

      It does make me wonder though, when I drive through my subdivision and there are only two (2) American Flags in sixty two homes…what has happened in this Country.

      I am grateful for every one of our folks in the Military and shake every one of their hands at the airport in Atlanta when I travel.

      Old Gunner

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    12. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      The U.N. is the Loophole!

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