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  • Video: US Has 'Responsibility' To Speak Out For Human Rights In China

     In the spring of 1989, millions of Chinese peacefully seized control of their own capital and demanded democracy. After then-Premier Li Peng declared martial law on May 19th, the people of Beijing, not just students, responded by setting up bus and truck barricades to protect the demonstrators’ command post in Tiananmen Square. But on the morning of June 4th, 20 years ago today, China’s rulers sent in tanks and soldiers to regain control. The Chinese government claims only 241 people died that day, but the Chinese Red Cross puts the number at 2,600.

    The leader of all those students was a softspoken 20 year-old Peking University student named Wang Dan. As a result of those heroics he was declared the #1 enemy of the Chinese government, a feat Senator Sam Brownback lauded as “quite an honor and distinction” when introducing him at a Heritage Foundation event on June 1st.

    Today, he’s an outspoken critic of the Chinese government armed with a doctorate in East Asian History from Harvard and a cult-hero reputation among millions of Chinese who follow him on the internet – when his blog isn’t being blocked by Chinese authorities.

    “There are two China’s now. One China is reality-which is totally controlled by the Communist Party. But there’s another China, a China based on the internet. That area I don’t see the government being able to control. That’s the base of the new social forces,” he said. “That’s the hope for the civil society and the civil society is the hope for democracy.”

    The internet is one of the keys to unlocking liberty in China. The other is pressure from the world community, in particular the United States.


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    6 Responses to Video: US Has 'Responsibility' To Speak Out For Human Rights In China

    1. Karl Froehlich, Arli says:

      I believe my assessment of "The King" is right ON!

      I read and feel strongly on the 'Foundation's' leadership. However, have we conceded to the absolutely absurb (boo-hiss) nomination to the Supreme Court. Please, Please, Please, let us not put this on the back burner.


      Karl 100% disabled vet/ AMERICAN

    2. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Communism is the last resort of the impoverished. Bob Dylan probably said it best when he sang "When ya ain't got nothin', ya got nothin' to lose".

      China is undergoing dramatic economic change. Their people are enjoying a growing economy as the world outsources manufacturing jobs to their low cost workforce.

      Twenty years ago, China's population barely had enough money to buy food. Today many are buying personal computers and cell phones. Twenty years ago most Chinese got around on foot or bicycles. Today a vast number are driving automobiles on a modern and growing highway system. Twenty years ago, the U.S. wasn't dependent upon China buying up our debt and financing our banks. Today we are.

      The point is, that as the Chinese economy grows, their people will begin to acquire wealth, which translates to freedom. Freedom from want and to afford things beyond basic survival needs, like better housing, automobiles, computers, cell phones. Like other human beings, they will want to hang on to these things and acquire more. Now that they have something to lose, they will become more conservative.

      The last thing we need to do is to poke our nose into the Chinese political system in order to make it make it more democratic, in other words, more like ours. Since we are currently begging China to continue buying up our debt, it doesn't seem like good economics (or politics) for us to be telling them that their political system should be more like ours.

    3. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      When one no longer worries about where the next meal is coming from, and has a variety of foods to choose, shelters of choice, transportation, and access to information that explains your Government has been lying to you for a long, long time, it is called,'Welcome to America!"

      The new Chinese people are akin to the first of the 'War Babies', in their discoveries. It is natural for them to be the first to question, first to revolt.

      Given time, they, like us, will out live and out number the old ways of thinking, and the newly indoctrinated.

      They will be where we are at this moment. Their test will only differ in,"Should Communism Stand?", where ours is,"Should we now allow Solcialism to become the New America?'

      We are one in the same. We know that Capitalism, given free reign, works out its own problems in a Free Market. We also both know that Socialism, given free reign, always fails, as there are no incentives but pain.


    4. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      With the "change" the Obama administration is bringing to this nation, we have nothing to say to China, about anything. It's like Gietner telling the Chinese that the American dollar is strong, which had them rolling on the floor with laughter.

    5. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If Obama is right about anything It is that the U,S, meddles in other peoples business to much. We have enough problems over here that we need to worry about. Let China handle her problems her self. We need to handle our problems ourself. I am worried about mainsteam america being Attacked and called "right wing extremist" I saw what happened in the last four years, as The Bush administration failed to defend itself against its political opponents, and the retoric got meaner and more vicious every day, and people who supported Bush denied it as the media continued to attack. Anybody that has a brain knows what happened. It is steadily getting worse. We conservatives must fight back before we are branded "the enemy"

    6. Edite , Canada says:

      While in Washington, precisely when the human rights activists in China were seeking freedom and democracy, one can still recall the horrifying events that were happening in Tianeman Square being broadcast on televsion.The image of the single man in dark pants and white shirt, standing in front of a row of tanks, almost daring them to run over him, will remain seared in one's mind. Peoples of many countries in the world sometimes feel like that lonely man, on his own, trying to safeguard the future of his country.His bravery, strong beliefs and righteousness stood him in good stead and the world gazed upon his likeness with wonder at his incredible strength of purpose.No other historical image quite portrays the centuries -long fight against tyranny.Cell phones, cars, computers unfortunately do not do it for most individuals when freedom of speech et al and basic human rights are in play.Writer Jerry's words remind one of choosing which horse to bet on in the final race.

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