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  • Morning Bell: The Largest Expansion of Government Ever

    Speaking to a celebrity studded fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Beverly Hills last night, President Barack Obama humbly proclaimed he “would put these first four months up against any prior administration since FDR.” Actually, let’s do that. Since taking office, President Obama has:

    Near the end of his Beverly Hills remarks to the Hollywood elite, Obama promised, “Los Angeles, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Unfortunately President Obama may be right again. His upcoming agenda includes a trillion dollar energy tax, the stealth nationalization of the health care industry, and an economy killing rewrite of our nation’s labor laws.

    There is an alternative. Instead of sentencing the American people to higher taxes and economic stagnation, we must rein in federal spending. Heritage fellow Brian Riedl outlines how:

    First, stop digging: no more unaffordable government expansions. Then, grab the low-hanging fruit, such as $17 billion spent annually on earmarks, $25 billion spent on unused federal property, and $123 billion spent on programs for which government auditors can find no evidence of success.

    Next, lawmakers should implement larger reforms: Require that the president’s $17 billion in “budget cuts” go towards deficit reduction rather than new spending. Rescind all remaining unspent “stimulus” dollars after the recession ends. Eliminate farm subsidies for large and profitable agribusinesses, which actually worsen the farm economy, and other forms of corporate welfare. Devolve functions like highways, economic development, education, housing, and antipoverty programs to state and local governments that are closest to the people. This would eliminate the expensive Washington middleman.

    Finally, lawmakers must address the unsustainable growth of Social Security and Medicare. A logical place to start would be inflation-indexing Social Security benefits for upper-income seniors, and to stop over-subsidizing the Medicare B and D premiums for upper-income seniors.

    Quick Hits

    • President Barack Obama told attendees at yesterday’s $30,400 a couple Beverly Hills fundraiser: “If it weren’t for you, we would not be in the White House.”
    • The state of Nevada, where President Obama launched his “100 Days, 100 Projects” stimulus campaign, did not receive any of the projects named in Obama’s report.
    • According to USA Today, the states hit hardest by the recession received only a few of the government’s first stimulus contracts, even though the glut of new federal spending was meant to target places where the economic pain has been particularly severe.
    • The Obama administration will directly appoint six members to General Motors 13-member board of directors and the United Auto Workers get to appoint another.
    • A group of teachers and community activists started a hunger strike Wednesday in protest of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s plan to lay off thousands of teachers.
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    44 Responses to Morning Bell: The Largest Expansion of Government Ever

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      The article has great points which will never be realized because the Left will never listen to us. The American People put these arrogant Fat Cats in office and by doing so, signed our Country's "death warrant"! We will be shackled by these taxes and the chicanery of the Left until every American wakes up and realizes that you can't and shouldn't depend on the Government for your everyday lives! You shouldn't be worried about what the next person is earning, only what YOU are earning!

      When the American People realize that all of the subsidies, the special interest funding, the welfare and the handouts are coming out of their own pockets in the form of taxes, then and only then will the American People be really free.

    2. Rhonda, Texas says:

      Please everyone, write to your Senators and state representatives and ask them to stop this universal healthcare craziness. We do not need to insure illegals, they are breaking our healthcare system now. Why should we be paying for people that are not United States citizens??? It doesn't make sense. Please get involved…

    3. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Spending is problematic for the House of Representatives. Throw the bastards out of office and continue to throw them out until we find citizens who can add and subtract dollars. The Main Character in DC is a philanthropist and he uses other people's money for party gain. It's the same old same old with progressives. If you voted for this president and if you voted for congressmen who are irresponsible with the budget, do something patriotic in November.

      Vote the incumbent(s) out of office. Otherwise, shut up and cash your government check.

    4. PatR Virginia Beach says:

      Just watch gas prices go over $4.00 per gallon. This is necessary for Obama to sell the Hybrid putt putts. Obama is on a seek and destroy mission to bring down the once great country of America. Can someone from afar be pulling this puppets strings?

    5. Nelia, Fountain Hill says:

      Fascism: a system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governemntal control, belligerent nationalism, racism and militarism, etc. a political movement based on such policies. Websters New World College Dictionary

    6. Kent, VA says:

      So The One is PROUD of his work. And we "ain't seen nothing yet."

      No surprises here.

      He's — at best — a socialist. But American-born communists are touting him as a dream come true.

      How can we stop this renegade? Especially after our youth has been fed Marxist ideology since kindergarten?

    7. Farmington Hills, MI says:

      This president is actually proud of what he had done to the American people. His cockiness is insulting to hard working Americans. Wake up Americans and realize what he is doing to our beloved USA! Before we realize it, all of our freedoms will have evaporated.

    8. Karen Hwilka, Parkvi says:

      What are we supposed to do to stop this man?! My senators or representatives don't listen to anything. This is not a democracy…it's a tyrannical government trying to destroy this country.

    9. Terri, St. Louis, MO says:

      Brian Riedl was doing alright until he proposed solving the Medicare / Social Security problem on the backs of "upper-income seniors." These are the people who paid in a greater part of their income during their working years; who receive a relatively lower benefit from Social Security; and who are already required to pay significantly more for Part B of Medicare. These programs are sold to the American public as insurance. If we want to acknowledge that they are in fact welfare let's do it honestly.

      The real solution, at least in the long run, is private accounts. All studies show that Social Security recipients would be far better off in a fully-funded system consisting of a mixture of stock and bond funds. This is true even when markets fall, due to the effect of long term compounding.

    10. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is a disaster for this Country. He finds himself the leader of the socialist pack which wants to tear down all that successful America is. I will accede that they are sincere in their erroneous ideolology, but are blind to reality!

      Their arrogant hubris is destroying the Country's future.

      Obama will never do what is right for the USA; he doesn't like America as constucted by the Founding Fathers. It seems his role models are more along the lines of Castro, Chavez, Ortega, Marx and Lenin, not to mention Ayers and Alynsky.

    11. Frank W. New Mexi says:

      When all the politicians start driving around in Washinton in those little electric clown cars then I will think they are really trying to do something. They need to have drug tests in congress like the every day worker has to take to keep his job. I have been in Washington and they smoke pot and snort coke just like a lot of other citizens in this country, that's why the border will never be closed. The bigger they get the more power they have. They already get free passes to break laws that the average person would be put in jail for.

    12. Michael - New York N says:

      This is the worst movie production Holloywood ever made. Pray for our country.

    13. Donald Symank, St Lo says:

      Will someone please tell me why FIAT wants anything to do with Chrysler?

    14. Eugene Hoffman, Hous says:

      Until the concept of victimhood and empathy is taken out of the concept of the federal government; the producers will be exploited. It is not the government's place to decide who gets what; society left alone will take care of the weak, or displaced simply because if it does not then that society will cease to exist. The concept of God, family, country, community, and private sector solutions must come again to the forefront, or we are lost. Doctor's used to run their own businesses; they would decide if they wanted to be charitable, or not. There existed insurance for major hospitalization at reasonable rates and people for the most part took care of themselves. What has happened to are indenpendent spirit?

    15. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Comrade Obama would be better off comparing himself to Lenin's progress in hundred days in the 1917 Soviet Union than to any president of the US anytime in our two hundred plus years of existence. None other president started by saying that he was going to wreck the economy. Obama is basically an anti-American tyrant wishing to remake America by trashing our Constitution first and then molding it as a socialistic or fascist society.

    16. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      So Obama thanks the most irresponsible fringe of our society for his victory. He is probably right but that is not something, I or any other rational citizen would be proud to admit.

    17. Bob in St. Louis, Missouri says:

      With the ongoing crisis with Iran and N. Korea, this moron decides to go to a fund raiser with all his Socialist/liberal!! This guy is truly a fricking moronic, egomaniac!! Time is running out for this fraud of a POTUS!! Him and his administration just don’t have a clue!!

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    20. Vickie in Texas says:

      I have a suggestion on the health care proposal….Let the country absorb the enormous amount of money that has been distributed and try to get to moving again………then think about dropping the health care bomb!That should take us several years down the road before we have to think about it again.

    21. Ken Jarvis - Las Vegas says:

      Thanks HF
      I Hadn’t heard of this before
      and it is GREAT that NV is NOT
      on the list.


    22. Norm, Sanford, Flori says:

      Its time that we the people get involved. A national referumdum, lets put the question to the people. Should Obama be impeached for actions detrimental to this Country. Our decision to make and we should be allowed to vote on this question.

    23. David Sayers, NC says:

      All of the comments so far have been pretty much spot on. Yes, we have to get rid of them all but there is really big obstacles to overcome. It’s the citizens who really don’t care one way or the other or the ones that are just as socialist as the thugs in charge or who are just plain stupid.
      And then you have the news media and the jelly spined polititians who say one thing then won’t lift a finger to help stop this madness,they might as well go put on the other uniform. Hopefully in 2010 we will have some better folks running and at least some of these morons will be gone. Until them just bug the crap out of your represenatives and let them know maybe they should be thinking about other employment.

    24. Barry, Newtown, Pa. says:

      BO is the Manchurian candidate. Now we know why he hung out with the likes of Ayres and Wright, he is a campaign agitator from the school of Alinsky, intent on the overthrow of the American way of life. Rather than throwing bombs, like the Weatherman, he is intent on revolution from the inside out.

    25. Mike Rapkoch, Billings, Montana says:

      Hunger strikes? What does this presage–especially when carried out by teachers whose unions are sycophantic supporters of Obamaland? Hunger strikes, hmm. The historic ring of such events is ominous indeed.

      But there is a larger question, one that cannot be avoided if we are to sharpen our vision to what is hapening here and abroad–do we deserve what has and is coming? At the apex, as recognized over 45 years ago by Eugene Rose (later Orthodox Fr. Seraphim Rose) in his masterwork NIHILISM, with the utter loss of the American Moral Base at all levels, individual persons, institutions including Church and the centers of learning, all while we have abandoned the essential demands of morality by allowing, just a few examples, genocide by mothers and fathers of their own children thereby jettisoning the ancient truism that a parent be prepared to protect their children with the parent’s very life. Now the elderly, infirm, weak.

      And in the market place greed and not only at the level of big business and government but by individual Americans (and we have all done it at some point). The loss of family, neighborhood, and gravest of all the abandonment of God. At the risk, for which I am not the least bit apologetic, of preaching: “As ye sow so shall ye reap.”


    26. michael hutchings says:




    27. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      I sincerely hope I am wrong but it appears to me General Motors aka Governmental Motors is dying the slow death. Bond holders made the correct decision by not accepting ownership in a moribund company. The culture of GM has always been myoptic and less than innovative. GM had a monopoly in Australia following World War II. The GM car “Holden” would have been driven off a cliff if it had been offered in the US market. Now that there are multiple chiefs on the board of directors outside the control of the stockholders the outcomes of their decisions will be interesting – a terrific case study for business schools. But the overall effect of the death of GM will be catastrophic to the auto industry – and you and me.

    28. cynthiakellam, wilmington, NC says:

      Well, I suppose the ‘New World Order’ is well on its’ way to establishment. Never have I been more appalled or concerned about the leadership of our country. So many who I speak with feel the same way; and worse, I am seeing hopelessness among them. The idea that so many of the American public are sitting by and passively accepting the possibility of sub-standard health-care; redistribution of wealth; an economy, in fact, built on a hoax designed for the ultimate redistribution of wealth under the auspices of environmental protection; the nationalization of banks and industry; of socialism,plain and simple and pure socialism is, however, no surprise. The Left has dominated the US school systems and mainstream media for forty years plus. They have successfully indoctrinated masses of people with socialist ideas that include: entitlement theology, perverted compassion, relaxed morals and academics (a Russian technique called dehumanization/(see my blog politicparent.com)and the inciting of minority group anger. These masses,blindly cast their vote during the 2008 election.
      Most do not even understand the ramifications of socialism.
      Western Civilization hangs in the balance, and our adversaries know it; as does the American left. I do not know how we will recover; but we must. Please visit and share my blog-site with anyone who has been on the fence and really does not know the history of socialism, or the specific plan that is and has been successfully implemented in our society for forty years, resulting in our current state. It is Historical Socialism 101, with plenty of accurate information and resources, and I have added humor to make the information more palatable. I am attempting to launch a community organization paradigm for conservative parents who realize that we must take back education; immediately. And I am trying to reach those who have neither the time nor money to read all of the marvelous books that have and are being written with regards to socialism, history, and indoctrination in schools. Thank-you,
      Cynthia Kellam

    29. Denise, Sartell, MN says:

      First, hunger strikes are the adult equivalent of a 2 year old tantrum. Someone threatens to harm themselves if they don't get what they want, regardless of what's really best for everyone.

      Anyway, I loved the above article, but as long as the current politicians (both parties)keep getting re-elected I don't see much good change happening. And Obama and his left wing cronies are not making all their changes out of some altruistic notion that THEY are the only ones who can do socialism right and make the perfect Utopia (which is subjective, anyway. One man's Utopia is another man's hell). There is only one thing that motivates the left and the dems to epand government and eliminate personal rights: POWER. They don't care about their constituents, they don't care about the country. They covet power and will do whatever they can to get it and keep it.

    30. Gordy, Douglasville, says:

      This ego-maniac will not quit till we are completly drained of all resources from money to oil and no military. This Chicago gangland politics cannot be stopped because so many Liberals are in the dark and won't wake up till it's too late. There is no one that is man enough to step up and stop him or go against him for fear of being smeared by the media. It will stop when no one spends any money for anything, starts trading goods for food and no tax money is collected for anything. When gas prices kept climbing, people quit driving, quit buying cars, and taxes were not collected, states in trouble because of it. When we quit buying any type of media, NONE, then we won't have to read or listen to any of these liberal idiots because they will go out of business. This man will not stop till there are soup lines just like the days of his idol FDR and the gov has control of all goods and services. It's not bad enough to have people dependent on the gov, they want to break everyone like a riding horse and have everyone dependent on the gov……NOT ME……..

    31. william boyer says:

      Of all the many negative things about the Obama administration the one that frightens me most is the obvious and deliberate attempt to suppress free speech. Now we are being told that we must be careful what we say about Ms Sotomayor. Why? She wants to be on the Supreme Court; therefore, she should be subjected to the same scrutiny as any else seeking that position.

    32. John, Jacksonville says:

      The Jacksonville Country Club is getting close to half a million dollars to restore a stream that runs through their property. This is a private country club. I wonder who in state government is a member. Check it out on NCOpenBook.

    33. cynthiakellam Wilmington, NC says:

      Fiat is interested in GM because it has for years been the fore-running manufacturor of small cars. They realize that when American’s are adequately convinced of the carbon emissions scam or compelled by our socialist government to drive small cars, with specified gas mileage–$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    34. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      Ah, here we see, in the article “The Largest Expansion of Government Ever”, another pick and choose “Liberal/Progressive Lite” wish list of “should”, which has no hope against the “Liberal/Progressive (government elitist and statist) Heavy” of the Leftists which are in power and evidently determined to finish making our America “become a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened”, as even Norman Thomas only too accurately saw and predicted.

      History indeed, including and especially ours, has shown and proven, and continues to show and prove, that both those who would have prevented and those such as Liberals/Progressives who would yet take away through government the people’s freedoms, resources, and security, as individuals, corporately (meaning more than one private person, etc.), and as a nation, have not, are not, and will not ever be defeated and removed from power through such partial efforts as a “Liberal/Progressive (government elitist and statist) Lite” version of all-out “Liberal/Progressive (government elitist and statist) Heavy” ways.

      To put it another way: Ever notice that when so many people don’t vote, especially when faced with a choice between Liberal/Progressive “Heavy” and Liberal/Progressive “lite” (such as in every Presidential election since 1988), and you ask them why, what they say either is or amounts to “There’s not enough difference between what they do”?
      That is, in fact, exactly why they say that…there isn’t enough difference, especially for we, the people, who want to keep what remains of our founding and Constitutional principles of limited government and free people, instead of increasingly unlimited government and increasingly limited people.

      So it is both evident and obvious, in more ways than one, that we, the people, aren’t going to save what remains of our founding and Constitutional principles of limited government and free people, instead of increasingly unlimited government and increasingly limited people, by trying to win against government elitist and statist Liberal/Progressive “heavy” through Liberal/Progressive “lite”.

      After all, this is a war of ideas, ideas have consequences, and no war, of ideas and/or arms, ever has been, is, and ever will be won by less than all-out efforts, such as offering pick-and-choose government elitist and statist “Liberal/Progressive lite” against the all-out government elitist and statist Liberal/Progressive “heavy” of such evident Socialists as Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and their so-called “Liberal/Progressive” Comrades in academia, government, the media, and elsewhere.

      So we, the people, must now also stand and go “all out”, especially since, as Thomas Jefferson said, “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first”, and “A free people claim their rights from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate”.

    35. CPG, New York says:

      Hunger strike is not a threat, they are only putting on a show . . . when they get hungry enough they'll start eating again, and if they don't then there will be just fewer teachers.

    36. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      You were dumb enough to put a TRAITOR into

      the White House, so I guess you're dumb

      enough to continue to cosign Obama's crim-

      inal policies. When the actual damage gets

      to you and your loved ones, it will be far

      too late for you to protest because, by

      that time, ANY DISAGREEMENT will be regarded as a crime and they'll throw your

      butts into jail for having the nerve to

      speak out.

      Wake up, people, before they REALLY

      put you to sleep!

    37. ray robson ohio says:

      My God when are the people in this country going to get balls enough to say this is enough?????? the presedent has broken many constutional law's and should be sewed and then impeached, when the hell is enough????????? after the fact, lawyers at heritage going to go after him??????, cut the crap and move. This sounds more like Russia by the day, What the h are we going to do boys just sit here on are thumbs up are colon. Get real silence won't work folks. 50 years ago there would be talk of WAR, not silence, GET MOVING DONATIONS DON'T HELP ME IF NOTHING ISN'T DONE, YOU ARE MY DEFENCE I SEE NOTHING BEING DONE HERE. START THE LAW SUIET'S AND YOU MIGHT SEE THE MONEY. GET MOVING IT IS ALMOST TO LATE RAY

    38. C Hyatt says:

      Yes, America will soon be dead. Obama is going to leverage every fictitious dollar he can find. And once again he is correct, "we ain't seen nothing yet". By the time he is complete there will be no U.S. business left untouched or undamaged or undistroyed. I predict that every week we are going to see yet another initiative that is setting the foundation for his master plan. No it won't be called DisneyLand it will be called ObamaLand. The price of the ticket will be more than anyone can stand. Get ready America, he is driving you right into 3rd world country status. One has to reflect on the issue that this march is being done in absence of any opposition. Our political leaders in Washington have been exposed for what they are. No, not leaders and certainly not willing to represent.

    39. Chris, FL says:

      I do not claim to be a financial wizard so I have to ask. If we spent X# of dollars on GM and we now own 69% of it, how is it that we spent 5 times X# of dollars to buy up all this toxic debt but we don’t own a single house?

      What I do know is that Hitler gave great speeches too.

    40. Dennis McGroarty, St says:

      "Contact your politicians?" Have you ever tried?

      I have personally written & telephoned mine to

      voice my opinion and demand results without success. Senator's Mal Martinez(R) & Bill Nelson(D)of Florida, neither return mail or answer the

      telephone (answering machine only). E-mail response is in a form-letter.

      GOP & RNC? Ask for donations to the Party, send

      a meaningless questionaire and do absolutely

      nothing. Another Party? No, that would only split and weaken us further.

      Solution is a cleansweep of incumbents. Even the

      worst replacement would be a fresh change.

      I only hope we have time before Amnesty and

      another crop of teenager-MTV'ers are eligible

      to vote. America you decide!

    41. LO, United States says:

      Since this president's parents were said to have met taking Russian classes together during the Cold War I wonder if they also passed on knowledge of how private businesses, individual land ownership, and religious and other freedoms were taken over when Russia changed into a communist country. It seems that our country appears to be following that same systematic path. Also what's the rush with passing all the legislation — is it so we will not have time to think and consider the consequences of our nation's actions. Abortion started in Russia and spread, as did Communism, and the New Age Movement — perhaps we should not look to a atheistic nation as our model.

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    43. Mike - Chicago says:

      I believe in smaller government, but to those who think it is all democrats need to wake up to the facts. I know that is not all of you and understand the desire to get all the fat cats out of Washington. I agree, but there will be just as many Repubs going with the Dems. Remember GW Bush left office with the biggest federal budget expansion since Franklin Delano Roosevelt seven decades ago. Yes Obama is pushing it further, but considering the surplus that was left by Clinton and the giant deficit by Bush it is hardly the fault of democrats. You can kill your democrat scape goat and still end up in a worse state.

    44. Dr. Fabulous, CA says:

      The innate problem resides in the fact that our nation supports and utilizes capitalism, an ecomnomic system which the government claims was invented to give greater ecomnomic freedom to the people, but is really a system which panders to the human desire to subordinate their brothers and sisters. With capitalism, the government cannot provide a backbone to buisinesses and banks without being called the taboo evil name of socialist. Now, I come to you not as an advocate of socialism or communism, but as an advocate of human safety. Consider what would happen if there were actually a solid protocol for certain types or categories of recessions. Once we put a needle through the toxic, ballooning ego of our country, we can consider the fact that ocassionally, things will go wrong, and then we can prepare for them.

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