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  • Remember Estrada

    Do you remember Miguel Estrada? Back in 2001, Miguel Estrada was a nominee for the United Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Unfortunately, Miguel Estrada never became a judge. His crime? He was a Latino Republican who liberals believed was on the fast-track for the Supreme Court.

    Despite graduating Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School and serving as the Assistant U.S. Attorney and Deputy Chief of the Appellate Section at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Miguel Estrada’s nomination to the United Court of Appeals was effectively killed. Then in the minority, Senate Democrats mounted a successful filibuster under Minority Leader Tom Daschle preventing Miguel Estrada from even getting the courtesy of receiving a simple up or down vote.

    The minority party was well aware that Miguel Estrada would have the votes necessary to gain confirmation. Why stop him? It was later revealed in internal Memos (warning PDF) addressed to Minority Whip Dick Durbin that liberal activist groups pressured Democrats to prevent the confirmation of Estrada whom they viewed as “especially dangerous” because “he is a Latino, and the [Bush] White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment.” In other words, they sought to stop him in order to prevent Bush from nominating a Latino to the Supreme Court. Subsequent memos suggested that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee and leadership agreed to filibuster because Estrada was “likely to be a Supreme Court nominee” and “[t]he Democratic base is particularly energized over this issue.”

    Apparently, attacking Hispanic conservatives is perfectly understandable and all part of due-diligence. But if conservatives examine the record of a liberal judge for the highest court in the land, it’s racism?

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    6 Responses to Remember Estrada

    1. Angry Dumbo says:

      This is a huge issue. I remember how Estrada was treated by Democrats. He was savaged for reasons that had little to do with his qualifications. Now Republicans play the same game at their own peril. Take the high road, but please don't forget to remind the public how Democrats treated Miguel Estrada.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Liberals have proven that manipulating both sides of the race card gets desired results. Forget about being objective and promoting equal justice. It's their political power grab that drives their choices. Allow me to play their game. Aren't there more Caucasians on the U.S. Supreme Court's left aisle than on the right? Obviously, conservatives don't care about a nominee's physical traits. They want someone to make fair decisions using unbiased intelligent thought. Such character throws bleeding heart liberals into a scapegoating attack mode. They're very adapt at projecting their own ugly prejudices onto conservatives.

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    4. Gray_Stroke Republic says:

      Six months into this year and the GOP has yet to display any leadership, courage or reveal the strengths f Conservative Core Values………I am absolutely disgusted with the effeminate hand wringing excuse making GOPs for their lack of every attribute that this nation was founded upon. There may be a few good ones in the local areas but for national leadership they are appalling and apologetic in the main Stream media…..disgusting……..!!! I'm tired at screaming at my TV in four languages…….(Hispanic but learned to cuss in Korean and German also!lol…thanks Uncle Sam)

      Newt Gingrich and the OLD FAILURES of the GOP like DeLay need to leave and allow younger/older more ethical men and women to make the stand we need to take……..as long as "PROGRESSIVES GOP" like McCain and his ilk stay in the GOP there is not one lick of difference between them and the Marxists Democrats…..ONLY YOU the AMERICAN FOOL think there is a difference…..both parties need to be exposed and expelled from their offices…….

    5. Ed Fresquez says:

      The conservative view of Judge Sotomayor is just. I am a latino and don't believe she should use her use her latina heritage to further her career as a jurist. She should be proud to be latina, but not use it in reference to white folks.

    6. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We do not have any conservatives in office. If we did, they would fight for our values. the wimps in there pretending are not even pretending now. Remember this when the next elections come, and do not allow them to try that old "the other guy did it" game. Remember, NEVER VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT. If he is an incumbent, he is the problem

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