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  • Americans Understand That Iran is a Threat

    A new poll released this week by McLaughlin and Associates shows that Americans understand better than Congress that Iran is a serious a threat to our national security and is a dangerous actor amongst its neighbors.

    According to Joel Rosenberg’s Weblog, the poll found:

    • Nine in ten voters (91%) say that Iran supplying a nuclear umbrella for terrorists is a serious threat to the United States.
    • Seven in ten voters (71%) say the United States will not be safe with a nuclear Iran.
    • Eight in ten voters (80%) say it is likely that Iran will launch a missile attack on Israel.
    • Three in four voters (77%) say it is likely that Iran will use the threat of nuclear attack to provide a shield for Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists to attack Israel.
    • The majority of voters approve of taking several specific actions to discourage the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Iran.

    If the White House is truly poll driven, then one can only hope it notices the overwhelming majority opinion of America when it comes to the need for a strong missile defense against a menacing Iran. So far, President Obama approved a 20% cut for missile defense and abandoned deploying missile defenses to western Europe.

    That Iran doesn’t have nuclear capability at this very moment is beside the point. A team of U.S. and Russian scientists just released a report stating Iran would have such capability in as few as five years. In light of this Iran’s missile test-fire earlier this week, will President Obama take a more aggressive approach to dealing with Iran, or will he stand by his decision to give the rogue nation a year-end deadline?

    For more information on Iran, please visit our Iran Briefing Room, and for more information on Missile Defense, please visit 33minutes.com.

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    11 Responses to Americans Understand That Iran is a Threat

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    2. gp,nj says:

      This President is a fool,and he will do nothing! God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Grace, Florida says:

      I hope the president and his administration understand that it might only be months before Iran has nuclear capability. Mr Obama should be taking action against them NOW not once they obtain the power. N Korea is pushing the envelope and nothing is being done. We might see another harsh statement from the UN – Big deal. Obama is too inexperienced to handle these situations.

    4. Paul, Washington Sta says:

      Israel does not need our permission to defend it's

      self. We should do every thing in our power to

      assist them.

    5. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend … It appears that N. Korea has reached the tipping point of nuclear bomb development and will continue to proceed to development. No one will actually stop them lest N. Korea use such a weapon against that country. Once N. Korea has a viable weapon, Iran will purchase it.

    6. Carol , Williamsburg says:

      I am sickened by Obama and his love of everything not American.Perhaps Obama isn't who he says he is.

      Obama is becoming an international laughing stock and dangerously so. His agenda seems more important than the safety of this county and our allies.What is that inept man doing to the USA? He all but spat on the graves of US soldiers who gave their lives in Europe by visiting a mosque and by BOWING to the Saudi King rather than visit their gravesites and showing respect for their great sacrifices.Those are America's sons and daughters lying in those graves!

      He winks at Syrian leaders, jokes with Chavez, and holds out his hand to the mass murderers , the Castro brothers.He calls Iran a little country and not a threat to America.He repremands N.Korea for their actions( on our Memorial Day!) and they do it again. He defames us by apologizing to the world for the USA's ways. How dare he ! How dare a man who has not worked a day in his life apologize for the people of this great nation who have dug this nation with their bare hands, worked to build their lives and this country, and have kept the world free!

      Obama is not a president but a traitor.Obama should be impeached before there is no America left to salvage. Perhaps that is his intention all along.His hatred shows all too well in the people he selects to hold high offices and in the contempt he and his senators have for the taxpaying Americans who pay their ways! Obama forgets he is an elected official and not the dictator he aspires to be. Look at his disregard for the Constitution and for the Bill of Rights.Look to the way he repeatedly lies to America . He appears to have no conscience at all. For example,look at his record on partial birth abortions . That is murder of the greatest asset we have, our children. Obama does not care about Americans or the country we have built .He seems to want to impress the greatest enemies to America.Obama only cares about Obama! We are in big trouble. He is definitely the'wrong stuff' for America and for the world, the enemy in our midst.

      God help America!God bless America, the land that I love!

    7. Laurence Odhner, aka says:

      The weakest link in the Iran equation are the airlines serving Iran. As a former airline executive, I can assure you, none can stand the withering spotlight of adverse publicity. Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Air India, and all the others that "trade with the enemy", would pull out immediatly if faced with a public boycott, or if our spineless State Department were to issue an ultimatum, "you must choose betwenn the US or Iran and if you choose Iran you will be denied landing rights in the US". They would all pull out the next day, leaving Iran, a nation of 70 million, totally devoid of air service. The disruption to their economy would be devastating and the "thugocracy" would be toppled within 2 weeks.

    8. Lars says:

      The wording of the poll questions and the assumptions behind them are, to put it mildly, a bit fishy. Consider for instance the response to question four:

      "Three in four voters (77%) say it is likely that Iran will use the threat of nuclear attack to provide a shield for Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists to attack Israel."

      First off, I highly doubt that anywhere near 77% of all voters even know what Hezbollah and Hamas even are, or are able to locate them in their respective regions.

      Second, how would Iran be able to use its nuclear shield, if it had one, to assist Hamas and Hizbullah in attacking Israel? Hamas operates from the Gaza Strip and is both effectively and under international law occupied territory and under the ultimate control of the Israeli military. So- how does this whole nuclear shield thing work here? Hamas launches some rockets at Sderot and Iran says to Israel that if they respond that Iran will nuke them? Does that sound even remotely plausible to anybody? Does anyone think that the Iranian leadership is suicidal enough to risk nuclear incineration for the Gaza Strip? And if anyone does believe this then youn should offer your justification for believing this.

    9. PacoofAmerica, Detro says:

      President Obama is nothing if not a masterful politician, a.k.a. liar, thief, egotistical and an elitist. He does not have the will to confront because he believes in his own arrogance. One of these little dung-head leaders is going to put it to him and we will have to clean up the mess. If you are going to negotiate, do so from a position of power, not from an equal footing.

      By the way, Larry Odhner has an interesting point of view.


    10. DreamOn, Houston says:

      It still amazes me that people do not do their homework (no time, being in survival mode)..while trillions of their tax dollars are being used to fill the pockets of the elite bankers , they blame the economy crises (which by the way is created by the same group that has received billions of dollars). GM files bankrupcy..10's of thousands of workers laid off without pension/retirement (yeah scam GM stock instead) while JP Morgan and Citi group haul in the billions of dollars !! It is time to wake up and start finding the facts yourself..media does not address it cause it is censcored….

      Question: How did N-Korea get their nucleair capibilities in the first place?? and why WHY is it NOT allowed to talk about or to challenge ISRAEL's nucleair power?????

      Nuff said.. food for thought

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