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  • Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: I Didn't Do It

    Now we have gotten to the Bart Simpson part of the speech “I didn’t do it.” Obama simply condemns the previous administration policies….but if the way forward is so easy why did the Senate just reject his plan to close GITMO? Why did Congressional leaders from both political parties approve them? Why after years of investigating by Congress has no illegal act by the Bush White House ever been identified?

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    4 Responses to Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: I Didn't Do It

    1. ra,ohio says:

      We aren't even 6 months into this debacle of an administration, and look what's happening.

      This president is proving almost daily that he is not a leader, rather he is a dictator, and the American People will not stand for it !

    2. lucidity says:

      "Why after years of investigating by Congress has no illegal act by the Bush White House ever been identified?"

      WRONG. Learn to read. In Obama's speech alone, he identified Bush administration policies that the Supreme Court ruled were unconstitutional. Bush continued to maintain those policies. That right there is "illegal." Maybe you meant to say, "criminal?" I think the authorizing of interrogation techniques that are arguably torture is criminal. When I say arguable, I mean that at the time, there was no widely held agreement on a distinction between the techniques employed and torture. If you flirt with the line between legal and illegal, and it turns out the final consensus is that you were on the wrong side of the line, you have still broken the law and are culpable for it (for at least recklessness or negligence).

      Moreover, there is EVIDENCE of the Bush administration making false and suggestive claims when publicly making the case for war with Iraq. While it is possible that they could claim some excuse for misleading the public as a matter of national security, I believe the President of the United States owes a legal duty to the people, perhaps on the level of a fiduciary, and to express falsehoods in order to engender support for policies is a gross violation of that duty.

      And while you point out that Congress has opposed closing GITMO, you neglect to address a huge part of Obama's speech – that perhaps Congress decided against approving the funding to close GITMO because so many Republicans in Congress have been fear mongering about the dangers poised to US citizens if we close GITMO – fears that Obama has very clearly demonstrated to be RIDICULOUS.

    3. Geoman says:


      Nice try Bub.

      There is a vast difference between the Supreme court ruling that some action is unconstitutional, and everyone who did things the wrong way instantly becoming, criminals and torturers. You might want to do a little reading yourself and look up ex post facto laws. The prohibition of such is enshrined in the constitution no less.

      Oh, and a President like Obama would never lie to you to get you to support his policy goals, that hasn't happened yet, right? You just keep on thinking that. He is just the paragon of truth and honesty. If Obama says it, it must be so.

      Not that I agree that Bush lied, I think he presented facts that supported his case, and may not have adequately presented facts that did not support his case. So what?

      I find it very amusing that the Senate votes 90 to 6 against closing Gitmo, but you still find a way to blame Republicans for this. Right. Democrat controlled congress, Democrat controlled executive branch, and they are still being steamrolled by Republicans. In other news, be sure a check under you bed tonight for the boogie man. I hear he likes the dust bunnies it down there.

      The fear by the senate is that Obama is a liar and/or idiot. The fact that Democrats and Republicans now share this fear is what is eye popping about that vote.

      One more item, just to be frank. While I profoundly disagree with you, no Al Queda member's life is worth a single hair on your head. They are sub-human troglodytes, warped and twisted religious serial killers. Once they declare allegiance to the tyrannical homicidal vision of Al Queda they should be put to death. I have no pity, and will have no remorse at their demise.

    4. Thomas, Anchorage, A says:


      Arguable is correct. Just because President Obama believes waterboarding is torture doesn't end the argument. That's an opinion that must be substantiated, something that no one has done.

      So many Republicans in Congress? You mean so many of the less than two-dozen Republicans?

      What of the Democrats saying that Camp Delta is making us less safe? There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

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