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  • Obama Administration: "Totally Clear" That Government Should Run Companies

    Obama administration Council of Economic Advisers member Austan Goolsbee was on Fox News Sunday yesterday defending Obama’s intervention in the economy. In the clip below, he is actually defending the White House’s new pay czar, but his logic applies equally well to any of Obama’s new companies, from AIG to Citibank to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to General Motors:

    It is totally clear that if the government is saving your bacon and giving you money, that they have some input on whether you are wasting the money or what you are doing with the operation. I don’t think anybody disputes that.



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    30 Responses to Obama Administration: "Totally Clear" That Government Should Run Companies

    1. Elizabeth, Washingto says:

      It would be nice to see the rest of what Goolsbee has to say. I am scared to see what happens next. Will American citizens and lawmakers will become complacent and continue to let this kind of large-scale economic interference occur, or will somebody realize that this kind of governmental behavior is straying farther and farther away from this nation's basic principles. Maybe we will have to wait for outcry until the government starts controlling handout recipients on an individual level…welfare? There's more discussion on this topic at http://americantravisty.wordpress.com/, hopefully people will start waking up to the reality of Obama's economic strategies.

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    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The Government should never be involved with Businesses to start with. The Government should not be "bailing out" anyone as they are not a bank. They are using TAXPAYER money illegally but no one has the guts to call them on this…. including our spineless Republican and so called Conservative representatives!

      "Yes President Obama! Yes Nancy Pelosi! We agree Sen. Dudd! We, the elected Republicans want the President to succeed!"

    4. Sandy, Indiana says:

      Meanwhile, this administration seems to be wearing blinders. The rest of the world is turning right, the Islamic world is laughing at Obama (and America), and the press corps keeps nodding along to the bouncing balls that get thrown out there every day!

    5. Charles-Odessa, Texa says:

      Who is going to stop this freight train headed for socialism. The government can not run itelf honestly with closets full of chicanry and waste and misconceptions.

      Why does our postage stamp cost increase so regularly when we get the same service that we had for a three cent stamp? Practically every department needs government help to pay for the bad decisions made. Our government should back business not be in competetion and hovering over the business and decisions made with private capital and effort.

    6. Bill, Florida says:


      I completely agree with you that government should not be involved with business and shouldn't be bailing out these companies. And i concede that there are some Republicans who have voted in favor of the President's bills, but it would appear obtuse to suggest that all Republicans are 'behind the President' on these policies. If you recall, when the Senate voted on the Stimulus package, only three Republicans voted for it–one of whom, Specter, has changed parties (or, really, assumed officially what he had been unofficially for years).

      Let us be intelligent and accurate in our responses to these posts, and leave exaggeration and gross misrepresentation to the Left. We have facts on our side.

    7. Larry, Long Island, says:

      This is all happening in plain view of all Americans, no covert or hidden agendas here. The American people seem not to care as our government ticks off our liberty's one by one. I guess we still have cable TV and beer all is not lost, HA!

    8. Ken St Louis says:

      Obumma is a MORON Most of our Congress is a group of morons! None of them have enough sense to come in out of a cold rain!!! When are we going to get term limits? Get rid of the barney Franks of the world??? Who voted for these idiots???

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Goolsbee has the gaul to critize those who want

      their pay regardless of what it does to the company. What about the unions Mr. Goosbee? The UAW get paid even when they're on strike. Now, because of Obama, not only do they continue "get paid", but they now own the companies that

      pays them. This nightmareish way of thinking is distroying this country. Those that want their pay

      (the unions) are some of ones that put this socialist in office.

    10. Julia, Florida says:

      Welcome to the United Soviet America – Nation of politically correct socialists.

    11. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      I've made up my mind that until the Republican party gets some spine. In other words stop looking at the polls first and get some backbone. I for one ain't giving anybody any money! Call it like you should and I'll help, even if it is very little after Obama gets done with "redistributing the wealth". Term limits and pay limits-sounds good to me. I wonder if the pay czar is looking at Congress? Where else can you work for eight years and retire with full pay and benefits?

    12. Kerry, Colorado says:

      It is against the Constitution for the government to take over private business. When is someone going to make the Obama administration stop abusing our Constitution and put some validity back into the way this country is supposed to be governed. This new administration is committing treason on a daily basis, and someone needs to stop them!

    13. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by

      inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

      - Thomas Jefferson

    14. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      So far,the Obama administration has done a great job stimulating the sale of amunition, and emergency food supplies, all across this great nation. I wonder how many jobs have been saved or created in that part of the American economy alone, and why haven't the Dims taken their well justified credit for what may their only actual success?

    15. Travis says:

      As a citizen I do not request that the government "saves my bacon" or "gives me money." Fortunately I was blessed with the mental ability to save and earn all on my own. All I ask is to be fairly rewarded for the effort I contribute to this nation's well being. Fiscal responsibility, common sense, and individual liberty at http://americantravisty.wordpress.com

    16. Mike,Mobile,AL. says:

      What is happening in America is sad to see.Our Government has lost all pretence of of the people, by the people,for the people.Our Government(all of them)are now of the government,by the government,for the government.The outcome of this could be desasterous.The greatest nation, the most benevolent nation,the only nation to ever fight a war for other people's freedom is crumbling from within because of the greed for power.

      It is time in America for the real people to stand and take account.It is time for term limits for every elected official.It is time to place maxium spending limits on Washington.Ten percent of annual GDP should be sufficient.The time of runaway spending MUST end.

    17. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Hopefully the American public is learning some things:

      1. When you take someone's money, they pretty much have the right to tell you what to do. That goes for individuals every bit as much as it goes for corporations.

      2. The government only has the money it takes from us. When it spends money, it can only come from us. When it spends money it doesn't have (like charging it) we pay the bill. When the government borrows money from other countries, the money to pay it back, plus interest, comes from us.

      It is understandable that many well intentioned people want the government to get involved and solve all the problems in the world. I can respect such feelings. Unfortunately, problem solving costs money and there is only one place where the government gets it. However, I want all those well intentioned individuals to respect my right of not wanting to pay for their sympathetic point of view.

      If someone wants to give away everything they have or will have in order to end suffering and poverty, then I say God bless them. They have my respect and admiration. I consider them saints.

      However, when such well intentioned people get the idea that I need to be forced to pay for their philanthropy, I consider them communists.

    18. Tom, Washington, DC says:

      Your headline is eye-catching, but unfortunately downright false. Anyone who reads the quote can see that precisely what was said was that if a company makes the choice to take billions of dollars in help from the taxpayers, the taxpayers should have "some input" regarding how that money is used. That's all that was said. How anyone can disagree with that concept, and how you make the leap from that to your blatantly false attribution, are beyond me.

    19. Richard, Spring TX says:

      With the way Democrats have been acting over the last nine years, why is everyone surprised.

    20. Bonnie, Alabama says:

      Tom, you give yourself away by listing where you come from – Washington – I would have at least made up another place to be from.

    21. Karen, Indiana says:

      It is totally clear that if the government is WASTING your bacon and TAKING your money, that WE THE PEOPLE have some input on whether you SHOULD BE IN OFFICE OR NOT. Lower congressional pay or no pay (they should hold a private sector job for their income) and anyone running for public office would have a campaign spending cap would limit the corruption in our federal government. I don’t think anybody disputes that.

    22. Monte, Houston TX says:

      I am waiting for one brave, true patriot to stand up against the Obama deceptions and obvious lies he speaks on BHO apology tour of 2009. Does anyone in Washington have any common sense and or courage to do the right thing by publicly opposing our President's nonsense?

    23. Barb -mn says:

      Two things "TOTALLY CLEAR" is the government's removal of HUMAN FREEDOM and OUR LIBERTIES!

    24. Whicket Williams Kingsbury Texas, USA says:

      I wrote ANOTHER letter To B.O. and my reps this morning,asking them to balance the budget before they spent any more. It is like spitting into a erupting volcano expecting it to make a difference I need help!! Watch G.B. today your eyes will shoot blood

    25. Tucano Fulano, USA says:

      Corporations take taxpayer's money and the cost is they then must follow orders.

      Politicians take money from corporations and the cost to taxpayers is that politicians follow orders from corporations

    26. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      These companies are like everything the "guvernment" gets its hands in, mis management and fraud. The government does not need to be in the private enterprise business.

    27. Allie Kohl, Lawrence says:

      What in the world is wrong with our Congress and Senate. After hearing all the horrible words about Americans and the money-spending being dis=tributed to everyone but Americans, why isn't anything being done?

      And who is paying all these Czars , 11 now i think

      I heard on the news. What do they do and how much money is given them. And why are they needed when the President is to take care of the business, or does he not do that; and since when.Democrats and Republicans do something for our people out here

      we are getting very angry and fed up with our country. Please take the lead and we will follow and help you.

    28. Tom, Washington, DC says:

      You don't have to be from Alabama to believe that the taxpayers of America should have some say in how their tax dollars are spent. I'm just saying.

    29. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      They can Totally take the blame for failure too!

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