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  • Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor on Whether Judges Make Policy


    Follow Heritage’s continuing coverage of the Sonia Sotomayor nomination to the Supreme Court.

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    21 Responses to Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor on Whether Judges Make Policy

    1. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      By setting rules of enforcement and defining what certain legislation means, Justices do in fact make the law 'real' to everyday Americans.

      Republicans had better stand up against this nominee and soon or they will lose any remaining relevancy in the Senate. The nominee clearly jokes with a wink and a nod about 'not making law.' This nominee understands that courts can define any law in ways that make it applicable to a political objective.

      Obama found his activist nominee in Judge Sotomayor. In nominating the first Hispanic woman, he also promoted his own 'coolness' in doing so. In fact, empathy and 'coolness' is now a real qualification for nomination. (to see Obama's original ten coolness requirements for a Supreme Court justice, you can visit:
      http://firstconservative.com/blog/top-ten/politic… )

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      MAS1916's observed wink and nod is right on. Sotomayor's hidden agenda apparently has a score best settled by assuming an activist role on the bench. What's that about white males that concerns her? Will she redefine equal justice under the law? Or is the law even relevant? I'm curious to hear all the leftists' comments about their radicalized ideas of justice. On second thought, save such misguided talk for the hate fests.

    3. G Jiggy, Kenmore, WA says:

      Ha, ha, ha!! Isn't she just a snarky riot?

      The GOP will roll-over on Sonya and we are now in REALLY big trouble boys and girls.

      Combining "Empathy" and law making will destroy 200 years of liberty.

    4. Richard R North Caro says:

      God help us. She is probably brilliant etc. all those great things. She is also decidedly racist and sexist and could have the power to legislate from the bench. She should keep her nose out of our individual families' lives. What an elitist. Considering her background she has no excuse for not understanding the effect a court can have on freedom.

      Enforcement of bad decisions is another matter entirely. From what I've been hearing, if the Supreme ones in Washington push too hard we'll have a string of secessionist movements by states. Good luck dictating from the bench then… I can honestly understand states rights now. Not to enforce disgusting practices like slavery, but to protect individual liberty. Something lost on the Federal government. Time to vote them all out…

    5. ZBC. Canada. says:

      Adiós America. The world will miss you.

    6. Keith Simmons, Saint says:

      In this clip, she's merely referring to the fact that District level rulings are likely appealed and appellate courts are generally more final. She even refers to the fact that it could be misconstrued as many are now doing.

      Pretending she's saying something she's NOT SAYING just makes you appear to be a partisan tool.

      Sotomayor is a good pick, a more than qualified leader in her field, and not in any way an "activist" out to destroy our way of life.

    7. Bob, Apex, NC 27502 says:

      I agree with G. Jiggy. The GOP who have shown in the past to have "no guts", will again show "no guts" and roll over without asking the "hard questions" about her past and her past court decisions, which many were questionable and in violation of the constitution. In some of her court decisions (six and one pending in the Supreme Court) she had failed to interpret the law by mis-reading and not fully understanding it. About her only real so-called accomplishment was helping resolve a major league baseball strike (Whoppeeeeeeeeeeeeee). The Democrats will use her past upbringing to get people to feel sorry for her, rather than look at the real facts as to what she stands for and what her decisions will mean to the downfall of this country's constitution and judicial system. Get ready America, with this Administration this country is headed toward hell in a hand basket. They are more concerned about global warming and health care than the defense of this country and it's citizens, but most Americans are asleep at the wheel and do not have a clue or could care less what is going on with this Administration.

    8. Jeremy Toledo, OH says:

      The Republicans better ask her some tough questions during her nomination hearings. Unfortunately, she will be confirmed to the US Supreme Court. The approval vote in the Senate will be a landslide win for her. Perhaps 70-30 or even 80-20 for her approval to the US Supreme Court. 7 Current Republicans Senators voted for her comfirmation back in I think it was in 1998.

    9. Barb -mn says:

      Learn the constitution, Ms. Sotomayor. There you will find the defined expectations and position of a judge. Or are you saying you are unable to enforce equal law because you are a Latina, who grew up poor? Shows nothing but weakness, Ms. Sotomayor. Enforce the law equally, based on actions only. No empathy.

    10. TR, CHICAGO says:

      The mainstream democratic voters did not vote for Obama because they thought he'd go this far left on every issue, but because they thought he was truly moderate and intelligent – the more he makes radical left choices like this that are cloaked in 'historical' labels (first hispanic woman justice) the more he's alienating the good mainstream democratic voters. his choices on abortion alone are staggering in relation to his campaign statements and promises; he said the law allowed abortion but he personally would not make that choice or advocate for more abortions, yet he took office and immediately restored federal funding to foreign countries for abortion! that's US taxpayer money going to support forced abortion and sterilization programs in china and other countries. he's given planned parenthood (a misnamed group if there's ever been one) every single thing they asked for, without exception. he's a liar and a fraud that the media refuse to reveal because there are so many radical leftists in the media. it's up to the citizens of this country, most especially the mainstream democrat voters, to speak up and see that this direction is curtailed toward the moderate path he promised and was voted in on.

    11. J La Grone says:

      Another socialist move

    12. R Rosiere, Broomfiel says:

      In responce to your summery:

      1) Asking for specific examples of her views would depend on how long the time segment is for this interview. In a few minutes I found multiple examples of her radical history online but defining each example on air would be a tangent not necessary for this piece.

      2) The fact that Sonya was appointed by a Republican is in no way relevant to her activist policies. The fact that past Republicans have made grievous errors with her appointment is no reason to fall into the same pit again.

      3) Her race should not be the important issue. What is important is the fact that she has indeed been very much a far left activist judge in her career and has shown that she cannot be trusted with this responsibility.

    13. Beastie Boy says:

      People need to understand that, for 99.9% of us, the Supreme Court is a fresh-faced 25-year-old kid from Harvard who has never held an honest job in his life.

      They don't get vetted, either.

    14. olechief, WA says:

      Bush, 41, had a deal with Moynihan regarding appointments to the Federal bench. Sotomayor was not Bush's personal choice, but a compromise in accordance with the agreement with Moynihan! Don't blame Bush for the choice!

    15. Ken, Houston says:

      So Obama wants a racist for the supreme coust; why am I not suprised;stupid Americans voted for Pres. Wright OOO Im sorry/ Pres. Obama

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    17. W.T.R. ,Illinois says:

      This is the first decision by our president I can support as good for our country, and in keeping with the Founding Fathers Legacy. I only hope my Republicans will seize this as an opportunity to rebuild the party and grow.

    18. Keith, Ohio says:

      Just another not-so-stealth leftist, like Obama, who has lived and studied on other people’s dime in the rarified air of socialist hothouses.
      Appears, also like Obama, to be an extremely narcacisstic and condescending individual, who has no clue or concern about upholding America’s Constitution, Judeo-Christian values or way of life. Only wants to advance THE AGENDA while the hard won American dreams and legacies continue to fade away. Our Founders would be livid and literally up in arms, long before now…..

    19. Mark, Chicago says:

      Notice she did not thank food stamps or welfare for her success. She thanked her mother who worked two jobs to helped get her where she is. Libs always say that hard work and goal setting is what helped them succeed but when they get their success they tell everyone behind them that without Government assistance they can't achieve anything. TYPICAL Dummycraps.

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