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  • Private Sector Sacrifice, Public Sector Gain

    CBS News reports:

    President Obama’s call last year for “shared sacrifice” doesn’t extend to federal employees, at least based on the details of his administration’s 2010 budget released this week.

    At a time when the official unemployment rate is nearing double digits, and 6.35 million people are receiving unemployment benefits, the U.S. government is on a hiring binge.

    Executive branch employment — 1.98 million in 2009, excluding the Postal Service and the Defense Department — is set to increase by 15.6 percent for the 2010 fiscal year. Most of that is thanks to the Census Bureau hiring 102,000 temporary workers, but not counting them still yields a net increase of 2 percent in one year.

    There’s little belt-tightening in evidence in Washington, D.C.: Counting benefits, the average pay per federal worker will leap from $72,800 in 2008 to $75,419 next year.

    Meanwhile, according to Forbes’ layoff tracker, there have been 558,087 layoffs since November 2008 at large public companies; even local school districts aren’t immune. That’s just a sliver of the total unemployed, which government data estimate to be 8.6 percent of the workforce, or an alternate method of reckoning that counts discouraged workers puts at 20 percent.

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    13 Responses to Private Sector Sacrifice, Public Sector Gain

    1. steve elliott says:

      As an independent voter, I believe that the growth of the federal, state and local governments will cause the collapse of this country. We have to stop this.

      Steve Elliott

      San Antonio, Texas

    2. ra,ohio says:

      Steve, we are experiencing a take-over of the the American economic philosophy before our very eyes.

      In 2010 we vote again, and we better make it count.

      Otherwise, we are marching toward socialism.

    3. Pingback: » Financial News Update - 05/19/09 NoisyRoom.net: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the face of tyranny is no virtue.” Barry Goldwater

    4. Barb -mn says:

      Somebody needs to ask Obama up front what his specific definitions of his words are. Like "sacrifice." As we know he is not under common definition of "volunteer," "independence," "charity," "freedom," "liberty," "equality," "opportunity."

      I can't believe in this country of America, we are helpless.

    5. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I am very afraid for the currency With china spending all of Its dollar reserves on natural resources and conspiring with brazil to replace the dollar as the worlds number 1 currency, anybody with a 3rd grade education can see that soon it will cost 1000 for a loaf of bread please, do not EVER vote for ANY incumbent regardless of so-called "party" they must be removed, or the u.s. will be like Germany was when they lost WWII

    6. Ron Thompson says:

      You sure don't see any of the congress or senate people sacrificing their pay or anything else for the benefit of the country. Along with that, the government employees, in the upper levels are giving up nothing! Probable most of them don't pay taxes either! The white house parties shows how much the president is willing to give up!we are being pushed to a third world life style, and the majority of people just think it will pass. most are think of the 2010 elections, what happens if things have changed so much that it won't make any difference or swayed to one result,(i.e Venezula, Cuba). We are losing a lot everyday with no response!

    7. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:


      Oh, but you/we are. All we do is write, gripe & pontificate about what this guy has done/is doing and will do…I don't see how we stop it. He's not so much about liberalism, statism or socialism as he is about amassing power. We have no experience dealing domestically with a guy like this. I really do believe he's envious of Chavez and the Castro brothers and he's putting Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" to the test.

      Let's face it; those of us that write in here, read and really stay informed seem to be in the minority.

      Here's the question we need to ask ourselves; once the people have had bread and circuses, how do we ever get away from that?

      If you're going to answer it, give me specifics because all we stand for is out of favor.

    8. Grace, Florida says:

      We've got to take it back in 2010 – hopefully by then a good % of the people who voted for this bozo will see the light. The only problem is who can we really trust that will have our backs and not self-serving politician? That's the real question. I know we all say we want them out but who are we going to put in their place?

      We are going to have a Senate seat up in Florida, Crist is running to fill the seat. He's too moderate – I'm hoping more Floridians take a hard look at Marco Rubio as a candidate. I for one will not ever vote Republican again unless they are conservative. I'm tired of this mess.

    9. Ross Writes, Bradent says:

      I've always believed in the government at all levels to operate within the confines of a balanced budget. The only exception is during times of declared wars and that being financed through war bonds.

      It may have come time for the federal government to rid itself of the 4 branch of government, the REGULATORS. This could be handled by downsizing regulatory agencies by 100% that have nothing to do with guarding the shores(national defense), delivering the mail(interstate commerce), and not intefering with our personal liberties.

      Next cut all cabinet positions that do not safeguard our liberties and impedes our moral individual pursuit of happiness. Eliminate the Departments of Education and Labor for starters. Then I would start with each Cabinet asking only two questions: 1. How does the function of that Cabinet safeguard the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

      2. How does the functions of that Cabinet insure individual liberty and not impede growth of American interstate and international commerce?

      "Equal opportunity for all" means that each individual decides and each individual is accountable based on their hard work, personal sacrafice, individual merits, and willingness to 'pay the price' for that opportunity.

    10. Clif Albino says:

      This is so simple it is laughable. Do not vote for an incombent.

    11. John Roane Sarasota says:

      After watching the direction this country has been taking over the last 40 years I fear the only thing that can save this country is a complete collapse in order to convince the American public that it doesn’t matter which party, Democrat or Republican, you vote for they are all leading us in the wrong direction. Wrong for We The People but not for them. They continue to get stronger with more power and money in fewer and fewer hands. Members in Congress are staying in power for longer and longer. We might not have a King yet, but we have allowed the US Congress to build an American Nobel Class. It’s time for term limits on Congress, if it’s good enough for the President its good enough for the US Congress. But do you really think there is anyone, just one, in the US Congress who would support term limits? Next time you speak with your US Rep or Senator ask them.

      Wake up America

    12. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Sacrafice is for all public companies, not for anything that has a union attached to it.The way the dems are going it will not be long untill all of us are working for the "guvernment", this will work till the money runs out, then what do we do.I guess we can all sit down and die.

    13. Barb -mn says:

      Thanks Gary.

      I am suggesting those that interview him. Like Stephanopolous and the like. I can't stand his (president)implication of "volunteer." And the rest of his deranged mentality of definition of words. It is disturbing to hear him say "we have to do this" and "we have to do that," while he and his constituents are ripping us off blind and doing the opposite…

      I agree with you 100% on everything.

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