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  • Stop the EPA from Hijacking the Economy

    We’re fast approaching the deadline for the Environmental Protection Agency’s ruling on whether or not the agency will regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. While the ruling would just be the first step in a process that could take years before settled, sing the Clean Air Act to regulate CO2 would likely be the most expensive and expansive environmental regulation in history and will bypass the legislative process completely. EPA’s unprecedented regulatory regime would:

    1.) Poison an already sick economy. Reducing carbon dioxide would significantly drive up the price of fossil fuels, which provide 85 percent of the country’s energy needs. High energy costs result in production cuts, reduced consumer spending, increased unemployment, and ultimately a much slower economy.

    2.) Have negligible environmental effects. The extraordinary perils of CO2 regulation for the American economy come with little, if any, environmental benefit. In fact, analysis by the architects of the endangerment finding, the EPA, strongly suggests that a 60 percent reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions by 2050 will reduce global temperature by 0.1 to 0.2 degrees Celsius by 2095.

    3.) Expand bureaucracy. Having EPA bureaucrats micromanage the economy, all in the name of combating global warming, would be a chilling shift to a command-and-control system in which EPA officials regulate just about every aspect of the market.

    Last year, over 14,000 of you submitted a comment through this website to the Environmental Protection Agency asking it not to move forward with carbon dioxide regulations. We need your help again. Submit a comment letting the EPA know what you think of the agency’s new regulatory scheme to regulate our economy and lives. Then, tell your friends. Visit StopEPA.com to make your voice heard.

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    10 Responses to Stop the EPA from Hijacking the Economy

    1. Bill Sinclair says:

      Reckless, irresponsible, out-of-control spending, in addition to Barry 'Chavez' Obama's socialistic takeover of private enterprises is deplorible and humiliating. Will America ever wake up??!! Can Americans not see the socialist's goals?

    2. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      Do you seriously believe that there is an "economy" remaining to "hijack," the heart of it is already taken. There is only one action that could save America now, and our "economy" now, and that is seeing through the hoax of global warming, immediately, and tapping our plentiful oil/coal resources, now. Drill and build nuclear like our lives and the futures of our children depended on it, which it does. But, since this administration is only interested in "change," which is not really change since Marxism has been tried before, I suggest you learn Chinese, how to bow, scrape, and not have enough to eat, as was promised. With America gone, who is going to come to our rescue? What Medical Ships loaded with doctors, helicopters, the latest technology, and tons of emergency supplies on the horizon coming to our aid do you see. If anyone comes to America it will be with cattle prods and barbed wire. You voted for change, you are in the process of getting it.

    3. Jo,Mich says:

      CO2 is not a pollutant. I need plenty of it every time I hyperventilate,because the EPA just keeps rolling along with the

      stupid premise. Another bureaucracy will exacerbate my breathing

      even more. GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!!!

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    5. Monica from ACCCE says:

      Why not consider clean coal technology?

      A lot of people don’t know exactly what clean coal technology is, so I’ll fill you in: it refers not to any one technology, but to an entire suite of advanced technologies.

      During the America’s Power Factuality Tour, we’ve been traveling around the country talking to the people who are behind the production of cleaner electricity from coal – including a stop at the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant in Wisconsin. They’ve installed a retrofit system that has reduced nitrogen oxide emissions by 90 percent and sulfur dioxide emissions by 95 percent.

      In addition, through a pilot project in partnership with Alstom Power, they’re developing the latest in carbon capture technology. Check out http://sn.im/factuality5 to get the facts on clean coal technology once and for all.

    6. Larry,florida says:

      The population of the U.S.is over 300 million and I believe it is unconstitutional for ogroup of unelected officials to control everything this population does and produces by what is essentially a decree that something that every living being produces from living is a polutant (CO2).Will they also regulate and tax the oceans that release far more CO2 into the atmosphere?Are they going to tax and regulate plantlifes use of CO2 because they require it to live?Where does it stop in governments quest for control over peoples lives?

    7. Barb -mn says:

      There is so much we could do for ourselves that would get us out of these government induced crisis'.

      If the members of the EPA had any conscience or respect for this country and the freedom they grew up with as it once displayed, Or conscience, or respect to the people to be able to gain back that freedom, the EPA would refute or dismiss the regulations.

    8. TonyfromOz says:


      Clean coal technology, (Carbon Capture and Storage) is a long (long) way off into the future.

      The enormous scale of something like this is the part you are not being told about.

      The US currently burns just on 1.1 Billion tons of coal to produce the near 50% total power consumption for electricity. This produces just on 3 billion tons of CO2.

      That CO2 somehow has to be extracted from the plant(s) exhaust, somehow liquified, somehow collected, and then pumped (transported) through thousands of miles of as yet unconstructed pipelines from each coal fired plant to as yet unfound stable rock formations where it is to be somehow pumped back into the ground via huge unconstructed pumping plants to areas where it has to stay (forever) without leaching back out to the surface, or into other areas.

      That's 3 Billion tons each and every year.

      The cost will be astronomical, even if the multitudes of technologies required for this process can be worked out.

      Clean coal, the 'cute' catchphrase they attach to this, is at least 20 years away, if it can ever be proved to work at all, let alone on the scale required.

      Something like this would be a plant closer just because of the humungous costs involved for retrofitting plants, costs that would have to be passed to consumers, and if those plants close, there will just be no electricity on a 24/7/365 basis, as those so called environmentally favoured plants cannot provide that stability and reliability of regular and constant supply of electricity.


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