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    We have long warned about the dangers of a public health care plan, but now, the fight is heating up in Washington. Obama took part in a conference call rallying supporters for a June 6th campaign kickoff. In a dream world, Obama would want a single payer health care plan, where the government is the only option for health care coverage. President Obama, though, keeps going back to the rhetoric that we can keep our health care plan if we like it.

    However, as we have pointed out, a public system would crowd out a private system where a patient has a choice on what kind of coverage he wants to have. There are some who still want you to have a choice in health care. One is Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). He is hosting a tele-townhall on Tuesday, June 9th. Heritage has set up a Web Page where you can register your phone number so you can be on the call when Ryan will talk about his alternative to the plan that Obama is pushing.

    Register for the call at www.fixhealthcarepolicy.com. Keep an eye on the site as it will be constantly updated as the debate heats up.

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    20 Responses to Join Rep. Ryan's Health Care Tele-Townhall

    1. Barb -mn says:

      Representative Ryan, Please address the constitution and ask the government and president why they insist on butting in, with our money, where they don't belong. We can't afford to pay our responsibility to our health insurance and pay for those who don't live up to the same personal responsibility, as this should've never came to be.

      Health insurance should remain a choice. Open or expand the market in the private sector for those that choose to have it. For those that don't let's be sure it's THEIR consequence to deal with and not the consequence of the innocent. NOBODY should be getting ANYTHING FOR FREE! Many will under the Obama scam plan.

    2. Keith Sadler, Alvato says:

      I'm against Obamas' bill and against any national health care bill.

    3. Patricia Reichardt, says:

      Thanks Rep. Ryan for standing up to this and helping others to do the same.

      Why haven't Republican Congressmen and Women been making their dissent louder and more public? The Democrats might have won, as they keep reminding us, but they didn't win on an openly socialist platform. Where is the outrage or rebellion?

    4. Mark, OH says:

      For years we have heard that we must do something about health care because of the 46 million uninsured. This was true during the campaign to get SCHIP passed. You would have thought that with it's passage the number of uninsured would be have been reduced. But in a recent speech the President stated that we needed health care reform because of the "50 MILLION" uninsured people. They just passed a major piece of health care legislation and, according to the President, the number of uninsured wenrt up! When will the American public wake up to this farce (and global warming) ?

    5. Mary W., Virginia says:

      Thank you Rep. Ryan for speaking out against this socialist agenda for our health care. Why are other representatives not speaking out. If they had to live by what they want us to live by things certainly would be different. Socialized medicine is a really bad deal for our Country.

      We are struggling to keep our insurance but we have the freedom to see whatever doctor we want. Government does not have the right to take this away for our citizens.

    6. David Barth, CFA, Ju says:

      Rep. Ryan is one of the few politicians on the national political scene who not only understands the values of the Free Enterprise System but visibly works to save it. As the majority of Congress become brain dead after a couple of terms, it is time for Congressional Term Limits.

      I hope to see Paul Ryan move to highest levels of national governance. We need people who understand the creativity of Free Enterprise and the dangers of Crony Capitalism and politics.

    7. Sylvia-Indiana says:

      We should leave the Health Care System, to the health care providers and their patients. They alone know the best way to go.

      A national health care plan will do just the opposite.

    8. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I agree with Sean Hannity, health care is not to be quarenteed by the Gov't. I am a nurse and have seen the lack of care because of more paper work. The right way is to make sure our money goes for health care not to Golden papachutes for gready CEO's, I believe in fair salary but these are not fair, same for pharmacutical Co's. There is still a law that health care cannot be denied, and also there are those who could pay but prefe to have the rest of us pay for them so they can live higher on the log.

    9. J. Lee, Michigan says:

      We that are in the health care sector have seen what happens when government runs a plan. Medicare is now running at a $35 trillion unsecured future liability. The plans does not account for any wellness programs and fraud in this system is running wild with no end in site.

      I for one would like to be heard and tell the government to stay out of the health care delivery system and let the those who know it work to bring down the cost. Medicare is pushing the costs up to the employer markets and to the private markets. When I look at my care and the care of my parents that have a Medicare Advantage plan, our outcomes are wonderful and we fell we have the "BEST HEALTHCARE" in the world.

      I feel we must be heard today!!!

    10. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Our borders are sieves with large holes in them. Our immigration laws are a joke because the majority of those in Congress and the President himself do not believe they should be enforced, so they aren't enforced. The vast majority of those favoring no immigaration laws at all are the illegal aliens themselves and the politicians who hope to be on the receiving end of their votes, once amnesty is granted, as it always is.

      It is understandable that poor people from other countries are looking for opportunities to better their standard of living for themselves and their families. Those who oppose illegal immigration are routinely criticized by those in favor of open borders with the tired cliche "didn't your ancestors come to this country as poor foreigners looking for opportunity?". My answer to that question is "yes, my ancestors came to this country as poor foreigners in search of opportunity for a better life."

      That said, let's take a look at the state of immigration then and now and what the definition of 'opportunity' was then and now. When my grandparents immigrated to this country in the early 20th century, they came through Ellis Island, in accordance with U.S. Immigration laws and procedures, making them legal immigrants. Those who didn't were deported. Now, those who come into this country without following the U.S. laws are euphemistically referred to by many as "undocumented workers". Instead of being rounded up and deported, government enforcement turns a blind eye to this illegal activity.

      When my ancestors arrived in this country opportunity meant a 'chance', to look for a job; to find a place to live, and to learn English as best they could. Unlike now, there was no government requirement to teach foreign students in their own languages. There were no government social benefit programs to take advantage of such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Compensation, Workers Compensation, Aid to Dependent Children, insurance or Welfare.

      Those of us left with jobs in this country cannot support and feed the world's poor. Despite what Mr. Obama thinks.

    11. Metalchemist says:

      If they really want to help America they should put a maximum charge that the health care conglomerates can charge for monthly charges, something everyone can afford. Not the government taking charge of the whole system and driving that into ruination also.

      Make the Corporations and companies cover their employees. STOP paying for all the Illegal aliens invading this country, and start Enforcing the laws that are on the books.

    12. Annette Petrone, Sag says:

      Barb, I echo your comments. Thank you.

    13. DON IN ALASKA says:

      If we could just get the lawyers out of healthcare it would be affordable. John Edward's made $70 million suing doctors, since lawyers get 33% thats $221 million, and that was just one lawyer. We need tort reform now, but we'll never get it from the DEMs account they are all lawyers. How much does your Doctor have to pay for med. malpractice ? I never here any talk about this.

    14. Marina Kesling, Cala says:

      Ditto Patricia Reichardt's message. Get in there and keep the socialist programs at bay. I want to see my representatives fight this tooth and nail!

    15. David Boatz, Perham, says:

      What sort of uninformed idiot would think for one minute that the government could run the health care system. Tell me how they have done with the automobile companie, or the banks, or the Social Security System? What would make any sane person think that this group of community organizers and Marxists could run any company? Our country is being demolished in front of our own eyes and we need to STOP it NOW!!! NO MORE GOVERNMENT!!!!

    16. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The Constitution does not allow for the Federal Government to mandate anything even close to resembling National Health Care. Facism and Socialism do, but not in a Republic! Mr. Obama seems to think that we all work for him, and not the other way around. It seems that most of the people on Capital Hill forgot who they are working for. How about we all elecct some new faces, with eyes that see us and ears that hear, and mouths that speak our needs?


    17. Nancy In California says:

      I am glad the GOP is finally standing up and representing the People as elected to do.WE will not accept government taking away, changing, and/or ignoring OUR Constitution, Bill or Rights and Christian Nation. This is not Venezula or Cuba or China or Iran or Europe. WE are Americans and proud of it! We urge you to continue the fight to stop the tyrannical and socialistic efforts of this Administration to destroy our wonderful Country. WE don't want socialized medicine, or government owning corporations and banks, dictating our lives, apologizing for US, destroying capitalism, not protecting our borders, not standing behind our WARRIORS and speaking disgracefully of them. WE need to get back to the basics of what has made us a great Country. We want representatives that are proud of being an American, not apologetic and weak.

    18. Jim Bratten, Evansvi says:

      The federal government has NO business in ANY form of national health care, no matter what the iteration. It's unconstitutional.

      The major reason why health care in this country is expensive in the first place (relatively) is precisely BECAUSE government is involved. The expenses to the medical and insurance industry, because of the stifling regulations, is crushing competition. If it still exists at all…

      Let the free market determine the cost of medical coverage, period.

      Does anyone understand WHY lasik surgery keeps coming down in cost? Year, after year?


      It's priced by supply and demand… the more accessible it becomes, and the better the technology, the cheaper it gets. The provider can price it to the end-user accordingly.

      All we need to observe is the history; wherever single-payer health care (government) has been installed, it fails to deliver what was promised.

    19. D.Neils says:

      This is the worst president and congress in the history of our country!!!What happened to the idea of a government by the people and for the people?These politicians are all about giving people everything that they can promise them as long as it means that they retain their power!! How will our children pay for all of this?? Is any politician aware of the fact that once you milk the taxpayers dry,there won't be any more mone to steal from them, and the only people left will be the TAKERS that are ruining this country!! God(THE REAL GOD), help us to survivie this debacle of a "government."

    20. Rebecca Quenzer, Dul says:

      I would like to see insurance competitive across state lines and mandates unbundled so we can choose from a menu of coverage. I also believe that a tax credit for the purpose of purchasing insurance would put the responsibility where it belongs, with the individual, and that the uninsured would purchase it with that credit. I also believe we must find a way to make it equitable for the companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions. Surely we can work out these details and persuade the American public that this is a much better and cheaper way to go than ObamaCare.

      My husband and I are self-employed and our insurance cost is killing us, with at least one 10% increase every year and we have $3500 and $5000 deductible. By the way, be sure to keep the Health Savings Accounts tax free…that's the only thing currently working for us as a small business. Cutting litigation costs might help with costs, how about loser pays. Free market competition is the answer.

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