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  • Health Care Teleconference with Rep. Paul Ryan

    WASHINGTON, DC - March 24: Rep. Paul D. Ryan, ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, criticizes the amount of spending and debt in President Obama's budget proposal.

    On Tuesday night, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Heritage’s Director of The Center for Health Policy Studies, Bob Moffit conducted a teleconference call. Concerned citizens were able to listen in and ask questions as they unveiled the conservative health care reform plan that would put health care choices in the hands of patients instead of the government.

    The call was also the launch of our new Web site FixHealthCarePolicy.com, which we will be updating constantly with all current news relating to the health care debate as it becomes available.

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    13 Responses to Health Care Teleconference with Rep. Paul Ryan

    1. shane from florida says:

      I signed up for the event with my mother who is in the health care insurance field n we never got the phone call

    2. Kelly, Castle Rock, says:

      They just don't get it. The Democrats are socialists and the Republicans are fascists. GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN HEALTH CARE!!! PERIOD!!! DUH!!! It's called capitalism, people! Get a clue! http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/capitalism.html

    3. Rich G says:

      I fear the Obama plan will, in fact, pass! Why? Because the majority of the country will not dive deep into the issue as Heritage members do. The majority of the country will get their info from the mainstream media as they eat dinner each night after a long hard day of work. So when the Obama plan is billed as a "cheap alternative" that is all they will hear. I wish the plan discussed here could get national media coverage, but I fear it will not and we will have a gov’t run monopoly and lose our current choices we have. Social Security and Medicare… how is the gov't running those plans working for us? Just think of that! Thank God for Heritage!

    4. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Hitler had a Health Care system too! And all of Germany knew of it, though none spoke of it.

      Obama's is similar, if you smoke-no coverage, if you drink-no coverage, if you are over weight (90% of Americans)-no coverage, if you are over 60, no hip or knee replacements, if you are over 65-no heart by-passes, no transplants for anyone unless proven to be beneficial to the Nation at large, potential cancer, wait six months to see a specialist, no address-no coverage, Political disagreement-no coverage!

      Think these couldn't happen or are not included already? Think about it. Check out what is proposed. Check other Countries Nationalized Medical Care Systems. Read your History on Mussolini, Hitler, Wymark (sp) revolution. Dig your heads out of the sand and realize, "Ther is no such thing as a Free Lunch!"


    5. Becky in Michigan says:

      We need to pay close attention to this information. The GOVT will be the leader as to what services are paid for and for whom they are paid. Rationing of health care will surely begin with any GOVT-run program. Obama and his minions will be deciding who is entitled to continue as a healthy individual or not. I fear that alot of us will be kicked to the wayside. If Obama follows his usual methods, the people who are considered to be more downtrodden and out of the loop may get an unfair recommendation for special treatments. There is so much we can do right now that doesn't involve rationing of health care. We need to find out why the discrepancies exist right now for same treatments in different areas and different providers of the service.

    6. Barb -mn says:

      Thank you so much Heritage and to the Congressman and Representative Ryan. And the callers! All of the questions were excellent and the congressman and representative gave clear, concise points.

      Everybody, please read this about government run health care.

      My father survived a heart attack. Working all his life and presently elderly, when the time came he was put into transitional care (government run).

      There were issues of poor ethics but I'll give you the potential KILLER.

      He was on oxygen which needs replacing when empty. The second day my father was in this hellhole and THANK GOD, while my brother HAPPENED TO BE visiting, my father started turning color, he started gasping, he was dying right before my brothers eyes, he was on an EMPTY OXYGEN TANK THAT WAS JUST REPLACED!!!!!!!!! This is more then neglect. There is no room for error here. It shouldn't be possible to make that mistake working in this position. So who knows what is behind this. He was rushed to the hospital with fluid in his lungs and put through more hell! Nobody was held accountable. If my brother hadn't have been there he would have died. The government's way.

      He will never fully recover. His heart is running at 30% and will only get worse as time goes by. This is just one of many examples of government health care. Government wants the money, using you as the crisis for more.

      This is the quality you can expect from GOVERNMENT RUN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's ugly now, it isn't going to get any better or reasonably priced. Peoples health is the peoples personal responsibility. NOT GOVERNMENT!

    7. Mary, Frederick MD says:

      To Lynn:

      You got it!

    8. Tenn Slim says:


      Medicare for over 65 is my insurance, as well as Tricare. Retired, 3 times over, paying monthly medicare out of SS. Now, reading all the Heritage, Center for American Progress, listening to Rush, MSM, and as much on the Net as I can get, I come to this conclusion.

      1. Health care, run by and for the OBNA Governemment will pass.

      2. Education Systems control by and for the OBNA will be next.

      3. The monies to run the OBNA agencies to implement the above is in place.

      4. The General Plan for the demise of the USA Capitalistic system is in place, and being implemented.

      Finally, and more to the point. We are historically, at the German point of Facisim implmentation circa 1933. The controls, momentum, lack of USA Electorate concern, even a level of approval, all, are indicators.

      Folks, we have bought the farm, as my compatriots of the Korean Police action used to say.


    9. Nina J. Memphis, tn. says:

      I recently spoke to a physcian who was interiam head of the local health dept. She was required to attend a meeting/conference on 'universal health care'; and she was shocked. This Dr. who condected the meeting started off by stating that health care would for ever be changed from anything we are used and accostumed to. First off, no one OVER THE AGE OF 56 YEARS WILL BE TREATED! A govt. Acutary council will be set up to weigh cost, years left, etc and if the treatment will benefit the whole!! She stated to me she was so depressed, to think thousands of people would not get treatment, especially diabetics and other cronicaly ill patients. And there was no mention of the disabled. Under this type of plan the only people making any money will be the UNDERTAKERS!!!


      I don't want the govt. in ANY of my business or life. Wake up people, get you collective heads out of you know who's rear!

    10. TGOTCB says:

      Take a look at VA hospitals – a disaster. Take a look at Medicare – liabilities of $30 trillion. Take a look at the US Postal service – raising rates seems to be an annual thing. Take a look at any gov't function and it is replete with waste, fraud, and ineffificency. Healthcare will suffer significant decline in service with increased costs. BHO wants to control compensation in public companies. He will do the same to doctors. You think they want to play in that sandbox? This is a monumental disaster in the works.

    11. John Clancy Wyandott says:

      Neither Obama nor his administration will look openly at any alternative to full government involvement in healthcare. They are, first of all interested in centralizing power in Washington. Whatever the issue, especially if it involves big stakes, like health, they want to acrue power at the federal level. This is socialism; (communism) if pushed far enough (See Saul Olinsky, Obama's mentor). The media moves, along with government schools and universities, in this same direction. To save America the PEOPLE must unite as they did in the TEA PARTY in Boston. Our leaders in Wash. will not save us.

    12. Barb -mn says:

      This has to simply, STOP! Nina, you are so right on with the chronically ill! If anything, medicines for the chronically ill will be rationed.

      Not only all of this, THERE WILL BE NO PRIVACY! as government is PUBLIC!

    13. Carolyn Troiano, Che says:

      My name is Carolyn Troiano, and I need help going after Obama for a major Free Speech violation. He is violating my First Amendment right to free speech by trying to prevent me from voicing my opinions on a tax-deductible contribution supported internet site.

      If you go to My.BarackObama.com, a website funded by tax-deductible money, you will see how they’ve set up tools and other resources to help people push the Obama agenda forward – the topic du jour is healthcare reform. People are told to create and attend events that are supportive of Obama. This is how they stole the election.

      So to turn the tables, I went on the site and created my own event, a “GIGANTIC TEA PARTY” up on Long Island in my hometown of Merrick.

      I set this up as a “Take Back Our America” event, and spread the WEALTH (Watch Every American Learn about Healthcare reform) like the Tea Parties of late, and included posted a call for all like-minded citizens to join me. All of the information is at my website:


      The Obama webmaster responded by email saying my words were disrespectful, and that they had taken my event off the website.

      The warning stated that this was a one-time warning, and if I did this again, I would have my access to the website taken away.

      So what’s a girl to do? Create another event. This time it’s in Chesterfield, VA, this coming Saturday, June 20th, at my home or in spirit with me, and I made sure there is room for 1 billion people, in case those disgruntled Iranian voters want to revolt and join our cause too.

      I led the charge to taking back America with a simple statement to the President –

      “Mr. Obama, tear down that firewall!”

      That’s my motto, and I’m taking this as far as I possibly can. Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave!

      I’m seeking your help to give some visibility to this fight and let the Obama dictatorship know we will not stand idly by while our own tax dollars continue to be squandered on his Socialist agenda.

      So let me know if you can help, and if you have any suggestions for ramping this up and getting all Americans to understand what’s going on here. Most have no clue.

      Thanks for your time and attention!


      Carolyn (McKillop) Troiano

      13613 Blue Heron Circle

      Chesterfield, VA 23838

      804-590-0055 (H)




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