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  • Morning Bell: Leadership Lacking in Cairo

    President Barack Obama’s speech in Egypt on Thursday received mixed reviews both among the crowd at Cairo University and across the Middle East. Indeed, there were some praiseworthy passages in the address including his call for greater religious tolerance, his emphasis on women’s rights, and his recitation of America’s founding principles. But the speech was also highly problematic in many ways that will end up backfiring on the President and the United States:

    • Iraq – Obama attacked the decision to go to war in Iraq as “a war of choice” without even mentioning the fact Saddam Hussein had failed to comply with several Security Council resolutions. This was completely gratuitous, wrong, and unnecessary. There are still over 100,000 American troops fighting in Iraq, and this kind of message will only serve to undermine morale. As President, Obama should have paid tribute to his own soldiers who are putting their lives on the line every day in a war against Al-Qaeda-backed insurgents.
    • Iran – Obama did not address the scale of the Iranian threat, or Iran’s support for terrorism, or UN sanctions against Iran. Obama made no mention of the fact Iran is arming, funding and training some of the terrorist groups in southern Iraq responsible for killing American and British troops.
    • Israel and Palestine – Obama tried to connect the civil rights movement in the U.S. with the Palestinians’ struggle for an independent state. This was a mistake, because the American civil rights movement did not have the goal of destroying the U.S., while many Palestinians, including those in Hamas and other Islamist extremist movements, remain implacably committed to destroying Israel. He vaguely talked about Hamas as if it were just another political party, without acknowledging its revolutionary Islamist ideology, which rejects not only peace negotiations with Israel but Israel’s very existence.
    • Guantanamo – Once again the president brought up the Guantanamo/torture issue in front of an international audience, part of a ritual exercise in self-loathing that has become a hallmark of the Obama administration.
    • “Violent Extremism” – By avoiding the word “Islamist” and “terror,” Obama downplayed the ideological underpinnings for terrorism. Obama is right that we should not equate terrorism with the religion of Islam, but we also need to be ready to engage in the battle of ideas and be clear when political Islam contradicts the ideals of individual freedom and religious liberty.

    Writing in the Daily Telegraph, The Heritage Foundation’s Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, Nile Gardiner, comments:

    President Obama’s feel-good Cairo speech will do little to strengthen America’s position in the Middle East. It is a speech that projects weakness and contrition rather than American leadership – at times the president seemed embarrassed about America’s global power and achievements. Many of Obama’s statements were apologetic in tone, and the speech failed to recognize the huge role the United States has played in freeing tens of millions of Muslims from the Baathists and the Taliban. In fact, no country in history has done more to defend Muslims from oppression than America, from Afghanistan to Kosovo to Iraq. The president’s address will only deepen the impression among both America’s enemies and allies that Barack Obama does not have the stomach for a long war against Islamist terrorism, nor the will to stand up to the Iranian nuclear threat. The world needs stronger leadership than this.

    Quick Hits:

    • Today’s Guest Blogger: House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) on President Obama’s defense budget.
    • An Islamist terror group in Mali executed a British man they were holding as a hostage yesterday.
    • On yesterday’s 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, key foreign news Web sites were blocked, dissidents were placed under house arrest, and police blanketed Beijing.
    • Despite promises that the federal government has no interest in running General Motors, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) intervened this week to save a GM distribution center in Norton, Massachusetts.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, only 26% of Americans believe nationalizing General Motors was a good idea, and 17% say that Americans should protest the bailout by boycotting GM and refusing to buy its cars.
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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: Leadership Lacking in Cairo

    1. Tom, New Haven IN says:

      I also think Americans should boycott the companies that took money from the feds. We should actually support the companies that did not take money from the feds. I will buy a Ford for my next vehicle.

    2. James Campbell, Rich says:

      "An Islamist terror group in Mali executed a British man they were holding as a hostage yesterday." Your words.

      Execution is generally a punishment for having done something grievously wrong against a state. What crime did this British citizen commit? Please don't mince words, he was murdered, plain and simple.

      Thank You

    3. tom coal valley says:

      I'm embarrassed this liberal puppet is just another Jimmy Carter he and his liberal pal's do not have a clue of what they are doing. We need to remember this in 2010 and 2012. I served my country in Viet Nam and it was the the democrats that got us into the war and then turned their backs on us like they are doing in Iraq. The liberals will continue to embarrass and weaken the military unless we the people stop them.

    4. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Once again, President Obama shows his true colors. He proves more and more that he is against this Country and its foundings. President Obama is also selling the US out to the World with every speech he makes.

      I still question his Citizenship!

    5. E Paul Lian says:

      This article should be required reading for everyone in the United States. An in depth discussion of it's main points should also be encouraged. Your comments are logical, reasoned and address the fundamental naivete of the Obama Administration. I am one who tends NOT to get too concerned about the various issues of the day. I simply like to press on and enjoy life to its fullest. The trends of this administration however, are causing me to re-evaluate my position. I believe our great country can overcome almost anything, short of a nuclear halocaust. I still contend our new President is in over his head and is an "unconscious incompetent".

    6. Phil, in Wisconsin says:

      While you rant about Obama, you miss a basic concept, and one that is not lost on our President or the more enlightened. The U.S. is the root cause and/or enabler for the global evils that we always subsequently claim to be against and go charging into like Knights in Shining Armour. Since 1950, it has largely gotten its way, ignoring international laws, exploiting global resources, running roughshod over anyone that gets in the way of its greedy pursuits. The U.S. has forgotten how to compete.

      It is precisely the neo-cons and ideologues like yourselves with ulterior agendas that perpetuate and continue to fuel these evils. Unlike Mr. Bush and his fellow zealots, Obama is pragmatic. His comments and behavior as president reflect the recognition that the world is changing, that we are no longer should control it, and that we must take our place on the planet as a cooperative citizen. To continue along the path we have carved over the past 50 years is to invite another 9/11, holocaust, terrorism, and misery and annihilation.

      I am grateful to be an American, because in this country I can still disagree with you and express my opinion and not be thrown in jail or shot for that. I appreciate that opportunity. And I think that things must change, or we risk annihilation. God bless the planet!

    7. Merry Whitney, Lomba says:

      Obama's apology for (our) history of "colonizing" the Middle East suggests either that the President really needs some remedial history classes, or he's somehow holding the majority of Americans, those of European descent, accountable for all Muslim grievances.

    8. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I am disturbed about the lack of support for Israel. I, along with Many americans, stand with Israel 100%. Israel has been our strongest Ally in the region since 1948.

    9. Steve, Eagle Idaho says:

      While the President was eloquent as usual the content seem to lay at the feet of the Arab world the idea that America somehow has been complicit in the continued attacks perpetrated by people who are governed by the philosophy that all INFIDELS should convert or be killed.

      The premise that the Muslim faith maintains a position of peace, it is troublesome that the peace is only extended to Muslims. After all if you are an INFIDEL you are not considered worthy in the Muslim world and therefore none of the rules of peace in their book apply to you. The writings seem to be crafted to force belief in the ways that allow them to kill all infidels and then there is the tribal thing with the different sects, Suni or Sheite. Contrast that with the Christian faith and teachings of peace for all of God's children (maybe Ireland would be the exception but that's not about faith but rather governance). The distinction is that the Muslim faith seems to embrace the ideal that you are only part of God's people if you are Muslim.

      What is with the quotes that the Muslim faith continues to grow with every politician and news cast. Yesterday I heard they were 1 Billion strong, this morning the only Democratic representative from my state said we must embrace the faith of the Muslims who are 2 billion in number. We should approach this with our eyes wide open. There's no country I know of that dictates you must be a Christian but the Arab world is governed by that very premise.

      Look if you grow up in it and it is the law and you must align yourself with it then the numbers will grow. I don't believe however the number who are faithful are growing the operative word is faith rather than governed. How can you dictate faith and then use that forced compliance to say those compelled by government are of that faith?

      I see the Arab, Muslims embracing their faith because many have to. It's like taxes in the United States, you have to pay, it is dictated by law.

      What kind of faith encourages the killing of others just because they believe different than you do? What kind of faith encourages martyrs and promises them virgins in heaven. What happens when a female martyrs herself what does she get from the Muslim faith. Why would someone need virgins in heaven, what are they going to do with them?

    10. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Islam has been at odds with christians and jews since 600 AD. Until there is a fundamental change in Islam the conflicts will continue pure and simple. I doubt Obama or the HF have bothered to read the Quran or study the history of Islam's conflict with other religions.

    11. James Christie, Eliz says:

      Your analysis of Obama's Cairo speech is absolutely correct. In my opinion, just another

      apologetic speech. However, what is unfortunately more important is the perception. From the muslim world, Obama is a friend and also weak in his defense of America. I am afraid that

      Terrorist will exploit this weakness. From the

      United States the speech is hailed as wonderful

      BECAUSE of the left wing media spin. Even Fox

      News had some good things to offer. As long as 60% to 70% of our voters are ignorant or deceived, we continue the march towards socialism and self-destruction. And this is only the first five months.

    12. Normca says:

      President Obama does not think enough of the strong feelings the troops in Iraq or anywhere in the world have for their missions. They are committed and strong heroes. And here comes their Commander in Chief to tell them what they are risking their lives for is a mistake. What is it with some of America's so called leaders ? Westmoreland called Viet Nam a mistake, telling men who lost limbs and were going through mental trauma they were drafted for a mistake. Despicable.

    13. Richard Cancemi says:

      Obama continues to undermine the United States. He is destroying America from within and without more than any enemy alien has or can ever do. But then again, he may be THE enemy alien!

      Some one in Washington needs to stand and say:"enough!"

      As I see it, his administration has been functioning like a dictatorship. How does one define "high crimes and misdemeanors", the words used in impeachment? In my personal opinion, he is guilty of these and more and he needs to be called to task!

      I wonder if anyone in Washington,D.C. will have the courage to utter this word and maybe get others to start thinking first of the health of the USA rather than their political seats.

    14. Janie B. Ripple M. A says:

      I have a simple, but troubling question. What can the average citizen do to change the direction of our country? I read a chilling article entitled, "American Capitalism Gone With a Whimper", and it chilled me to the core. We have our children enrolled in a Classical Christian School, but will that soon be taken away from us? I am far from an alarmist, but a year ago I would never have imagined the President in charge of General Motors. I study history, and I am fearful of the course our people are heading. I am just an educated stay at home Mom who feels helpless.

    15. Chris, Western Wi. says:

      Why would any normal thinking American be surprised by what an inexperienced fool says about our great country. Unfortunately, placing an inexperienced, community organizing fool in the White House has implications far greater than just sounding foolish!

    16. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Having a child's relationship with Moslems and campaigning for Moslem votes in Chicago, has not made the Main Character any more credible with Arabs than any other president. Extending tolerance to others terminates when a saber

      removes an appendage or head. As long as Arabs fund extremists and clerics

      speak to jihad against the infidels, there will be no fundamental change in the Middle East. Oil prices will rise. Israel will be attacked. The USA will expend Billions from the Treasury and thousands of our children will die. And for what?

      For Arabs?

    17. David Sayers, NC says:

      HF really hit this nail on the head. Chairman Obama is weak,even more so than Jimmy Carter. He would rather bow down to these thugs and plead not to hurt us rather than standing up to them. Sure looks like he is really in love with islam.

      Do you think he kept the National Day of Prayer private because he didn't want anyone to see his prayer rug? He has undermined,degraded and bled this country quite enough,impeach him and lets be done with the whole lot.

    18. Trece De Lemos says:

      In his Cairo speech, Obama made the following statement:

      "Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance. We see it in the history of Andalusia and Cordoba during the Inquisition".

      Every school kid in Spain knows this sentence makes no sense. Almoravids were amongst the most fanatic sect in Islam. In the year 1212, they gathered an army of 300,000 soldiers to invade Europe, but they were repelled by a Christian army of 50,000 at the Battle of Navas de Tolosa. That was the largest battle in Europe until D-Day.


      Another little point that Mr. Obama seems to forget, is that Muslims were big in the black slaves trade. In fact, at the above mentioned battle Caliph Al-Nasir chained thousands of black slaves around his tent to fight for him till their death.

      Call that tolerance, Mr. Obama? This is ignorance, if not worse.

    19. Ed Fresquez says:

      President obama loves to look good at the expense of America. Everytime he leaves our great land he starts to criticize or lacks support of our Armed Forces. He is slowly striping the Americans of the goodness the feel for this wonderfull country. He has taken us from a first class country to a second class country in less then six months. This is a sad day for America. We need to come up with a device that he can carry in his pocket, everytime he begins to apologize or criticize America he will get an electrical shock that will remind him that he is the President of this Great Nation.

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    21. C.C. W.V. says:

      When are people going to start standing up for our country and our rights. Instead of running like scared little chickens or better yet puppets on strings. It is evident that he has no respect for the U.S. and what it stands for his wife never has had respect for our nation. The only thing Obama has done is spend OUR money, Apologize for our Country,and take over Telling automakers how much they can pay their exects.,taking a big part in GM(the government dosen't need to be involved in private sector businesses) He wants government to take over our Banks by not letting them pay back money that was supposed to be a loan only…He needs to get his nose out of where he is not supposed to be. He is becomming Bigger and Bigger government and we are sitting back and letting him steal our country before our very eyes. He says it is for our betterment !!!!! It is for him to gain control over more and more because the news media only reports what Obamah (Mohamud) wants them to report with his spin. He needs to start Lifting up this country and be proud that he is Presient of such a great Naiton. Thank God for FOX News at least they are balanced…. and if Obamah has his way he will be taking over the entire Media an guess what Socialism!!!!! Wake up America!!! before it is to late…We have been down before but with our faith in God and our country we will win as the U.S. is stil one Nation Under God!!!

    22. ella quinn kinston n says:

      He is not my president, he is a muslim.He will not convert us to islam religion. America is great,it is our country.He does not deserve to be here.I agree with david sayers. Phil you are wrong.

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    24. Askie,Florida says:

      I was not one who was duped by Mr.Obama's ''audacity of hope''……so his naivete does not come as any surprise to me.Yes,he is as talented and likeable a guy as you'll ever meet,but he lacks what it takes,political wherewithal,to demonstrate and bring about the kind of leadership this country so desperately needs……especially in the areas of the rebuilding of the economy and national security.His liberal views (and of those who surround him)is what will further destroy this country.America,unfortunately,is going to be in for a rougher-than-expected 'ride' as long as he is president.

    25. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      You expected better from Obama, a traitorous, authoritarian, megalomaniacal, demagoguing and pandering Leftist/Socialist government elitist and statist who has, does, and will say and do anything to even go so far as to ally himself with foreign and domestic terrorists, and get away with it?

      That's like expecting a traitorous arsonist to stop saying and doing whatever he can so that he and his fellow arsonists can burn the house down and rule with tyranny!

      After all, we, the people who oppose such elitists, know that "When the people fear their government (whether religious [such as Islamic extremist] or non-religious [such as secular government elitist and statist], there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty", and so of course Obama and his allies will say and do anything they can to squelch opposition and rule with tyranny.

    26. Judith of The Great says:

      To Mr. Phil of Wisc.

      Your response to this column was very interesting.

      On one hand you rant about the evils of the United States, then express your gratitude for being a citizen here, giving you the freedom to express your opinions. Then you say things must change, and you feel Mr. O and the other "enlightened",(which I'm sure you include yourself), must bring about this change. Change what? Be more specific, please.

      You rant that the US is responsible for all of the evils of the world. Could you also be more specific about this vague accusation? I'm sure Edwin Dyer, who was beheaded by butcher terrorists yesterday, or Mr. Berg and Daniel Pearl, would love to chat with you about your theory of the evil the US does.

      Does it not count that the US has struggled and bled to help free Europe in 2 World Wars, Middle East countries such as Kosovo, Iraq and Kuwait, and South Korea? (Please, no blather about Iraq being a "war of choice". A lie, and you know it).

      How about all of the financial aid the US taxpayers give to help rebuild countries destroyed by the Hitlers of the world?

      Ironically, tomorrow is the 65th anniversary of D-Day. Do you consider that a stain on America's history?

      Does it not count that the US always responds first to international disasters such as the Indonesian tsunami, and earthquakes around the world?

      Does it not count that the American people are the most generous and kindest in the world and have done more to advance freedom and prosperity than any other country in history?

      Mr. O. is a weak and dangerous "leader".

      He appears to be an extremely angry young man bent on destroying our beloved country and installing his ideology of Socialism and Marxism. He envisions himself as the King of the New World Order

      and will stop at nothing to achieve this.

      International Law? Who is the arbiter of this? Will Mr. O be the decider or someone from the UN?

      Look up the definition of Malignant Narcissism. He fits the profile perfectly.

      You, your teacher, Mr. Bill Ayers, and Mr. O. will never achieve the revolution you crave. The people of The United States of America will never allow you to destroy the greatness of our country.

    27. Jeffrey D. Page, Roc says:

      I propose that the American people demonstrated that distaste for the government absolutely throwing our wealth away by refusing to purchase GM products even if they were only a dollar. The government, the people we elected, have gotten it wrong. They, the elected officials, are in collusion with the Unions (votes)and are runing this country. Futhermore, stop apoligizing for what this nation has done. Americans have suffered and died attempting rid this world of Facism, Communism, adn a host of other evils. Darn, take pride it our heritage and not be ashamed of this nation.

    28. Al-Cherry Hill N.J. says:

      I will soon turn 82,& never remember being so ashamed of any president Dem. or Rep. I fear for our great nation,2010 must bring a change in the senate or house & even then we will probably be to late on some issues.When will elected Republicans stand up & shout ENOUGH.

    29. Ron, Derry NH says:

      This has become a very tiresome theme.

      I have never liked people that use others as a stepping stone to their own private march to supremacy over others.

      Obama has proved that his loyalties are thin as he discarded reverend Wright, his mentor and his temporary leverage point to his alleged community when the going got tough, has used the guilt and paranoia of inner city folk to play a game of race against Americanism to slick himself out of having his own opinions, and is now raising doubt to whether he understands the tolerance of this multi cultural nation that he guides with rhetoric, apology and declarations of empathy for other Nations rather than his own.

      Although he is college educated, I am beginning to wonder how much education has become about embracing rhetoric than enlightened knowledge. His theme of America is inferior to its ideals and has fallen short of perfection is getting to sound like a 10 year old child complaining that his parents have turned out to be humans not gods.

      I wish the Democratic party would sit him down and spank the arrogance out of him.

      No one in America ever claimed perfection. we claim freedom and liberty as our birth right not a government subside, those who have leveraged an advantage by buying the governments favor have become enemies of their own people and advisories of liberty itself. He seems to embrace coercion and political favor over constitutional accepted human privilege of self destiny and its brothers liberty and freedom.

      His message, and it seems Congresses too, is to enslave America in debt, apologize for things they never paid for with blood or bought with courage and sell off the profits with capitulation and sorrow, so they can look well intentioned rather than faithful and strong on the path laid down by our predecessors.

      I find his tone to be manipulative at best and his rhetoric based on an old theme designed around a contempt for America and all that it has become and all that it aims to be. He is a prodogy of divisive language soothingly spoken yet crisp in its attack upon the past, present and future goals of our great nation.

      No where else on earth has liberty been so well excecuted for all races and genders at any time and he has the audacity to claim we thought we were finished and don't understand the road we must finish as a NATION of Brothers.

      I find his speeches filled with comtempt and hollow in there disdain for our most treasured and noble thoughts; our progrees toward what our framers of our constitution envisioned.

      Liberty and justice for all.

    30. Nelia, AZ says:

      Our brave people in the military do not die or are not wounded in vain. The US has never invaded another country for reasons of pillage and power, but always to free a people from unspeakable inhumanity by tyrants on their own people and others. To believe otherwise is to not know ones history. Obama must not make the sacrifice of those who serve a sham with his careless words.

    31. mac tx says:




    32. Peggy Cravens, Austi says:

      I am thankful for the Heritage Foundation and others that are getting the truth to the American people.

      This is the only way we are able to learn the truth about what is going on!

    33. mac tx says:



    34. J.Clayton says:

      The man is Insane !

    35. Joe White, Quinton T says:

      The Empty Suit [ Obama] represents the old adage: "No one knows how dumb you are until you open your mouth to speak."

      I am appalled that this person has been speaking so foolishly and so disparagingly about the USA in a part of the world that does not respect anyone whom they consider to be weak or as INFIDELS. Period!!

      With what appears to be an almost complete lack of respect for the nation that gave him his silver spoon, I found it offensive; and, especially after his so-called speech to people set upon our destruction and/or conversion to their "true" religion, that he dared to set foot on the beaches of Normandy.

      Those men made it possible for the Empty Suit to become President..but NOT for him to destroy this nation with his foolish socialistic "ideas". He should have groveled in humble gratefulness for THEIR bloody sacrifice on the altar of Freedom.

      To invoke an old prayer: May God deal with him as He wills. He would not be missed by around half of us voters.

    36. Lynne Ceravolo Winde says:

      I am proud to be an American born citizen. Why is it our president is so apologetic of his country???? Or is it his country????

      I am Thankful, for our military men and women who make it possible to live here in the USA with the freedom to go to school, work, and worship. I am afraid that Obama is seeking to take those rights away.

      We are not a Muslim country, we afford Muslims the right to practice their religion but we are a country founded on Judao-Christian principles. I think that Obama needs to read our history as a country and stop trying to re-write as others do. The truth is the truth and yes we have made mistakes as have other countries.

      I donnot care for The Change and pray for it to fail, my father and grandfather did not fight in WWI and WWII to be ashamed of our country.

      I donnot apologize nor am I ashamed of our USA.

      God bless the USA and our military men and women. Pray for our government to come to their senses and listen to the people.

    37. Mary, Frederick MD says:

      Why must we always apologize for Americans' sins. Yes, there are many, but I what country was ever perfect? Every country practiced slavery until recently; some still do. We have never known other countries to apologize as we have done; has Japan ever apologize? Germany? Certainly they do not constantly breast-beat the way some Democrats do.

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    39. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If we can somehow get the fereral government to balance the budget and pay off the debt, all will be well. Let that be the focus of all our efforts, until our goal ia accomplished. Of course, we will have to completely change out the entire house and senate before we get any politicians willing to balance the budget, but if we keep telling them over and over, and keep firing them every time their term expires, eventually they will get the message. of course, if we had enough gumption to do this, we would have stopped them by now. The American voter is the dumbest animal on the planet, and, as all dumb animals, has been consumed by predators.

    40. Edwin Buck, Albuquer says:

      The anointed one was too busy taking the USA down a notch or two. No time for leadership. When oh when is our republicrat "loyal opposition" going to start saying something, in public? They have to start being very vocal against this attrocity, before it's too late. Are they waiting for Rush and Hannity to carry their bag for them?

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