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  • Chavez to Fidel: We May End Up on Obama's Right

    The Administration’s plan to take over General Motors certainly startled a lot of people, both in the U.S. and internationally. Now comes word that even Hugo Chavez — an acknowledged expert in the theory and practice of nationalization — found the move remarkable, publicly musing as to whether President Obama has now outflanked Fidel Castro and himself.

    On a live television broadcast Tuesday, the Venezuelan president remarked: “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right.”

    It was presumably a joke. Still, there’s always the concern that the Obama Administration will take it as a challenge. After all, the Administration’s motto is “yes, we can.” They might.

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    10 Responses to Chavez to Fidel: We May End Up on Obama's Right

    1. rich weirton, wv says:

      How sad for our country, to have a "president" that is more communist than Castro and Chavez.

      I guess we need to call him king..he is sure acting like he is one.

    2. BFuniv Rector says:

      I think doublespeak has shifted here also. The quote is no longer "Yes we can." The slogan has morphed into a more enduring "Only Obama's Government Can."

    3. JAC Pa says:

      Work to stop this and assume responsibility for our government.

    4. Matt, Littleton, CO says:

      Unfortunately, "Oh Yes We Can" only applies to anything that will make the government larger, stronger, empowered, and using more taxpayer money. I loved his quote (Paraphrasing) "GM is going to go bankrupt, but we are going to give them billions more to help them do it!"

    5. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Isn't this change we can believe in? If voters don't like the change, why don't election results reflect the antipathy? Or don't they see any alternative(s) (Wink, wink, to aspiring conservative leaders)?

    6. Marilyn Slentz, TX. says:

      Makes me want to cry.

    7. Ross writes, Flori says:

      It may be time for the Democrat party to change its name so the American people will know what we are dealing with; new name, Socialist Democrats(leave the mascot, it is so appropriate!).

      Well you spineless Republicans, there's a drumbeat for you, call them what they are, Socialist Democrats everytime you speak of them; "My Socialist Democrat colleague(Representative or Senator)…you fill in the blank. Your braying colleagues complexity in this administration's bold and unconstitutional moves will eventually put ALL American citizens in complete economic slavery as these braying "leaders" did to our poor families starting in the middle of the 20th century.

      Or are you Republicans are secretly applauding the brayers. Maybe the Elephant party is in need of a new mascot, like a "performing seal" or maybe a "Armadillo"(noctural, rolls up in a ball against danger, grubs worms, insects, and garbage cans, but more interesting, an increasing number of roadkills throughout the southern United States). I go with "the Armadillo party", it seems to fit the Republican party philosphy.

    8. John Clancy Wyandot says:

      Yes, Republicans need to stand up, and together, for America–all Republicans, not just those in Washington. We need to join a 2nd Revolution to overthrow politicians in Washington who trample on our constitution. The approach of an Orin Hatch who looks at the candidate for the Supreme Court and responds with "maybe,""perhaps,"

      "possibly." Enough of this kind of consiliatory talk when the candidate is a real threat to our constitution.

    9. teri, columbus ohio says:

      I think the new title is becoming "El Jeffe" …the boss. God help us.

    10. Sharp, General Deliv says:

      How many times does Chairman Obama have to step on his own necktie before the sleeping giant wakes up? Oh, it's just Marxism you say, wonderful, but hasn't that lifestyle been tried before in the world, and how'd it work out for those folks? Read world history of dictatorships, and the current issue of "Pravda" to get a clue.

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