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  • Obama's Health Care Trojan Horse

    Defending the Obama administration’s government-run health insurance option, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday:

    I think if you listen to the debate on Capitol Hill about health care you’re likely to hear two very important words: choice and competition. A public option that you’re referring to is nothing more than the ability to provide more choice through competition. Those, I think, are values that you’ll hear throughout this debate as being held near and dear to the hearts of not just people on Capitol Hill, but throughout the country. And the President and Congress are working to design health care reform that provides more choice and more competition.

    Now listen to UC Berkeley professor Jacob Hacker talk about the political benefits of selling public option as “choice” and “competition”:


    Hacker explicitly says: “One of the virtues of it, though, is that you can at least make the claim that there is a competitive system between the public and private sectors.” But what is the ultimate goal of the government-run insurance option? Hacker explains: “Someone once said to me this is a Trojan Horse for single-payer, and I said, well its not a Trojan Horse, right? It’s just right there.”

    Heritage’s Walter Francis details how a new public plan will lead to single-payer health care here.

    Reason’s Ronald Bailey makes a similar case here.

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    20 Responses to Obama's Health Care Trojan Horse

    1. chris wrzosek, balti says:

      Single payer govt insurance will lead to the death of the heath care system as we know it. Rationing of heath care, medical decisions made by political hacks, and decisions made soley on cost. And yet, the impending death of the greatest health care system in the world is celebrated by thundering applause. God help us.

    2. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      A government run insurance provider is designed to drive private competitors out of the market. Why would an employer pay health insurance costs for company workers if a much lower cost government plan was available?

      Health care takeover is disastrous. The same people that brought us the Gitmo closure, the GM takeover and others are now going to run American health care? Scary.. ( for a somewhat lighter look at what American health care would look like under Obama management, you can view: http://firstconservative.com/blog/political-humor… )

      For now, conservatives need to use all available tools to resist passing takeover of the American health industry.

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    4. Hal, FL says:

      I am reminded of a quote I read today on another blog:

      “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

      Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

      What with all that our government, Republicans and Democrats are doing to our country I am very concerned. I can't help but wonder how much freedom we actually have anymore. What with the will of the people continuing to be overturned by the courts and our representatives not listening to our voices.

      Add to that the news that China and Russia and others are trying to move away from the dollar. May explain why gold and silver continue to rise. I just check the the widget http://www.learcapital.com/exactprice and gold is trading at $954.70 and silver is at $15.41. If all this health care stuff goes through I expect people will be going deeper into those precious metals to hedge against future health problems.

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    8. TRGNOS,CO says:

      5 questions for the federal government on this new option for Health Care.

      1. How will this be implemented in the states?

      2. Will the state computer systems be replaced by a federal computer system to determine eligibility for Medicaid?

      3. How with this effect local state offices will families have access to these medical programs or will just cause huge amount drag time for families currently in need?I hope this idea is not as good as England.

      4. With increased eligibility levels will the federal government fund more employees(Where will these employees go, most state and local offices are packed)?

      5. Why should an american like this plan vs. other nationalized healthcare throughout the world that has not been at all effective ie. Canada, Cuba and England?


    9. Mike, CO says:

      In the Townhall meeting, Obama was extremely unspecific and noncomittal. However, he was certain that having a public option was necessary, and that the results of the public option would be to lower costs and improve accesibilty and quality.

      On one occasion, he attempted to show that he had a grasp of the problem by claiming that doctors were driving up costs because they were performing an execessive number of tests with the goal of increasing their billings. Essentially, he blamed costs on doctor corruption. How speficially does a having public option solve doctor corruption? If corruption could be regulated, wouldn't it already have been regulated by the government?

      Also, he was not willing to specify how many people would end up using the public option, but he guaranteed that the public option would compete with private insurers. If the public insurace option is adopted by more than 50% of the population, would it be considered a monopoly? How can he know there will be competition when he cannot specify how many people would use private insurance?

      Either he has a weak mind, or he is a poor liar.

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    11. Barb -mn says:

      Honesty is the best and only policy you need to focus on, Mr. President.

      One guy mentioned something about "eventually we will have single payer insurance "which we should." For what reason should we? Specifics with detail from these insistent words.

      If government is seeking competition with the private sector, government can run it without tax dollars. In other words those that choose to have poor quality, public government health insurance has to pay for it with few to no exceptions. Have it be their costs without a dime of tax dollars, just like private insurance. Elderly and military should have PRIVATE INSURANCE covered by the government. The elderly that have earned it and the military, as they earn it by devotion and fighting for all America.

      How unethical for the government of America-land of the self reliant, take over health care, convincing a crisis, robbing the peoples money. Open the free markets.

    12. Amelia Hogan says:

      My husband & I worked for over 50 yrs and paid taxes & social security and EARNED our Medicare! We have never drawn one cent of any type of gov. $ not even unemployment. We've sit and watched our tax $$ doled out to people who keep having illegimate children and have never worked a day in their lives. Now we have a president who supports this even more! What's next – Deciding who lives and dies? God help our seniors!!!!

    13. Pat, nj says:

      This is what Jacob Hacker has to say about how to reform healthcare. The mistake he's talking about is that Clinton didn't get this through.

      "Reformers shouldn’t make the same mistake this time around. Freed from the strictures of short-term budget balance, they can instead do what all other countries did when creating their national health programs: buy off the opposition. Britain’s health minister was once asked how he had gotten doctors on board for the National Health Service. His reply: “I stuffed their mouths with gold.” Money may not change everything, but it does make it easier to win friends, or at least divide and placate them."

    14. Pat, nj says:

      Tides Foundation + Acorn + unions + Economic Policy Institute + Daily Kos= all connected left- wing groups.

    15. Carolyn Troiano, Che says:

      My name is Carolyn Troiano, and I need help going after Obama for a major Free Speech violation. He is violating my First Amendment right to free speech by trying to prevent me from voicing my opinions on a tax-deductible contribution supported internet site.

      If you go to My.BarackObama.com, a website funded by tax-deductible money, you will see how they’ve set up tools and other resources to help people push the Obama agenda forward – the topic du jour is healthcare reform. People are told to create and attend events that are supportive of Obama. This is how they stole the election.

      So to turn the tables, I went on the site and created my own event, a “GIGANTIC TEA PARTY” up on Long Island in my hometown of Merrick.

      I set this up as a “Take Back Our America” event, and spread the WEALTH (Watch Every American Learn about Healthcare reform) like the Tea Parties of late, and included posted a call for all like-minded citizens to join me. All of the information is at my website:


      The Obama webmaster responded by email saying my words were disrespectful, and that they had taken my event off the website.

      The warning stated that this was a one-time warning, and if I did this again, I would have my access to the website taken away.

      So what’s a girl to do? Create another event. This time it’s in Chesterfield, VA, this coming Saturday, June 20th, at my home or in spirit with me, and I made sure there is room for 1 billion people, in case those disgruntled Iranian voters want to revolt and join our cause too.

      I led the charge to taking back America with a simple statement to the President –

      “Mr. Obama, tear down that firewall!”

      That’s my motto, and I’m taking this as far as I possibly can. Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave!

      I’m seeking your help to give some visibility to this fight and let the Obama dictatorship know we will not stand idly by while our own tax dollars continue to be squandered on his Socialist agenda.

      So let me know if you can help, and if you have any suggestions for ramping this up and getting all Americans to understand what’s going on here. Most have no clue.

      Thanks for your time and attention!


      Carolyn (McKillop) Troiano

      13613 Blue Heron Circle

      Chesterfield, VA 23838

      804-590-0055 (H)




    16. joe dupont, towanda says:

      At this point I could care less about what health insurance plans are out there. As long as they are voluntary. But my biggest fear is that they will be manditory!!! If they can force you to buy health insurance, then they can force you to take what ever medicine or vaccine they want to give you.

      Wait till the Chinese supply us with mad cow tainted manditory vaccines!!!

      this is all very sinister.

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    20. mike swann says:

      If you voted for obama, don't complain. ditto if you didn't vote at all. Anyone with any common sense knows the gov't has messed up the postal service, social security. obama let everyone know he would pass healthcare prior to his presidency. That is Marxism. Sorry. When this man was the only person in senate to vote against letting a late term fetus (baby) live, should have told americans with any conscience what he was. even hillary and kerry voted against this. at 7 months in my mother's womb i was kicking,eating, could have come to that.llived in the outside world, if it had that. Blobs don't kick, cry, etc. his friends should have indicated to america this man was a radical, marxist. he let us know when campaigning in germany (of all places) he had nothing to say good about the us. he forgot to remind the germans we kept them and europe from communism, fascism. in 61 we kept the communist out of east germany, as us military stood up to them. it's pay back time for slavery,friends. rev wright was one thing but his asssosciation with terrorist william ayres, a self avowed marxist professor. in audacity of hope , obama said he would go with the muslims if push came to shove. he lied during the election and everyone kept smiling, pretending not to notice. now the ones of us have to pay for this that did not want to give up our freedoms. in the future,if we have one, it should be a law, people take a history course prior to voting. some voted for o due to white guilt, some women said he was cute, some were too in love to check out what kind of change he meant. i read between the lines and i am no einstsein. mike swann

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