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  • What Next? American Flag Edition

    Earlier this week, Debbie McLucas, a supervisor at Kindred Hospital in Mansfield, Texas, was told she would have to take down a 3×5 American flag that she had hung near her desk in an office she shares with three other supervisors. Her boss told her a fellow supervisor, who had immigrated to the United States from Africa 14 years earlier, found it “offensive.” The hospital says it received other complaints from visitors. These must be the type of hospital visitors who stumble upon staff offices as well as close their eyes walking into the building, since the stars and stripes waves proudly outside.

    Well, sometimes these stories work out. After mounting public pressure and protests, the hospital system relented, mumbled some excuses, and allowed McLucas to re-hang the flag. All’s well that ends well, right? Not really. According to hospital policy, it only took one person to complain before the flag was removed. It required a nationwide protest to get the flag reinstalled. Isn’t there a certain backwards logic to this story? McLucas, a proud mother of a combat medic in Iraq, with military sons and a military husband, was put through a terrible ordeal, and for what? Her words were: “I find it very frightening because if I can’t display my flag, what other freedoms will I lose before all is said and done?” Exactly. What’s next?

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    41 Responses to What Next? American Flag Edition

    1. Danielle , Maine says:

      Dear fellow Americans…

      I am a "refugee" from Canada. I came to this country 16 years + ago on a working permit…Today I am a prould american and I love God and my USA flags. For all of you legal and illegals immigrants, please if you dislike this country go back to your native country. There is a line of people waiting to have a piece of the American dream. They are waiting to be able to fly their USA flags.

    2. markelder texarkana says:

      A standard rule that should be envoked on all people entering America or wanting to become a citizen is "Does the American flag offend you?" and if it does then get out of our country and be refused entry or citizenship!

    3. Andrew, New York says:

      This is unacceptable. If we have to apologize for displaying the flag in our own country, the next thing would be to raise the appropriate banner of the one who was offended. If they had no allegiances, then the skull and crossbones might be a flag to go under, seeing that our country is being stolen by our own stupidity.

    4. Ty, CA says:

      Even though unfortunate there is nothing wrong with this. As a private business they have the right to dictate any policy it wants. As at will employees you are under their rules.

      This has to remain so as there is only individual rights and the rights of ownership which must be protected. If this was a Government facility we may have a problem.

    5. John Cheeseman says:

      What I am finding to be an increasing problem is that people in the U.S. pick and choose what they want to believe. There is no fact placed into many decisions. This hospital for example. So what if it cost an untold amount of people there lives to give us the liberties we have today, so what if our decisions today will cost the future of our children everything. I don't care about anything but my paycheck at the end of the week or month. That is the mentality of these morons.

      McLucas is concerned and rightfully so. At the same time if we don't stand up for the truth who will? They want to be cowards? Then justify themselves in the name of some corrupt form of toerance? Alot of that going on these days. The has been prophesied by God and warned about by our Founding Fathers to happen if our Consitution was not followed by it's original intent.

      How many people are farmiliar with Charles Montesquieu? A French lawyer whose political writtings were, of those used, the most commonly used for political thought of our Founding Fathers in creating the Constitution.

      We are not living under original intent and it is our job to make sure those politicians are doing the job they should. Montesquieu said…"Society, notwithstanding all its revolutions, must repose on principles that do not change"

      He also stated and these things in his book "Spirit of Laws", "The Christian religion, which ordains that men should love each other, would without doubt have every nation blest with the best civil, the best politicallaws; decause these, next to this religion, are the greatest good that men can give and recieve.

      We need to return to original intent.

      I am very happy the Flag was returned to it's position and the hospital should be ashamed for removing it in the first place.

    6. Keith Price,Morrilto says:

      When it comes down to this kind of treatment we need to stand together and petition the congress and senate to change the policies. We are "Americans" after all and these people who migrate here for a better life should adapt to our beliefs!! Not the other way around!! Someone please start a petition for our rights!!!

    7. David - Pittsburgh, says:

      That is outrageous! No Honor, Patriotism, Intergrity in her boss; who most likely is a immigrant themself. If the person from Africa is offened they should get on a plane and go back to their war torn Africa. If they don't like America get the hell out.

    8. Larry, in the Republ says:

      I can't believe there has been no comment on this yet! Of course Mr. Cooper tends to erase all my comments on his posts' so I don't expect this one to stay either. But I'll refuse to quit trying, so here it goes. This SEEMS to be a Hospital type mentality as much as a case of people forcing PATRIOTS, who have a sense of pride in our Nation, to cower down to the system! Hospitals are basically Liberal in nature because a "CARING" spirit is "usually" found to be prevelant in that atmosphere. So when a fracture of spirit among those who lead or command, is brought forth, the the primary response is to "cut out the 'cancer' before it spreads". Unfortunately thinking doesn't always predeed the inexcusable actions. Just take a look at how this Congress has behaved if you need a down home visual on living for the next "crisis" you must take advantage of!!! Now-DELETE/enter and think about the truth we are refusing to SEE! Maybe if our Patriot manager had offered to burn that flag in the presence of the African, things would be all better, huh? I know it wouldn't bother Obama in the least, because HE hates this Country and has abhorantly apologized for us.

    9. Robert Rodes says:

      While I completely agree that someone ought to be able to display the American flag by her desk, and I feel that the individual who protested needs to become more tolerant of views not his own, I suspect that characterizing this as a "terrible ordeal" for this person overstates the case. If not, then she needs to temper her idealism with realism and relax a bit. If so, as I suspect, then the blogger might wish to avoid incendiary characterizations such as this. They only alienate those who are undecided, and so serve the opposite purpose of that intended.

    10. TAMMY STOKES TN. says:

      OUR COUNTRY IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Back in the day the one complaining about the AMERICAN FLAG would have been told thats too bad!! I don't get all this butt kissing of all these minorities!! Just one person complains and they get their way. I'm sick of it. I want it the way it used to be, before the gays,aclu,atheist,muslims,illegals etc… started controlling everything that AMERICA stands for!

    11. Barb -mn says:

      I'm not sure why immigrants come to America then turn around and complain frivolously, being offended by America. Intolerance isn't suppose to be accepted? It seems immigrants and government is unacceptable of America and her people as much tax dollars and attention go to appease immigrants way of life? It is saddening and disappointing and a direct violation of the constitution.

    12. Debbie, Arkansas says:

      Debbie McLucas is absolutely right. I applaud her for not backing off and for standing up to the nitwits of PC. If more of us would say "no" to them, then these types of stories would be fewer. As with the Prayer in Schools issue from 1962, it took only one person, Madeline Murray O'Hare, to change a long-standing tradition in much of American education. We did nothing and allowed it to steam roll through our nations schools…..and now we are paying the price in so many ways. This should not happen in America. Disagreement and dissent are fine – to a point. But the very symbol of our nation become "offensive" to an immigrant – how far off the path have we trod?

    13. Brian H, Lynnwood, W says:

      I was one of those that sent an email to the hospital.

      I received a response after the flag was returned. The response stated that the co-worker, another manager, was the one that complained, and also took down the flag. It stated the complainer was issued a "stern warning concerning the hospitals ethics concerning this issue".

      I decided to look at the positive side, as more and more lies are being passed for truth, law abiding Americans everywhere are beginning to stand up and refuse to be silent anymore.

      Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the Revolution, finally.

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    15. Daniel Flinchum Atla says:

      Its too bad that we Americans can not show our patriotism in our own country anymore…or is it our own?

    16. Monica, St. Marys, G says:

      David from Pittsburgh, I couldn't have said it better myself. These people want to come here from war torn countries or regions where freedom is unheard of and then want to strip our freedoms when they arrive and take residence on our soil. It's absurd. They need to look around and count their blessings before they begin scratching at our nerves and piercing our hearts with their careless complaints and outlandish requests.

    17. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The point is the fact the the "fellow supervisor" that complained was not born in this country but has come here to take advantage of what this country has to offer. But what is most interesting is he/she is from Africa, thus most likely black and may or may not be a citizen. I would be willing to bet the others that complained are also most likely not citizens. Ms.

      McLucas's boss who forced her to take down our flag should be fired and those that complained shold have been shown the street, kicked out

      with a boot up their —!

    18. Jerry (Sarge), Tenne says:

      I proudly served my country 3 times in Viet Nam, I also proudly fly the American Flag in my yard. If anyone is offended by this, come and take it down, I dare you, I really, really dare you.

    19. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Even for those who don't want to believe there are changes in our society today that bode ill, considering to ban the display of our flag should wake you up. Perhaps the artilce in Pravda is correct – we are giving up our freedoms without a whimper. You would think that the people would be demanding the ouster of this administration and the democrat party after seeing what they have done and their intent – to destroy the American Democratic Republic established by our Founding Fathers.

    20. OLgrunt,Missouri says:

      As a veteren this tren is very disturbing. I gave my country 20 years of my life and if i have too I'll do it again.This country has been bambuseled and we need to find our heart again.

    21. Barbara Prescott, Bo says:

      As a hospital within the borders of the United States it is appropriate and essential that our citizens display the flag as a symbol of our patriotism and unity….. the flag of the United States should wave freely in all public and private spaces where life and liberty is present….

    22. tim - nicholson pa says:



      GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Kahu, Hawai`i says:

      God bless America and God bless Debbie McLucas and her family and her family's sacrifice for the defense of our freedom. It is an education issue. The general public has been educated to believe half truths and suppositions of what is "acceptable" or "socially correct". Its happy holidays instead of Christmas and overseas contingency plan rather than war on terrorism. It is the richness of personal life stories instead of blind justice on the law rather than empathy. The battle for the hearts and minds of our nation continues and it is a daily struggle that needs to be waged with vigor until we can claim victory. Keep up the good fight in respect, diligence and common sense.

    24. susan-virginia says:

      Ok people lets get this straight this is AMERICA,correct! These people coming here from other countries need to realize if they dont like us dont come here. We are not changing to suit them . If you want socializm there is plenty of that elsewhere, leave the USA alone.

    25. Thomas H. Helbig USA says:


    26. Carole P., Whitman, says:

      I'm a female veteran (USMC- VietNam-era),and I'm offended by the "immigrant's" taking offense.

      If the employer had persisted in denying Ms. McLucas the right to display the flag, I would have suggested that she display a large picture of her daughter, IN UNIFORM, in her cubicle. I'd like to see anyone try to take offense at that.

    27. Ron Thompson says:

      It slay me that the PC police have the audaticty to subvert the Amercian symbol of freedom. The other annoying fact is that, as American's simple cave in to the Obama's administration marxist and leninst agenda. Today, GM caved so now the government owns , major banks, car companies, news media, and soon the handcuff's will really come on! All of this is accomplished under the guiese of "sacrafice for the future"! At this rate there is no future for us, our children and our greatgrand children. This is not a passing fad, this is forever!

    28. Brad L, Phoenix says:

      Where is the real ACLU when the civil rights of an individual are infringed upon. They must have really been caught in a bind. Female patriot displaying the American Flag vs. African immigrant who was offended by the sight of the flag in the workplace, while at the same time, reaping the benefits of living in America.

    29. Judy, WV says:

      This is not a joke. There really is a conservative in WV and I'm proud to be an American. I didn't make the choice to serve in the military, but if I were young,single, and healthy today that's where I'd be. My husband did. I am very proud of our flag and proud of those who have fought and died to defend what it stands for. People with our ideals usually aren't the ones out there demonstrating and voicing our opinions, we've been too busy working and paying taxes. Well, perhaps we should take a day off and make up for lost time. Fly your flag and fly it proudly every day. I am.

    30. Valentino P. Procida says:

      I'm so tired of hearing things like this of people that come to America Finding so many offenive things that bother them,When my parents came to America They were happy to be here and were very proud of the America Flag and what it stood for.What's going on in this country now is truly a shame, I have had to listen to near two years of "It's time for Change" That change everyone voted for will have their great grandchildren Children paying for what's the change man his been doing. When my parents came here they came to become Americans not make America the same place they came from. If these people are not happy being here why don't they go back to where they came from and stop trying to make America the place they came from. Wake up America, and take back your country before it's to late, we truly do have to make change people, It's time we take our country back out of the hands of those that are running it into the ground.

    31. Joe, Texas says:

      It would take several people to remove my office flag. And that would just be Round 1.

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    33. Jean,Missouri says:

      How sad that "termites" have established such a strong presence in the foundations of our beloved country. They appear to have the same attributes as the community organizers in that they have pretty well covered the nation, with their focus on invading the leadership ranks of all major and minor affiliations in our society. We must recognize the "Trojan Horse" in every area of our society. The spotlight of TRUTH will reveal their presence and the hypocrisy of intent. Although they change appearance and behavior, at times projecting images as wise and mature, actions and results reveal TRUTH. Like cream, it will always rise to the surface. BE NOT AFRAID! HOPE AND PRAY!

    34. Jean,Missouri says:


    35. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I am an American. I am Proud to be one. I stand in awe of our Flag and know in my heart of hearts and to the depths of my soul, that my allegiance is Pledged to this Flag, and to no man, woman or ideal!

      I fly my Flag at my house, on my vehicles and my motorcycle and wear it proudly on my person. I do so to make a Stand and a Statment; I'm proud to be an American and if that upsets you, that's your problem, not mine!


    36. Owen, Tennessee says:

      As a disabled veteran I find the actions of the supervisor from Africa and the management of the hospital distasteful. It is very apparent that the leaders of the hospital don’t have a backbone and need to be removed from their position. If I lived in this community I sure would not use the services of this hospital again and I would recommend others to ask themselves, “would I want these people taking care of me and my loved ones” if this is the attitude they have for the American flag.

      As far as I’m concerned any disrespect to this country will not be tolerated. I and many others have given up any chance of having a normal life and not enough people remember that the freedoms they enjoy don’t come free.

    37. David - Pittsburgh, says:

      Thank you Monica, St. Marys, GA

      What we need is someone or all of us to Stand Up and and take back our Country. The goverment works for us we do not work for them. We need to educate our children, our neighbors about what is right or wrong. Their is to many Libs teaching our children in school. They have been slapped with blinder and don't see the whole picture. We need more Constitutional Lawyers and Judges. They take a oath to protect and up hold the Costitution but when they do not, we don't charge them with Treason to the Constitution with which we should. They just get a slap on the wrist. The penalty for Treason use to be: Being hung, shot, disembowed, drawn and quartered and then burned. This seems today as a little extreme but to set that fear of such punishment for Treason They would think Twice. What happed to the legal system and justice for our Costitution, Our lives, Our freedom, and our persuit of happiness.

      I must Say "Who Stoled our Country" and we must get it back.

      God Bless America, and the souls of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom.

      God, Country, And Family

    38. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Welcome to America,where we Speak English and fly

      Our Flag where We want to!

      We The People!

    39. lillian harris caldw says:

      If that person that complained about the American Flag is not a us citizen, than why are they still allowed in this country. If they did become a citizen, I would see this as a form of treason, or even this person a threat to our country. Why is she here, if our flags offends her so. It is all about, and always has been about money and power, and who has it, and who wants it more. We the people are only here to go die for them. The fact that America has let so many people come here from other countries and become citizens, with requirements of mainly spending a few years here and than take a test. When one of them becomes a citizen, they then start slowly but surely bringing their whole family here, and then they send the men back to marry a female of their home country, whom then in a matter of years gets to come over to our country with her whole family with her, and they all work for the first person who became the citizen. They all work for this person a number of years, he provides room and board and shows them how to work and use the American system and school education to their advantage in a matter of years, they own half your town and you don't even know it, but they did it all legally because of ours laws. It only takes money, but then we give them that too! We cannot get back our country, we don't know who has it, except we know that,"we the people don't!"

    40. Lucien Lacour, Tracy says:

      I'm offended that those opposing the exhibition of MY FLAG in my country are offended and that they didn't stay home or better yet, go back from whence they came. I'll be more than happy to contribute to a Go Home one way ticket fund. Any other contributers. "L"

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