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    Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner recently sent a message to our members and supporters, explaining how Heritage and conservatives around the country are fighting back against the Left and offering common-sense alternatives to the agenda coming from the White House and Capitol Hill. Here’s an excerpt:

    Ideas are the key. We must change the climate of ideas in America. For now, liberals hold political power and are making political gains. But they are powerless to turn collectivist schemes into successful policies. For evidence, look no further than California, a testing ground for liberal ideas.

    George Will recently summarized the results. Over the past four years, despite the influx of illegal immigrants, the state’s net population dropped by 1.4 million. California’s business costs are 20 percent higher than in other states. Income and sales taxes are among the highest in America, and unemployment is above 11 percent and rising. “California,” Will notes, “has become liberalism’s laboratory, in which the case for fiscal conservatism is being confirmed.” Yes, and it is also confirming Margaret Thatcher’s observation that the facts of life are conservative.

    Californians leaving their state are motivated by the same impulse that is prompting Tea Party Patriots to speak out across the country: They believe in personal responsibility and limited government. They do not want to live under a nanny state that holds them responsible for other people’s welfare.

    As liberals advance their agenda in Washington and its costs mount up, more and more ordinary Americans are becoming outraged. Our message to them and to Anita Wilson is simply this: You are not powerless. You have a voice in The Heritage Foundation – a voice that you can trust to remain on principle and on message.

    Read the whole thing on MyHeritage.org.

    You can support Heritage’s work and help us advance the conservative cause with a tax-deductible monthly contribution of $25, $10 or even $5.

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    15 Responses to Heritage Fights Back

    1. Keith Sadler, Alvato says:

      We all know what Obama is doing to our country. The question is how do we reverse the damage he has done and stop it from continuing?

    2. Barb, Arizona says:

      I believe in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independance. They have served us well for as long as they were instituded. Obamaism serves only him and those willing to kiss up to him. He is not humble but arrogant and selfserving. He has offended so many world leaders. He has offended me by ignoring Memorial Day and then going to Europe and puting on a show about the death camps and D Day. By being King of the world he has put us all in danger. Our enemies recognize strength and Obama projects weakness and I fear we will be "hit" again in the near future. His apology tours are an embarrasment and an insult. We need the Heretage Foundation to help us regain our strength and status in the world and at home. When are the political parties going to do what is best for the United States of America rather then themselves. God bless America.

    3. philip greubel says:

      Ideas are key, so is solidarity of a Conservative grass-roots movement.

      Check out this group's survey- very interesting. Maybe we can all get behind it and move forward through debate at the street level.

      Go to: http://www.WeThePeopleBelieveAgain.org and take the survey.

    4. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I absolutely agree with Ed Feulner. But I'm very

      much concerned that the average person is not getting the message. Unless you purposely subscribe to a conservative media site, the message is not fully being heard. Partly due to the main stream media's efforts to distroy and discredit any and all conservative "ideas" that do see the light of day. If this was not the case, we would all see a much faster decline of this socialist movement that Obama dragging this country into.

    5. more tea parties pla says:


    6. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I too believe that I should not be held responsible for the welfare of others and greatfully appreciate the positions taken by the Heritage Foundation.

      As a responsible citizen, even though a conservative, I understand that that the U.S. needs certain social safety nets. I believe in the Social Security System, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation insurance and Unemployment Compensation. I believe in a limited welfare compensation and in the food stamp program, to help those in need over periods of financial difficulty.

      On the other hand, I believe these benefits and programs should be made available only to U.S. citizens, not to illegal aliens or their children. I believe that welfare payments and food stamps should be limited to a one year period, with no more than 3 such periods per lifetime. These benefits should not guarantee a lifetime subsidy for anyone.

      The answer to many of our social problems lies in full employment. Our government should not be taxing our businesses out of existence. It should be cutting corporate taxes on those businesses making it easier for them to hire employees, pay them and provide benefits. Taxes on capital gains should be reduced to encourage investment in businesses, so they may grow. The government needs to revisit its position on funding the defense of Western Europe and Southeast Asia. Per treaties struck with Japan and Germany following WWII, these countries have been prohibited from having standing armed forces, leaving the U.S. to provide for their defense. Comparing the defense budgets of these two nations to that of the U.S. it is easy to understand how they can subsidize businesses in their countries, giving them a competitive advantage over the U.S. We need to put a hold on foreign aid payments to foreign countries and concentrate on helping U.S. businesses to become more competitive, putting more people back to work and more payroll taxes back into the Treasury.

      You have to love George Will's remark that one need look no further than California, liberalism's laboratory, to see that perpetual giveaways do not work. Eventually, even the government runs out of other people's money. Now these bleeding heart, giveaway artists are turning to the rest of the country with their hands out. Absolutely predictable. You can't spend your way out of poverty and more than you can drink yourself back to sobriety.

    7. Santa Ynez, Ca., 934 says:

      Tea parties are imperative–keep them going.

    8. Santa Ynez, Ca., 934 says:

      Keep the tea parties going. Thank you

    9. dr_donn says:

      We need to ramp up the tea parties to at least once a month, Every week would be better.

    10. Ben Franklin says:

      The problem with Jerry from Chicago's concern for various social programs is that they are unconstitutional. They don't belong within the scope or the Federal Government. If individual states wish to implement policies like these, as a Conservative, I'm a little more OK with it. FEDERALISM is the key.

    11. Jaime---New Mexico says:

      I think Jerry from chicago hit the nail on the
      head. I agree 100%.

    12. Whicket Williams Kingsbury Texas says:

      With newsweek declaring B.O. God, we have an uphill battle to combat the obama media. We must not be afraid. Do not let the libs shut you up by calling you names, as they always resort to emotional arguments, as logic fails them. Be Brave Be Vocal. Freedom is not free.

    13. Bruce, California says:

      Yeah, Look at CA. it’s in the toilet! We’ve already done the experiments for you & it FAILED! It doesn’t work! I’d move out too, but the government has all my CASH! I hate this Pres. & his Admin. They’re killing America & the American Dream & they DON’T CARE! I knew as soon as these czars started popping up, that we would be in serious trouble! I feel we need to act real soon & not wait for elections because it will be TOO LATE! Thank You, Heritage! What else can we do?

    14. ken graff,new jersey says:

      What can we do,what can we do? Thats all we hear. If we can take back the congress, its over for Obama! Together we have more money to support conservative candidates than george soros. If we could feature true conservatives running and if everyone would send a check for just $5.00 to the featured candidate it could add up to millions for our guy. Think about it, a million contributors this week to him,a million contributors to her next week. Thats community organizing.

    15. Bdmisrfg says:

      wZI4yG comment1 ,

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