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  • Video: Gibbs Can't Name Countries That Love Single-Payer Health Care

    During yesterday’s White House press conference, press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked: “The President actually told the AMA that ‘there are some countries where a single-payer system works pretty well.’ Do you know what countries he was referring to or what he was talking about?”

    Gibbs responded: “I don’t know exactly the countries. I think you could — I think if you talk to people in the countries that have those systems, they’d think their health care is pretty good.”



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    29 Responses to Video: Gibbs Can't Name Countries That Love Single-Payer Health Care

    1. Sandy, Indiana says:

      Gibbs will be out as Presser before the 2010 election.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Forget about substance, Gibbs is Obama's propaganda minister pushing a deceitful message of "HOPE". Such empty rhetoric would be familiar to Europeans circa 1938.

    3. Reghen, Missouri says:

      Where is the same outrage over this as there was toward Governor Palin for not naming specific newspapers in her Katie Couric interview?

    4. Charles, Virginia says:

      Following Robert Gibbs requires the same morbid curiosty required by many onlookers at a burning home, or a particularly bad motor vehicle collision. I confess, I like to see what Robert botches. This time, perhaps the headline shouldn't be his inability to name countries that like single payer healthcare. Perhaps, the headline should be taken from the last sentence of this clip, "Americans like the healthcare system that they have." Speaking only for myself, I agree with Robert. I like the healthcare system that we have.

    5. Richard, Spring TX says:

      Gibbs is perfect for Obama, neither of them say anything specific.

    6. DANA (New Mexico) says:


    7. Barb -mn says:

      I couldn't get the audio. But this is what needs to be pushed. EVIDENCE! PROOF! DIRECT ANSWERS! UNDERSTOOD ANSWERS! Every time (which is all the time), this administration speaks in general, broad terms, direct and poignant questions need address.

      Under what reasons, do you have, Mr. President, that suggests we have to do this immediately? Especially when it comes to our personal health, that you mr. president, see no value in? As you insist on immediate publication into our personal health being run by government.

    8. Jay, Lake St. Louis, says:

      Just like his boss, he couldn't answer because it was above his pay grade.

    9. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      The radio talk show hosts all told you it was a rattlesnake. You( the people who voted for "the annointed one" should have looked to see if it was a rattlesnake. Now, when they pick it up, " OH MY G__ its's a rattlesnake". One radio talk show host even said, " He make a FINEEE used car salesman." Nobody believed them then, now everybody wants to complain. You got what you deserve for sitting on your b____ and not voting.

    10. Rick W., Minneapolis says:

      Gibbs is perfect for BIDEN!

    11. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      There are no Countries that like single payer Health Systems! That's why he couldn't make one up.


    12. jim smith says:

      Mr. Gibbs never met a tough question he couldn't sidestep. He believes George W. Bush invented the tough question portion of White House news conferences. The Brady Room is the exact location of where "pathetic" goes to die, no matter who is talking.

    13. Cyndi, California says:

      I can't help but feel sorry Mr. Gibbs. Obama sticks him out there like a pig to the slaughter! And doesn't give him any answers to the questions that the press are bound to ask. It's just more White House cover up of the real issues behind the curtain.

    14. Normca says:

      Gibby has a great job currently. The MSM; the WH press corp would not ask a follow up when the front man answered with a negative. Wait till the popularity rating, for BO slips below, oh, 45 or 50 and the "hard knocking" press get the nerve to ask a follow up after months of soft ball. Then I want to watch the glittering jewel squirm. I wonder, if like the congress and the unions, Gibby is exempt from the health care take over.

    15. John, Fort Worth Tex says:

      Robert is the gift that just keeps on giving. Between Gibbs, Biden and Obama does is kinda remind you of the Three Stooges?

    16. Mary Van Hatten, Bre says:

      In my travels to many different countries in Europe, and after talking with medical doctors about the difference in their health care systems and the USA, they have all said, they envy us and wish they had what we have here. God bless the USA.

    17. Tom Iowa says:

      Oh Yeah. Thats transparency in government. Transparent through his head. SEE, no brain.. Another blah blah blah session with the Obama

      B S of gab Gibbs….. Hows that CHANGE working out for ya now Obama voters? LOL

    18. Ken, Houston says:

      The three stooges made me laugh but these clowns are lying, cheating, and taxing away this and our childrens future away. Obama never even ran a lemonade stand; Commander and thief!

    19. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Between Gibbs and Joe Biden, we can at least get a little comic relief out of this administration.

      Like the earlier correspondents, I feel a little sorry for this guy. Out there every day, stumbling and bumbling in front of the cameras, trying to rationalize the irrational and explain the inexplicable.

    20. Mikezu812, San Anton says:

      Gibbs is absolutely useless. He takes the non-answer to totally new heights. It's a good thing for him that the MSM have their lips firmly planted on his behind or he would really be in trouble.

    21. Brenda Giguere,CA says:

      The devil is in the details.

    22. Ken, Denver says:

      Japan, Singapore, Australia, most countries in the developed world.

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    24. Mike Childers says:

      It seems to me that Pres. Obama has his own "Baghdad Bob!"

    25. Starley Shelton, Tol says:

      I have travelled to several countries with one payer/government medicine and have been surprised at the positive attitude towards the system. The waiting times described in emergency rooms etc were actually less than what I have experienced in the US. They found it horrifying that in the US that the uninsured could be pushed back on the streets once stabilized without followup treatment. The lower per capita cost, greater longevity and higher birth survival rates seem to indicate in objective statistics based on the purchase of healthcare insurance that one payer is performing better.

    26. Andrew Beyon, Scotts says:

      The uninsured we will always have with us — even under the care of The Man of Destiny.

    27. Debra, Texas says:

      He could not give an answer because as soon as he gave one, people would have been tripping over each other to humiliate him. There is no answer because all other countries envy our healthcare system for a good reason. We actually treat old, sick people – we don't put them on a waiting list for their surgery, radiation, chemo, bypass, etc…and let them die. Under the marxist system (Obama studied and loves marxism) that the democrats are pushing for, the elderly have to be discarded because they drain the society and don't provide for it. Never mind that they worked through all their productive years, they do not support the welfare system so they are discarded.

      The minority productive people support the growing majority of non-productive people so healthcare has to be rationed, wages for the workers have to be capped and reduced which of course, lowers the standards accross the board because it destroys the individual incentive to be a better doctor, nurse, paramedic, etc….

      The system simply does not work and you do not have to be two levels above moron to figure it out.

      The few at the top of this out of control government will always have their quality healthcare. You don't think our crappy healthcare system will effect Congress do you? They don't pay taxes and they will most definitely get special incentives here also. It's called "communism" and the liars in Congress will live like kings as they always do.

      I sware they could say "let them eat cake" and the sleeping idiot, racist, Obama finatics still would not wake up and smell the coffee. I don't know what it will take.

    28. jake florida says:

      they are smarter than you think. gibbs only releases so much info,and tha MSN runs with the final draft. Tony Snow was a well informed guy also,however he gave honest,intelligent responses, a class act. what would you expect from this group of classless scumbags. it is a very well acted plot on their behalf. don't be fooled by these fools.

    29. fred, earth says:

      know who he reminds me of: ted baxter. please keep him. he's emblematic of this administration. they have no idea how dumb they look when they open their mouth. he is a national treasure to cherish. thank god for the internet so he will lvie forever so i can show my kids. they wont beleive it if i told them.

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