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  • Guest Blogger: Senator David Vitter (R-LA) on Missile Defense


    Current events always put policy issues in clear and distinct context, and the recent actions of North Korea and the political instability of the Iranian government make a more compelling argument than ever for strong missile defense programs.

    But as North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that could serve as serious threats to the U.S. and our allies, the Obama administration is standing by its recommendations to cut back on our missile defense programs.

    The president’s budget recommends cuts of $1.2 billion from missile defense programs, including ending an expansion of the ground-based interceptors in Alaska and terminating the Multiple Kill Vehicles and Kinetic Energy Interceptor.

    The recent military actions and tests by North Korea have clearly indicated they had no intention of ending their nuclear weapons program as they promised, and they continue to defy and violate previous international agreements.

    To address growing threats like North Korea and the challenging current regime in Iran, the first bill I ever introduced as a member of Congress was the Realistic Tests for Realistic Threats National Security Act of 1999. This bill mandated realistic tests to match the capabilities of the missiles that threaten us, such as the long-range missiles in North Korea’s arsenal.

    As a U.S. Senator, I introduced the Defense Against Regional Threats Act to provide for missile defense systems capable of defending our allies and forward-deployed troops against a ballistic missile attack from rogue states like North Korea. I also introduced legislation to increase testing and acquisition of near-term missile defense programs.

    As the top Republican on the U.S. Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces that has jurisdiction over missile defense and nuclear deterrence, I will continue working with other outspoken advocates for a strong missile defense system like Sen. Jeff Sessions and Sen. Jon Kyl to push for measures to support our missile defense system and strengthen our national security.

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    7 Responses to Guest Blogger: Senator David Vitter (R-LA) on Missile Defense

    1. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Well that Mr. Obama will just swat those nasty old missles downlike flies, just like he did on TV. You have to remember, Missles don't vote!


    2. Frank Crocker, Washi says:

      Thank you for your continued support of the missile defense system.

      The President's budget recommendations to cut our missile defense system will weaken our domestic defense and the defense of our allies (Japan, who is in immediate danger). President Obama seems to think that the UN will come in, levy sanctions against Kim Jong-Il and Co., and they will simply stop developing nuclear weapons. This is definitely not the case, given the events of the last month.

      If one is unwilling to take the offensive, one doesn't demolish his own castle walls. If the President is unwilling to take action against North Korea (eventually they will act), we must beef up our defenses, not take them away.

      Frank M. Crocker

      Axioma Tennessee

    3. Frank Hale says:

      It is absolutely incredible that the Democrats and some wishey-washey Republicans (led by Obama) continue to disregard their vows to uphold the Constitution which involves protecting the U.S. and it's citizens.

      They continue to disregard their primary responsibilities and take us deeper in the wrong directions. They need to be brought under control through voting them out.

    4. Charles Mana, St Lou says:

      It is good that there are a few people in Congress who are still patriots and care about keeping the Sovereignty of The United States intact. It is imparative that The United States remain a truly sovereign and free nation guided by the Constitution being interpreted as a foundation of principle of the proper philosophy of what government is and what it is supposed to accomplish. The principal ideology being to do everything to restrain the power of governmental entities and doing so by stating up front what the powers are of the Federal Government and how for reaching is its domain over the individual states and each individual person. There is no lack of clarity in the manner and style in which the Constitution was written. The only time in which its clarity comes into question is when someone is trying to vioilate the Constitution by inferring that it is a living document.

      The Constitution is the Rock, The Bulwark, The foundation of our nation. the idea that it is forever changing is totally out of step with what the Constitution implies. It implies stability and constance which if followed would keep our country and its sovereignty in existence forever. No foundation can be allowed to change else the structure being suported by it would fail and come crashing down as we see The United States doing now and the reason, the Constitution is being violated every day by people in our government who took an oath to support that very same document which they are traitorously casting asside in order to involve our country in Bolshevism in its worst form.

      It is time that everyone face the central and main fact of what is occerring in our country and that is that the Globalist Traitors in our government both democrqts and republicans are establishing the same form of Communistic Government which was forced on Russia in 1917 under Lenin and Trotsky and the international communstic movement better known as Bolshevism in Europe.There is no reason to ask why this or that is going on now in our country, the answere is that an Agenda is being followed to change our form of government from a democratic republic to a Bolshevistic government and so lead into the Global Government which attempt has been being persued since World War I when Wilson and Edward Mandel House,Wilson's advisor established the League of Nations.

      So it is with a truethfullness unabashed that I heep upon you adulatioin and praise for standing up against our enemy, Senator David Vitter. I am afraid that it is going to take more than Political Action to overcome this threat to our country. I really believe it will require a Physical action of the people to rid oour country of this evil that has gripped our nation.

      There is a rowdy strain in American life living close to the surface but running very deep. Like an ape behind a mask , it can display itself suddenly with with terrifying effects. It is slack-jawed with learing eyes and loose wet lips, with heavy feet and ponderous cunning hands; now and then when something tickles it, it guffaws, asnd when it is made angry it snarls; and it can be aroused much more easily than it can be quieted. Mike Fink and Yankee Doodle helped to father it, and Judge Lynch is one of its creatioins; and when it comes lumbering forth it can make the whole country step in time to its own frantic irregular pulse-beat.

    5. Daryl Jones, Green V says:

      I am seeing things going on in this country of ours after 70 years that I just can not believe. I think the generation that is now in congress are nothing but a bunch of egotistical fools. Putting our country in danger, both economically and militarily.

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    7. Kenneth Arnold, Geor says:

      While I agree with the Senator Vitter on funding these missle programs in order to defend our country, consider our troops; they have been deployed on the Korean Pennisula for well over a half century and it is time to bring them home.

      South Korea and Japan should step up and take on this responsibility in order to counter the CRAZY FOOL, Kim Jong II. American fighting men are shedding blood today for political "check mate" strategium and this is the great tragedy that we watch each day on the news.

      The 35,000 troops now deployed to South Korea would serve a much greater purpose in redeploying to our Southern boarder with Mexico. I believe that strategy is more in line with what our Founding Fathers intended for the national defense against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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