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  • Morning Bell: Reality Begins Bursting Health Care Hype

    Yesterday the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a preliminary analysis of the Kennedy-Dodd health care plan, and the results were truly frightening. Assessing just Title I of the draft legislation, CBO estimated the plan would add $1 trillion to the federal deficit while only extending health insurance to a net 16 million more Americans. As scary as that is, what is even more disturbing is what costs the CBO did not estimate: “The proposal does not include a ‘public plan’ that would be offered in the exchanges, nor does it contain provisions that would require employers to offer health insurance benefits or impose a fee or tax on them if they did not offer insurance coverage to their workers.”

    Even without the public plan, the CBO analysis undercuts one of the fundamental promises President Barack Obama has repeatedly made about health care reform. Speaking to the American Medical Association yesterday, President Obama promised: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.” The CBO disagrees. According to their analysis, while the Kennedy-Dodd bill would enable 39 million Americans to obtain health insurance, the plan would kick about 15 million people out of the system because their employers would no longer offer insurance, and coverage from other sources would decline by 8 million. These numbers will only look worse once a public plan is factored in. And the public plan is just one of the biggest problems in the Kennedy-Dodd bill:

    A Public Plan Will Deprive Millions of Americans of Their Current Health Care – An independent analysis by the Lewin Group, for example, shows that a public plan depending on eligibility and payments rates could result in up to 119.1 million Americans being switched by their employers from their existing coverage or transferred to government-sponsored coverage so that employers can reduce benefit costs. Thus a public plan, especially combined with a mandate on employers to offer government-specified coverage or pay a tax, would mean that millions of Americans would be pushed out of the private coverage they have today.

    Mandates on Businesses and Individuals Act as Costly New Tax – The committee bill would impose “a shared responsibility” on both individuals and employers to pay for health coverage. These requirements amount to mandates, though the penalties are not spelled out. An employer mandate would be a regressive tax on business that would be directly shifted to employees in the form of reduced future wages or job losses. It would also spur many employers to drop private coverage, paying the tax rather than having to buy government-specified insurance. An individual mandate would force Americans to buy a set of health benefits designed by the government or suffer some penalty.

    Federal Regulation of Health Insurance Undermine State Flexibility – Under the committee bill, Congress and federal officials would exert a high degree of control over health insurance, including underwriting and rating rules, and would prescriptively organize the market for competing health plans. That would limit the ability of states to design rules and market rules that fit local conditions.

    As more details are added to the Kennedy-Dodd plan, its trillion-dollar price tag will only go up. And there is still nothing in the bill about how to pay for all the new spending. That means trillions more in debt for our children. There is an alternative. A patient-centered alternative that keeps health care decisions between doctors and patients instead of centralizing power in Washington. Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) bill, the Patient’s Choice Act, is just one example of what that approach could look like. Listen to Ryan explain his proposal here.

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    47 Responses to Morning Bell: Reality Begins Bursting Health Care Hype

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Let's also remember that the numbers of the uninsured to date also include illegal immigrants! President Obama, the Federal Government and States (such as California) are trying to sneak the illegal immigrants onto our backs and into our system. Furthermore, the illegal immigrants will end up being insured and US Citizens who pay the taxes will be either paying high deductibles or out in the cold completely!

      This whole process stinks of Senator Dodd from my State!

    2. Dennis Logan, Round says:

      More Lies from the Obama Administration.

    3. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The majority demagogues in congress now have their Utopian seeking childlike dictator, Obama, to extort more from people's earnings and exert control over their private affairs. Folks, this sure isn't the American dream. It's a dang socialist nightmare. We need to replace the demagogue majority in 2010 with our own mandate to the new congressional class. Enough! Make laws to limit federal powers to national defense. Next, return any and all social welfare and entitlement programs back to the individual states and block all future interference into free markets. Forget about the presidential race, focus on congress to get these laws on the books. And while they're at it, repeal the 16th amendment in favor of the Fair Tax. Now that's an American dream favorable to all.

    4. Christopher Popham S says:

      The health care issue looms in the minds of all

      Americans. President Obama made some substantive

      points at the AMA annual meeting; however, he failed to mention a viable alternative health care

      program that would be cost effective for most

      Americans. For several weeks in my columns and on

      multiple blogs, I have been writing about the

      Alexander Mcgee Medical Plan. It is a co-operative

      program and it, or some derivative of it, would serve to offer up reasonably afforded health care.

      See my article "Health Care–Who Cares–I Do" at
      http://www.breakingnewsjournal.net for more information

      on this possible solution to our health care

      system. Thank you.

    5. David Sayers, NC says:

      Well again, this is what you get when the inmates run the asylum. The last thing you want is more government in your life,they will just run you into the ground and take all your money before you hit bottom. If these socialist keep trying to shove this nonsense down our throats,there will come a day all the anger will be directed at them and the storming of the Bastille will look like a Sunday School outing.

    6. jim smith says:

      Obamanomics for the mentally challenged has reached into our wallets to retrieve the health care payments coming due very soon. This man says anything that means both nothing and anything, then later, it means everything and the only thing. His is the very old shell game, but without the pea. He will redistribute non-existent assets to folks and household pets to get their vote. For you super intellects out there, wait until the 22nd Amendment is repealed and the secret police come knocking on your door. Is that you, Rahm?

    7. Recruiter, CT says:

      Obama is a snake oil salesman. He will say and do anything to get his agenda passed. what is his agenda? He wants to remake this country into some sort of Government run entity so he can preside as Supreme Ruler! Americans better wake up and soon before we are all having to sell apples on the streets to survive. We have no more money to spend, and it's completely impossible to insure 50 Million more people for less money. We are going to take what is arguably the best healthcare in the world and transform it into Great Britain. IT DOESN'T WORK!! WAKE UP!!

    8. Herb, Arizona says:

      Hmmm … $1-trillion for 16-million new insured.

      That's $62,500 for each new insured.

      Sign me up!!!

    9. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The Nervious Nelly's at HF

      left out part in the posted link to the

      Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

      Kennedy – Dodd -

      Health Care Bill.

      "These new figures do not represent a formal or complete cost estimate for the draft legislation, for several reasons. "

      Just more BAD Spin from the HF.


    10. Louise Fritz, Oklaho says:

      I have just become aware that the govt. is planning to increase cost sharing in Tricare, the military Health Care plan. I strongly object. It is shameful now that some lower ranked military members are paid so little that their families qualify for food stamps. PLUS, when reaching age 65, it is mandatory to enroll in Medicare Part B, at a current monthly cost of nearly $100, in order to not lose Tricare enrollment, just at a time when income may decrease!

    11. James Christie, Eliz says:

      Your report on the CBO report for the Kennedy-Dodd Health plan (Title I only)shows me the Congress and Obama Administration are totally out

      of control and insane. If my "private school" education correctly determines that 16 million new insured will cost 1 Trillion dollars, then we are talking about $62,500 per insured. NOW THAT


    12. PDS, NC says:

      Breaking News the President has been known to tell lies.

    13. Nelia, AZ says:

      Amazing – there are no medical people on the committee for revamping health care. Instead of medical issues, the focus is on the money, with those financial experts such as Chris Dodd who was behind the bailout language that protected bonuses for the likes of AIG execs and others. We are in such trouble if this program is allowed to go forward. Beginning in 2013 we will no longer have the benefit of the greatest medical care in the world while it adds to a tax burden of gross proportions for our children and grandchildren.

    14. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      For those paying attention: 1) During his campaign for president, Obama stated that "words matter", 2) After we was elected president he stated that "we are going to hit the ground running" and 3) Rahm Emmanuel stated that we should never waste a crisis. Question: Is our health care system in crisis? Answer: That depends on how we perceive the word "crisis". If we perceive it to mean that quality health care and accessibility to quality care is inferior to that of other countries, then, no, it's not in crisis because we have the best health care in the world. If we perceive it to mean that not everyone has health care insurance then the answer is no once again because EVERYONE, including illegal immigrants, can get health care. They are even entitled to sue. Those who cannot afford it receive entitlements such as Medicaid and vouchers. Then there are those who can afford it but don't want to pay for it. If we perceive it to mean that costs are rising faster than we can keep up, then maybe we have a crisis although a large portion of rising costs are the direct result of doctors and hospitals having to pay outrageous amounts for malpractice insurance. So why does the Obama administration continue to force us into believing that we have a health care crisis and that we MUST have a national socialized system of health care. There are many answers to this question, not the least of which is that the Obama administraton thinks it can offer the only viable answer to cost controls despite the fact that an enormous bureaucracy would have to be created to manage such a system and the cost to implement it would be into infinity. My own opinion on this issue of who controls and who administers health care in this country has a lot to do with Obama's insatiable need for power and control. I believe he will, in taking us down the road of national socialized health care, create a transition system which not only will mimic that of other socialist countries and their health care systems but that he envisions this "transition" as becoming a single system – a "seamless garment" of international socialized health care. In other words, his ultimate goal is for the U.S. to merge with other international countries and governments thereby making us part of a seamless garment of countries under a coalition consortium of leadership. Scary? Pay attention to what he says, what he doesn't say and ask yourself why he is in such a hurry to move us from a being sovereign nation to a pathetic replica of a series of failed and failing nations.

    15. FRANK COLLATT, ABBEV says:

      I am well informed with the issues regarding OBAMA'S Plan for Health Care Reform in America. I saw the A.M.A.'s response to OBAMA'S proposals

      on the date of June 15TH, 2009' whereby he was BOO-ed by Doctors and Health Care Workers!! I have considered a myriad of issues on both sides, therefore allow me to ask a few questions: Do we Americans want Government Bureaucrats making a medical diagnosis, or answering questions, or administering medical care(doing a Doctor's job)? What part of Industry or Service that the Government has taken over, or is currently administering, functions in the Black (without a huge budget deficit or debt)? Each and everything that Government involves itself in, ends up ruined, and in shambles. Examples are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and now the Banking Industry, the Giant Car Makers, and other industries on the horizon, including the OIL and GAS Industry OBAMA has in his sights.

      The Government cannot do ANYTHING for you, unless it takes money from someone else. There is nothing "FREE" in this world Ladies and Gentlemen, SOMEONE has to pay for it, print money for it, or borrow then print money for it!! IF you are in debt personally, what sense does it make to borrow and spend more money, furthering your debt?

      OBAMA'S Administration and Certain Liberal Democrats in Congress have an agenda. Health Care Reform in America is the target. The underlying motive is to impose more restrictions on American's Choice of Health Care, and Rationing of Available Services (i.e. Bureaucrats making Medical Judgment Calls on Who gets treatment and lives, and who is DENIED and dies).

      Socializing health care HAS NEVER WORKED in other Countries. Conduct a search on the internet and news media for yourself; be careful not to encounter propaganda and mis-leading stories. Talk to people that have been to or lived in Britain or Canada. IF OBAMA'S Plan is implemented, your Health Care will be impacted in a negative manner, and more of your FREEDOM as an American shall be likewise taken away. Please call your Congressmen and Representatives and tell them "NO" to this ruse and fraud of a program…… Thank You.

    16. Richard Cancemi, Ar says:

      Does Obama lack common sense?

      does Obama lack intelligence?

      Does Obama lack the ability for logical thinking?

      Does Obama lack integrity?

      Does Obama lack knowledge of history?

      Does Obama lack honesty?

      Is Obama a bad president for America?

      Should Obama be impeached?

    17. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      It's snake oil. Progressives want the government to take care of us from

      conception to burial. It's Star Trek the first generation.

    18. Pamela Colorado says:

      Obama has NO clue what he's trying to do because he just wants things done his way and he has idiots along side him that have no clue. To me obama is a joke……he's in a movie about some guy who's the president, doing what he wants, trying to be the hero to every under dog out there and yet still having date nite and fllying all over the world with his wife and children and all his friends at the cost of the American People…..and the audience is all the people that bought into his performance. He and Pelosi, Reed, Frank and all the other idiots that continue to go along with their selfish ways of thinking and using money that doesn't account for jobs and all their paybacks to idiot causes and wants has created a very scary world for all of us who have work hard to get to where we are—no matter where that is –but are trying to make it for our families and our grandchildren and to see that our parents live a long and healthy life to the end…. This man does NOT LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD and HE IS NOT A TRUE AMERICAN……

      He talks out of both sides of his mouth and it all comes out lies in the end.

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    21. Pamela Colorado says:

      you know what bothers me a lot THE mainstream media that is owned by Big co. out there–like G.E.–and others and they DON'T TELL THE TRUTH…. Kids in College DON'T GET THE TRUTH……so when is this country going to start telling the truth so EVERYONE has a chance to know what is actually going on out there and start spilling the beans about obama, pelosi and all the other garbage politicians. Obama is nothing but a community organizer and still trying to organize everyone he can buy and hook with his lies. Never realized how corrupt most of the politicians are in D.C. Term limits ARE needed and people need to be put in place that are really there FOR THE PEOPLE AND ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

    22. Pamela Colorado says:

      just read about Obama being booed. GOOD He doesn't know what he's talking about. And as for doing it for Kennedy—give me a break—–he's covered for the rest of his life and his family with just their wealth. It doesn't need to be done for anyone.

      My daughter is a doctor—-trust me her patient load is way down and they just got here a year ago and they are very worried about their future and her practice that just started.

      why would anyone want to be a doctor anymore? It's a mess.

      It's NOT THE DOCTORS—–go after the health insurance company's and have them turn things around…….because there again—–they are the ones that set the rates etc…

      People are so stupid to blame the doctors. There are a lot of people out there that demand lots of ex-rays and blood test etc. to see what is wrong with them. Or like my daughter that gets all the people that only want the drugs, not to work at what could help, and they want what ever it takes to not have to work anymore but have the drugs……


      And the one comment made about the doctors that Obama talked to being nothing but drug dealers—-honey, think again. Those drug dealers are trying to HELP MANY people out there……..stop giving them bad raps. Not like my daughter makes a ton of money—–they're just hoping to hang onto their home and get thru this mess ……like all of us.

    23. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      You folks have yourselves going in so many circles that few of you have any clarity in what you have to share.

      Get your facts clear first and reduce the alarmist attitude about every event and decision being made, then perhaps more readers will give your positions some consideration.

      Your fear is taking away your rational abilities to listen and make reasonable conclusions. Relax a bit. We are not all enemies as some would have us accept out front.

    24. Pamela Colorado says:

      Here's another thing

      People need to start taking responsibility for THEMSELVES.

      Get to know you OWN body and how it responses to foods you eat and things you drink and things you do…

      Stop running to the doctors office and emergency everytime you have the sniffles or an ache. Get some health magazines and go for walks and stop eating and enjoy life.

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    26. Ruth Canon Dallas, T says:

      You say O was booed by the doctors.

      The WSJ says the physicians gave O several standing ovations.

      Which is true? I hope and pray you are!

    27. Kevin, Kansas says:

      Are we as Americans loosing our minds! I have heard that 60% of the uninsured in America are here illegally. If this is true, why the big push for federal health care. My thought is this country is doomed if they pass this. It will quikly become a one-payer system with Government in control. And then it will all hit the fan. I have yet to meet one person that was denied access to medical care. Why are we doing this??? It has to be a control issue.

    28. Trinka, IL says:

      It is time for a revolution, folks. If we don't get our voices out there, socialism will prevail. Based on the Kennedy-Dodd plan, my Mom, who has battled cancer for 16 years successfully, will be forced off her life-saving chemotherapy. She will be forced off because she is nearly 60, and older persons will be neglected under socialized medicine. Her chemo is expensive, and currently, she has my Dad's plan, and Medicare to cover the difference. All is well now, but I am terrified for what the future could hold. Many more, besides me, will lose loved ones with this socialized plan that Obama and his cronies are cooking up. The facts are out there, and the 15 person Obama panel is already evaluating what procedures and medicines will be necessary for us minions. We have to fight them!

    29. Barb -mn says:

      Somebody please check this out- Was it ever considered that the reason this socialized insurance medicine being implemented is due to the high population of immigrant, foreign born doctors? Who possess a lower standard of medical practice?

      In the 90's I worked for a company who's employees consisted of foreign born doctors. When asked why they weren't practicing medicine, it was explained that the standards in America weren't necessary and no one would hire under the standards they possessed?

      A genuine person would take all steps necessary at their own costs. This is a ploy to bring down medical health standards.

    30. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      First, the Kennedy-Dodd so-called "health care plan" power and money-grab reminds of "Oh what a tangled web (power and money-grabbing "Progressive" government elitist and statist Politicians) weave when (they) practice to deceive"!

      Second, no matter how convolutedly and otherwise such politicians and their Comrades may scheme, disguise, and push any such or other plan for government control, not only have such government power and money-grabbing schemes been foisted upon the people by such politicians around the world before and to this day, with predictably and incomparably destructive, disastrous, and grievous consequences both tangibly and intangibly at the people's expense, but such schemes are also in fact, by their very "government control" definition, features, and consequences, Communist/Socialist/government elitist and statist.

      Thus of course that makes Communists/Socialists/government elitists and statists of such as (but definitely not limited to) politicians who devise, push, and/or otherwise favor any such schemes based on government involvement, and thus also control, and therefore, as even history to this day shows and proves, such politicians cannot factually, credibly, and honestly deny that they are such government elitists and statists.

      Unfortunately, now that we, the people of the United States, and our Constitution, written for free people and limited government, have neither a President nor the legislators in such as Congress to "protect, preserve, and defend" us and our Constitution "from all enemies, foreign and domestic”, it’s only too probable that we'll have to kiss "goodbye" our control of our lives, businesses, and more, including when, why, and how we die, as government elitist and statist politicians and their Comrades take control over every part of our lives through such as their government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing schemes for government control of our health care, regardless of the tangible and intangible consequences, especially since it will be too entrenched and thus probably be too late to revoke or “roll back” enough (if any) of it through the elections of 2010 and 2012.

      In other words, this is one of the consequences which all of us, the people, probably will have to pay for the nomination of so-called “Progressive” government elitists and statists politicians (including McCain) in 2008, and the election of the most government elitist and statist among them, such as Obama and his Comrades.

    31. michael hutchings says:






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    33. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      When confronted with a good medical cost saving measure, like relieving doctors of much of the high cost of liability insurance, Obama showed that he has been bought and paid for by a bunch of bums like union bosses and trial lawyers. When are we going to limit campaign contributions to uncompromising amounts? It should reduce the cost of campaigning for high office also, a double bonus.

    34. ella quinn n.c. says:

      Ken if you dislike heritage foundation so much stay off of it.Go move in with obama.

    35. John Hanson, Bristol says:

      The evil inherent in giving Congress the power to tax income without restraint other than public opinion has allowed them to gradually develop a tax code through which they are an entity that rules us rather than represents us. Our forefathers predicted that the assumption of this power by Congress would lead to their corruption and the end of our Republic. It is a power a government must have to become a Socialist State with all property belonging to the State.

      A special site has been set up where Americans can sign a “2nd Declaration of Independence” like the one our forefather patriots did. All of the web groups out there are invited to co-promote and co-sponsor this July 12th movement regardless of the solutions they sponsor. Just as the 16th Amendment was the first great enabling step in a 180 degree turn away from the government given us by our founding fathers, repealing it must be our first enabling step toward returning to that government. July 12th 2009 has been declared a National Day of Mourning as it is the Centennial of the birth of personal income taxation! Gathering millions to participate in this movement will greatly increase the awareness of our sleeping fellow Americans to our common PROBLEM. Only then will attention be paid to the solutions offered by various groups. Americans Unite! Sign the Declaration at
      http://www.repealincometax.com/DOM/?T=0614-gajth .

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    37. Merrill B, Las Vegas says:

      Gee Herb in Arizona, 62,500 dollars wouldn't begin to cover the cost of a stem cell transplant for NHL cancer, not to mention the chemotherapy required to prepare you for the transplant. Private insurance is a much better way to go. My cancer cost my insurance company over 250,000 dollars, not including the surgeries for the Porta-cath implants and Hickman implants necessary for administering the chemotherapy medications. I am an 8 year survivor of the NHL. Under Obama's Public Ins. plan, at my age, I wouldn't have lasted 6 months. I don't think I want his program under any circumstances. Remember, he has never administered any programs before being elected President (can't you tell?).

    38. oscar says:

      Perhaps the time is "ripe" for the country to start up CO-OPS. Many of the depressed parts of the country could benefit from well run CO-OPS -

      "High Quality" good or service" in exchange for a

      "HIGH Quality" Contributed good or service. American's own this country, eventhough the government is allowing it to be sold out from under us to foreign business etc. However, we live here and the more the American's move to get "off the Grid" whereever possible the more independent we will be and the less effected by changes of power etc. Would like to see some smart business heads running High quality CO-OPS.

    39. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The current administartion is full of itself, they believe their own lies. This is bad enough but then lots of the American also believe their lies too. Socialized medicine is not the way to go, government run medicine is not the wonderful fix for health care. People want to think the "guvernment" will solve their problems fro them Medicare is not what it is supposed to be. I am a retiree from state government, and have health insurance, I pay about $230.00 per month for myself and my wife. Each year the premiums go up as well as the deductable and the co-pay for each visit. I have been informed that I must sign up for medicare and all that goes with it when I reach 65, or I will have to pay the total preminum for the insurance. See I am getting into old age, and my cost of care is going up, never mind that 36 years was spent in service to the state, I just cost to much now. I have reached then end of being a productive part of society and am expendable. The stae believes as does the federal government that I am cheaper to replace than to repaire. So goes the way of socialixes medicine. I am also a vet and the VA is of the same mind set, cheaper to replace than to repaire.


    40. Bob O'Donnell, says:

      The government could not run anything, if it tried. They have totally screwed up social Security, Medicare, this whole stimulus mess, and of course, the poster child of government inefficiency–Amwreck. They lead people to believe that the new healthcare system will be affordable. But it won't. Look at Medicare– cost increases every year and more restrictions. Eventually the plan will be just like Social Security where they will tax the individual and the employer to cover their costs. Of course those who have no intention of ever working, and the illegals will get their medical help for free (I guess their still is a free lunch for some.) The costs will be shifted to those who do pay, just like they are now. Without competition, costs will spiral, fraud will be rampant, and no one will have a clue as to where all the money is going–our government at its finest. Trillions of dollars down the toilet with no one held accountable. Services will be rationed and/or denied at the whim of "job for life" government nit wit.

      If this is to go through, everyone should be on it, including the president, every member of congress, and the wealthy. They should all have to stand in line and wait for some bureaucrat to make a decision as to their doctor, treatment, timeframe to obtain it. No special VIP treatment. Concierge doctors not allowed, even if you can afford it. What is good for one is good for all–isn't that his royal highness, Obama, preaches–comrades.

      If you want to see government healthcare in action, just go visit a VA hospital. Great doctors, but long waits to see them.

    41. chyatt, albuquerque says:

      “My husband will make sure you never live like you have in the past”. Indeed that will be about the truest statement to come out of this administration. The administration is giving no thought to “down stream” consequences. This is what the majority of Americans voted for, regardless if they understood or not. The personal and business casualties are starting to rack up. This damage is done without any benefit to the mass who voted him into office. Healthcare tinkering will make what he has done to the financial industry look like child play. As the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for”, in this case be careful what you vote for. As for Kennedy, his tenure should have ended just past the bridge.

    42. Joe White, Quinton T says:

      As for the firing of Mr. alpin- what did you expect from an arrogant child who "thinks" himself king? He needs a lesson in the realities of being a full-grown adult and the incumbent responsibilities.

      He and Congress are the largest gathering of fools in history; unless, of course, you count in the dupes who voted for the Empty Suit in the first place…

      He and his fellow Kool-aid drinkers should just leave the healthcare industry alone; however, with that having been said, the healthcare industry needs to stop insuring ONLY young folks who graduate from the Marine Corps Basic Training program and offer reasonable rates that allow for folks to have annual physicals- the cost for which is over $1,000- in order that a potentially costly terminal illness is caught BEFORE becoming so; thereby actually saving money [and their oh-so-important bonuses]

      Illegal aliens do not deserve nor have they earned the right to that for which Americans pay. Let them go back to the "places" from which they came and make THEIR countries like ours. Of course, the white liberals would only see the loss of more voters to keep THEM in office/power- their ultimate aim OR is their ultimate aim to destroy this nation?

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    44. dennis braunreiter says:

      i have a couple of points. 1. we have millions of foreign students in our schools, they are part of the uninsured. we could require their families to pay for their own insurance now. 2. i object to insuring illegal immigrants. we pay for them now.3. congress and the president emporor obama and all the governments and union employees, are all exempted from this very dangerous plan. as a former business owner and bank president, i can tell you that any projections that go out more than 90 days are fraught with errors and are always understated. if they were really accurate, the american people would be rioting in the streets like they are in iran


    45. Jennifer, Canada says:

      It's insane how wrong you are. Most Canadians love our health care system. Right thinking people can't comprehend why you would rather have you health care managed by profit seeking corporations rather than an elected government of your peers. I hope for your sake, for your health and peace of mind that you escape the awful system you're in.

    46. Lisa M, South Caroli says:

      I can buy generic Crestor from Canada at 1/3 cost of brand name Crestor in the US. I can't buy generic Crestor in the US at all, because the patent doesn't expire until 2016.

      The funny thing is that they are looking to squeeze the savings out of providers, who are making less in real dollars than they did 20 years ago. In order to get cost savings from health care, one needs to follow the money (and with the average PCP making less than $150K/yr, doctors aren't it). Big pharma (see my first sentence), insurance companies (who cherry pick and dump the rest on Medicare/Medicaid), 'cosmetic' care for government beneficiaries (which pays for things like Viagra and penile implants). Also, shouldn't we be means-testing Medicare? Should a family making $70K/yr be subsidizing someone who has a few million in assets?

      Oh…but it's all about the votes. To consilidate and maintain central power, one needs to secure large voting blocs with well-paid lobbyists. That pretty much leaves out the interests of the two groups who will be most adversely affected by all this "change": doctors and their patients.

    47. Patty, Lady Lake Fl. says:

      This health care program is SCARY. Please do not let the Dems. do this to our country. Obama is scary. He doesn't have a clue what he is doing. All of this spending has got to stop. Obama is in way over his head,and Biden, we won't even go there. Lets hang together America and stop this.

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    Big Government Is NOT the Answer

    Your tax dollars are being spent on programs that we really don't need.

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