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  • Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: Charting Freedom

    It makes perfect sense to make a speech about battling terrorism standing in front of the charters of freedom-kudos to the president for the symbolism. Its government’s job to keep us safe and free- and do both equally well. Bush could and did often make the same speech.

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    4 Responses to Liveblogging Obama’s Detainee Speech: Charting Freedom

    1. Annemarie , CT says:

      In order to do something well it helps to have experience or at least have consultants or consultants with experience. This person now occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has a striking resume, community organizer. In my day that was a dignified name for a thug. That being said, his actions to date support that title. To those who can read or can think it is obvious what this man's with a silver tongue, much like a snake, is doing. His goal is destruction of our democracy and Constitution which made this country great. I see very few if any fleeing to Cuba or Russia. Oh if only these folks to want to change our country would just take a jet to one of those countries where it is already to their liking. I doubt they would be missed. Although my solution seems simplistic it would be workable and have far less reprecussions for those of us who are American Patriots.

    2. Rob J., Columbus, OH says:

      Mr. Obama is a master of deception with his crafty embellishments and carefully chosen poses. He talks an impressive game but most Americans can see through the veneer; I just wish that more Americans would speak out about what they are seeing. It's clear that this man is campaigning for 2012 already, but he may be in trouble with the Gitmo move and he's got alot of damage control to contend with in the Pelosi fiasco. I feel like Mr. Obama is setting himself up for failure, and I'm sad to say that I even hope for it, because he's got a dark side to his principles and because I believe America will not stand for a socialist-oriented dictator.

    3. Mark Wiltse says:

      This kindergarten attitude toward terrorists is suicidal. Conflicts throughout our lives (and history) follow a progression. 1. Ideas and words 2. Economics 3. Lawsuits/legal system 4. Embargos, etc 5. Raids or minor wars with limited objectives 6. Total wars that include civilians (statewide battles like WWII). We attempt to use moral standards like the treatment of prisoners according to the Geneva convention in a standard war, but does terrorism really fit this model?

      If I had 90% reason to believe a person captured in a terrorist organization had information that would protect us against an imminent threat, i would do anything to that person to make them divulge it. This is not immoral. It is practical.

      The argument that it is a recruiting tool is just stupid. Lets send them easter bunnies or something OK?

    4. Steve, Millbrook, Ne says:

      Is it really Obama? We have those that would be dictator and of the liberal social views through out history, They will always be there testing the resolve of Americans. Maybe its the American people who have let their knowledge of what America is and what it once stood for fail. As parents we have given them up to liberal views in our schools, tv, radio, we have surrendered our time with them to X box, ps2 and pc games and liberal blog tripe. Where most believe that there is NO absolute truth and NO right and wrong, it is relative to what you feel or believe. When the people stand on NO foundations of truth then we will always be swept away by the Obama's for they are always testing the resolve of the American people!

      If you want to make a difference get involved get loud and make sure you know what your talking about cause they sure don't. There views are based on half truth's and feelings and are as feeble as a wisp of smoke.AND REMOVE THE GARBAGE FROM YOUR KIDS! the next generation!

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