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  • GM To Keep Lobbyists: Government to Influence Itself

    As a candidate, Barack Obama repeatedly pledged that no lobbyist would work in his White House. But does that policy apply to his auto companies? It’s a timely question, as General Motors, soon to be majority-owned by the U.S. government, announced this week that it planned to retain its in-house lobbying staff (although it is cancelling contracts with its outside lobbyists).

    GM issued a statement explaining the decision, stating that the company has “an obligation to stay engaged” on key issues.

    But stay engaged on whose behalf? While GM coyly declined to say whether the administration has given it guidance lobbying activities, it is clear to the most casual passer by that the firm won’t be contradicting its majority owner on any issue of substance in the near future. GM’s lobbyists will, for all practical purposes, be representing the government itself, or at least that part of it called “General Motors.” It’s more likely that the Secretary of Transportation will contradict the White House than will any GM spokesman.

    The federal government simply shouldn’t be allowed to lobby itself. GM’s lobbying activities should be suspended, and its advocacy staff furloughed, until GM returns to private and independent ownership.

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    13 Responses to GM To Keep Lobbyists: Government to Influence Itself

    1. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      The General Motors disaster is a comic gift that keeps on giving. If it weren't so expensive, it might be more funny.

      The same people that demanded closure of Guantanamo Detention Center without a plan are now running GM – also without a plan. This doesn't mean they don't have changes in mind though..( for a list of some of the sillier changes to expect, you can hit:
      http://firstconservative.com/blog/political-humor… )

      So now, the GM lobbyists will now be lobbying the essential owners of the corporation – US taxpayers. The Obama administration is likely to turn the GM lobbying organization into a public relations arm to convince Americans to spend $30K or so of hard earned money on strange looking, fuel efficient aluminum automobiles that nobody wants…

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    3. maggie says:

      so what's the difference between an 'inside' lobbyist and an 'outside' lobbyist? i guess semantics rule.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      Since we own gm, that gives us credence to take whatever gm is parked. We bought em'… well?

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    6. rich weirton, wv says:

      The blind leading the blind….

    7. Fred,Michigan says:

      The fallout from this will be monumental. Delphi salary employees unwittingly had their own pensions bargained away so that Delphi could emerge because neither the government nor GM was willing to put the needed $1.5 B into the deal. So, tens of thousands of current and retired Delphi (former GM employees by the way) have lost their pensions to the PBGC. A crime. The tree has been killed and soon the leaves will start dropping everywhere…..

    8. Andres Torres- Houst says:

      What else you expect from Obama and his chronics since they say one thing and do the opposite. All He does is give speeches,speeches, and more speeches and hates to be creticize.Just knowing that GM is been run by these people and that my taxes are supporting the unions I will not buy another GM car. If the Government is not running GM why many of its boards member are going to be appointed by the choosen one.

    9. Normca says:

      And the Lobbyists are slated to receive billions in bonuses.

    10. Tim AZ says:

      What a beautiful way for Mao-Bama to fill his pockets with UAW money. Simply call the lobbyist for a contribution. That's assuming GM ever makes a profit. I guess that's not necessary either as long as we have to keep bailing them out we will be filling Mao-Bama's and any other politicain's pocket that holds their hand out. Of course they would need Moa-Bama's approval.

    11. Richard, Spring TX says:

      I guess asking the question, "Where's the plan?" is like asking, "Where's the birth certificate?".

    12. Gerald Cox, Kingsley says:

      Technically, since the government now owns the majority of GM and Chrysler,

      does that not make all those employed by these auto companies government employees? A closer step towards Socialism.

    13. Ross writes, Flori says:

      Oxymoron? You bet!! Even more so than Military Intelligence dig ever was and could possibly ever hope to be.

      Something keeps bouncing around in my head,"the most transparent administration ever". Reminds me of another Dem president braying, "the most ethical administration ever."

      Am I hearing a pattern of braying but seeing the same Democrat mascot?

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