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  • President Needs More Diversity, Fewer Czars

    President Obama has appointed yet another czar. This time it’s a pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, to monitor the compensation paid to seven companies currently under the opiate influence of federal bailout money. We’re long past czar fatigue.

    The political usefulness of a czar is that it allows the President to underscore the importance of an issue. The czar does not acquire any powers not already resident in the office of the Executive, but does have more than the usual influence accorded a federal bureaucrat by virtue of his presumed access to the President. Thus, appointing a czar is a political and management device, nothing else.

    But too many czars spoil the soup. By press accounts the President has appointed over 20 of them. At the very least we need to differentiate these functions by title. And by distinguishing according to title, the President would be helped in that he could designate the specific degree to which a particular bureaucrat is special.

    To start, let us refer to Mr. Feinberg as a pay Shogun. A shogun was a military leader in Japan serving the Emperor, so that seems fitting. Similarly, Steve Ratner could be retitled the car Kaiser. Carol Browner could be called the environmental El Supremo, befitting the supreme importance President Obama places on destroying our economy in the fight against global warming. To emphasize the warmth of his feelings toward the Arabs, the President could title his middle east envoy, Senator George Mitchell, the peace pharaoh.

    A basic rule of economics is that things obtain value through scarcity. In contrast, excess, like an excess of currency, devalues an object. The proliferation of czars has debased the label. The President needs diversity in his labels. History is replete with titles for dictators great and small.

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    13 Responses to President Needs More Diversity, Fewer Czars

    1. Larry- The Republic says:

      J.D.-your points are sharp! You might however throw in Nancy "Profit sharing" Pelosi and her inate ability to earmark billions and stash 'em in a pork barrel until such time as her re-election campaign needs funding,or when she NEEDS to protect herself from criminal and civil charges!! Add also Barney "Happy feet" Franks who has TAKEN "offense" to any who would insist that he was part of the cover up and rug sweep of the misappropriations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. His "behind the flanks" political and press related arguments,rantings and accusations that whosoever brought conservative thought or common sense to the commentary were just "stupid" and didn't have a clue what they were talking about! Along that SAME fence line, you could place Maxine "Muddy" Waters and Barbara "Blame THEM" Boxter. Each of these unscrupulous liberals have attacked common sense and basic god given rights from their respective BULLY PULPITS. The very fact that both of 'em are from the Californication State proves that like minded idiots drink the same water and smoke the same HERBS in their youth! Each of these treasonous "officials" have stood back to back in defending the banking and mortgage misapproprations and embezzlement started in the Clinton Administration.They stayed as quiet as possible throughout the temultuous times of terrorism, hurricanes,Tsunamis and uncivilized WAR bashing during the Bush Administration. I suppose that the blame SHOULD be shared between those criminals who lied about their income and other "qualifying" untruths and the very people on the HILL who COVERED UP the financial ruin it was causing to OUR economy!!!

    2. Chris Pedersen Nixa, says:

      This guy is just completly out of his cotton picking mind!

    3. DANA (New Mexico) says:


    4. Rick (Michigan) says:

      This can be the start of a new game! See how many different substitute titles for czar we can come up with.

    5. C. Byrd, Chesapeake, says:

      When has this country EVER needed Czar's?

      American's had better wake up before it's to late and throw this administration out in the next elections!

    6. Barb, Arizona says:

      I don't see Mr. Obama cutting back on any of his expenses paid by us. Would he have the same health care as we would? How can this man in good concience apologize to everyone about our military, country and everything else American and keep crooks like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd,little Timmy G and liar Pelosi to name a few in their positions? He's the god we should trust? I don't think so. I'm looking for people in Government to be for the people not against them and I don't care what party they belong to as long as they at least try to do right by us.

    7. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      The czars may not represent any new powers but he must get paid, I assume. More requirements for taxes to fund the czars. They are useful to Pres Obama by moving many things in parallel making it hard to follow all the attempted oversteps in power taken by this administration. With the help of the media you can cover a lot of ground covertly. Also, it is consistent with the progressive concept of replacing the congress with "experts" who know better than the people what should be done in each of their areas.

    8. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We spent Trillions when Nixon created the first Drug Czar. He created it in spite of the panel, that he created, reccomendation. That Czar, like all the other Czars American Preidents have created throughout the years, have never won a single battle, but they sure have costs America a lot of money!

      This Nation elects one man, a President, to represent the 'Will" of the people, not some Clown hiring a bunch of other clowns to run things the way that they think best!

      My God America, wake up! We're being screwed and don't even get a kiss for it!


    9. Barb -mn says:

      Diversity in his labels? Cute, but discreetly threatening. How much do Czar's/ subCzar's get paid?

    10. Spencer Honey says:

      A "czar" appointed by a US President may have implied and real Presidential authority, but a "czar" is still subject to obeying

      and not disobeying the US Constitution, federal & state laws, federal and state rules and agency(s)regulations. He/she does not have the authority to force those in government to disobey

      the aforementioned.

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    12. Janice in Reno, Nv says:

      How much are these czars and their staff and office costing us tax payers.

    13. Tarun Agrawal says:

      I do believe both George Bush and Barack Obama are guilty of High Treason. They are fighting a Christian and Jewish battle, not a United States battle. They are creating an enemy of great force and duration that I believe will ultimately lead to the downfall of America in part by killing innocent Iraqis, bombing our ally Pakistan even when they request it to stop, and denying US citizens of non-Jewish and/or non-Christian faiths their due process rights to sue for Constitutional justice when the time was right (amongs other things, thus denying the accused group the right to defend itself and bring forth justice). In doing so, they have created an enemy out of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, China, and Russia worldwide.

      Tarun Agrawal

      W’91, WG’98

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