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  • Monthly Archives: May 2009

    The EU Goes Fishin'

    Fierce negotiations began in Brussels today over European fishing quotas – who can fish what and how much – an annual spectacle which takes place under the auspices the massively failed, and hugely expensive Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Over the past quarter of a century, the CFP has laid bare … More

    Morning Bell: The Recession Did Not Create Our Entitlement Crisis

    Reuters reports: Recession Hurts Medicare and Social Security. The New York Times blares: Recession Drains Social Security and Medicare. And CNN follows suit: Recession Hits Social Security Hard. This spin all comes out of the Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees annual report which is signed by Obama Treasury … More

    Obama Spending Trends Charted

    So, would President Obama’s budget plan really increase deficit spending much more than other modern presidents? Well, yeah, to the tune of seven times more, measured as a percentage of economic output, than under President Kennedy over 45 years ago — as you can see in  this chart. It’s one … More

    Cap and Corruption: The Fraud behind Carbon Reduction Targets (Part 7 in a 10-part series)

    If former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, the greenest of all the greens, the man who played an integral role in starting the Environmental Protection Agency and passing the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, opposes cap and trade, it’s probably not a good idea. Here’s what Nader told the New … More

    The IEA on the Financial Crash

    The Institute for Economic Affairs, the prestigious British think-tank, has released a comprehensive, two hundred page long, study of the causes of the financial crash. Its conclusion is that “Government failure had a leading role in creating the conditions that led to the crash.” As the IEA sums it up, … More

    Sen. Mike Enzi on Health Care Reform

    Fresh out of a roundtable hearing in the Senate Finance Committee this morning on models for financing health care reform, Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming said Congress will need to take a bipartisan approach as it prepares to markup and debate major health care reform legislation. “And I don’t mean … More

    Guest Blog: Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) Uncovers EPA Deception

    EPA Holds ‘Smoking Gun’ Memo from the White House [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-SvGLPjm5w[/youtube] Today I exposed a “smoking gun” White House memo to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The memo warns that regulation of small CO2 emitters will have “serious economic consequences” for businesses and the overall economy. I was questioning EPA Administrator … More

    Whoopi Finally Gets It

    Now, if only she can convince President Obama to stop proposing even more new taxes, like today’s Soda Tax, yesterday’s Estate Tax hike proposal or the grandaddy of them all, the Global Warming Tax. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDd1zmKu64U[/youtube]

    Russia vs EU’s Eastern Partnership

    Moscow is viewing  the EU’s new project – the Eastern Partnership – with suspicion. The Kremlin believes the decision to establish the group (made up of the six post-Soviet nations – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia) would weaken Russia’s clout in the post-Soviet space and hurt Moscow’s politic … More

    Obama's Growing Credibility Gap

    Last week the Department of Labor released an employment report showing that U.S. employers shed 611,000 private sector jobs in the first three months of this year bringing the nation’s unemployment rate to 8.9%. This was bad news for Americans but even worse news for the Obama administration. In January … More