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  • The Car of the Future?

    The Oldsmobile is gone, but the Obamobile is coming soon. The Obama Administration’s control over the auto industry has extended to designing our cars, as he announced harsh new mileage and emission requirements.

    Obama’s claim that costs of a new car will “only” rise by $1,300 is attracting skepticism. If costs are higher, his claim that drivers will recoup the price through fuel savings will also prove false.

    Meeting the new standards also means less capacity and less safety, possibly thousands more traffic deaths. A simple errand like a trip to the lumberyard gets complex if neither you nor a friend has a pickup, SUV or other vehicle that can handle more cargo than a grocery sack. The Associated Press reports that soccer moms will have to give up SUV’s and minivans; features like air-conditioning must be changed or sacrificed.

    Edmunds’ AutoObserver asks a key question in its story headlined, “New Fuel Rules: Automakers May Build Them, but Will Customers Buy Them?”

    And how about safety? As USA TODAY reports:

    The National Academy of Sciences, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Congressional Budget Office and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have separately concluded in multiple studies dating back about 20 years that fuel-economy standards force automakers to build more small cars, which has led to thousands more deaths in crashes annually.

    Some claim that safety will improve once everyone is forced into driving smaller cars, because they won’t be outweighed as SUV’s disappear. But as the Insurance Institute has noted, smaller cars will always be at an impact disadvantage against commercial trucks and against stationary objects such as trees or poles.

    Obama is changing our very culture as he dictates a future that limits us to Obamobile-style vehicles. He’s starting by restricting choices, or at least making choice unaffordable. It’s a throwback to the Model T era, when Henry Ford offered buyers “any color, as long as it’s black”. But beware. Obama looks to California for guidance, and California is already considering a ban on black cars.

    Meantime, what will Obama drive? He’s driven around in an armored Cadillac that gets eight miles to the gallon!

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    10 Responses to The Car of the Future?

    1. Matt, Cleveland OH says:

      I suggest that you buy a car model that has gone largely unchanged for quite a few years. This ensures that there are and will be plenty of OEM and aftermarket parts available for the model.

      Maintain the car impeccably. Drive like an old lady. Find a good, honest mechanic who knows the car. Join an enthusiast website devoted to your model of car. Take care of the paint, rust, tires, brakes, etc. Get it detailed once a season. When the transmission fails, replace it. When the engine fails, replace it. You will literally be able to drive this car for the next 25 years.

    2. Denise, St. Augustin says:

      I so love the USAF golf cart in your photo (I'm an AF vet). It instantly brought to mind the old joke about the AF using their appropriations to build the golf course then going back to Congress to ask for money for the runway . . . Doesn't help your argument much.

    3. Michael, Kankakee IL says:

      Buy your big car, pick-up or SUV today! Take good care of it and drive it forever.

      It saddens me to know that at 40 years old, I will have to drive the same car for the next 40 years. The only good thing is that no one will get in my way because I'll have the biggest car on the road.

    4. Randall, San Antonio says:

      Currently we own a Ford Excursion and a Ford Expedition. We intend to drive them for as long as they will run. You couldn't talk me into buying a smaller car. Will Obama and his cronies find a way to take them from us? This is not the United States of America that I want my children to live in. I may buy each of them an SUV now even though only one is old enough to drive!

    5. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      What about all small business people that rely on pick up trucks and vans?

      Let us drive all our big cars to Washington DC and clog it up and refuse to leave until Congress changes the madness. We must engage in civil disobedience just like MLK.

    6. Norm, Brookings, Or says:

      I think my 53 Hudson in good condition will last me for the time I have to drive at 75 years of age. It is a big car and gets pretty good mileage at that. Safe too, monobuilt body and frame.

    7. John Roanoke Va. says:

      I do not think the gov. sould get in the car market. Thay can not keep there hands of the peoples lifes.

    8. Joe, Brooklyn New Yo says:

      I personally don't drive (as I have no license and driving without one is illegal) but my brother who does have a license and does drive drives a Honda Accord. The car is almost ten years old, but my brother has been told that Hondas are a pretty good car that last a long time even with bad transmissions like my brother's car. I wonder, my brother's car is almost ten years old and still running, will the government owned Obamamobiles be able to as well?

    9. DANNY, MISSOURI says:

      Good ideas buying now and keeping it forever. Just as long as Obama doesn't

      figure out other ways to get them off the road be it taxes, mandates or whatever else they see fit. They will stop at nothing to get their way. Speak out now before it is too late. That is our best option. Come on people……let's get vocal and put a stop to this.

    10. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I agree Buy one of the japenese models that have a track record of running 500,000 miles and drive it till you are dead.

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