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  • Text of Romney's Speech: The Care of Freedom

    Photo by Charlie Geer

    The following is the prepared text of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s June 1, 2009 speech at the United States Navy Memorial:

    Thank you, Senator Talent, for your very kind introduction. Ed, it is always a pleasure to be with my many friends at the Heritage Foundation, and it’s an honor to give the first of the series of speeches Heritage will sponsor as part of its Protect America Month.

    I owe Heritage a great debt of gratitude. When I served as governor, I drew extensively on the research and thinking of this Foundation. Your scholarship and counsel were invaluable as we dealt with our budget crisis, with marriage and taxation and especially in the case of health care. Our program to extend private health insurance to all citizens of Massachusetts has resulted in 440,000 people who were uninsured now having coverage. We proved that government doesn’t have to get in the health insurance business to get people insured. The President and leadership of Congress haven’t learned that lesson yet, which is why we’re going to need the influence of Heritage more than ever in the great health care debate to come.
    It is honor to be here at the United States Navy Memorial. It’s humbling to be reminded, in the words of America the Beautiful, of “heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life.” Our liberty and security have come at a great price. We can never repay those who died for us, but we can honor their sacrifice by defending freedom and extending its frontiers across the world.

    More than 180,000 of our people in uniform are still deployed to theaters of war. And any discussion of America’s national security has to begin with those wars, and the absolute necessity of winning them. The missions in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t receive as much attention as in years past. It wasn’t long ago that most politicians and pundits had pretty much decided Iraq was a lost cause. But our former president was undeterred, and instead of retreating he moved forward with a surge of operations. The astonishing success of our soldiers has silenced the critics. And most importantly, it has preserved freedom for millions of people, denied Jihadists a base from which they could finance and launch attacks, and eliminated the threat Iraq represented to the region. Events have proven the critics wrong, and the coming victory in Iraq will be to the lasting credit of the American servicemen and women who have fought in the finest tradition of the American military.
    Just a few days from now, we will mark the 65th anniversary of D-Day. I’m sure many of you have been to Normandy. I have. I saw the beaches. I saw the acre upon acre of crosses and stars that mark the resting place of those who gave the last full measure of devotion to their country’s cause. They were sent by an awakened American nation to liberate a continent. In the shadow of World War II’s desolation, they resolutely shouldered the burden of defending freedom.
    That burden did not end with that war. Since that time, American soldiers have fought in remote places. America sacrificed the blood of its sons and daughters and sent treasure abroad, helping nurture democracy and human rights all over the world. We sustained a network of alliances and built military prowess that at first contained and then defeated Soviet communism. Because of what America did in the 20th century, there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who now live in freedom – who, but for the price paid by the United States, would have lived in despair. I know of no other such example of national selflessness in the history of mankind. That is why America is the hope of the earth.
    That is also why, with all due respect, I take issue with President Obama’s recent tour of apology. It’s not because America hasn’t made mistakes—we have—but because America’s mistakes are overwhelmed by what America has meant to the hopes and aspirations of people throughout the world.
    The President also claimed on Arabic TV that America has dictated to other nations. No, America has sacrificed to free other nations from dictators. Britain’s Guardian newspaper noted that Mr. Obama has been more critical of his own country, while on foreign soil, than any other president in American history. That would be a most unfortunate distinction at any time. But it is particularly so today: with all that is transpiring in the world, in Iran, North Korea, Georgia, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, this is the time for strength and confidence, not for apologizing to America’s critics.
    I do not believe that the cause of freedom ended with the close of the last century, nor that America can afford complacency in its defense. America is still the hope of the world. We must confront clearly and courageously the threats to freedom, and we must resolutely sustain the capabilities we need to protect our security and sustain the cause of liberty.
    There are four competing nations or groups of nations, representing four different ways of ways of life, that are vying to lead the world before the end of this century.
    One is the world’s democracies, led by America. Our strategy is based on two principles: free enterprise and individual liberty. These have led us to become the most powerful nation in the history of the world.
    China represents a different strategy. Theirs is also based on two principles: free enterprise is one of them. They witnessed the bankruptcy of communism first hand, and have adopted free enterprise like it was their own. As a result, hundreds of millions of their poor have been lifted from poverty. But their second strategic dimension is not freedom, it is authoritarianism.
    Another competitor is Russia. Like China, their strategy is also based on authoritarianism. But unlike China, their economic might is derived not from industry, but from energy. They seek to control the energy of the world, filling their treasury and emptying everyone else’s as we pay for what they have in abundance.
    The fourth strategy is that of the Jihadists. By means of escalating violence, they intend to cause the collapse of the other three competing visions, dragging the entire world back into a medieval dictatorship ruled by Mullahs and Ayatollahs.
    Of these four competing strategies, notice that only one includes freedom. Only if America succeeds will freedom endure. Do not imagine for a single moment that China, Russia and the Jihadists have no intention of surpassing America and leading the world. Each is entirely convinced that it can do so.
    Freedom is threatened not just by those who aspire to world leadership, but also by the rogue and malevolent. North Korea has made it abundantly clear that they are not only intent on perfecting nuclear weapons, but they are contemptuous of the concerns of the United States and the world at large. It was no accident that they launched their missile while the President was addressing nuclear non-proliferation, and executed their nuclear test to coincide with Memorial Day. The message is clear: the on-again, off-again talks and diplomacy and agreements have been nothing but stalling maneuvers. While diplomats celebrate yet another agreement, convinced that all their work has made the world safer, North Korea continues down the nuclear path Kim Jong Il has long pursued.
    Arrogant, delusional tyrants can not be stopped by earnest words and furrowed brows. Action, strong bold action coming from a position of strength and determination, is the only effective deterrent.
    It is time to apply comprehensive, regime-crippling sanctions to North Korea. Assets should be seized; international financial capabilities terminated. North Korea should be recategorized as a state sponsor of terror. And, most importantly, the President should immediately reverse his recent decisions and strongly support completing our ballistic missile defense system.
    Missile defense is a non-nuclear, entirely defensive system designed to protect not just America but the world from a catastrophic attack. Yet the President plans to cut the missile defense budget by 15 percent, cut funding for missile defense sites in Europe by 80 percent, and reduce the number of planned interceptors in Alaska. That is a grave miscalculation, given the provocations from North Korea, Iran’s near-nuclear status, Pakistan’s instability, and the complete failure of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    Rarely in history has any development carried such awful possibilities as a nuclear-armed missile in the hands of evil men. And rarely in history has any program had the promise to do more good or spare more suffering than a system of missile defense. I know the liberals have opposed missile defense ever since Ronald Reagan proposed it. But this is too big an issue for ideology or politics to prevail over national security. I repeat: it is essential that Congress fully fund and deploy a multi-layered missile defense shield that alone can protect our people from the terrible threat that is gathering around us.
    In light of both the long term challenges to our leadership and the immediate threats to our security, I am also deeply concerned about the President’s broader plans for our military. At the most fundamental level, our military might depends on the long term strength of our economy. The President’s planned budgets and multi-trillion dollar deficits, financed by a level of borrowing never before attempted by any nation, puts our whole economy in jeopardy. He may take us past the tipping point and create a crisis of confidence in the dollar that would burden us for years. The President should instead rein in his plans for massive new spending and reform entitlements. But I fear instead that he will look to the military budget to find the biggest cuts and finance his domestic priorities.
    In real terms, President Obama is planning to shrink the defense budget every year over the next decade; from 3.8 percent of our economy today, he would take it to 3 percent.
    Liberals have long complained that we spend too much on defense. When I was on the campaign trail, one of the frequent sights at gatherings was a billboard trailer that claimed defense spending was more than half of the total federal budget. They knew better, of course. The official budget doesn’t include our entitlement spending. When that’s added in, defense is about 20 percent of the total.
    The argument is also made that our defense spending is grossly disproportionate to that of either China or Russia. In 2007, China’s defense budget was reported to be $45 billion, about one tenth our own. But we need to look more closely at the numbers. China, for instance, doesn’t include in its budget the cost of strategic defense, research and development, or procurement from other countries. When those are added in, you get a budget in the range of $100 to $140 billion. And if those figures are adjusted for Purchase Power Parity, the amount continues to climb.
    But even then, we’re not finished. Think about it: a soldier costs China a fraction of what it costs us. China spends about 25 billion dollars for troops while we spend 129 billion for ours. And yet they have one third more soldiers than we do. That kind of disparity also holds true for the cost of building submarines, artillery pieces, tanks, and other military platforms. Taking into account the difference in costs, our advantage over the Russians and Chinese is not 10 to one; it’s more like two to 1. They are closer to half our level than they are to one tenth.
    And then consider all the things we expect from our military that they do not expect from theirs. We respond to humanitarian crises, protect world shipping and energy lanes, deter terrorism, prevent genocide, and lead peace-keeping missions. And most significantly, our military is required to maintain a global presence; theirs is not. It is a far more demanding task to keep worldwide commitments than simply to build a force that can accomplish regional objectives.
    China in particular is bent on acquiring the capability to exclude American naval and air assets from the Straits of Taiwan. China has bought carrier killer missiles from Russia and is developing its own variant. It has acquired fighter aircraft capable of challenging air superiority even against our F-22. It has built a large nuclear submarine base on the island of Hainan and has commissioned 30 new submarines, bringing its fleet to 62, only 9 fewer than the United States. It has the most active ballistic missile program in the world, adding 150 new missiles every year.
    We needn’t consider China to be an eventual enemy of the United States. In fact, I hope China can be a true partner for peace and prosperity. But that’s the whole point: the stronger China becomes relative to the United States, the more tempted China will be to achieve its national ambitions through aggressive tactics. It is strength, not weakness, that preserves the peace. As Ronald Reagan was fond of saying, “of the four wars that have occurred in my lifetime, none happened because America was too strong.”

    The right way to scale America’s defense budget is to add up the requirements for each of our missions, beginning with strategic defense. America’s nuclear arsenal needs to be modernized. While others have been testing and updating their strategic capabilities, we have done little to maintain our deterrent power. Russia is also insistent that nuclear reduction talks encompass only strategic nuclear weapons, but not theatre weapons. Of course that’s what they want—they have many times the number of theatre nuclear weapons that we have. You can count on the Russians to bargain in their own interest, just as you can count on some liberals and politicians to sign any agreement that looks good on the surface, even if it puts us at a severe disadvantage. The President must not fall into that trap.

    A second defense mission is to be prepared to fight and win land wars and counter-insurgencies, including the wars we are now fighting. Those who shout “no more Iraqs” should remember that we are still in a counter-insurgency war in Afghanistan. And it was not so long ago that 500,000 troops were needed to fight in Desert Storm. It is not hard to imagine future scenarios that would require America to put boots on the ground, particularly given the developments in Pakistan, or even Russia’s apparent designs on its former satellites.
    We have a great deal of work to do to prepare for this mission. Much of our military equipment has been destroyed or damaged. It should be replaced as soon as possible. The Army also needs to upgrade all of its tracked vehicles and many of its tanks. And our ground forces have been seriously depleted. In the Clinton years, the army was reduced from 18 divisions to 10. As a consequence, the Army, as well as the Marine Corps, has been stretched to the breaking point in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Our Reserves have had to bear a heavy and unanticipated burden. When our armed forces are short-staffed, the inevitable results are higher casualties, more long-term health impacts, greater risk to our security, and more adventurism by tyrants. These human and national costs are simply too high to bear. In the defense of liberty, there is no substitute for the brave men and women of the United States military – and we should start taking better care of them.

    A third mission is to continue to control the commons. Our military is able to move freely on the seas, in the air, and in space—that allows us to protect trade, respond to humanitarian crises, provide essential support to our ground forces, as well as project our power to restrain the ambitions of tyrants and enhance our credibility as an ally.

    Here again, much of the military’s vital equipment is old and technologically out of date. The Air Force’s main bomber—the B-52—is 50 years old. Much of the Air Force’s tanker and cargo inventory is almost as old. The Navy has a stated minimum requirement of 313 ships. It now has only 280. Unless the shipbuilding budget is substantially increased, the fleet will continue to decline. We are headed to a Navy of 210 to 240 vessels, a fleet size that no one believes is consistent with America’s security or global responsibilities.

    A fourth mission is to provide counter-insurgency support for nations under threat from Jihadists. Our experience in the Philippines has shown the effectiveness of teams comprised of intelligence personnel and Special Forces. This is a capability we should greatly expand, and rapidly deploy.

    Let me note one more priority. We must invest far more resources to defend against military discontinuities – that is, disruptions in communications and other technologies that our forces depend on. China, for instance, is committed to cyber-warfare and space-warfare. It has invaded our most secure networks, pirating designs for our advanced weaponry. Even more disruptive technologies are all too real, including Electromagnetic Pulse attack. While some of these measures may seem unthinkable, they simply are not. It would be a serious error to become so focused on equipping ourselves for the war we are now fighting that we under-invest in our capability to prevent or prevail in wars of the future.

    When I add up the demands of all these defense missions, I do not come up with budget cuts. As a simple matter of budget mathematics, we cannot fulfill our military missions without an increase of $50 billion per year in the modernization budget. Admiral Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, has repeatedly said that such an increase is necessary. That is why I support defense budgets, excluding the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan, that are at least four percent of GDP, not three percent. It’s not that 4% is a magic number. It’s that I can see no reasonable scenario by which American can spend less and still provide our servicemen and women with the modern equipment and resources they need to defend us. The Administration is intent on spending less, but I urge pro-defense members of Congress – Democrats and Republicans alike – to hold firm, and to make the case for a military that is second to none.

    The current leadership in Washington is hardly in a position to complain about the cost of the defense budget. Over the last few months, it has passed measures that will add almost $4 trillion to the national debt in the short term and then over $3 trillion over the next ten years. None of that money was spent on increasing the defense modernization budget—a failure that history will never understand or excuse. For a fraction of the money that was spent on various domestic and social programs, Washington could have given our servicemen and women the tools they need to defend us for a generation.

    After all, the first and highest duty of government is to provide for the common defense. Backing away from missile defense, and depleting the defense budget to fund new social programs, particularly in the face of global turmoil, would put America and Americans at risk.

    We cannot allow the economic crisis to conceal the very real threats to our nation’s security. We cannot ignore the intentions of competitors who would replace America’s leadership with their own, and set back the cause of freedom. Providence has blessed us and trusted us to safeguard liberty; in a time of confusion at home and challenge abroad, let ours be the voice of clarity and good sense—confident in our cause, and faithful in the care of freedom.

    Thank you very much.

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    81 Responses to Text of Romney's Speech: The Care of Freedom

    1. Crystalf, San Marcos says:

      A very good speech! Thank you, Gov. Romney, for bringing your brand of reason, common sense and business acumen to yet another area of national urgency. I think that this will allow many Americans, that think of Gov. Romney as solely an Economy Guru, to see another side of him.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Mitt Romney said,

      "The current leadership in Washington … will add almost $4 trillion to the national debt …. None of that money was spent on increasing the defense modernization … a failure that history will never understand or excuse." and "…the first and highest duty of government is to provide for the common defense."

      The U.S. Constitution's preamble clearly states the federal's primary task (and only role) is to provide for a common defense. This creates the necessary secure environment so states and private markets can prosper thus promoting the welfare of the people.

    3. britt, atlanta says:

      Check out CNN.com. They reported that Romney said Obama has put America in danger, and very strong rebuke designed to elicit feelings of revulsion among the electorate at having a very popular President attacked in that matter. Of course, as you can see, from the speech, Romney NEVER said that. CNN is just lying. With a biased and lying news media like this, who needs the Democrats?

    4. Dawn Juehring Silvis says:



    5. Brent, California says:

      Amen to that! I do hope that Romney runs for the next presidential election again. If we stand together under one speaker then we can defeat the liberal tyranny that is over America!

    6. california says:

      mitt romney would be a poor canidate for the republican presidential nomonation in 2012 because of his mormon religion he would not do well in the south,a area where republicans have to do well in.i'm not sure he would do well in any area except for the area around utah,the mormon religion is not well thought of in the u.s.,so they need to choose someone else. i have 1 more comment,who needs the liars on fox news,they are a group of racists

    7. Eric, New York says:

      Excellent speech by Mitt Romney.

      Why does Obama attack our country while jihadists within and without try to destroy us? Makes one wonder.

    8. Beverly Hills says:

      I think he undercounts the number of americans waging war, he overestimates the value of private health insurance which doesn't seem to cover me or anyone in my family for any problem that we have, and he inherited all his money from another family that lost an auto company, making capitalism work for the haves, while undercutting opportunity for the havenots. I think we need to care a lot less about the freedom of everybody else, and get focused on caring for our poor, our unemployed. Our military can't protect our economic or politcal capitals from attack by passenger airplanes, so to give those goofs more money, is like saying that private health insurance works. Gates is the only guy who has had any sense with the generals and he should fire a bunch more of them if you ask me.

      I think the guy is so unctuous that he is hard to listen to listen

    9. Richard, Hialeah says:

      Romney is a big government Republican who favored the bank bailout. What did that give us? Bank bailouts, Insurance company parties at our expense and now… Government Motors…. Thanks Mitt for really standing up to the free market and freedom when we needed it.

    10. CB, Orabnge County, says:

      Obviously ol' Mitt pays more for his haircuts than he does for whatever he puts inside that head. As a Democrat, I wish him well in his quest for the GOP nomination in '12. He would be a very easy candidate to beat.

    11. Mary Geary Richmon says:

      Wonderful speech and just what I would have expected from Mitt Romney!! He espouses everything an excellent President would bring to the White House on 2012! He is extremely intelligent, great ideas on many fronts, proven track record of experience, he looks and talks "presidential" (very important), great family, and a wonderful wife that would make a marvelous "First Lady"!!

      I also think that anyone who criticizes his faith

      is "way out in left field" and sounds pretty "shabby" in this day and age!!

    12. Nancy, Michigan says:

      Perhaps it is time to put Detroit back to work as the Arsenal of Democracy it once was; use our skilled, laid-off workers and empty auto plants to

      update our military vehicles, create a missile shield,update our defensive missiles, whatever it takes to answer the very real threats to our security. National security is job one. Revitalize those Reagan Democrats and get the job started…and then finish it in 2012!

    13. Nancy, Michigan says:


    14. Patricia says:

      ROMNEY '12, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    15. james Bucholtz Westo says:

      Imagine a scenario where the liberals keep us from implementing an effective defense shield and N. Korea develops the capability of reaching us with nuclear missles. Liberals finally decide that maybe we should protect ourselves only to be told by our enemy that should we employ a shield they will launch an immediate attack. What will you do then Mr.President? Is that even part of your dissembled thinking?

      My guess is you will leave the problem to a Republican; a strategy that liberal Democrats have mastered when they have made a mess of it. This time however it could mean the death of millions of Americans.

      But what the heck. Democrats will always have the "lie-on" of the Senate, Ted Kennedy to consult on defense matters. Kennedy vilified Regan while Ronnie was busy ending the cold war. Any apologies from Teddy or the left? Ted Kennedy is too small a man to admit his errors, as we all know liberals are never wrong.

      Keep speaking out Mr Romney.

    16. Vicki says:

      I think the oposition of the Mormon religion comes from those that know nothing about it.

      Mitt Romney is the best because of his religion and his morals…that's what LDS people have. Unlike OBummer as I like to call him…Romney has common sense… Romney would never bow down to tyrants nor would he look like a Cheshire cat, and wanting to talk to terror's who would like and have beheaded Americans. Young people and those older people, hoping that OBummer would actually pay off their houses, buy them cars…Literally poor people were thinking and saying that….I'm prould to be an American…bring on those to guide our country, that aren't in places of terrorist nations talking badly about the citizen's of America The Beautiful…no more wars??? Get ready to die…because most of the world is jealous of the way we live…nothing more…they want our land and our people…

    17. Ken Marx, Fort Worth says:

      Some of you in California and Beverly Hills are unbelievable. Did you bother to really listen to the speech? You need to take your vitriol and go pound sand. Shame on you! Defense is the number one purpose for having a national government. Gov. Romney is right.

    18. Ken Marx, Fort Worth says:

      Some of you in California, including the person in Beverly Hills, are unbelievable. Did you bother to really listen to the speech? Defense is the number one purpose for having a national government. Gov. Romney is right. If our leaders don't provide for the defense, all the rest is superfluous.

    19. Ken Marx, Fort Worth says:

      So, what's to moderate?

    20. scott Hudsonville m says:

      Mitt, wish you were president

    21. Fuzzi says:

      Great speech,after having defeated Obama in 2012

    22. wikiBuddha, NV says:

      This speech has made me generally glad that Romney is not our president. I question his knowledge of post-1950 US history. There were at least six places where his speech is in clear need of editing for accuracy. Since he failed to cite his sources, I'm not going to waste time in this comment to fix those errors. If you can't find them yourself, perhaps you should consider avoiding engaging yourself in the voting system.

      However, I will agree with him that defense spending needn't be cut. For a good while, I thought the costs of defense were astronomically higher than they are. But, while I've come to realize the necessity of these costs, I do not necessarily agree with the methodology of our defense. If a missile shield is so necessary to the security of the US, why are we surrounding Israel with these shields instead of our own country?

      Why can't we help countries with the needs they express (or choose not to) instead of imposing our own beliefs about what is good for them?

      Considering the lack of understanding what the role of our military is, I shall quote from the Constitution directly. From the Preamble:

      "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

      That does not say "The federal government is responsible for the common defence," but "We the People…"!

      The federal government/military is not responsible for protecting you. They are responsible for protecting the constitution:

      Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation, under oath of the commander in chief:

      "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

      I think that if the Constitution was cited at least as often as the Bible, this country would be much better off.

    23. Daniel, Sacramento says:

      Excellent speech. It isn't often that I find myself listening for more than a few seconds when one of these talking heads gets behind the mic. This speech conjures up real emotion and speaks to the very core of what should be our priorities.

    24. Karen, Redondo Beach says:

      If you read the text really closely, you can hear the fear mongering in Mr. Romney's speech… It is so pathetic the majority of the Republican Party leaders feel the need to

      fear monger and that their main constituents lap it up like

      cats at a bowl of milk. I am a Mormon and I voted for Obama. Also, Mormons are incredibly well known throughout the world, contrary to what another blogger said. But do not pigeonhole them by assuming they will automatically vote for a candidate just because the religions match. I do hope he runs, assuring Obama another victory!!!!

      Nobody has the right to judge this presidency before it's had time to manifest whether the choices are good or bad for Americans. It's fantastic that Obama has admitted the last administration made some horrifically wrong choices. He is not berating Americans at the expense of other countries and for Romney to call it the "Apology Tour" is another form of fear mongering. Proving, once again, that Republican Leaders are taking the "rogue, renegade and destructive" attitude the the former administration clung to and almost ruined America.

    25. California-LA says:

      JC Hughes, your comments were insightful.

      "California": As a fellow Californian, your comment about Romney's religion is discriminatory. I don't know how you can complain about racism, when you are making prejudice comments. The country was founded on religious freedom and it has never been a reason to judge another person fit for office.

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    27. Barb -mn says:

      Mr. Romney,

      You are a man of strength and wonderful qualities and character.

      If you did agree with the bailout of the banks, I am disappointed, if you did agree with the gm bailout, I am disappointed. But the words of this speech are golden.

      This government of America/Obama has to stop treating people as if babies. Teach them to pull up their own pants with their own hands. Health is a private matter leave it to the private sector. Get rid of the social programs and social engineering in public government schools. Get rid of government unions! Government unions no matter what and where, only admit the government protection of their own government corruption. Unions shouldn't be allowed in government. It's shameful and weak in education and wherever else they may be.

    28. shayna, los angeles, says:

      Well stated Romney. I completely agree that we should not approach countries in an apologetic manner, particularly when our purpose has always been to help them achieve the same freedoms that all are entitled to. The media neglects to show all of the positive outcomes of the war, the lives changed for the better and the bravery of our troops.

      As for Romney's viability as a presidential candidate in 2012, I think his business acumen and genuine concern for our country is evident to anyone who has taken the time to listen to him speak. I couldn't disagree more with California's comments, how could the fact that he belongs to a religion that teaches him to love his family and friends, to serve and abide by the laws be a detractor? Plus, living here in California, I have seen many who voted for him or who would be willing to in the future.

    29. Norma Miller, Vernon says:

      I agree with Mitt Romney wholeheartedly. He has a lot of common sense and doesn't act like the American people's money is his personally like Obama does. If Obama doesn't ruin our country completely before we get him out of the white house, I will certainly vote for Mitt Romney as President. We will need a lot of his common sense to take our country back. I wish the 4 years were already up that Obama is in there. He is a danger to this country.

    30. Dan Johnson Jakarta, says:

      Mr. Rom History is littered with fallen empires which put militarism as the purpose of the nationalism which decayed the societies which supported it.

      Reality is that the scope of everyones freedom is limited by the effects of the cumulative sum of the individual demands on the one earth we live on.

      All can not live and acheive a level of consumption and wealth like you or even the average American. Why is the American dream still your goal when it is nor even sustainable or acheivable under the system of irresposible consumption and exceptionalism exhibited by Americans. You have not the future in mind but retaining the past in some romantic fantasy for the future.

    31. Rob Ca. says:

      I think Romney makes some very good points, I hated "the apology tour' his best point was that the economy is the under pinning of a strong defense…along with any new/improved social agenda.

      That's where his strengths are – and that's where I wish Romney would speak. Obama's policies will destroy this country. Anyone remember Jimmy Carter? You're about to meet him on steroids.

    32. Kathryn, Louisville says:

      The purpose of the Constitution/government of the U.S., according to the preamble to said Constitution is to "provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty on ourselves and our posterity."

    33. David, Chicago says:

      Richard, Mitt Romney never supported the bailouts of General Motors and he was one of the first proponents for both GM and Chrysler in filing chapter 11. He was interviewed on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Nov. 11 2008, and he explained that bankrupcty was the only sure way to save both Chrysler and GM. Oh, and you can view this interview on YouTube under the title, "Bill O'Reilly memo 11/19: No bailout for the auto industry."

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    35. Joseph, Tampa Fl says:

      Romney pushed his state towards "universal health care" and look at the devastating affects his idea and legislation has had on their economy, a four (4) Billion — with a 'B' — dollar deficit. Romney is a progressive, believing he knows best and "We The People" need his majesty to save us from ourselves.

      I believe turning to Mitt Romney to fix all that is wrong with the Republican party will only result in increasing the power held by the Socialist Democratics hold in D.C.

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    37. David DeVries, Chica says:

      Richard, Mitt Romney never supported the bailouts of General Motors or Chrysler. In fact, he was one of the first proponents for both GM and Chrysler in filing chapter 11. On MSNBC's Morning Joe, Nov 11. 2008, Mitt Romney explained that the only way for the these companies to survive and get out from under the massive contract burdens of the UAW was through bankruptcy. If you wish to see this interview it is on YouTube titled under "Bill O'Reilly memo 11/19: No bailout for the auto industry." According to the Heritage Foundation the average UAW member earns about $83.00 a hour in base wages and benefits, while their non-union members earn about $45.00 dollars a hour. GM and Chrysler simply cannot compete with their foreign counterparts based in Right-to-work states.

    38. Mark, Houston says:

      I've noticed a couple of those ridiculous comments about Romney's Mormon religion… running the same old cannard that helped (allegedly) neutralize him in the previous campaign. Never again! I would be proud and honored to have a Mormon President Romney. I'm not a Mormon and don't personally care for that faith, but my opinion of another's faith is irrelevant.

      After Barry Obama and the Church of Jeremiah Wright, Romney being a Mormon will have no effect on his viability. Anybody who would withhold a vote due to his religion must definitely want a sad second Obama term. Romney continues to prove that he was indeed the best candidate, while Obama continues to prove that he is unfit to hold the highest office in the land. Can you say ONE TERM? Sure, sure… I knew you could!

    39. Lance says:

      To Richazrd, Hialeah: Romney was NOT in favor of the bank bailout.

      And to "Beverly Hills:" The 2008 elections are over, dude. So ditch the DNC talking points…you've got Barack Obama now! No need to worry about private health insurance, or Americans waging war, or "anybody else's freedom," because there's not gonna be much freedom under Obama…

      And I've never heard of a man inheriting wealth from another family before…

    40. TheBlackRepublican.C says:

      From my point of view,the point of view of a african-american male who is republican, I was impressed with the speech of Romney. I believe we can choose and support a person not simply based on his religious background, but on his value, his views, and potential for change. Romney may be the best choice for America, and the world in 2012.

    41. PATTYANNAMIA says:

      We need a leader such as Romney who understands the true role of government is to protect and empower it's people through freedom at home and abroad. BHO is the biggest disappointment ever in my 57 years ! His private agendas have smeared the hope for true change most Americans had hoped for. This is what Germans dealt with as Adolf Hitler marched them as a nation towards disrespect for human life – and nationalization of large industry. The freedom seekers and judeo christians were marginalized and targeted for destruction. Read history people. We can't count on our educators to even mention these important lessons of the past. God Bless America ! Fourth of July – celebrate freedoms of faith and life and liberty from government intervention – so long as we have a sliver left.

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    43. Prunella of Riversid says:

      This was a wonderful speech given by a great American who loves America!! I hope that Mitt Romney runs for President in 2012. I feel very strongly that the survival of a strong American military force to protect this nation depends largely upon his inspired leadership.

    44. Me, Indiana says:

      I wonder where we will be as a nation in 20 years, after our give away the farm president is through ransacking 200+ years of effort to build up. Will we be seen as a third world country or will we have made it out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression? None of us truly knows which it will be, but perpetual conciliatory efforts of this president put us in a painfully shameful position. Do we need to be shamed by our own president everywhere he goes?

      Home much longer can we stand to turn our industrial capacity to a rapacious eater of funds and giver of entitlements? When we have nothing here but the pervasive hand of the true Big Brother upon us, we will figure it out. We have lost our way as a nation and our national birth heritage has been tossed out with the bath water. When we are written about with phrases like "Post America" being bandied about freely, we have slipped on the banana peel we threw down for ourselves.

      Our nation wasn't concerned with hurting anyone's feelings when we felt threatened and we are as threatened now as ever, but we seem to be losing the minerals to keep our vigilance up.

      Did our national balls fall off? Of course they did; we are all too worried about the small things individual to us to be concerned with the fact the many in the world are salivating over our potential internal failure as a nation. Someone needs to hurry up and find them again or the speak softly and carry a big stick remarks of the elder Roosevelt will be moot.

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    47. brian hoskins. dalla says:

      don't worry about stupid health insurance if we will be attacked and not safe,lol.

    48. Geoff King, Calgary, says:

      It's ironic that Romney continually gets dismissed by those who say his Mormon religion disqualifies him from getting elected, while those same people ignored that Barack Obama worshipped 20 years in a racist, supremacist, Church of Black Liberation Theology.

    49. Jean, California says:

      A great speech from a REAL LEADER. Mitt Romney is a man of intellegence, strenght, conviction, and most important, integrity. He is the right person to get this great country back on track. Let's hope it is not too late to elect him in 2012, IF he allows us to have another chance. And, let's also hope Mr. Obama and the present day "leaders" in Washington will sit up and pay attention to what Mr. Romney said in this speech today. He is totally dead on when he says we need a stronger military and a country based on free enterprise. Otherwise this country will fail. I will never understand why so many people think their government is suppose to "take care of them". What ever happened to honest hard work and being responsible for your own self? It is that kind of thinking that is leading us right down the path we are headed: into a take over by a dictatorship, which is exactly what is happening in our country since the election. The only "change" I see in Washington is that of Mr. Obama's mind. He changes it everyday, hasn't anybody noticed? Can't people see the big picture? He and his banker friends are dictating to the banks, the automakers, the health care industry, and many more institutions about what to do. Meanwhile he is allowing paper money to be printed like no tommorrow with no gold backing, spending wildly on unnecesary things getting the USA in to deeper and deeper debt and deflating the dollar. Meanwhile, China is "investing" in America, owning more and more of our country. It is real nice to think that they want to be our cronies, but in the real world Romney is right about their agenda…the take over of our USA. I really hope and pray that someone out there is listening and that somehow we can get Romney in the White House even before 2012. We need a LEADER, not someone who is full of hot air. Which country are you really working for Mr. Obama?

    50. Keith, Raymond NH says:

      RUN MITT RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a man of integrity with a strong business ethic and understanding of what our great military needs. I am appalled with the lack of funding and hardship our troops are under and especially the lack of care our veterans so deservedly need and must receive. A President as we have now is not for strength by defense but strong on bail-outs which have done nothing more than alienate the common public of this great nation. So Mitt, run, I am a strong supporter and would love to be able to cast my vote for you in 2012. A registered Independent and not ashamed or afraid to vote for the best man for the highest position in the land.

    51. artinthewild Texas says:

      I think when it comes to building defense items, (vehicles, tanks, airplanes, etc.) we need to clean up the people who build them….13.00 for a nut, 256.00 for a toilet seat, etc…. that would cut in the expense – but don't go for the lowest bidder…doesn't anybody realize that's not always good?, but by all means, we do need our armed services, especially now with all the unrest throughout the world.

    52. Eddie, USMC VE says:

      The speech by Governor Romney as usual was great and one might think the Governor offers hope for a better tommorrow. Nevertheless it is clear to me that the Party he is a member of still has not got the message that I will need to see a clear difference from what the Democrats are giving us. Great speeches, and Obama like policies, that may save us a dime or two, a job or two, is not going to give the Governor my vote in 2012. President Obama and the Democrats have a Radical agenda and Republicans will need to have a Radical agenda, or Obama Wins! Obama Wins! Obama Wins!

    53. Normca says:

      To Karen, typical to California- we do not want anyone else fear mongering; do we ? The democrats have the franchise in that. When democrats say something its okay, but when Republicans say the same thing, its fear mongering or an attack. Don't let facts get in the way. I have a suggestion for you – go back and bury your head in the LA Times and keep your poison to yourself. No offense !

    54. Tom Iowa says:

      Look in the dictionary under Mitt Romney and you will see a picture of Ronald W Reagan next to it.

      Both followers of The Heritaage Foundation ideas and ideals..

      Mitt in 2012………….

    55. Eddie, USMC VE says:

      The speech by Governor Romney as usual was great and perhaps the Governor offers hope for a better tommorrow. Nevertheless, I still believe a clear difference must be established between the parties. Great speeches, and Obama like policies, that may save us a dime or two, a job or two,in my opinion, is not going to be a winner for the Republican Party.

    56. Terry B says:

      As usual, the liberals (socialists) still place their focus on programs rather than military. If things do not change one day we will all pay for their ignorance! It seems that the Republicans always have to come in and put our military in harm's way due to the lack of resolve from the liberals while in office. Clinton drastically weakened our military,and the Republicans were blamed for the lack of weapons and armour. This happens every time. Everyone , please try to remember this time because the same thing is happening again! The main purpose of our Govt is to protect it's people,not to baby them cradle to grave!!

      Wikkibudda (Above) nice quotes , too bad you don't understand what they mean. The Constitution is the American people! If America had not spread it's ideals and democracy throughout the world in the past,we would be a totally different world today. It is ashame that so many people have forgotten the importance of this!

      Under this Obama administration America is constantly being blamed for the ilks in the world,I am sick of hearing America being apologized for,we should be proud!

      To Karen in Redondo Beach,This administration has already succede in destroying this country. Obama tries to blame all on Bush,yet he turns around and blows over 2 trillion of money we do not have to build his socialist utopia. Furthermore , do a little research,the downfall of the economy originated from the housing crisis. The republicans tried to warn the democrat congress 3 years ago,and they wouldn't listen. Go to the internet and type in "Republicans warn of housing crisis" watch the video,see Barney Frank,Maxine Waters making fun of the Republicans,and saying all is fine and to leave them alone! Of course you won't see this on the Liberal media! Also Franklin Raines (Obama supporter) never had to pay back his millions in bonuses,even though they are more than all other bonuses combined!

      As far as the comments on war mongering,it's pretty pathetic to always say "war mongering",and the term "Neo Con" to justify peace at any cost. Let's just hope that the American people wise up in the next election before our enemies begin to take advantage of our weaknesses!

      Mitt Romney hit it on the nail,we are in dangerous times,and damn better be prepared to deal with it.

      America wake up!

    57. Dirty Harry , AZ says:

      Great speech of substance when compared to the rhetoric of Obama. I hope we have some people like Mitt run for the senate in 2010. We need to take back the senate. We need people in government who have been successful but unfortunately the cabinet has been built upon looser who have bankrupted their states.

    58. Jessi, California says:

      Since when do Mormon's believe the government should take care of us through numerous welfare systems paid for through hard-earned tax payer monies? Since when do Mormon's believe that abortions should be handed out willy nilly to any knocked up teenager that wanders into a clinic or that third trimester abortions are less than murder? Since when do Mormon's think we should have free healthcare provided to everyone that lives within America's borders even if they arrived illegally? Since when do Mormon's believe that we should bend over and take nukes up our arse from terrorist organizations and countries run by tyrants?

      Seriously, You vote for Obama that's what you voted for.

      From my understanding of the Mormon faith it's 'SELF-SUFFICIENCY' not hand outs that's preached from their pulpits, the sustaining of our basic freedoms to 'LIFE, liberty, and the *Pursuit* of happiness', and fighting the good fight to keep those freedoms in tact, AND most importantly 'in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law' (to all those illegal immigrants in our country and fraudulent tax-payers on the cabinet at the moment). Go review your Articles of Faith, most recent general conference talks, and your Book of Mormon.

      Romney's entire campaign in '08 centered around these principals and it's pathetic that you Obmamite-Mormons couldn't even pick up on that because you don't even know what your own religion is.

      The Liberal Messiah is doing *exactly* what he preached he would during his campaign and before (Yes, I actually read 'Dreams From My Father). It seems alright now but in another couple years when 50% of your grocery bill/gas bill/paycheck is going towards welfare programs and you haven't the money to cover your mortgage (once again) you'll be singing a different tune. Romney has proven his affluence in economic affairs time and time again and yet he's round-housed every time he pipes up about what needs to be or what should've been done. Get a grip, people, and realize that some people are more gifted in areas than others.

    59. Judy,IL says:

      I am just overwhelmed by the ignorance of the American people. Oh, I forgot the reason for their ignorance, they were dumbed down by the indoctrination in our public school systems by liberals. Go to the library and study the Constitution. Obama's sole job is to protect our Country and it's citizens. He and his administration could all be tried for Treason, they are usurping our country and need to be stopped. Romney us right on. We need to wake up and take back our country before we are a socialist nation.

    60. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Everyone has already stated the obvious! What has not been addressed and must be is the high probability of ither Iran or Korea or both, escorting their freighters ships, with their War ships, within two hundred miles of our West Coast.

      Both now have the capacity to launch nuclear missiles and have them explode over two hundred miles up, over Nebraska, crating an EMT, an Eltectro Magnetic Pulse. This would wipe out the majority of all our electirical systems. Planes would fall. Cars would not run. No phones, no computers, no comunications! What is Obama doing? Reducing our anti-missle defence to what is left in Alaska and in California. Not enough and to late to respond.

      What do you do in a Nation where food cannot be havested? Food cannot be frozen, canned, distributed? Police coordination cannot be done? Military comunication with overseas is impossible?

      What can you do with a President who blame America for the World's problems and appologizes for Americans being the cause? What can be done when a man who knows the Constitution is designed to be Laws to control Federal Government, turns those same Laws against its Citizens?

      We are running out of room and time to keep on debating this my friends. Let all in "Elected Power" know your will through writing, e-mails, phone calls, public forums, anyway you can that is within the four corners of our Constitution, its Ammedments and our Bill of Rights!


    61. James Green, NM says:

      Excellent & thought provoking! Makes one wonder what the hell 'O' is doing – or trying to do to our free loving country. Oh! I know he wants us to be subserves to the govt. Well – if we do not fund our military needs – we probably will not have to worry any more. If this guy wants marshall law from the ones whom will reject his polocies then – lock an load. I am real tired of all this fast moving take over of our freedoms, capitalism, and our pursuit of property. JWG

    62. Jim--Texas says:

      The order of Nature is that individual happiness shall be inseparable from the practice of Virtue. –Thomas Jefferson.

      When the citizens of this Nation learn to discern a self-serving, greedy politician from an honest, patriotic citizen and then vote to fill leadership positiions (from School Boards to City Councils to County Commissions to State Offices to the Congress) accordingly, we will remain in trouble.

      Do our citizens even know right from wrong anymore? Are our Moms and Dads and schools and institutions of higher learning even capable of teaching right from wrong anymore? No!

      Everywhere we look, we see examples of greed and corruption and the worship of an "easy" life of "taking unfair advantage" of others in order to feather our own nests.

      'Til we learn to perform the most basic of our responsibilities, which is to provide our children the love and care and education all children deserve, we will continue living in this stench our society has become.

      WE ARE GETTING WHAT WE DESERVE!! Remember that everytime you look into the eyes of that skinny Muslim reading the teleprompter.

    63. James Green, NM says:

      Question – How did Gov. Rommey make his fortune? What business was he in? I am an architect constantly looking for projects. Would he have any advice or suggestions? Thanks. JWG

    64. Elaine, Keokuk, Ia says:

      I am a Mormon and would definitely vote for Romney. I have been subjected to the old worn-out anti-Mormon ideas and those minds don't seem to care much about someone who does not have a religion at all, only they are ready to attack a religion they know very little about…Mitt is very intelligent and will lead America out of the hole Obama has dug for us and into prosperity and military dominance, the latter we need to keep from being ruled by some other country….

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    67. Ross writes, Flori says:

      Gov Romney, why did you and Gov Hucklebee desert the conservatives when this nation was deciding the fate of the United States through the election of our president? Both of you being men of great spiritality and faith, had you no faith in the liberty-loving American people or the faith that Divine Intervention is a strong possibility for men and women of faith?

      I still believe that the United States of America is the world's only hope for individual liberty for all and was created by Divine Intervention in the affairs of men to the reset a divine course of free men and what they can do. God bless America! Bring forth your faith and lead in righteousness?

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    69. Chris, FL says:

      People buy insurance for their homes and cars, not because they hope they will need it but to defend themselves from the unexpected. Nations do the same except it is called National Defense, without it you expose yourself to all the costs of the things you fear or are oblivious to that might happen.

      Without a strong military all the other guaranties of our Constitution are only words on paper.

      Why do people build fences around their property. Wear I live it is not uncommon to see coyotes on the prowl. Would my child be safe in our yard? Maybe yes but maybe no. I cannot assure the yes so I must make contingencies for the no.

      As a nation we are a contradiction of terms. We are both the child and the parent. As such we establish the rules and protect the child. Any good parent knows there are sacrifices to made to protect our children's welfare, the child in turn learns that the parent provides security. What parent has not heard the call at night of "Mommy" or "Daddy".

      As a nation we must bear the responsibility. First and foremost we must be prepared to answer the call whether it comes or not.

    70. Judy, Carlsbad, CA says:

      What a different US this would be if Romney was President. No out of control spending, no gov't owning car companies and a CINC that knows that we are done for if we are not protected by a strong military. He would be a wonderful President and a gift for this country.

    71. Ron, ILL. says:

      I read all of Rommy's speech and read it very closely. He has hit the nail on the head. We had better take his remarks close to our hearts. Someone (above) made a remark that it just may be time for all of us to go to the polls in 2010 and level the playing field in our congress. That would be a good start toward 2012 don't you think? Wake up America!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE.

    72. Bob, Whitefish, MT says:

      A fine speech and very characteristic of Mitt Romney's candor, clear thinking, and moral compass. As to those who have commented here about his Mormon faith, I went to an Episcopal secondary school in Michigan with Mitt, and I can state from my own experience that he would never trumpet his religion nor hold it over anyone else's. The Romneys were simply a wonderful family in our community, constantly giving back to all of us through public service, volunteerism, and successful efforts in the private sector. Most of us in our town never thought about Mitt's father, George Romney, as the Mormon governor of Michigan. He was, first and foremost, our governor, and was widely respected for his effective and compassionate service. We knew the family was Mormon, just as they knew we were Presbyterian, and the next family was Jewish or Unitarian. Anyone who holds up Mitt Romney's faith as a reason to oppose his quest for any public office is doing him — and all of us — an enormous injustice. He is precisely the man we need to lead us out of the predicament Obama has placed us in.

    73. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Very good speech If Mitt will throw his support behind Sara Palin Now, America will have a chance to reverse some of the damage caused by those in power now. Sara is our best choice for 2012

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    76. Linda Maddox, Carlsb says:

      This was a very informed speech. I think this admin. is more concerned on taking over our economy then caring about our military. I am very concerned about the old equipment. Since this admin. is ruining our economy, I don't think they even care about our military!I read an article about the heat and how the guys are getting sick, it really upsets me. Who is watching our for these young men and women?

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