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  • House Armed Services Committee Says No to Missile Defense Interceptors

    President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative

    Today, the House Armed Services Committee was marking up the FY 2010 budget for the Defense Department. The liveliest debate was over Congressman Turner’s (R-OH) amendment to re-insert $120 million to fund the remaining 14 ground-based interceptors. For the past several years, the plan was to have 44 interceptors dispersed among California and Alaska bases. As of right now, we have 30. Because the House Armed Services Committee rejected Congressman Turner’s amendment, the Department of Defense will stop any further deployment of the 14 interceptors.  Defense Secretary Gates spurred the decision when he said that the current number of interceptors (30) is sufficient to protect against the North Korean threat. The same Secretary Gates who budgeted for and approved the construction of 44 interceptors the year before. Over the past year, the threat has increased, so why would it be sensible to reduce the number of planned interceptors from 44 to 30?

    Regarding the financial aspect, all fourteen holes have been dug, most of the equipment has been purchased, and the project is under way. The US has already spent $235 million on these remaining 14 interceptors. It would take another $120 million to finish the deployment of these 14 interceptors. In addition, if DOD does not deploy the 14 interceptors, they will be charged a $75 million cancellation fee. So in reality, the DOD and Congress is gambling American security to save $55 million. This is not even a drop in the bucket, compared to the overall FY 2010 missile defense budget of $9.3 billion and the overall defense budget is $562 billion. American tax payers should not pay $310 million for nothing.

    Simply put, it is too late to backtrack. Even if Secretary Gates decided that 30 interceptors is what is necessary, we’ve already paid out more than what it would cost to finish this project. Finishing the 14 interceptors does not hurt us, and is not that much costlier. Logically, Congress should finish this project, and ensure that America is safe in a time when potential threats are becoming more aggressive.

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    20 Responses to House Armed Services Committee Says No to Missile Defense Interceptors

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      If what Diem writes is accurate, then he's correct about the poor prioritizing and dangerously careless decisions of the majority demagogues. It's enough to baffle all sanity. I'm sure $120 million would be better spent on pork barrel projects. Another example of congressional incompetence.

    2. Jules, Missouri says:

      Apparently, Secretary Gates has had a change of thought on the deployment of the interceptors. Might have something to do with his change of circumstances in respect to his current boss. This is typical of the illogical actions taken by the current administration in D.C. regarding almost everything they have attempted to fix. Whether it needed fixing or not, is another question. I am a disgruntled American who feels there is no leadership in D.C., only politicians pandering to a president who is not very bright when it comes to common sense and logic.

      This missile thing is just another example of the stupidity which seems to reign in the halls of Congress and the White House these days.

    3. Worldbfree4me says:

      Oops, you failed to mention the cost to deploy and maintain these sites. It surely exceeds $55 million.

    4. Albert G. Roark says:

      To Diem Nguyen

      At what point was "logic" introduced into the mindset of Our elected officials? Would logic not require a modicum of "good ole common sense?"

    5. Phil New Jersey says:

      Could it get any more frightening? And just another example of the Idiots we have for leaders in this country. These people must be living in La La Land. God help us all!

    6. Charles, Texas says:

      Will Obama apologize to America when (not if) we are attacked? The Russians, Chinese, the American military & conservatives have long understood the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction. It has prevented a nuclear war. The lunatic in North Korea as well as the one in Iran do not & the North Koreans have a degree of protection from China. It is no longer a stretch of one's imagine to see America attacked again, especially under this administration. Would we retaliate or cry to the U.N.? And what if someone like Chavez were to get his hands on a nuke? Obama is weak & our enemies can smell it. God help us!

    7. Richard, Minnesota says:

      I have for a long time fought off the idea that our politicians from top to bottom are just a bunch of liars, and hustlers. However now when they even are willing to compromise our safety. I think it is time for the whole country to stop being so naive about what a smooth talking so called change orientated leader is just like the rest a hustler and a liar!! The sad part is it is our tax dollars he is playing with, "wake up America", before it is too late!!!

    8. John, Colorado says:

      Just three emp detonations and 80% of Americans starve to death within a year, and the Democrats won't spend a piddly 55 million for 15 more interceptors. There _ _ _ _ well ought to be 500 interceptors. I can only conclude that the Democrats are controlled by demons. It is the only explanation for their mental illness. If a foreign country sends a missile to the US that cannot be intercepted, I _ _ _ _ well hope it falls on Washington, D.C..

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Obama does not want to "fix" anything. Obama and his minions are not "stupid". They know exactly what they're doing and what they want to accomplish. Every day, it's another ploy

      by the socialist in Washington, on both sides of the isle. The people had better wake-up and realize Obama is draging us into a bottomless pit that we will not be able to get out of unless we take action now. It cannot wait until the elections in 2010 or 2012. By then, it may be too late.

    10. Nick says:

      As with killing military voting rights amendments, the neo-comms/democrats seem hell bent on starving anything related to the military. Neville Obama will be at the helm when a huge "man-made disaster" occurs. He is inviting it. It will be his reason for more spending, illegal suppression of Constitutional rights as his hero Abe Lincoln did, and if possible the funeral for American freedom. No crisis goes unmilked. Bet on it.

    11. Randa Perry, Friends says:

      What are we going to do!!??… The entire DC establishment has lost it's collective mind… We the people are in some wierd episode of "LOST "

    12. Glenda, OK says:

      Defence is the federal government's primary duty. Our national safety is being weakened for more social programs and more power for the government or at least it leader. What can be done to stop the insanity now?

    13. Ron, Chandler, AZ says:

      I don't think there is anything more obvious than the need for an effective defense against missile attack in today's world where despotic regimes headed by irrational leaders all have nuclear weapons in their future. We have not been successful in limiting membership in the nuclear club in the past, and logic tells us we won't be in the future. We must have an effective system and it will require continual improvement, which means it will require continual investment. I doubt if anything I've said here would be disputed by any of our political leadership, if you could get an honest and candid opinion from them. But you can't — they're politicians whose first concern is their political career. How else can one explain Secretary Gates' reversal of opinion regarding an expanded missile defense system? It's a sad fact that you cannot accept anything a politician says, or cabinet member, or party official, or highly placed corporate executive, or union leader, as honest or even what they truly believe to be true. That's what worries me most — our country is divided along political lines to such an irrational extent that even questions such as global warming and defense issues are affected most by political orientation, as opposed to science and rational thought.

    14. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      Obama is intentionally causing chaos, havoc, disbelief and confusion on as many issues possible, as quick as possible, before the American people even begin to wake up to the fact that he is establishing a dictatorship in this country, he's following the same, but streamlined, procedure Hitler used to take control of Germany. Destroy the American Dollar. Hugo Chavez makes public statements praising Obama's "change," to the left. the Russian Newspaper Pravda writes articles describing the loss of American Freedom, in the past tense, laughing at our complacent helpless weakness. All while, Americans are huddled in front of their TV's hoping for the best. Soon, it will be behind barbed wire.

    15. Woodruff NY says:

      How do you measure the loss of a major metropolitan city. It seems losing millions of people to a Nuke from a rogue regime would wake up this country to stop voting for stupidity.

      I believe its time to incorporate an IQ test before you are allowed to vote, and you will only be allowed to take the IQ test if you have at least 2 years of military service……… Seems like a sensable approach…

    16. Claude Cornell says:

      If you want to understand what the driving force behind Pres. Obama is then just google Euro-centrism. It is part of the Core-Curriculim of Columbia College, where he was brain washed.

      It promotes the belief that Europe is superior to any other country.

    17. MPrince says:

      If the North Koreans and the Iranians want to bomb this country they had better hurry because Obama is going to destroy first. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis I feel unsafe in my homeland. God help us ALL! God Help us All

    18. MPrince says:

      It's not Europe that he is partial to or he would not have treated Prime Minister Brown the way he did when he came to America. Did you see Obama bow to the Queen of England? In addition, didn't you hear how he slighted Sarkozy when he was in France? No, it's not Europe. I wonder if he gave the Saudi King an IPod or movies? Think about it!

    19. Barb -mn says:

      Since we notice this is a take-over, someone will have to take note of the president's schedule and potential opposition of his actions.

    20. Ellie, FL says:

      America has forgotten its roots of Liberty. I doubt that many today would be willing to fight for their freedoms as our founding fathers did. Obama is merely following through on FDR's course. Anyone know that? His speeches almost verbatum parrot Roosevelt's 1944 fireside/inaugural speech. Its been a long time in coming but, as Americans, we've complacently allowed it to come to this. I do not trust any politician, be they Democrat or Republican to do what's right for the people. They're to concerned with their own welfare and what rewards and benefits they can garner. Why don't they try living on social security as the rest of us must. Its about time WE THE PEOPLE stand up and be heard. If that makes us rightwing extremists then we're traveling in good company. If our forefathers weren't rightwing extremists we might still be bowing to the throne of England!

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