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  • Bailout Nation: The Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act

    Led by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), the House of Representatives this week will consider the “Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2009.” This $1 billion bill would give federal employees four weeks of paid maternity leave. Currently they recieve twelve weeks of unpaid leave. Proponents of the bill say it is PAYGO (meaning it is budget neutral), which is such a false assertion that CNN labeled Congresswoman Maloney it’s “Wingnut of the Week” for saying it. At a time when federal employees wages and benefits continue to go up while private sectors wages go down, can we really ask hardworking Americans to pay for another bailout?


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    11 Responses to Bailout Nation: The Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act

    1. Barb -mn says:

      Government isn't worth their salary as it is. Get rid of all government amenities and let's see who really wants to work for the people. Excellent example of GOVERNMENT GREED!

    2. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      This is absolutely insane! Most government employee's already receive twice what their private sector counter parts make. When congress passes a law that requires the pay and perks of government jobs to be on a par with their civilian counterparts, we can then CONSIDER such proposals. I do not believe that most private sector jobs have this perk. This is typical democrat stupidity. This woman's constituency need to recall her. This is why we are Broke! Let's get rid of these wastrels and stick someone with common fiscal in their place. Come on America! Vote these idiots out!!

    3. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Sure, why not? Why not give them a 20% raise and a bonus of $500,000 or so for each kid they have, so they can afford to go to college. It's the least we can do for our poor, underpaid, unappreciated, hardworking bureaucrats. And so as not to be discriminatory, let's provide the same bonus for the wives of male government workers. What's another billion or two?

    4. David E Aldridge, Da says:

      Too late now, they are here for the next four years because enough U.S. Citizens did not get off their duff and vote these idiots out of office. ACORN got everbody else to vote though, doesn't matter if he's not really alive or not he's registered. I wonder how many illegals voted? The silent majority let it happen right before their eyes!

    5. Ross writes, Flori says:

      The camel has started to push its way into the American tent of liberty lead by the jackass party. This was the brain-child of Pres Clinton during his 8 years of liberties robbing ideas and legislation. The recipients of this paid leave act will be the federal government's fourth branch(regulators and bureaucrats). What is really needed is to reduced by 40%(less uniformed members of the armed forces and homeland security)of these bloated, overpaid, unwanted and not needed leeches of the American citizen's wallets.

      If we don't beat back this bureaucratic camel on the nose and force it back into the sandstorm to fend for itself, we, the taxpayers will be in that sandstorm unprotected against the forces of economic sands of slavery listening to the braying of both animals now occupying our hard won tent we call home, the United States of America.

    6. Denise, New York says:

      There are plenty of companies that offer 6-8 weeks paid maternity leave in the US. 4 weeks of paid leave is not very much.

      Have you looked at the maternity leave offered in other developed countries?

      In Spain you get 4 months, full pay.

      In Canada you get a year with a benefit rate of about 55% of your income.

      In England they have Statutory Mandatory Pay(SMP)on top of what their employers give them which quite often 4-6 weeks full pay or 90%, and another 3-6 months of 50% pay.

      The United States is so far behind in the benefits it offer for maternity leave that it is about time we started offering this to all employees, not just the federal employees.

      I think the federal government is used as an example by many private sector employers and if this bill is passed we can hope to see this benefit start being offered to a lot more Americans.

    7. GNL says:

      At what point does enough become enough? I can't even take two consecutive sick days off work without seriously jeopardizing my job security, yet we actually have people on here whining that its for the greater good of society as a whole that they should be paid to stay home for a month and take care of their child?! Where's the mandatory paid anything for those who don't choose to spawn like gerbils?

    8. Clifford CT says:

      Enough is enough. Who ever voted yes

      on this Act needs to have their head examined. Before deciding to bring children into this world, make sure you can afford to raise them without governmental help. Federal employees have not demonstrated that they are worthy of their current pay levels based on their performance levels. This nonsense needs to end – Socialism

      is right around the corner if this current mindset continues. These politicians just keep on raising taxes to pay for all of these programs. There is only so much that the taxpayers can contribute to the non-productive side of the labor force. A taxpayer revolution is going to happen some day very soon in this country. "Taxation with bonehead representation"

    9. John Rosky Andover, says:

      Why should the government set the standard if private industry can not pay this price why should the federal government think they can. The government does not follow any laws. You can not get a job with the government if you are over let's say 50 and and still looking for a job. That is discriminatory .

    10. Ann, DC says:

      Why shouldn't government employees get the very basic benefit of Parental Leave which is provided by most of this nations companies and most other nations governments. The government pay is not double of any private sector pay. Just because people can't get jobs in the private sector, you cannot try and rip off others that already have jobs. I was honestly surprised to hear that the government didn't already have this paid leave in place.

    11. Katy, Columbus, GA says:

      Let me start off by saying that my husband and I are VERY conservative. We believe that government bailouts are going to be the fall of this country and that social and financial conservativism is the answer. In most cases, had I heard about this bill, I would- like you- have been appalled. However, when you look at the cost ($1 billion over 5 years) is not as bad as it first appears.

      Because I am not only a financial conservative, but also a social one, I believe the family unit is the core of the nation. Most of you believe in strong military, yet how do you expect them to be strong on the battlefield if they are not strong emotionally? The current "leave" allows for 12 weeks of UNPAID leave. The only way you can get PAID leave is to use up your annual or sick leave, which surprisingly for government employees is not very much.

      My husband is a Research Psychologist for the Department of Defense. He gets paid reasonably for what he does, but remember that he was in school for a PhD and has much more student debt to pay off than someone who makes less than he does. I am pregnant and due in September. Due to the fact that I have epilepsy, I have had to stop taking my medicine while pregnant because of possible side effects. Also due to my epilepsy, my husband has to drive me to all of my doctor's appointments (which if you have been through pregnancy means an appt. approx. once every two weeks. For this, he takes sick leave. But we have to constantly watch how much time he will have when our baby boy arrives. If for some reason, I have to have a C-section, I may very well be on bedrest for two-four weeks, and we have no family nearby to help out. I will need my husband here regardless. I would be thrilled if we even received two weeks of paid leave….something!

      I don't think people who have not been through pregnancy (themselves or their spouse) are capable of forming an advised opinion on the need for leave. There is so much that I did not know about the weeks after delivery until I got pregnant. We have been responsible people, trying to get savings, paying for our own way. We WILL teach our son to believe in the same way we do about this country- that it is the best country in the world and it is our blessing to be Americans. Don't you think that strengthening the next generations beliefs in small government is worth an extra $200 million a year? I am not saying that everyone who receives leave from this package is going to be conservative- for the most part they won't be. I am saying that strong families will lead to a stronger America, and the best time to start is birth!

      Thank you for reading my comments. I hope you can try to see why we feel so strongly about this.

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