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  • The Obama Car Tax

    I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.

    - then-candidate Barack Obama, 9/12/2008.

    A senior administration official said the new standards would raise the cost of an average car by $1,300, $600 of which could be attributed to the rules being announced today.

    - Washington Post, on the Obama administration’s new auto emissions standards, 5/19/2009.

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    19 Responses to The Obama Car Tax

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    2. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Its the actions, not the words that define the individual. Read "People of the Lie" by Scott Peck.

    3. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      The car industry is already the most Government regulated industry and now you have accelerated the push to move Americans into cars that they do not want to drive. Do you think that the Big 3 purposely develop and sell cars that the public does not want to buy ? You would be foolish to think so. Americans do not want to drive 2-seat mini-cars that get 45 MPG. Hybrids are not really the answer – trading one non-renewable energy source (Oil) for one that's even more scarce (Nickel), nor are plug-in electrics the answer because most of our electric plants are coal-burning so before you think you are going "green" with these choices. Think again. Also, the 'New Domestic' automakers, especially Toyota, made a huge push into the SUV and truck market over the last few years – Tundra, Highlander, Tacoma, Sequoia, RAV 4 to name a few. All of the car companies will struggle to make this work and be profitable . . .

    4. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      What's wrong with the people in this country?

      Obama is destroying us and our way of life. Yet

      the people have "tea parties", that are either

      demonized or not reported by the liberial news

      media. It's past time to stop this. The first step

      is the news media. They must be stopped. Unless

      someone watches Fox on TV or listen to Rush, Glenn, or Sean, the truth does not get out. Most of us do not have the time, thus most people do not know what this socialist is doing to this country.

    5. Angel, Ohio says:

      He never said that he wasn't going to make it less expensive to the purchase items we need to survive. He merely said that he won't raise their taxes. Interesting play on words. If people were only listening to Obama — Wanting to redistribute OUR wealth NOT HIS OWN.

    6. NLH says:

      We who have always paid our bills on time, haven't been in trouble with the law, have a long line of Veterans in our family, believe in the American way, etc. will lose everything because of this administration. By the end of the Obama administrations fourth year, people will be begging for George W. to return.

    7. Tom Iowa says:

      Read my lips. No new taxes. HA HA HA HA HA….

      Just another (vote for me) politician blowing smoke up Americas backside. We need to impeach this yahoo before we all go down the tubes…

    8. tim - nicholson pa says:


    9. LW, Newport News VA says:

      Just more promises from a guy who lies out of both sides of his mouth. He will say anything, promise anything to achieve absolute power, and he is well on his way to doing that. Everything connected to a car will cost more. As for using less gas, well, the government will hike the taxes on fuel to recoup lost revenues from our using less gas. Can you see paying $8 a gallon? Last summer I understand it was $9 a gallon in the EU. How many of us will die in these gas-efficient tin cans from accidents?

      Why can't this administration allow the free market to decide? Oh, I forgot. If the market decides, power tips in favor of us, the consumers, instead of to the government. And as we're all finding out, we certainly can't have that.

    10. Enrique R. Castillo says:

      I can't believe for democrats and republicans there are seling our country for few dollars I'm a mexican born in mexico with the exception that I love more this country than those people that say we are represnting us is sad that I can say I'm seing the dacay of the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" ECONOMICAL,SOCIAL AND POLITICAL.

    11. Rick W., Minneapolis says:

      But wait. The increased cost will be offset by the savings at the pump. But wait. If there is a savings at the pump, then there will be reduced federal gas tax revenues. But wait. If federal gas tax revenues are reduced, the tax will need to be raised. So if you're not taking into account smaller cars which means less safety and more deaths, which means more cars on the road due to lack of car pooling, which means more emissions and more demand for gasoline, then it's a wash. Or is it? Whatever happened to increased oil exploration, and the use of nuclear power to decrease our dependence on foreign oil?

    12. Ross Writes, Bradent says:

      Social engineering is the cornerstone of socialist and communist. In the end, the people suffer with inferior products that are overpriced and of no redeeming value. That is why the USSR is no more. Now Pres.HUSSEIN OBAMA is in the car business, social engineering. The latest news is that the unions will buy major ownership at deep discounts. The overall question is legal, can a union own or even be part-owner of a company they have contracts with…just for starters? Also further questions beg:

      1. Who will manage the new 'establishment', the thugs and criminals at the top of the unions?

      2. How does a labor union teach their workers to work for a profit…incentatives(I don't think so)?

      3. When the workers get angry at the "new" management, how will they file a grievance? Will they strike? Better yet will they call for a strike vote?

      I've read that one of the major carmakers is eliminating productive dealerships and keeping unproductive ones. That doesn't make sense.

      In the late 60's and through the 70's, the US carmakers made models nobody wanted(nor bought) and the rest, unions built of such poor quality, that lemon groves rolled out of the factory. That is when Japan carmakers made their move. Even Yugoslavia got in on the act with a car better built than the then American cars. It was called the Ugo. Now the new administration wants a newer version of the Yugo.

      Historically, the Fuhrur of the German Third Reich dictated that the Germany carmakers make a car for the common folks. Thus was born the Volkwagen. Is history repeating itself, this time in America?

    13. DANNY, MISSOURI says:

      What’s wrong with the people in this country?

      Obama is destroying us and our way of life. Yet

      the people have “tea parties”, that are either

      demonized or not reported by the liberial news

      media. It’s past time to stop this. The first step

      is the news media. They must be stopped. Unless

      someone watches Fox on TV or listen to Rush, Glenn, or Sean, the truth does not get out. Most of us do not have the time, thus most people do not know what this socialist is doing to this country.

      Amen to the above statement. We can haggle over every action that our corrupt government is taking against us one at a time or we can get to the source of the rot. Until we unite and insist we get our country back, we'll be debating the issues until doomsday. INSIST ON GOVERNMENT REFORM NOW! If it takes your time, effort or money so what. That price will be very small conpared to the eventual loss of our country.

    14. Dwana Townsend says:

      We are just seeing the beginning of tax increases and new taxes that will be imposed.

      Let us not forget, He promised not to raise our payroll taxes, income taxes, capital gains taxes, but we will be taxed on everything else under the sun. We will even pay extra taxes on emmissions (Cap and Trade) Co2 something that isn't even tangible, something we actually expel through our breathing process and necessary for all plant life on the planet.

      Promises Promises. Same old Same old stuff we have heard from every candidate while running for office and once they are in it becomes a whole different story, its called "CHANGE".

    15. NORA, UTAH says:

      When will the American people wake-up. Are we all sheep being led by people who don't love their country or the freedoms it gives us. Do we see where our "leaders" are taking us? We all need to open our eyes to what is happening. In the last five months 95% of the news we hear from the media is negative and I see our freedoms slipping away. The new emissions standards is just another step in the wrong direction.

      This is still our country! We still have a voice! Speak Up!

    16. lori, north carolina says:

      It is time to take our country back. Our forefathers came here for freedom. Some of them died from disease and starvation. But they knew it was worth the struggle so that their children and grandchildren would be able to live and worship freely. Sadly, our country has lost its way. We need to get back to our roots.Stand for what we believe in. Before it is too late.

    17. Patriot III says:

      over 50% of the voters voted for this President by stuffing the ballot box with votes from people they picked up in buses, registered and who were told how to vote and who to vote for. My daughter told me that everyone has a right to vote. I disagree. When you don't know what the issues are or care what the issues are or believe in a person because of race rather than substance we have lost everything we have worked for since America was founded. What a shame it is that this president, for his own power mission will lead a country into socialism in the name of "change". Somehow we need to get this message to Obama that we are aware of his tactics and don't like them. We need to take back this country before it is ruined forever. People better stand up for thier rights and libertys or in four years they will have nothing to fight for. The unambishous will be running the country and those with ambition will have lost any desire to contibute to society. You will then be working for, and only for, the government. Just like communism!

    18. Dave, North Carolina says:

      For years, we have been told by automotive "experts" that American cars are junk and only foreign cars are quality. For years, school teachers and professors have taught the young and impressionable that traditional American values and America itself is "bad," questionable at best, and that we have to focus on environmental issues. For years, the traditional "old media" has been bashing everyone and everything conservative, including driving evil gas guzzling big automobiles and SUVs.

      And the gullible sheeple bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

      Two and a half years ago, we voted in a bunch of Democrats and they now control Congress. Last year, we voted for the Obamessiah. He promised us "change we can believe in." Now we are seeing the results of that change: mini cars made of Legos and covered with tinfoil that won't survive any sort of crash. But you had better stay buckled in!

      I wish I still had my old '54 Buick Roadmaster. That would have survived a crash with a Sherman tank!

      Just my two cents worth…….

    19. John Rosky Andover, says:

      When are the idiots in Washington going to read the Constitution,because they can not even read the bills they pass. They protect their jobs by telling everyone that they helped their constituents and not the Nation. We build an airport for Murtha and a prison with no inmates and that is helping America. Why can't we get term limits on these people that can't understand that WE THE PEOPLE control the country and not the lobbyists.

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