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  • Picture This: Health Care Consumers on Critical List

    Heritage analyst Nina Owcharenko details what rational health care reform looks like:

    Congress soon will take up legislation to reform the health care system. The policies outlined by President Obama during his campaign and those proposed by Democrats in Congress would centralize control over health care in Washington.

    “The chief danger of this approach is that it would directly interfere in the personal health care decisions of Americans. There is a much better alternative: a system that recognizes diversity across the states and differences in individual health care needs and preferences.”

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    8 Responses to Picture This: Health Care Consumers on Critical List

    1. Andrew, Jackson MI says:

      I concur, we already see this in the so called free market system, it would probably worson under a monopoly.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      "… breach of his custodial oath …"

    3. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The graphic is nicely done but unnecessary for anyone with a grain of sense. It doesn’t take a genius to see the fallacy of Obama’s proposed public health plan. I’m very much disgusted with the Obama administration’s interference into private markets, especially with healthcare. Not only are Obama’s actions a demonstration of poor leadership, but also a breech of his custodial oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      : a system that recognizes diversity across the states and differences in individual health care needs and preferences.

      Forgive me for differing but….

      Any government serving America and her people, is the last institute that should be seeing differences and applying preferential treatment in a free society where all are considered equal under the law. All are created equal under the facts of science.

      Our money, the taxpayers money should only go for equal benefit. If people want more or anything different or defined by personal culture, gender or (government noted specific) race, is the opportunity to start their own businesses.


    5. K.Bremmer says:

      Most western nations have comprehensive medical

      policy in-place to care for the wellness of their

      nations population. The medical insurance business in the USA is only concerned with "Profit" not people. The people are the end to making the profit.

      I think the line in your article quote "The chief danger of this approach is that it would directly interfere in the personal health care decisions of Americans"

      Should read. Insurance companies interfere with the personal health decisions of Americans.

      I welcome a national health plan for all !


    6. Marik, HI says:

      The "much better" system of private companies has not been working for over 50 years.

      The "free market" is a delusion. There is certainly nothing "free" about it.

      Private health insurance has failed. Obama should eliminate the private health insurance companies and institute a single-payer program for the entire nation.

    7. DM, Ohio says:

      What's delusional is that many Americans think that a single-payor system will be 'free' when in fact the taxpaying citizens of this country will be burdened with increased taxes. How is the government planning on covering these costs? Hold onto your wallets people!

    8. Barb -mn says:

      It's also another disappointment of government educated people to come up with a distorted understanding of the "free market."

      A "free market" is the freedom to run a business without government (taxpaid) intervention. Freedom to run it according to the interest of the consumer with FREEDOM OF CHOICE and not according to government who offers NO CHOICE to the consumer.

      And at the cost of the consumer to run means NO ROBBING TAXPAYERS. The only revenue government uses to run anything is everyone elses hard earned money. Even those that gain absolutely no benefit! Health is personal and therefore private. Government is public your records will be public and will go into many hands you are unaware of. Your personal being and the health you have is your personal responsibility to yourself!

      The only duty of the government would be to ensure costs weren't being corrupted by the insurance company. As was their previous duty to which it reads government failed their duty under Marlk's comment.

      Government takes short cuts whatever they're apart of. Anybody who wants poor quality government run health care is sadly stupid or ignorant.

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