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  • Results of the Owe-bama Debt-O-Rama

    President Obama recently said,

    One hundred days ago, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in half a century, we passed the most sweeping economic recovery act in history…One hundred days later, we are already seeing results.”

    President Obama is right: In the last one hundred days, the U.S. economy has lost over 2 million jobs.

    The President inherited a recession and a huge budget deficit. Finding the deficit not yet huge enough, he argued for a lot more, pushing the total toward $2 trillion and putting the United States on course to double the national debt in just 5 years.

    At a photo-op at Nellis Air Force Base the President claimed his stimulus had “saved or created” 150,000 jobs. When employment drops by 2 million, exactly how is his deficit spending supposed to have saved or created any jobs? It didn’t. This is another phony number conjured out of wishful thinking and trotted out by the President to justify a disastrous fiscal policy.

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    33 Responses to Results of the Owe-bama Debt-O-Rama

    1. Pamela Pockrandt alo says:

      How far does the current disaster from the economy to national security have to go before there is the point of no return ?

    2. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      Obama's political savvy has shown through. Of course he can't prove his claim that the Stimulus has saved a single job. However, the cost for each new job is staggering.

      Where is Obama going to get this money? The Chinese are reluctant to fund the Stimulus because Obama will have to start printing money to cover the debt. This will drive up inflation and drive down the value of any Chinese investment in debt notes.

      Taxation seems to be Obama's only way out. States, too are in the taxation bind, trying to come up with new and creative ways to extort more hard earned money from those that earned it. ( for a list of the more interesting taxation ideas, you can visit:
      http://firstconservative.com/blog/political-humor… )

    3. Ed McMahan says:

      If the president's claims are so untrue, which of course anyone who can 2 + 2 must know they are untrue, i have a hard time understanding why the American people are not screaming about these lies! Yes I know the "Tea Parties" are a good start, but it seams that the "drive by" media has convinced many Americans that the Parties are just a bunch of radicals. The direction this country is being lead reminds me of the movie "Bridge Over the River Kwaii." Cooperation with the enemy never works! At least at the end of the movie, after some of his countrymen have been sacrificed, Alec says "What have I done?" Wake up America, come to your senses before someone blows up our bridge.

    4. Grace, Florida says:

      I love the Owe-bama line.

    5. Vincent Kolber, Chic says:

      We also need to count what happened the moment of the election in the first week of last November. The certainty of a tax and spend President was a halting jolt to the economy. Rail car loadings dropped nearly 15% election week and have been down more than 20% ever since. This economy has not yet bottomed. Remember the the tax cut that became effective in Q208. It worked and Q208 was a growth quarter. Tax rate cuts are the most immediate means to stimulate and balance the economy so all I can do is hope that the merchant of hope will see the light before it is to late.

    6. Keith somewhere in t says:

      Facts and figures, who needs them? Owe-bama and Big Media has an agenda to promote.

    7. HOUSTON says:



    8. Judy Page, Michigan says:

      I agree with the above (Ed McMahan) but, who do you scream to? Is anyone out there, "drive by" media, listening?

    9. Margaret Mueller, CA says:

      In order for the American people to "scream about these lies" we would have to have a media that tells the truth. How different would our nation be if the media graphically reported the truth about increases in federal spending, increases in regulation of energy, and the cost to American families? What if the main stream media vetted Obama's appointments for the political, social and emotional baggage they bring to their jobs? What if Oprah talked about the difference between emotional justice and legal justice? What if the media vetted ACORN the way it deserves to be vetted? Unfortunately, real anger isn't going to be expressed until people in the urban-coastal cities start to hurt the way the fifty percent that live in the Heartland do. When Obama's policies take from their paycheck, rob them of their homes, heat or air conditioning, transportation, food and healthcare for their loved ones — then they will wonder what has happened to America, because it wasn't always this way. These are the real human interest stories that the media would be airing every night in a Republican administration to prove how heartless conservatives are — but will we ever see the stories of how Obama is systematically destroying the white middle class and the quality of life Americans have earned? I doubt it, yet the legacy of the Obama Administration will be misery for all, and, as people start to realize how racist Obama and his administration are, a racial division in this country that will eclipse the suspicion and resentment that immigrants faced in the early twentieth century. I predict that it will be centuries before America elects another President of color.

    10. RJ Cross, Muncie, I says:

      We keep hearing the flashes that the economy is begining to turn around that the rate of job loss is slowing. Sure it is slowing down because we have less jobs to loose but the number of total loss is not declining. State and Federal tax dollars are slowing down by the billions how will these be replaced we sure will not cut the number of goverment jobs this is the only jobs growing. We keep running jobs out of the country with threats of cap and trade etc. Will we have to reach 20% unemployment before people start wakeing up. We must each person work to replace our elected officials if they do not represent us because they do not respect us and work for us. They are a gang of thieves and bums and I do not wish to offend any bums. Thank you

    11. Kahu, Hawai`i says:

      It is going to take some time, but eventually, possibly in the President's second or third year in office the truth will become evident to most of the American public. In my opinion, even the most ardent O`bama users will come down from their high as the nation moves farther away from the Bush administration. The blame, hate, compromising and continuous campaigning of the President will eventually lead to the disolusionment of the liberal middle. The fanatics on the extreme left coast(s) of our country will most likely begin to believe that the sky will fall unless the Constitution is amended to allow for unlimited terms for the President. With our economy broken and the Federal Government broke we will all be hoping for some change.

    12. Normca says:

      How many government jobs were created ? The private sector is shrinking while the government is hiring. I heard some 60,000 government jobs were created in the last quarter. This while millions have lost their jobs in the private sector. 1 million minus 60,000 = 150,000 saved. Thats Obama math.

    13. Frank W. New Mexi says:

      I agree with Grace, that "Owe-Bama Debt-Orama" is Priceless. LOL

      Joking aside however, we will probably be into double diget inflation in another 6 months and it may go even higher then that. Printing money to buy our own debt is going to cause the prime rate to be raised and as we all know from the Carter years when the prime rate went to 20.5% all credit stopped. Buy Gold.

    14. Angel, Ohio says:

      The real question should be — "Are the jobs you are creating SUSTAINABLE?" The answer is NO. So when it comes right down to it he has accomplished nothing. He has saved and created NOTHING at a huge cost to the American people.

    15. Francine Proffitt says:

      Capitalism is doomed for 3.5 more years. Hopefully there will be recover like after the roaring 20's, then the depression where government decided to control everything, then it recovered! I think only the Republicans are paying attention now. The Dems are ignoring these realities. People I know who voted for Obama know nothing more since the election of his works. They are complaining about the effects of his ruling but they don't blame it on him. God help the ignorant.

    16. JAB, Spring Lake, Mi says:

      I like Owe-Bama too. I have a couple of nick-names for the "Big O" myself.

      Obalmy, and Dadio-Bamio. Actually, he should be named,"Big Brother", a la "1984". I am so weary of seeing his face on TV, even Fox flashes him on screen so many times during their shows, that i find myself remoting to any cable channel, even the Weather Channel just to get away from his face and voice. God Help Us!

    17. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      I am sick and tired of the "worst recession since the depression" hype. It will be when inflation hits 20%, mortage rates are 22%, and the national unemployment rate hits 13% – pretty much what we experienced in 1982. I was there – I lived throught it and did fine. I worked hard and was prudent with my spending. We didn't need trillions of dollars mortgaging our kids future. The tax cut helped. The recession followed its normal course and we emerged just fine. Why is it that every generation tried to reinvent the wheel?

      To The Heritage Foundation:

      How about a graph depicting the recessions since the "great depression" listing 1) unemployment rate, 2) inflation rate, 3) goverment spending/GDP, 4) federal tax rates both corporate and individual,5) and duration of recession. Then we can compare apples to apples.

      Thank you.

    18. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      The entire bailout effort is an unnecessary disaster. This is the easy part, wait until 2011 (if President Obama is still able to push his policies). Increased taxes, cost of living and a decrease in jobs, GDP etc.

    19. Linda, Keansburg, NJ says:

      We need to start up a new conservative newspaper business that reports the truth about Obama and this government. I am so sick of all the lies coming out of the Democrats mouths. I just want to scream.

    20. Terry B says:

      I have to say I agree with all who have commented so far. The problem is that the liberal voting block is a bunch of uninformed people that are brainwashed by the liberally dangerous media. The number one problem is the media,and it's getting worse. They manage to shoot down FOX news saying it's right wing,they enforce all the liberal talking points,lie and twist stories to the public in the favor of liberalism,and manage to demonize every single republican (conservative) to knock out their chances of getting anywhere;ie: Palin,Bobby Jindal,GOP leader Michael Steele,etc..The average person buys into it all. Now the media is using the new supreme court appointee's race to demonize the republicans for raising questions about her credentials. I truly feel that we are quickly losing our republic,and the only way we can even possibly save it is to come up with a way to drastically expose the media to those misinformed voters,we must have tea parties against the media,and must organize on Washington about the media! I was reading the rise of Hitler and how easy the media pushed his form of socialism for him,and how he was on Time Magazines cover in 1938,all just admired him! The liberals are doing he same thing group by group. They have black America totally in their camp by distorting how the Democrat party is their only way out of poverty and racism,and by creating all of the social programs have made them totally dependant on them,they are know working on the Latinas doing the exact same thing,same with the Gays,Unions,and just watch, American muslims will be next. Once we have nationalized health care,and total open borders it will be too late! This country will become a total one party system free to do as it wishes. Our constitution will no longer apply to the "New Progressivism",and that will be it,done,and over! We are getting close,and it's moving fast. If anyone out there has any ideas on how to save America from the media,please post ideas,a movement must begin yesterday!!!!

    21. Ronnie B Albuquerque says:

      You mean the drive by media who also says that 9 out of the 10 leading economist say we’re coming out of the recession? More lairs huh? Just shot me please

    22. Bruce, Hillsboro Ore says:

      There once was a great African king from Timbuktu who crossed the Sahara desert to Mecca. When he got there he unloaded his countries wealth in gold. virtually gave it away. The economy in Mecca took 10 years to recover from their recession. Timbuktu never recovered. Obama is spending trillions of make believe money,not real gold. we will never recover from this wasteful blunder unless he is stopped.

      History will always repeat itself unless we remember it.

    23. John says:

      We need to start a new conservative political party, with a requirement that all members take polygraph tests to make sure they are not communist infiltrators (i.e. Democrats, liberal Republicans, Federal Reserve/CFR/TLC secret agents.

    24. Dexter, San Francisc says:

      After eight years of doom and gloom about everything, from failure in Iraqi to cries of 'culture of corruption' from the main thieves and the trashing of the fifth amendment, we have in just a few months actually finally arrived here by the efforts of the same Political Class: in the worst way. What has been earned has be squandered by the keepers of the public trough, who all happen to be millionaires themselves of course getting the best health care and retirement in the world from those who actually work.

      Why wait until the country is turned into The US Postal Service? we can change the government without its permission.

      Restoring the Constitution will not be as hard as it was getting it in the first place.

      If it is done right we may again be free, for a hundred years or so. At my age I’ll settle for 25.

      At the worst, if it's like this when the troops come home, the game will change.

    25. Eleanor, upstate Cal says:

      I, too, would be totally discouraged, except I see this disaster as part of a process. "All things happen together for good," even if it looks like great tragedy for America.

      In the 3D world, our best bet is to eliminate all of our representitives that still vote for more spending, as has been stated frequently. Replace them with conservatives–100%!

    26. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      More Obamanation!

    27. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I have a friend who listens to the Obama Media. He says everything is lovely, his taxes are low and life is wonderful. He is rich. I am poor. I have more money than I have ever had in my life, I work 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. I am 57 years old. I cannot afford health insurance. I am a vet, but I would rather spend my last dime than go to government health care, called V.A. as they tried to kill me when I went years ago, when I was still deluded. I think it is already to late. I worked as hard as I could during the last election. no results. The tea party crowd acts like thier work is finished, when it is not begun. Where are they now? They went out once, went home. I am probably on the fbi's most wanted list because of my efforts, yet I can see no results.All I get is everybody from both sides asking me for money. That is the problem. If you give anybody any money, they will use it against you, no matter what they say.

    28. jesse-odessa says:


    29. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Higher taxes are the answer of the dems and obama. Get ready we are all working for the "guvernment" and the same for our grandchildre and their children. The joys of the stupid American people who voted for "hope and change.

    30. Marisa, Pennsylvania says:

      This is worse than Jimmy Carter. Wake up, people, call and write your senators and congressmen/women. Let them know where you stand. On election day, vote these liars out of office. Nancy Pelosi should be the first to go!

    31. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      This is called “The Slip and Slide” we have seen it before,only not on such a grand scale!

    32. Bama hater :P says:

      I love when he said, we will pull our troops out of Iraq! (Cheers from the Crowd) But to do that were sending 30,000 more and we will have them back eventually *Cricket Cricket*

      Fail. Just Fail.

    33. Pamela Pockrandt In says:

      September 29,2010

      The riots started throughout Europe today protesting wage, job freezes as the European Union provides stimulis money to the banks. Americans watch as they continue to bend further over, refusing grease and a kiss!

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