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  • Question Cap and Trade at Your Peril

    The Hill reports today:

    Energy panel Republicans are levying accusations of witness intimidation against Democratic Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), one of the key authors of the contentious House climate change bill.

    Republicans have seized on a letter – a copy of which was obtained by The Hill – that Markey penned to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Jon Wellinghoff asking FERC to investigate the actions of a major energy company on the same day that the company’s CEO was set to testify before the energy panel on the dangers of a carbon cap and trade system.

    Roll Call reported yesterday:

    Top aides to Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) called a last-minute, pre-emptive strike on Wednesday with a group of prominent Democratic lobbyists, warning them to advise their clients not to attend a meeting with Senate Republicans set for Thursday.

    “They said, ‘Republicans are having this meeting and you need to let all of your clients know if they have someone there, that will be viewed as a hostile act,’” said a Democratic lobbyist who attended the meeting.

    Friedrich Hayek explained 65 years ago:

    In order to achieve their ends the planners must create power –power over men wielded by other men – of a magnitude never before known. Their success will depend on the extent to which they achieve such power. Democracy is an obstacle to this suppression of freedom which the centralized direction of economic activity requires. Hence arises the clash between planning and democracy.

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    32 Responses to Question Cap and Trade at Your Peril

    1. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:

      The Democratic Party needs to be renamed in such a manner that no tie between it and the concept of democracy could ever be construed.

    2. Fred VanDevander I says:

      My partner and I own EnviroPure Industries, Inc. We have had a product for the last five years that will remove 97% of everything automotive, 100% particulate matter from Diesel engines. As well the industrial smoke stacks side of industriey. It’s safe, it’s environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable to be used in other products. We have talked to all kinds of officials in the government and we have been beating our heads against a brick wall. Now we have partnered up with Thectane out of Canada to build a factory in the Middle East.

      This carbon dioxide scam is just what it is!!! It’s all about job protection. Our product would eliminate some agency’s, and more important create new Jobs. Yes We Aren Patented.

      Patriot Energy Corp. is a management holding corporation, which owns a wholly owned subsidiary named TelTeck Solutions and owns a 99 year exclusive leased license agreement with Tectane Technologies Corporation for the Dual H2O Engine Oxygenator and New Tri-Brid Engine (Electric/Flex-Fuels/H2O) Technologies. Patriot Energy specializes in the development and marketing of energy efficient technologies with a focus on reducing America's dependence on Foreign Oil.

      The EPA makes my blood boil.

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    4. Les Horn Atlanta, says:

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) is the most myopic damaging plan for America.

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) would change American freedom forever in a very bad way.

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) creates a hugh slush fund for the government

      to flush down the toilet.

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) is ENRON forced onto everyone.

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) puts the entire U.S. economy on the shoulders

      of the Chicago Climate Exchange(CCX), the devil in the details.

      CAP and TRADE(TAX) is a plan to steal money from the people.

      What carbon caps will the E.P.A. have for the volcano in Alaska?

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    6. concerned, Raleigh, says:

      Hmmm…Maybe anyone agreeing to accept everything this administration 'wants to offer' the people should move to California. Everyone else should be free to move to any other state. Let them test AND PROVE their ideas BEFROE the public should 'want to accept' their 'proposals.

    7. Whats in a Name says:

      The Democratic Party of the USA, making the old Socialist look tame…..

    8. Barb -mn says:

      Not that I doubt it, if the post by Fred VanDevander is true, then, as a slap in the face, part of Obama's agenda is as follows: FORBIDDING THE PEOPLES' FREEDOM TO BUILD THE ECONOMY!!!!!!! It couldn't be more evident. The president obviously has no intention, no regard, no resolution to put America back on her feet and this is direct proof.

      The government and president refuse the advice of the people who employ them. The indignation of this government is dangerous. The public has a right to the truth. There is no accuracy in their (government)speech or actions. There is no sound answers. There is no intelligence where needed to the benefit of those they serve. Where ever they can put one, there's a crisis! We have to take this country back, NOW! Lawsuits on the defamation of America! Interference, intimidation, robbery, distortion of facts, corruption, racism, discrimination, etc., LET'S ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Robert, Hawaii says:

      Anthropogenic global warming is clearly a crock:

      a) the CO2 density/history curve laid along side the temperature/history curve clearly shows that CO2 density increases ahead of temperature increases by well over a hundred years.

      b) Back in the days of slide rules, getting the decimal in the wrong place was evidence of a bad analysis. getting the sign wrong suggested gross incopentence. the famed hocky stick temperature increase so beloved by the alarmists is now gone from the reports because the temperature declined rather than increased.

      c) This last reason is a little subtle but when you look at the pictorials of where the heat comes from, is absorbed, and retransmitted, look the the arrow indicating 'back radiation' from CO2 in the atmosphere to the ground. Now, that atmospheric CO2's temperature can't be increased by radiation from the ground AND also increase the temperature of the ground by some unknown radiative phenomenon. Heat only (without change of phase) from higher temperatures to lower temperatures.

    10. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Democrat Party, who accuses others of being overbearing, totalitarian, mean spirited and Fascist like, needs to adopt 2 words to it's vocabulary.

      Sieg Heil!

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    12. Dave Converse, Nashv says:

      Democrats have long used accusation of Republicans of crimes they themselves are guilty of as a diversion. It's their standard weapon. But, we will continue to suffer at their hands until we begin to address their thin deceptions and fight back in an aggressive way.

    13. Nelia, AZ says:

      Even NASA has issued a statement saying changes in global climate are a natural phenomenon.

    14. Jean High, Gaffney, says:

      So this is the Obama Administration's stance?

      Cap and trade our current energy use, and no drilling or Nuclear energy for America. (But Iran can have Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in addition to their oil supply?)

      How many wind mills and solar panels have been made available to Americans who are not to use oil?

    15. Metalchemist says:

      Max Baucus's actions as a Senator have NOT been in the best interest of the AMERICAN CITIZENS. The actions of Rep.Ed Markley are akin to the Chicago machines tactics to "convince" the opposition at all costs. He is just being shown the ropes by the new administration, Rahm and "The Boys".

      The new administration has shown their true identity as well as their true colors, They ARE NOT Red, White & Blue, NOR do they have the "Transparency" that WAS PROMISED.

      By forcing the vote on bills that CAN NOT be read by using "fear tactics" "500 Million Americans are going to loose their jobs a month if this bill is not passed now." N.Pelosi.

      Obama stating that there could be "marshal law declared" if this bill doesn't get approved…

      The INTIMIDATION TACTICS that are being deployed and used on the Senators / Legislators as well as on the American Citizens are those in the style of the mafia / Chicago Mob.

      ALL of these actions and behavior are contemptuous as well as reprehensible behavior on the part of this administration.

      There are going to be some MAJOR CHANGES in the Senate, on State as well as Federal levels. The same is coming to the Congress also, as the AMERICAN CITIZENS are beginning to SEE the light as well as the DECEPTION that has been taking place.

    16. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Once again, only those who reads this publication

      understand what we all are facing under Obama socialism. The average person does not! More and more the question is being asked why are the majority of the people not complaining against Obama? The answer, they are not being told the truth by the main streamed new media.The MEDIA is

      the root of the problem. My question has always

      been, how do we stop them, short of armed insurrection.

    17. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The white house is showing its true colors, they get their way by fear and intimation. The dems are like a lot of the street gangs, instill enough fear and intimation and they get anything they want. It is time the Republican party stood up and let the country know how big a bunch of thugs the dems are. Then they may be afraid to throw rocks as they may be in a glass house with the dems too.

    18. Jerry from Chicago says:

      If it can be proven that Congressman Markey actually wrote this alledged letter to the FERC, it should be sent to Fox News, the only network that seems to care about things like this. If Congress will not investigate this (and it's a safe bet they won't) then Fox News should investigate it and broadcast the results of the investigation. This sure sounds like intimidation to me and should be turned over to the Justice Department, although I doubt that Eric Holder will find anything wrong with it.

      I believe that there may be some evidence of global warming, but I doubt that it is due to man-made carbon emissions. There are far too many scientists that have gone on record disagrreing on the extent of and causes of global warming. We have politicians, most notabley Al Gore, spreading fear among the populace over global warming and growing rich(er) with his investments in "green" energy alternatives. Could his fear mongering have a profit motive behind it?

      A little more than six months ago, T. Boone Pickens got on T.V. and talked extensively about the need to switchover to natural gas as an alternative fuel for automobiles. Natural gas burns cleaner, is supposed to be 40% cheaper (according to Mr. Pickens) and is abundently available in the U.S. We currently have the technology to convert our vehicle engines from burning gasoline to natural gas. It is not all that difficult. All that is needed is a new carburator, fuel line and fuel tank. It has been done in the past and it works fine. The problem has been the availability of fueling stations.

      If the government truly wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil, improve air quality, provide Americans with less expensive and stimulate the economy at the same time, I suggest legislation be passed requiring that within a three to five year period, all current and new automobiles be converted from burning gasoline to natural gas. A tax credit could be provided to those converting their auto fuel systems over to natural gas, helping to defray those costs. Further, within that same three year period, all gas stations would be required to make a scheduled transition from gasoline to natural gas. A tax credit could also be given to help defray the cost of transitioning fuel supplies. These conversions would immediately stimulate the economy by creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. It would take time and planning, but it could be done.

      Switching to lightweight cars that get 40 mpg does nothing to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. Don't think for a single minute that once we have cars(?) that get 40 mpg that the price of gasoline won't be increased to $8.00 to $10.00 a gallon. We are seeing that right now. People are driving less and are purchasing "hybrid" vehicles getting greater mpg and the price has come back up to nearly $3.00 a gallon, from last summer's low of $1.65 a gallon.

      The energy companies (foreign or domestic) know how much Americans are willing to pay for fuel. They keep testing us with higher prices. When gas prices hit $4.00 a gallon last year, people rebelled, raised hell, drove less and started looking for more fuel efficient cars. All of a sudden, gas dropped to $1.65 a gallon. Since then, it has been creaping back up to almost $3.00 a gallon and we are told "well look, it's still cheaper than last year's price". Wow, lucky us, it's ONLY $3.00 a gallon. Have we got it great, or what. Demand it still down, and the supply is still up. There have been no hurricanes in the Gulf, broken pipelines or refinery fires to blame and yet prices continue to go up. That means only one thing, the price is being manipulated. Like the dog in the joke, they do it because they can.

    19. danny says:

      JERRY- you make some good points. If we switched to natural gas for cars then it will behave just like oil and we iwll see increases in the price. I am a drill everywhere kind of person. Global warming has been debunked. It is a means to an end. The end id cap and trade. I call it control and tax.

    20. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      I am once again amazed at the total apathy

      shown by constituents concerning all these

      oppressive pieces of legislation! I will



      row you will no longer be represented, so

      don't go snivelling if you don't act TO-


    21. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      Ice core samples taken from glaciers in Greenland, many years ago, proved beyond "scientific" doubt that over the period of, what was estimated at the time to be around 300 hundred thousand years, the Planet Earth goes through major and minor natural cycles of warming and cooling. But, that is reason and logic, vs. the theme of the Liberals, (statists, progressives, marxists) which is to "never let a crisis go unexploited," and if you don't have one, then create it.

    22. Odd, Burmuda Triangl says:

      Even rudimentary knowledge of prehistoric life will show you that higher global temperature averages encourage huge blooms in all life forms. Cool periods cause extinctions. Just look at the relation between global averages and gigantic insects such as Meganeura, a dragonfly with a 2ft+ wingspan. Less ice also means more fresh water and increased atmospheric moisture. Think about this the next time a trained biologist swears on his mother that global warming is bad. Can you say Misanthropy?

    23. John Rosky Andover, says:

      Drill here Drill now and get us back into using our own energy. Ask the government how many windmills will it take to replace 1 coal fired power plant.

    24. Barb -mn says:

      Especially when the production of windmills/TURBINES is NOT IN AMERICA! Sounds like he'll employ the rest of the world while he depletes ALL AND ANY production here!

    25. Bill S says:

      I saw and heard Senator Newt Gangrich speak on T.V. sunday past re: The republican solution to the USA energy problems and solutions to which incourage the use of clean coal,new drilling for oil in the Gulf,Atlantic and Pacific oceans also shale miningin the mid west.The democratic party wants to continue to buy oil from the mid-east and from Argentina's Chavez.Where's the change we the people were promised by Obama.He still wants to give foreign countries our money in ex-change for oil when in the USA has enough oil,coal and shale just waiting to be used in stead of imported oil from the mid-east and South America.We're giving our money away to foreign countries that hate the USA and use this money to fund terrorists groups.Which means in a round about way Obama is using USA currency to support terrorism in the Mid-East. Wher's the beef in the change we the people were promised during his campaigning for the Presidentcy.He has pulled an April fools joke on we the people.He will not win 2012.Newt will be the winner.

    26. Bill S says:

      Cap and Trade is a rip off.It's just another tax by Obama.

    27. Truth Hurts,The Real says:

      Recognize cap and trade for what it is more taxation and another form of regulator slavery that will reduce our freedoms and make all but a select few poorer and change our encomcy and not effect the weather what so ever.

    28. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We all have given the President and congress way too much power over us. We have given them power that by the Laws of the Constitution and its Amendments, do not exist!

      We, the States, have to take back our own power though the 10th Amendment! We need to keep near to our hearts the 2nd Amendment, fore it was designed for just such times as these; To protct ourselves from our own Federal Government! It has always been easy to blame others for our problems, but that time has to stop, and that time is now! We have to take responsibility for what is happening to our beloved Nation. We have to take every concievable legal action to end the current blastphemy against our own Bill of Rights and our very own Constitution! Read them! Believe in them! Teach them to everyone and stand for nothing less than complete obediance from those we elect to represent us!


    29. TonyfromOz from http says:

      John Rosky Andover.

      Actually, wind power can never replace coal fired power. Wind farms supply usable power at a 30% efficiency, in other words, for one third of the year. Coal fired power hums along 24/7/365.

      For one large coal fired plant of 2000MW nameplate capacity, to supply the same power used in one year,(around 16.3 Billion KWH) you would need 2,200 towers each topped with a large 3MW nacelle, standing 385 feet tall with 440 feet to top of the blade tip. Using Cape Wind as an example, that facility costing $1.2 Billion for 140 towers, the cost for 2200 towers would be around $20 Billion.

      It would take 10 to 12 years to construct, providing there is a huge build up of the work force to construct the nacelles. Then you have the problem of infrastructure to connect that vast area of coverage to the grid, around 100 square miles if they are placed close together, and in an area where there is a regular 16MPH wind blowing.

      This is for one large coal fired power plant. There are around 120 to 150 of them in the U.S, and around 600 to 700 coal fired plants of all sizes in all, with nearly 1500 generators.

      On top of that, with wind power you only get electrical power for 30% of the time.

      A coal fired plant has twice the life expectancy of a wind plant, and the ability for its operation to be extended for a further 25 years on top of the average 50 year operational life span.

      The only way wind power can be feasible is if there are huge Government subsidies at the construction end, and also at the supply power to the grid stage where the cost of the generated electricity is around seven times higher than it is for coal fired power, and the cheapest power of all, that being supplied by nuclear power plants.

      The mad rush to wind power is lunacy on a huge scale.

      Sorry to take so much space.


    30. duelles, santa fe says:

      Get rid of the facsists and federal reserve bank. I read somewhere that the Cap and Trade as a tax on carbon is unique as it is a tax on all life forms and a tax on the basis off life on earth. Clearly a new way to garner money from those who create it.

      This President has had enough time to prove what he his and what he will do. Get him out of there now! Remove his political bagmen and cronies in every off year election begining now.

      thank you very much

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    32. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Two problems with natural gas vehicles :

      1) Infrastructure. It would take a decade (at a minumum) to change over our refueling stations.

      2) Safety. Most current CNG and Propane driven vehicles on the road today are vans and trucks owned by fleets. They have expensive "safety cages" around the tanks to protect them in case of an accident. I don't see a small car being a viable choice for a CNG tank – especially if it gets hit by an SUV. Can you say "BOOM" ?

      Also, global warming is a hoax and Cap & Trade is just an energy tax. The problem is that the entitlement groups could care less because it isn't their money our government is spending.

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