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  • Iran's Missile Test: The Case for Global Missile Defense

    Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom director Nile Gardiner on Iran’s missile test today:


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    7 Responses to Iran's Missile Test: The Case for Global Missile Defense

    1. Michale, Orlando says:

      I do hope that Obama's end-of-09 time table is just psy-ops. I'm hoping behind close doors that both Israel and the U.S. are drawing up some sort of premptive plan. Or is that just wishful thinking and Obama really thinks tea, crumpets, and table talks will some how convince Ahmadinejad otherwise? All the doomsdayers during Operation Dessert Shield and subsequently Dessert Storm said thet same thing they're saying today about the risk of igniting world WWIII. Do we do nothing and risk Ahmadinejad starting WWIII or do we try to prevent Ahmadinejad from starting WWIII? Decades ago when all weapons were conventional, diplomacy to the fullest extent and declarnig war as a last result made sense. Now fast forward to present day where a extremist dictator develops a weapon, test fires it and threatens to use it on a regualr basis. Obama can either hide in his shell, pretend that this is all saber rattling and hope that tea and crumpets will prevail, or he can envoke some "Real" change, break ranks from within his party and actually grow a backbone and protect this nation.

    2. tropicgirl, palm bea says:

      Seriously, Israel had its chance, over and over again, to deal fairly with the rest of the world. This is what happens when they refuse to negotiate in good faith.

      Israel started the nuclear proliferation in the Middle East (apparently Clinton thinks it just started when it started long before). Now the piper must be paid.

      Its too late for a two state solution anyway. No one believes Israel is fit negotiating partner. Let Israel decrease in population while the Muslims increase every day and nature will take care of itself. One state – equal rights for all citizens. That is the future.

      Obama will soon be gone and will not help you. Your job, sit there and try to behave for once.

    3. Rick, Texas says:

      You consider exploding bombs in civilian squares as acting in good faith. History lesson: Arab countries do not want Israel around at all. Israel's only deterente is a strong response. If Iran thinks that Israel hasn't already considered pre-emptive action they are delusional.

    4. Ben Franklin, Kendal says:

      WOW, blaming Israel for this mess is like blaming the rape victim for wearing provocative clothing. Israel is the only functioning democracy in the region. It is the only nation in the region that allows true freedom of religion and expression. Which Muslim country would allow a Jewish Synagogue to exist on top of one of their most sacred sites? ZERO. Which Muslim country would allow their Jewish citizens to fully participate in their political process? ZERO. What would happen if the Palistinians laid down their arms and put violence against the Jews behind them? They would become one of the most prosperous peoples in the region practically over night. The autocrats in the surrounding countries know that, and thats why they can't stand for any actual peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

    5. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      What makes people think that conflicts beginning in 600 AD will be resolved at a meeting? The ideologies are polar opposites. Read "Unveiling of Islam" and the situation becomes clear. A peaceful resolution will not happen in our lifetime.

    6. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Israel will do what is Necessary for survival!

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