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  • Ramped-Up Rhetoric Fails to Dislodge Evidence

    President Barack Obama addresses the American Medical Association's annual meeting on June 15, 2009 in Chicago. Obama's speech to the AMA is his latest effort to persuade skeptics that his health care plan is worth the expected high cost.

    In his speech today to the American Medical Association [], President Barack Obama called the “naysayers” of his proposed public health insurance plan as nothing more than liars. “So, when you hear the naysayers claim that I’m trying to bring about government-run health care, know this – they are not telling the truth.” he told AMA physician members at their annual conference in Chicago.

    But the ramped-up rhetoric doesn’t address the projections that respected and nationally prominent health econometrics firm, the Lewin Group, has produced on a public plan if it were introduced in the market and modeled after Medicare.

    Lewin estimated that roughly 70 percent of those with private insurance (or 119.1 million policyholders) would be shifted onto a public plan if it used Medicare reimbursement rates to health care providers.

    These rates are 19 percent to 29 percent lower than what private insurers provide to doctors and hospitals. Since the government would serve as a regulator and participant in the same market, it would have the unfair advantage of being able to impose these artificially lower rates on doctors and hospitals where private insurers could not.

    As a result, fewer insurers would be able to keep up with the artificially low premiums that a public plan would likely use, making the public plan the dominant and only option for Americans.

    “President Obama may call conservative opposition to a public option ‘illegitimate’ and mock the idea that it would serve as a Trojan horse leading the United States into a single-payer system, but he fails to explain how the government would restrain itself from creating an uneven playing field in the insurance market,” Robert Moffit challenged following the speech.

    “President Obama says that he even thinks single-payer systems in other countries work well, even though there is plenty of evidence of poor patient care and long wait times within single-payer systems of countries like Canada and Britain,” said Moffit, director of Heritage’s Center for Health Policy Studies.

    The president again told Americans in his AMA speech today that “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

    “How is that possible if employers, who make key decisions in health care, think it’s cheaper for them to dump their employees into a taxpayer-financed, government-run health plan? How is it possible if private insurers are forced out of the market by a government-run health plan that has special advantages like taxpayer subsidies?” Moffit said.

    Moffit added consumers should remember the current health care debate is ultimately a question of control: Whether it’s going to be patients and doctors or government officials in Washington who make major health decisions. “Who is ultimately going to make the key decisions in that area of this economy that has so much direct, personal impact on the quality of your life?”

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    14 Responses to Ramped-Up Rhetoric Fails to Dislodge Evidence

    1. Justin DeMail ID. says:

      Isn't it all about more Government contol? Unforntunately management of things in Government controll has a very sad and expensive history!

    2. Ken St Louis says:

      Let's see now, the government, ( the same people who couldn't catch Bernie Madoff ) now want us to just roll over and play dead and give them control of our health Insurance. That makes about as much sense as giving the guy whose robbing you your gun!!! Unfortuately Obumma is one of those strange people who will tell a lie if the truth would help! These are sad days for America, when he and Joe Biden can get a majority of Americans to vote for them for anything other than dog catcher! Hey I take that back, I have respect for a dog catcher, at least he's doing honest work, More than I can say for Obumma!!!

    3. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      Of course Obama mocks people with knowledge of the truth (i.e. his Health Scam), Obama mocked the Bible, in his 2006 speech "A Call to Renewal". That is the same Bible, which tells us not to steal, not to murder, to honor our parents, etc… He mocked the wisdom of the Creator of the Universe, who said HE "will not be mocked."

      (Mother approved verbiage.)

    4. Barb -mn says:

      That's all this guy speaks is rhetoric. All his administration speaks. His speaker etc., Part of the brainwashing process.

      Where's Obama's proof that socialized medicine works? As the article states there is direct evidence it doesn't. So where is Obama's EVIDENCE?


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    6. Carolyn Troiano, Che says:

      My name is Carolyn Troiano, and I need help going after Obama for a major Free Speech violation. He is violating my First Amendment right to free speech by trying to prevent me from voicing my opinions on a tax-deductible contribution supported internet site.

      If you go to My.BarackObama.com, a website funded by tax-deductible money, you will see how they’ve set up tools and other resources to help people push the Obama agenda forward – the topic du jour is healthcare reform. People are told to create and attend events that are supportive of Obama. This is how they stole the election.

      So to turn the tables, I went on the site and created my own event, a “GIGANTIC TEA PARTY” up on Long Island in my hometown of Merrick.

      I set this up as a “Take Back Our America” event, and spread the WEALTH (Watch Every American Learn about Healthcare reform) like the Tea Parties of late, and included posted a call for all like-minded citizens to join me. All of the information is at my website:


      The Obama webmaster responded by email saying my words were disrespectful, and that they had taken my event off the website.

      The warning stated that this was a one-time warning, and if I did this again, I would have my access to the website taken away.

      So what’s a girl to do? Create another event. This time it’s in Chesterfield, VA, this coming Saturday, June 20th, at my home or in spirit with me, and I made sure there is room for 1 billion people, in case those disgruntled Iranian voters want to revolt and join our cause too.

      I led the charge to taking back America with a simple statement to the President –

      “Mr. Obama, tear down that firewall!”

      That’s my motto, and I’m taking this as far as I possibly can. Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave!

      I’m seeking your help to give some visibility to this fight and let the Obama dictatorship know we will not stand idly by while our own tax dollars continue to be squandered on his Socialist agenda.

      So let me know if you can help, and if you have any suggestions for ramping this up and getting all Americans to understand what’s going on here. Most have no clue.

      Thanks for your time and attention!


      Carolyn (McKillop) Troiano

      13613 Blue Heron Circle

      Chesterfield, VA 23838

      804-590-0055 (H)




    7. CDSudduth, GA says:

      “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

      How is that possible when YOUR DOCTOR, now paid a reduced medicare rate for 70% of his practice, with "quality of care" payment incentives based on government quotas of how many of his patients stop smoking/stop drinking/ stop overeating/ start exercising tells you that your failure to do all of the above makes you too costly for him to care for and DISCHARGES YOU FROM HIS PRACTICE.

    8. Orrin Zeremba on fac says:

      Besides costing about $1 Trillion, the Obama-govt healthcare is going to not cover a number of procedures such as Caesarian sections, and wont cover a lot of MRIs and CT scans and back surgeries, and many procedures for older people will be refused. Money will be cut from hospitals. And even if it doesnt lead to govt control of everything (which I think it will), I see a lot of problems with it. But I'm sure it will fully cover unlimited abortions – Obama really likes those!…even though the Bible in Luke 1:35-45 clearly teaches that life begins in the womb, a book our self-proclaimed-"Christian" President apparently doesnt follow.

    9. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      The difference between RUN and RUIN:

      = the number of "I"s in it.

      Obama say "I" more than any other word.

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    11. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      Elect those, who would willfully destroy innocent life and they will move on to the next targets: liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If life is nothing, then liberty and happiness are really nothing to them (they are the elite, so they keep theirs through brute force anyway.)

    12. D.R. Sanchez, Arizon says:

      Bailout 2008, a poem by David Jeffrey:

      Like a bloodied warrior,

      laying broken and torn.

      Like a dying soldier, hopeless and forlorn.

      But the blood, it be green,

      the color of money.

      And the soldier is an economy,

      and it is anything but funny.

      Broken are it’s people and shattered are their dreams.

      Thanks to the ultra rich and their full proof schemes.

      It is a tragedy with more pain to come.

      Finance will be Hell, and their wills will be done.

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    14. Barb -mn says:

      Nice poem, disagree with the message…

      I don't understand why people are so against the freedom to prosper on their own? What fool proof schemes did the rich play on you that effected you personally, to bring yourself to reveal your weakness, holding your hands out for government dependency?

      Why is your mind narrow to think, if you have the will to prosper, you don't have the same freedom, too?

      The more government, the less freedom. Why would you want that? Why would you dismiss the freedom to do for yourself?

      Civilians who acquire wealth through corruption are caught and held accountable. Government isn't.

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