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  • How Much Do Americans Think We Spend on Defense?

    And how much do they think we should spend? Heritage takes to the streets of DC to find out:


    Find the facts, here.

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    10 Responses to How Much Do Americans Think We Spend on Defense?

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    2. John Roane Sarasota says:

      We are spending to much for what we get but not enough to maintain our self defense.

      However, since we have outsourced most all our true manufacturing we no longer have the skill base to muster a defense like that of the WW II era.

      God save us all.

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    4. Ben Franklin, Kendal says:

      Since National Defense is a STATED priority in the Constitution, we should be spending a VERY large percentage of our Budget on the military. Something like 25-30%. However, having said that, in my fantasy world the real dollars spent wouldn't change much because the federal budget would look very much different than it does now.

    5. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Answer your question with a question. How long do you want to live, and your children and grand children?

      Keep in mind that any and all monies spent on self defence, are monies spent in this Nation of ours! Jobs in America!

      That ought to be enough incentive right there! We don't have any real missle defences anymore. Just two minimal ones on the West Coast, California and Alaska. Neither can stop a missle attack from two hundred miles off shore aimed at Nebraska as an EMP,(Electro Magnetic Pulse).

      We spend five times right now on our "War on Drugs" than we do on the Iraq and Afganistan Wars combined with our National defence funds.

      We might check on how well our War on Drugs is doing for the last forty plus years? Most of that money is spent outside of this Country! Maybe we all might start to rethink some of these options.


    6. Ross writes, Flori says:

      The United Nation is a complete failure, did not, could not, and today will never live up to the grand ideas of its founders envision as the world police force.

      The UN is as corrupt as any government, police, or military force in any third world country. So we live in a very bad and dangerous neighborhood. The hoodlums and extortionist have come out of the shadows and are threating us now that our government has demonstrated its unwillingnes to stop these criminals as they extort and terrorize their household, neighbors and sneak into our homeland to do us harm.

      Our national defense spending is 4% of GNP, it should be 10% but well managed by the defense secretaries and military hiarchy accountable to the American taxpayers to insure the cutdown on waste and cost over-runs. There creed to live by should be "telesis".

    7. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      The lady said to spend whatever we need to protect our freedom – that's why Obama is cutting defense – he's taking our freedoms so we don't need a military anymore.

    8. Claude Cornell says:

      The U.S. is the only country in the world that will stand up for some other country's freedom.

      If we ever get to the place where we can't do that, or won't do that, then that leaves the world at the mercy of Russia, China and the radical Muslims. What kind of world do you think that will be? Believe me National Security is a whole lot more important than whether we use "green" energy. If we need more money for the military, then we can eliminate the pensions and healthcare for the politicians in Washington. They

      are busy ruining the pensions for everyone else.

    9. Tony Listi. Arlingto says:

      YES! These are the kinds of videos Heritage should be putting out. Keep going out and talking to people on the street!! These kinds are engaging, not wonkish lectures.

      This model needs to be repeated for the domestic issues.

      You owe it to your policy research to know how to communicate it so that it gets spread far and wide.

    10. John McDougall, Flo says:

      Isn’t it ironic that the United Nations, which we have financially supported since its inception (to the tune of Billions of American Tax Payer dollars) as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in un-paid traffic and parking tickets throughout New York and surrounding cities and states, because of their diplomatic abuse to its host country is now conspiring to devalue the American dollar by voting to spearhead the establishment of its own “Monopoly Currency” to replace the American Dollar as a world trade currency?

      Before our dollar is worth less than a confederate dollar we need to have the New York City Fire Department condemn the United Nations Building as unsafe to the American public and un-inhabitable for public occupancy. New York’s finest can drape the building with yellow Police-Line tape, and escort the remaining diplomats to the closest airport for deportation.

      As a Nation we are on the verge of completely losing our National Sovereignty to the “One World Government” of the UNTED NATIONS. Wake-up America before it is too late!

      John McDougall, Retired Sheriff, Lee County Florida

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