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  • Iranian Missile-Rattling Underscores Need for Missile Defense

    Iran's missile Sejil 2 is seen before its launch by Iranian armed forces in front of a picture of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Semnan province, Iran on May 20, 2009. Iran says the missiles have a range of nearly 1,243 miles, which would put Moscow, Athens and southern Italy within striking distance from Iran, said Jane's Information Group, which provides information on defense issues.

    Iran’s launch of a two-stage ballistic missile today, a dramatic demonstration of its growing missile capabilities, was timed to send a message of defiance to Iran’s external adversaries and to boost President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election prospects in Iran’s upcoming elections. It is yet another reminder, if any is required, that the United States urgently must invest in missile defense to blunt Iran’s growing missile threat.

    The launch came shortly after President Barack Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and announced a common commitment to halting Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad himself announced the successful test in a speech in Semnan, from where the missile reportedly was launched. Not only does the bellicose Iranian leader stand to gain votes in Iran’s June 12 elections from his latest round of missile-rattling, but he also sought to exploit it internationally by inviting Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini to join him at the launch site, instead of in Tehran as previously scheduled – an invitation that Mr. Frattini correctly refused.

    Iran claimed that the Sejil-2 missile it launched is part of a new generation of solid fuel ballistic missiles that have a range of about 1200 miles, long enough to target Israel, Egypt, southeastern Europe, and many American bases in the Middle East. The missile test is the latest piece of evidence that Iran’s ballistic missile force, already the largest in the Middle East, continues to grow more deadly. This trend, taken together with Tehran’s accelerating uranium enrichment program, underscores the growing importance of missile defense for the United States and its allies.

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    10 Responses to Iranian Missile-Rattling Underscores Need for Missile Defense

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Obama is the wrong man for the job of the president of the United States. American people will pay for it in many ways-economic disaster, lack of national security and internal peace and tranquility. I just hope that Israel will take out the Iranian military capability before nuclear bomb descends on them. Obama will wave white flag and condemn Israel for it.

    2. LSUMom, Louisiana says:

      Bush understood that America had to remain strong and on the offense to keep us safe. This Pres has shown such weakness to the enemy that I fear whats waiting in the shadows.It shows exactly how naive and inexperienced he really is. Just because you want the world to play nice and like you, does`nt mean they will. The arrogance is shocking, this admin is trying to shove all their beliefs down our throats, since when does the govt control banks , auto companys and decide which cars Americans can drive. Just like with national security they seem to think they can create a different reality than what is.

    3. Kim, Okinawa Japan says:

      This President is the most destructive President ever in the history of America. His objective is to slowly dismantle the greatness of America. His goal is to make United States a "Socialist" nation. I feel that as he continues this path of destruction, many innocent blood will be on his hands, and he will be accountable the Lord God Almighty.

    4. Edite Lynch, Canada says:

      Without much ado, one can simply say that like all Boy Scouts, we must "Be Prepared". Anyone who does not see the need for an anti-ballistic missile defense shield is living in an opaque bubble.Iran's latest admonition should be enough to convince even the most hardened opponents of the shield.

    5. Edite , Canada says:

      After North Korea's massive snub, pointed directly at the rest of the world with its recent nclear bomb test, are there still any individuals unsure about the dire need for missile defense? North Korea simply does not care what the rest of the world thinks about their actions. They are an entity unto only themselves,however much they are dependent on China for food and fuel. One's guess might be that they would allow their people to starve ( except for its powerful military) just to parade their nuclear power ambitions in front of the world.Short of a first pre-emptive strike they already know that there is not a whole lot the West can do to rein in North Korea's nutbar leader and his equally nutbar son as successor.Condemnation by the UN Security Council isn't worth more than the paper it is written on. Technically, the two Korea's are still at war because only a truce quelled the fighting in 1953, not a Peace Treaty. Any defensive acts by South Korea to defend itself will be labelled by NK as an act of war.Short of dumping North Korea into quicksand,it doesn't seem like stern directives will do much good. They are on a track that could ultimately send us all into oblivion. How terribly sad that the world's people can hate each other so much that they are wont to destroy not just themselves but others as well.How one longs for the amazing sense of peace that seems to fill the earth's circumference on Christmas Eve when hosts of people around the globe are collectively singing, Silent Night.

    6. N Major says:

      Meanwhile, congress is very busy focusing with concern for our nation discussing who was briefed……? Our country is a sad state. We need to pray!

    7. PacoofAmerica, Detro says:

      Missle defense is in the USA's vested interest. Defense of this Nation and her citizens is the primary responsibility of the Federal Government and the chief executive, President Obama.

      Since he is extremely weak in dealing with adversaries outside the US political arena, we are only left with our Congressmen (congresswomen) and Senators. Keep the pressure on them……..they have elections right around the corner,

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