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  • The UK Strikes Back

    White House Press Secretary ROBERT GIBBS

    The Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom Director Nile Gardiner responds to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs anti-British press tirade in today’s Telegraph:

    This kind of attack would normally be made against the likes of the North Korean or Iranian state media, but in the current climate of “engagement” with America’s enemies the White House is far more likely to attack its own allies. Gibbs’ remarks have echoes of a senior State Department official’s anti-British statements to The Sunday Telegraph after the appalling handling of the Prime Minister’s visit in March.

    Can you imagine Gibbs making these remarks about The New York Times or The Washington Post, or NBC, ABC or CBS? This would never happen. The British press, especially the Telegraph, has been singled out because they frequently publish articles critical of the Obama administration and are not afraid to take on the status quo in Washington. Increasingly, millions of Americans are turning to online UK news websites for cutting edge reports on American politics and U.S. foreign policy that the mainstream media refuses to cover in the States, especially if it is unflattering to the Obama White House.

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    5 Responses to The UK Strikes Back

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Obama carries an inbred hatred for the British government sowed by his father based on Colonial experience of Kenya. Obama is not for America or its Constitution. He hates America (ruled by the whites in his view) and unfortunately, he has become a president.

    2. Worldbfree4me says:


      Nothing could be further from the truth about our 44th President. True, your father and grand and great grand father alike may have despised minorities and other non white/anglo ethnicities which gives credence to your apparent thought process. Make no mistake about it, people of color have been to hell and back. Michelle Obama who attended Princeton, wrote her thesis on being Black in America proving that while blacks and other people of color have a lot of opportunity, those opportunities still are few and far between.And opportunity my friend levels the playing for all to achieve their dreams. "Be careful who you look down on, because one day you may have to look up them." Bfree

    3. jr., Michigan says:

      thank god for the british press and their ability to see through liberal, pompus, elitist b.s.

    4. Neoquasiantidisestab says:

      Obama represents America like Brown represents Britain.

    5. Barb -mn says:

      Seems more often then not, whenever somebody speaks from the Obama administration, they or someone else has to explain what was said or meant to be said. Not very skillful in the communicable area and wasting time and money with their coded messages.


      Forgive me, but who are you to say people of color have been to hell and back? Many people struggle through their lives to hell and back. Only, most people who aren't of color struggled with no government resources to help them out of their hell.

      People have come right out to say "they feel inferior." A feeling is something that a person can break from. To call this to the attention of the public as written in a local newspaper screams for "pity-us." No laws were broken. There is absolutely no reason today for anyone to feel inferior unless they have a complex. Most likely induced by city/local governments and society. So they will look and spin for reasons to feel inferior or discriminated against instead of using their energy in a more productive way. This is brought on for another increase in taxes for another government tax paid program in the works. Just for the weakness of mankind.

      People have to pull up their own pants, live their lives without the inferiority complex, if they choose. Get over themselves, and deal with issues other then their own personal issues. Stop desperately looking for attention from the government teat…

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