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  • News Flash: Obama-Appointed GM CEO Supports Obama

    Here’s a shocker. Among the cheerleaders for President Obama’s plan to increase federal fuel efficiency mandates were General Motors and Chrysler — two companies that are, at the moment, virtually run by the federal government itself.

    GM’s Fritz Henderson, who was made CEO when Rick Wagoner was effectively fired by the White House, was particularly effusive in his support. “GM is fully committed to this new approach,” Henderson said in a statement. “GM and the auto industry benefit by having more consistency and certainty to guide our product plans.”

    It was reminiscent of a POW news conference, where distressed prisoners, armed guards on either side, sing the praises of their captors. One wonders whether Henderson’s eyes were blinking out SOS in Morse Code while making the statement.

    To be fair, GM and Chrysler were joined by non-captive automakers such as Ford in support of the plan. All no doubt see the regulatory writing on the wall. And if they are going to have to sell cars that consumers likely won’t want — it’s better for all to be forced to do so. Such “consistency and certainty” would at least reduce the prospect that some company would break ranks and offer cars people DID want. After all, if you can’t avoid regulation, you at least can reduce competition.

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    9 Responses to News Flash: Obama-Appointed GM CEO Supports Obama

    1. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      That is a huge surprise!

      At least Obama isn't setting another one of his "Bipartisanship Traps" here.

      Obama and the Democrats need zero Republican help to get any legislation through. Unfortunately for them, this means that when policies fail, liberals will no longer be able to blame Republicans.

      By appointing a leftist supporter, Obama has ensured GM of a very difficult road to recovery and when it needs another couple billion dollars in bail outs, Obama won't be able to say to voters that this was a 'bipartisan' action that failed. He will own it.

      Democrats are laying 'bipartisanship traps' all over Washington. These must be avoided by conservatives at all costs. (for a more complete list of where lefties have laid these bipartisanship traps, you can look at: http://firstconservative.com/blog/political-humor… )

    2. Laurie, San Antonio says:

      The more I read about the governments involvement in the U.S. car companies, the more I want a Toyota. Who is the government to decide what products I want. It's frightening!

    3. Bill W Minnesota says:

      Never buy a car from these clowns again. Speak with your wallet if nobody buys they will have to go down. Don't be duped by incentives or rebates. These new cafe standards are only gonna make em more expensive. All rebates or incentives are coming out of the taxpayers pockets. The American consumer has way more power than you think. I drive a full size truck for work and at home for the simple reason that, if I get into a accident with some greenie in a rollerskate with doors a full size truck will lower their chances of survival. Less people= less greenhouse gasses. So I'm doing my share for the enviroment right?

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    5. Toni Windham, Summer says:

      I no longer buy GE products and encourage others to do the same. Until GM is it's own company again (if ever) I am driving my last GM car. I will buy Honda or Toyota. If Obama's government is involved in it, I won't buy it.

    6. Barb -mn says:

      Like any who take the hand of government bribery, are too weak to hold their own. Not worth my business.

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