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  • Morning Bell: Remembering Tiananmen

    In the spring of 1989, millions of Chinese peacefully seized control of their own capital and demanded democracy. After then-Premier Li Peng declared martial law on May 19th, the people of Beijing, not just students, responded by setting up bus and truck barricades to protect the demonstrators’ command post in Tiananmen Square. But on the morning of June 4th, 20 years ago today, China’s rulers sent in tanks and soldiers to regain control. The Chinese government claims only 241 people died that day, but the Chinese Red Cross puts the number at 2,600.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a statement yesterday calling on Chinese authorities to “provide a public accounting of those killed, detained or missing, both to learn and to heal.” As noble as Secretary Clinton’s sentiment is, America’s authority to lead on human rights in China was significantly undermined earlier this year when Clinton tabled human rights issues during her February trip to the country in favor of the Obama administration’s global warming concerns.

    Clinton is not the only U.S. politician that has abandoned her past concern for human rights in China. Just this past month, Speaker Nancy Pelosi avoided any talk of human rights during her China trip, also prioritizing global warming over all other concerns. And Pelosi used to be a leader for human rights in China. In 1991 she helped unveil a banner in Tiananmen Square honoring “those who died for democracy in China.” But last week this was all she could muster: “In every country, not just China and the U.S., the global climate crisis is best surmounted with transparency and openness, respect for the rule of law and accountability to the people.”

    Those who saw their friends die 20 years ago today, and still face persecution from the current Chinese regime, feel betrayed by the current leadership’s shift in focus. Wang Dan, who once topped the Chinese government’s most wanted list of Tiananmen leaders, told an audience at the Heritage Foundation Monday:

    I’m really disappointed … that the whole international community has just turned their back to the human rights issue. I think that’s sad because the people inside China really had some hope from the concern from the international community because they have no other means to try to pursue democracy. If the United States really wants to keep its status as a stronger power, they cannot just make friends with the Chinese government but also make friends with the Chinese people.

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    16 Responses to Morning Bell: Remembering Tiananmen

    1. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The government is giving every household 17,000? They are taking that from me, not giving. I must be missing something. How can I get it given, instead of taken?

    2. Robert Taylor, Horse says:

      Our politicians think in terms only of being reelected or in the power they can garner. Principles, objective principles, never enter their tiny frontal lobes.

      It's all a personality game in America now with unknowledgeable people doing most of the voting. I.R.S., the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, FEMA, Homeland Security, et al must be eliminated before real liberty can flourish.

      We need to establish laissez-faire capitalism with a total separation of business(economy) & state.

    3. Ron, Derry NH says:

      You can bet your bottom dollars on the fact that politicians learn from other politicians mistakes and often take the path of least resistance.

      Case in point. GB physically and verbally went on the defense of oppressed people, and put pressure on tyrants in a real and difficult way. Never an easy path and certainly at the chagrin of many who would prefer the cleanliness of lip service.

      They are all the wiser now. GB was lambasted in the press for doing things in a real and often difficult real way.

      Now the kinder more gentler path will be taken on more sensitive soft issues that lip service can build into threat and take down with budget allocation. Nothing REAL will happen other than the stance toward cowardice and invented self importance will take preidence by those that can create cover with issues inflated to seemingly dwarf REAL and present dangers and concerns.

      Talkers always choose the path of word crisis instead of paths of heroic intervention with physical means directed at the source. Hillary and the current administartions pawns have shifted into safe mode where words can be used and fingers can be waved and occasionally a verbal threat can be tossed at an advisary.

      Their greatest accomplishment will be to financially strip away our dignity and liberty for their self proclaimed important issues, solely invented and promoted by people in need of the governments nipple to survive.

      Fear does govern the politician and they are proving adept at avoiding reality and replacing it with one they can control and look good addressing.

    4. Mary E. Miller 13507 says:

      Where will our Tinneman Square be? It is in our

      future!!! Where is our leadership! When will we

      see Obama's brown-shirted army on our streets?

      I guess they are busy taking the census first.

      If I were not so angry, I'd cry.Where is the outrage, when our soldiers out in the desert are

      refused there life sustaining water ration or are

      living in there cars off base, while waiting for

      their discharge.These men returning from the battle!!! A national disgrace!

      Mary E. Miller

    5. Danny FLA says:

      Dear Morning Bell: Laws are but guides.They are the parimeters we, make to sustain ourselves in society. Goverment is of the people, and by the people. It is from the bottom up/ not the top down.Everything is about freedom,it is not about a selective few, controlling the whole, because of the position, they occupie.If you give up your Freedom for a few handouts-you will have nothing left. That -is – to- become- a slave.

    6. dave, las vegas says:

      how can we help bring freedom elsewhere when it is being threatened, and destroyed, here. right now we are living in a thugocracy.

    7. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      I have expected the citizens of China to realize they are the government and to rise up and change things there. However, of late, I appreciate that many China

      citizens are satisfied that their interests and needs are being met. My son says "they don't know they are slaves. And we don't appreciate the stress and the impact of over 1-Billion people have on culture and values." It has a lot to do with a full stomach and agrarian living in most of the country. When our political leaders speak to problems with China, I listen as long as it is about business. Do we get to compete for consumers there as they get here? When the saber-

      rattling starts, I know our politicians have messed something up and are looking for political cover and support.

    8. michael hutchings says:








    9. Dave, AZ says:

      Those brave Chinese patriots understood what was at stake and knowingly put their lives on the line–witness the exceptional act of defiance by the student who stood in the way of a column of tanks! I really doubt the self-absorbed, me-first citizens of this country would understand the same importance of freedoms and rights as those Chinese did 20 years ago.

    10. Pamela Colorado says:

      I have really enjoyed having this paper everyday. It saddens me to think that so many people in this country bought hook line and sinker into these people that are suppose to be for the people of THIS COUNTRY but instead he and all his people are POWER HUNGRY. THAT'S IT….

      I am 63 years old — female–grandmother–mother–wife and it scares the holy hell out of me what ALL OUR futures will be.

      Those that only voted because of the word CHANGE—well, you got it and it's not good!!!

      They are all nothing but a batch of lying sackes of you know what and people are so stupid that they keep believing in this idiot and others that are in charge of our future…..instead of making this country safe and free. Everyone is born EQUAL—no matter what. It's what you do with what you are given and how badly you want to succeed. When you live off the government you are NOT better off —ever—-there will now just be more of you living off the people that really count.

      It's sad that all the rich ones that met up in New York lately couldn't just cough up the money to start a lot of businesses and an insurance company that would pay for free health care to all the free loaders that feel they deserve it———–for doing WHAT????

      People had better wake up

      But most of all——-main stream media better wake up because you will all be right there with all of us when this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY FAILS– because right now you'd rather LIE to all the people in this country because of these people that promise everything and will only keep taking for THEIR benefit not ours.

    11. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      In all, government spending on benefits will top $2 trillion in 2009 — an average of $17,000 provided to each U.S. household, federal data show. Benefits rose at a 19% annual rate in the first quarter compared to the last three months of 2008.

      So – my portion of the Federal Deficit is $55,000 and for this I get back $17,000 in benefits. If I decline the benefits can I void the $55K?

    12. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      How on earth can we, the US, espouse the cause of Human Rights while our president finds common cause with Islamo-Fascist regimes and movements world wide.

      One must ask also how an administration that finds nothing wrong with 50,000,000 aborted children can lay any claim whatsoever to a stand supporting worldwide Human Rights and condemning any country for their Human Rights abuses.

      This just shows another facet of the monumental hypocrisy practiced by the Liberal/Democrat part of our body politic.

      PC is Thought Control


    13. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Hey, Bunkie! (to put it in informal terms)

      "Secretary Clinton's sentiment", as you call it, is neither real nor genuine, but is instead the rather disingenuous and mercenary mouthing of one who has already shown and proven herself (despite the efforts of her accomplices in the media and elsewhere) a certifiable mercenary Socialist/Leftist political opportunist, and continues doing so; Pelosi has shown and proven, and continues to show and prove herself as the same thing, and so the fact is that neither Clinton nor Pelosi has been or is any real and genuine "leader for human rights in China".

      Indeed both Clinton and Pelosi, along with their fellow government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing Comrades such as Obama, show and prove that, whatever mouthing they may engage in, in reference to such as the Communist Chinese government and so-called “human rights in China”, they aren't about to actually show and prove it as anything other than insincere mouthing, especially considering such as the following facts:

      First and foremost, the fact is that the Obama gang (which includes Clinton and Pelosi), and the Chinese government, are not about to stop being Comrades for Leftist (Communist/Socialist) government elitism and statism.

      Even so, now add to that the fact that the Obama gang is so quickly burying both current and subsequent generations in such massive out-of-control taxing spending and debt that they are driving even their leading creditors/buyers of U.S. debt, etc, their Chinese Comrades, into lecturing them against such out-of-control antics, and signaling how they will not keep buying such massive resulting U.S. debt.

      Now add the fact that the Obama gang wants their Chinese Comrades to continue being such leading creditors/buyers of U.S. debt, etc, and the whole thing adds up to the fact that the Obama gang, including Clinton and Pelosi, isn’t about to actually do anything to offend their Chinese Comrades, such as anything about "human rights in China".

      In fact, there is plenty of indication in all of the above, and more, that one thing which Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, and their Comrades are actually leading to, especially if they are not stopped, is their burying us, the people in the U.S, and around the world, under a disempowering, impoverishing, and subjugating "One World" Socialist government, under which "human rights" are not actually the rights of free people who “claim their rights from the laws of nature and not as a gift of their chief magistrate” as Thomas Jefferson said, but are instead the powers of government to control and limit the people and everything else, in the Leftist (Communist/Socialist) government elitist and statist name of "the people", of course.

    14. Nelia, AZ says:

      Someone of note said beware of polls, as they are often inaccurate or skewed to create whatever message the pollsters intend as propaganda.

    15. ella quinn kinston n says:

      I enjoy mike sheahen comment and pamela comment.

    16. mackp says:

      Maybe it is time to start contacting the governments that are lending money to the USA that we do not want them to loan America the money anymore. No money no socialist programs. Tell China, Japan no more, we the people are not going to pay you back. You are investing in a losing cause. Boycott any company that takes bailout money. GM,CHYS,AGI any and all, the banks that have taken tarp money. Find a bank or credit union that did not take the money, most people do not know almost anyone can join a credit union now a days. Put Obama out of business. No money no funny. Use all means possible. Semper Fi

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