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  • In the Green Room: Rep. Marsha Blackburn

    Today, the Foundry presents our first installment of In the Green Room. This new feature offers Foundry readers behind-the-scenes access to distinguished guests of the Heritage Foundation. Every day, Heritage plays host to some of the most powerful leaders and thinkers of our time. Now you can join them, here at The Foundry.

    Today’s inaugural guest: Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Health Care Reform.

    Go here to read more on solutions to America’s health care problems.

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    15 Responses to In the Green Room: Rep. Marsha Blackburn

    1. kimberly jones says:

      Ive never been more disappointed in our leader ship in our country.Our country was founded in God we trust.We are so far from God it’s really scarey.How much more is God going to put up with Americans leading our country to disaters.I wish the government would stay out of our lives.AMERICANS CAN BUILD A GREAT NATION BY WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE COMMON GOAL. Kimberly

    2. Hatsoff, Jackson, TN says:

      She seems so sure of herself, yet, I'm getting a recycled line vibe here. I realize it may be a comfortable position that Blackburn is in and one that she is quite used to. She may have excellent health care. However, many do not and have had little hope to receive care when they are sick for far too long. Here's a better idea, let's see where Rabidoux could take us with a notion that is long overdue. Quoting from his values here:

      "We believe that our nation is strongest when it tends to and cares for its weakest, its most vulnerable, its aged, its ill."

      Sounds good to me. And it sounds like Blackburn finally has a fight on her hands.

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    4. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      I’m not in favor of a “government controlled” health care system, but the one we currently have is broken and needs to be fixed. Specifically, the inability for people with “pre conditions” to obtain coverage. If all the members of Congress tried to go out on their own to get insurance coverage for themselves and family, they would quickly see one of the major problems with our current system. I would venture a guess that at least 25% of them would not be able to obtain the same coverage they are currently getting at any price. If they, or any member of their family, were being treated for any significant health problem, they would be excluded from the policy due to “pre conditions”.

      The current system is certainly cracked, if not broken. I don’t believe that health care insurance is a “right”, but to be denied the option of participating is wrong. I keep hearing about the 42 million people without health insurance and wonder how many of them fall into the category of “pre condition” rejection.

    5. Davod, Reston, VA says:

      “We believe that our nation is strongest when it tends to and cares for its weakest, its most vulnerable, its aged, its ill.”

      Sounds good to me. And it sounds like Blackburn finally has a fight on her hands."

      Yes. But do we have to nationalize the healthcare system to provide health care for those truly vulnerable, aged and ill.

      I read a breakdown of the 46 – 49 million quoted as being without healthcare and the most vulnerable, its aged, its ill, part comes to about eight million.

      We already have Medicare, expanded SCHIP and revised Cobra.

      According to the US Census Bureau the US population was 306,634,550 as of 11:15 am on June 10th.

      Why on earth change the way we provide healthcare for the other 298 million.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama does not care for the Welfare and health of anyone but Obama, and if you do not believe this, Obama loves and needs you.


    7. John Roane Sarasota, Florida says:

      When will the mainstream media (or anyone else) ask our US Congress members, would they support a public health care plan that required all US Congress members and other Federal Employees to use that plan and only that plan? Further, forbidding those same individuals from using any private plan… It certainly would set a good example for the rest of us and just maybe the plan would be worthy.

      The US Congress always gets the best and does it best exempt it’s self from anything less.

    8. Ken St Louis says:

      There is no such thing as universal health care coverage! It just means that the government ( 536 of the laziest, dumbest, people on the planet who don't care about anybody but themselves are going to take health care away from the majority of us!! What about term limits don't you understand! Why most of the states haven't begun seceding from the union is beyond me! There is no reason left to belong to the union of states, because they no longer have any power! The feds have taken it all away!

    9. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      To Hatsoff, Jackson, TN

      If you think nationalizing the health care system by the government is going to provide more access to people into health care, think again. Look at the Veterans Adm. health care, Medicare and Social Security. They are all seriously flawed. The latter two are going bankrupt. The only care you will get is no care.

      People always confuse what a person should do on personal level motivated by the Judeo-Christian values with government intervention. Government was, is and will always be a problem not a help. Government must confiscate the productively earned labor so that it can hand it who they think deserve it and therefore, government by its very nature is committing robbery.

    10. Jerry from Chicago says:

      It's fair to say I believe that government should stay out of the banking business, the automobile business and the insurance business.

    11. Barb -mn says:

      Very impressive point. Destroy the healthcare of 120 million for the benefit of 46 million! Government should take a hike and visit the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution.

      Thank you, Representative Blackburn!

    12. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Under the health care plan how many will be excluded the necessary care because some "czar" will determine that this person is to old or the treatment is to expensive. Those that believe we need "socialized" medicine need to wake up and smell the roses, that will stink when the time comes to be cared for by our "wonderful obama led guvernment".

    13. MIckey, Rossville TN says:

      Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.

      She is no conservative.

      See her unconstitutional votes at :

      Fiscal 2003 Omnibus Appropriations.The final version (conference report) of House Joint Resolution 2 would provide $397 billion in fiscal 2003 for all Cabinet departments and government agencies covered in 11 unfinished spending bills from the 107th Congress. The bills included are: Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-State, District of Columbia, Energy and Water Development, Foreign Operations, Interior, Labor-HHS-Education, Legislative Branch, Transportation, Treasury-Postal Service, and VA-HUD. The problem with the omnibus approach is that thousands of unconstitutional activities are lumped together with legitimate legislation in one massive bill.Thus, big government is perpetuated with a minimum of accountability. The House adopted the conference report on H. J. Res. 2 on February 13, 2003 by a vote of 338 to 83 (Roll Call 32). Marsha Blackburn Voted FOR this bill. 108-1 (Source: The New American, July 14, 2003)

    14. Sarah, TN says:

      Doesn't Blackburn have government run health care? I wonder if she has to wait in line?

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