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  • Romney on North Korea Next Monday

    This past Monday after North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests, President Barack Obama said, “North Korea is directly and recklessly challenging the international community” and warranted action by the international community.

    Since that time North Korea has: restarted its weapons grade nuclear plant, disavowed the 1954 armistice that ended the Korean War, and threatened military strikes against South Korea is they participated in U.S. efforts to intercept shipping to North Korea.

    In that same time, President Obama flew to Beverly Hills to raise $4 million for the Democratic National Committee.

    The American people deserve better protection. Next Monday, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will deliver an address at the Navy Memorial Burke Theater assessing the Obama administration’s response to Pyongyang, America’s larger leadership role in the world, and the need to adequately fund America’s national security efforts at no less than 4% of GDP for at least the next decade.

    The event is part of Heritage’s Protect America Month, and you can register to attend the event here.

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    10 Responses to Romney on North Korea Next Monday

    1. Brock, Tampa says:

      I hope we Republicans don't repeat with Romney our mistake with Reagan in forcing him to thrice run before nominated. He's a unique figure for this time and place and our present ills, but Americans won't be able to consider him if Republicans re-block him with culture warriors concerned with second and third tier litmus-test issues, plus venom and vitriol.

    2. Monica says:

      I agree, Brock. Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified for this place in time to lead us out of this mess. Let's hope the GOP is smart enough to realize the opportunity they have with Mitt who willl appeal to a wide array of Americans who will be looking for experience, competence, wisdom and leadership.

    3. Kyle, Lansing says:

      Brock…I completely agree. Mitt Romney has been Reaganesc (not sure on the spelling) since he started running for President. The mere fact that the media fights against Mitt so hard and make him out to be a flip-flopper…which he is not…is becuase they know that Mitt is just like Reagan and they are afraid that if Mitt were to get the Republican Nomination, Obama would be toast. Nominate Mitt=United Republicans…Nominate someone else=possible divided party. BROCK…Just wanted to let you know that I agree with you.

    4. Larry, Miami says:

      Couldn't agree more. I hope next Monday's address is just the beginning of what should be a very careful campaign to position Mitt as the new voice of the party.

    5. Debbie, Boston says:

      I don't know of anyone more qualified to save our country from the depths it is sinking. The candidate of hope the next time around will be Mitt, and with good reason, not just talk. He has the real background to be our President, and has dealt with pulling up an organization that was floundering.

    6. Normca says:

      Mitt Romney was the right person in 2008, but was knocked out by the duo; McCain and Huckaby in West Virginia. Now the former Arkansas governor is a comic on Fox and John is working with the democrats on amnesty. Mitt Romney has terrific business sense, experience in reversing negative aspects and the qualifications to fix problems. He should be the voice of the Republican party and the opportunity is here and now. The person that should be the voice of the party has made one speech since his election; it was a good one, but it was like the wind as it came and went. My support is for Mitt Romney.

    7. JAB, Spring Lake, Mi says:

      Hopefully, Romney will turn out to be "The Man" for 2012. Even my southern friend who hob-nobs all over the ballot, and told me "I always vote for the cutest guy.", would unknowingly vote for the right GUY. A proven, for the people who put him in office, Politician. Except for his health care iniative in Massachusetts, and his chauvanistic remark about Sarah Palin, during his tour with former Gov. Bush. Hopefully, she could be his running-mate. WHAT A TICKET THAT WOULD BE! BRAINS, CHARM, GOOD LOOKS,fANTASTIC EXPERIENCE,MORAL VALUES, AND ALLEGIANCE TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. WOW!

      Can't wait to hear his address, wish i could be there.

    8. Tom Iowa says:

      Mitt in 2012, and no-one else.. this man has more political , financial and world knowledge than the whole of the Democratic Congress put together.

      The Republican party needs to remove its head from its a## and get him nominated..

    9. Judy, Michigan says:

      I agree with all of the above. He was my choice in 2008. Unfortunately, that did not work out. Let's make sure that he is the one for 2012.

    10. Janet P. Apple Valle says:

      Romney; saved the Winter Olympics for Utah and America. He could save of from this mess. I pray, it shouldn't be allowed to go on further…

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