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  • Morning Bell: Avoid California's Mistakes

    Today voters in California will go to the polls to decide the fate of six ballot propositions, four of which would raise taxes on Californians. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has pushed heavily for all six ballot measures which are designed to close the state’s $15 billion budget shortfall. But even though Schwarzenegger’s legacy depends on the passage of these initiatives, he will not be in California tonight to see the results. The Los Angeles Times reports: “His absence in the face of widely forecast defeat drew mockery from his foes.”

    Instead Schwarzenegger will be in Washington, DC, where he is scheduled to join President Barack Obama at the White House to celebrate the federal adoption of auto emissions standards that mirror standards previously adopted by California. The Los Angeles Times describes this as “a win for California.” That may be. But it is a loss for the rest of the nation. And it may be just the first of many.

    For decades California has been a leader in public policy innovation. A generation ago, California was at the forefront of a taxpayer revolt that eventually helped elect President Ronald Reagan and ushered in three decades of prosperity. California is still exporting its public policy ideas. But this time those ideas spell doom for the rest of the nation. In 2006 Schwarzenegger signed into law the toughest global warming regulations of any state. It is no accident that the author of current federal global warming legislation, Rep. Harry Waxman (D-CA), hails from California. So how is California’s experiment with a “green economy” going?

    California  imports more energy than any state in the country and as a result has some of the highest energy costs in the country, including the second highest commercial sector energy prices (only ocean bound Hawaii has higher rates). California’s unemployment rate hit 9.3% in December 2008, up from 4.9% in December 2006. There are now 1.5 million Californians out of work. The state has the fourth-highest housing foreclosure rate in the nation, has lost more businesses than any state in recent years, and is facing a $40 billion deficit. In some small towns unemployment is now running close to 40%.

    And at what benefit to the environment? None. All economic pain for zero environmental gain; that is the exact same formula the Waxman-Markey energy tax legislation offers the United States. It’s been a disaster for California. It would be a disaster for the nation.

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    37 Responses to Morning Bell: Avoid California's Mistakes

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Goldman Sachs,

      Morgan Stanley and

      JPMorgan Chase & Co.

      have said for weeks that

      they want

      to repay about $30 BILLION,

      their share

      of the $700 billion government bailout

      so they can operate free of federal limits

      on executive pay and

      other restrictions.

      Twelve smaller banks have returned

      nearly $1.2 billion in government money so far.

      If there REALLY was a Liberal Media



      but it isn't

    2. MAS1916 - Denver, CO says:

      Democrats are terrific at initiating a crisis then dumping the job of finding a solution on others. Closing Guantanamo is a good example… lefties ordered the prison closed, but had no idea what to do next.

      California is an extension of that philosophy. The myriad of social programs and things to spend taxpayer dollars on is endless. When it comes to paying for it, the Democrats who run the state dump the problem on someone else. Or…at least they are trying. They truly have no idea what to do or how to prevent overspending.

      Democrats then look to Republicans for political cover when the painful part (paying for all the spending) becomes necessary. The GOP must absolutely avoid participation in solving a problem the Democrats created. Republicans must allow CA voters to get a clear view of who caused their taxes to skyrocket.

      For more on the bipartisanship trap, you can look at:

    3. Charles, Wisconsin says:

      As I read the Morning Bell again today, I am struck by how easy it is to criticize the actions of others. We cannot grow by simply being critical of others. Just think of how that pans out in our relationships with people we know.

      With friends, I present my ideas and opinions, then listen to theirs. Sometimes I see a perspective I had not seen before.

      Sometimes I am affirmed in my views.

      It is more challenging to engage in discussion with strangers or people who from the start have a different view. This is where it takes courage and patience to engage in a conversation. Sometimes I find they are set in their ways and emotionally attached to their view. Even if I do not agree with them after listening to their perspectives, I respect that they have the freedom to those views. Further,

      I cannot expect them to change their views, only listen to what I have to say, and respect my rights as well.

      I would like to see The Morning Bell follow up any criticism it makes with its perspective on how things can be better.

      Criticism, alone, appears childish and emotional. I know there are always reasons and perspectives behind the criticism. Tell what they are. Let others compare the value of opposing ideas and make their own [new] decisions or choices.

    4. Kevin, Houston says:

      Ron Paul is the man!

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Isn't it interesting that California excessively taxes people's personal earnings along with everything else that touches their Golden State. And now its facing bankruptcy? Texas' government operates in the black without extorting peoples'incomes. Of course, Obama's administration would like to forcibly change all that, NOT! And yet the federal Demagogues hold California's policies up as some sort of exemplary model. Give me a damned break!

    6. Carl Bowman, Lenoir says:

      Your message on California and it's economic woes hit the target head on. You must get this message out to the public in a larger forum to allow all to view the facts instead of the left spin. Please keep plugging and spread the message.

    7. David Sayers, NC says:

      Kalifornia is a steller example of what happens when you have a bunch of left wing fruitcakes and a weak RINO Gov. in charge. It all goes down hill really fast then they want to tax it's citizens into poverty to pay for their mistakes. Interesting, if you scan the country, all the states and cities that are having the most problems are run by democrates. Enough already!

    8. michael hutchings says:

      I wonder if the left emerging as a dominant force and breathing the fumes from the fires of hypocrosy they have lit will regret one day what they have pulled down and comsumed to fuel their peculiar maddness.

      When will they start to breathe the ashes of what has come before that made freedom possible and by extension what they have done. Will there be sorrow among them for a nation no longer free.

      To destroy the dream of this unique country and render it another second tier tax supported state despotism is a crime aganst those who came before and those who come after.

      California has a chance to stop them and hold up the rush until leaders, and people who still think america worthwhile gather them selves and begin to restore what has been trampled upon.

      We are a nation on the brink of losing the soul under laying its creation standing before two paths. One leading upward into the light we were meant to take and have step by faltering step but taken none the less if at times kicking and screaming.

      The other path is downward and a reflection of what was unacceptable to our founders who felt its bite and oppression and also heard its siren song that beckons with sweet words and leads back down into the darkness despotism wells from.

      What you do in California this day will decide much. There will be more battles but we are right and they are wrong and there is great power in that.We were meant to be free and not wards of the state.


    9. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      California represents what happens when government programs, benefits and corruption cost too much. As is the story with our government in DC, the leaders who do the spending and taxing, are the last to learn this basic fact. Now that the costs of government(s) are too much to pay for, citizens from California to Virginia see more taxing and spending as theft. The average citizen pays as much into taxes as he spends to live. Until our elected representatives and senators and president see the problem as one of excessive spending and taxing the problems will not be corrected. The state constitution in Virginia requires a balanced budget by law. Same should apply elsewhere.

    10. Dennis Anacortes, says:

      I'd like to make a strong suggestion and hope that someone withe National exposure (Willie Nelson – Ted Nugent – Charlie Daniels etc.) will think it's a great idea and start the ball (autos) rolling to Washington DC.

      With Obama (illegally) closing many thousands of Chrysler dealerships, I'd like to begin a "Chrysler's Aid March/Drive to Washington,Dc".

      All those Dealers who have been "given this illegal notice to close" and who cannot apparently return their inventory to Chrysler should have all their "out of work employees" and anyone else available …….hop in the cars and begin a drive to the White House.

      Upon arrival, all drivers shall park as close as possible to each other on the roads around the White House and other Monuments, park them and throw the keys in the Potomac.

      Peaceful "drive" to give the cars back to the omnipotent one.

      Can you imagine, the gridlock and fun it would be…. NOW that is a story that the Media cannot ignore…….. Pls. pass this idea around if you like it and hopefully we can start this to happen July 4th . Independance Day Drive and Park Day!

    11. William Cole - Texas says:

      Failed California energy polocies are nothing new. They had to be the first to reregulate the power generation business. At that point in time, they had not permitted a power plant in 10 years and depended on neighboring states to meet their needs. Hydo power dried up due to a drought in the NW so power plants in California that were sold to independant power generators under this reregulation plan with the purpose of meeting peak demands were pressed into service full time. The power price sky rocketed and Gov. Davis defaulted on $330 million owed to the company I worked for at the time. I'm sure that the majority of Californians are great folks, I just don't understand how it is that they continue to elect politicians that are totally incompetent.

    12. Greg Miller, Westmin says:

      Waxman is a madman!!! California should be allowed to fail…they have worked hard at it and we should let them see it through to the end…in 12 to 18 months, when hyperinflation and the energy taxes (Cap and Trade) kick in, there will be no place safe in this country…I suggest that everyone continue to buy ammunition…you're going to need it…

    13. Extirpates, San Dieg says:

      Only relief for California Crises…

      As much as the Gray Doofus clone will hate to do this, the only relief will come by LOWERING TAXES. By imposing $20 Billion in tax hikes over 5 years, “Benedict” Arnold has strangled the 8th largest economy in the world. It’s not his fault, these topics were not covered in his kindergarten class.

    14. Truth Hurts, The Rea says:

      Is It possible to tax and regulate a free nation into slavery and poverty?Thanks for the depression Mr. O and the chains I will fight to throw off and become a Free if poorer American! Does the Constitution ,Bill of Rights and The Amendments matter ,How about those silly ideas about Freedom from Tyranny?Perhaps it's time to update the Declaration of Independence 'seeing as You have assumed you"er King and your Administration is No longer resenting the People but your own stupid agenda or even following the Constitution! Please resign for the good of our country ,find something you have a talent for besides trying to destroy our Democracy!!

    15. Metalchemist says:

      Living in The Peoples Republic of California, now a territory of Mexico. I know from experience that the Govenator is another RINO. Whose opinions have obliviously helped shaped by his wife Maria. He was elected on his acting ability as opposed to his legislative ability, By Hundred's of thousands of young voters as well as college students. Most of them Democrats. He ousted Gray Davis, but his actions have been a DISASTER for the state.

      90% of "the ELECTED vote for their own special interest groups, and could give a rats a** as to their constituent's concerns / view's. The state hosting America's largest population of illegal immigrants, California bears the costs of education, health care and incarceration of illegal aliens, and concludes that the costs to Californians is $10.5 billion per year.

      These figures are from 2004.


      LINK http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/immigrationnaturali


    16. Tj scali Albuquerque says:

      Is raising taxes the best plan Californians can come up with?

      Why can't the state tap into it's own natural resources and sell some of that Sweet OIL!

      California can supply oil to China, Japan, South America etc. Just as well and with better quality than Venesuela, cheaper than OPEC and make a ton of cash!!!

      Oh yea, darn, I forgot that Federal regulations prevent us from doing things without their permission.

      The only option left is to TAX (and enforce with an $800,000,000 gift to help).

    17. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      California was a great state, endowed with natural resources, a great climate and hardy pioneers. Then this Shangri-la was discovered by a buddding moving picture industry. Dollars flowed into this new industry as did entertainers. Not to disparage the industry, but entertainers are not your ordinary, hard working folk. The squirrel mentality comes to mind. As a result, some pretty unusual thinking is the order of the day, fiscal responsibility being not one of them and it is showing up on their "bottom line."

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    20. Ron, Derry NH says:

      We shouldn't criticize Obama for overspending, threatening private business and trying so hard to look good while parading around his ideas like a fascist dictator; people wanted change.

      After all Congress has proving its uselessness time and time again so why let them debate anything. A republic doesn't need all those senators representing the people when we have a well groomed trusted orator, giving the people what the deserve.

      Just sit back and relax, he is a good man and he looks good on camera. You people are so uptight. Marxism/socialism isn't evil, it just cost a lot to impose, and no good looking fascist has ever steered a country wrong, now have they.

      Look at all the countries it has affected and you can see its benefits. Soon America will look just like Eastern Europe did, or even Cuba and all this complaining will mean nothing, just like it does now only even less, because no one will have that right anymore.

      Sip the cool aide and don't worry. You can trust Obama; he is from Harvard. College graduates that are constitutional scholars are perfectly safe to trust your children's future to as they would never take away your rights, earnings, future, wealth, security or even your value to impose a system where the government decides all that for you.

      You can trust the government…..repeat it over and over and soon you too will gladly stop criticizing faults you are witnessing for the preferred position of worship.

    21. Ron Thompson says:

      Well folks, we can sit here an blog our brains out while the country we all love and enjoy living in, it being thoroughly trashed by the Dems, with some help from the Reps. As I talk with people about different issues,and there is a huge frustration(outside the beltway) with what's going on, and don't know what to do. Speakout! don't be silent any more, this time this movement will not go away. Once entrenched it's over! The mainstream media is a leader in the advocacy for this gang of thugs. The mainstream media lies, for Obama, and America dies!

    22. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      To Charles of Wisconsin,

      It is easy to criticize the policies followed by California when you see the disaster that is taking place. Democrats, Liberals and RINOs have been running the State of California and it is a basket case. The state is broke. The taxes are the highest in the nation. The state is endowed with natural resources such as oil but California forced itself to shut everything down. It has the stupidest energy policies that are driving people and businesses out.

      You want to know what the alternative is? Cut government spending, deport the illegal aliens that are soaking up the tax dollars, return to sane energy policies, stop regulating everything and everyone (get rid of the Progressives)and generally follow success stories- like the State of Texas.

      In order for California to be able to implement successful policies to restore its prosperity, it has to stop paying for idleness and stop punishing hard work.

    23. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Ah yes, the government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing Left continues with their "to hell with the people, their freedoms, and economy, as long as the daisies bloom" attitude and policies, which have already made it, and continue to make it, that bad against the people, our freedoms, economy, and security, and no better for our environment.

      Indeed another earlier example of their "To hell with the people" attitude and policies is:

      After years in Florida of what were yearly required real motor vehicle inspections, which not only required certain emissions standards to be met to help the flowers appear pretty but also sought to ensure that the people weren't driving and riding in unsafe possible or even probable death traps with bad steering and/or brakes, etc, Florida suddenly ceased such motor vehicle inspections and abandoned or sold-off the scores of tax-payer paid for purpose built inspection stations.

      But of course, while the Left made the most noise, Florida motor vehicle inspections didn't stay gone for long anyway before so-called "inspections" of motor vehicles were supposedly "re-instituted", with what so-called "environmentalists" evidently consider one minor, insignificant, and inconsequential difference…no more or those pesky old inconsiderate inspections to seek to ensure that drivers and any passengers (including "the children") aren't in unsafe possible or even probable motor vehicle death traps with bad steering and/or bad brakes, etc, as well as seeking to ensure that certain emissions standards are met.

      In other words, despite any denials, another case of "To hell with the people as long as the daisies bloom", which makes another case of "What you do speaks so loud, Lefty, I can't hear a word you say!"

      Now again, as in the case of the Waxman-Markey government power and money grab, the hypocritical, phony baloney, so-called "environmentalist" Leftist government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing "To hell with the people as long as the daisies bloom" beat goes on. Come to think of it, there are scores of those who actually believe and say that the earth would be better off without people, yet it’s always other babies who aren’t supposed to be born and live (which thus too often explains enthusiasm for “abortion-on-demand” and “forced sterilization”), other people who aren’t supposed to have, drive, and/or ride in motor vehicles, and work and/or live with water, gas, and/or coal generated electricity, and so goes the hypocritical bemoaning of and/or angling for, and casting of, so-called “green” and other votes for government elitists and statists, and their government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing control.

      The question is, when will we, the people, put a stop to such fodder for government elitist and statist power and money grabbers, or must we prove that "The American Republic will fall when the politicians learn they can bribe the people with their own money”?

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    25. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Hum. Looks like it's time for the Actors Guild and all those highly paid actors to "chip" in and save the State. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who think we need to be paying more taxes to actually do so. My first thought is that someone might want to check the State budget and carve out some of useless items.

    26. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      What a play on words

      "Its been a disaster for California and will be a disaster for the nation". Kind of reminds one of the old GM quote "What is good for GM is good for America". How the worm has turned!

      BTW When are the people of California going to wake up and look in the governor's bedroom and realize what is going on?

      PC is Thought Control


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    28. Mark C --Californian says:

      Charles in Wisconsin–You are guilty of what accuse others of–emoting. You make zero sense. Deal with the facts presented instead majoring on whining about how unfair sound reasoning is.

    29. Dave, Syracuse, NY says:

      This may not be as cataclysmic as what you'd expect on your first impression. The new regs will add cost, but the good thing is that this is a national, not a state regulation. The auto industry is all about making a lot of the same things, i.e. economics of scale.

      The same thing happened on air bags. If you put them on one car it adds $5000 to the cost. That number goes way down if you put air bags on all of your cars, not just one.

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    31. Izzy Genizzo, Menlo says:

      William Cole Texas writes I just don’t understand how it is that they (Californians) continue to elect politicians that are totally incompetent.

      IT's because for the last forty years or more the State Legislature has been able to gerrymander their districts in such a way that the incompetents are guaranteed re-election. When voted out they just run for a different job as in Jerry Brown, a disastrous ex-governor, now Attorney General attempting to overturn Prop. 8 the will of the people. Also planning to run again for Governor.

    32. jrh says:

      One only has to hear Obama praising the state of California as a model to understand his agenda. The liberals won't be satisfied until every state in the nation is failing, and dependent on the government. God help us.

    33. Brian, Washington D. says:


      Rep. Paul Ryan has interesting take on fiscal discipline in talk with G. Gordon Liddy

    34. soapte says:

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    35. matovnet says:

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    37. Carol AZ says:

      America you have a very short attention span..

      CA? The land of natural resources, true grit and pioneer spirit you say.

      I will remind all of you that CA WAS the first state of the union to boycott AZ over the passage of a little law for states rights /sn-1070.

      Here in AZ we are turning into "the welfare state of the union" because of illegal immigration and all costs protecting a gaping hole in our border.

      We have utilized CA as the example /the mirco snap shot , of what we could become but refuse to become.

      In AZ we are fighting one of the biggest battles

      right under everyone's noises and you are all worried about CA.state of the union?

      Our fight here is about securing our border for all of America FOR National Security.

      Are you so disconnected where you are there you forgot that CA also a border state came after AZ like a pack of Jackels.

      No where in this attack was the issue of National Security ever mentioned outside of AZ.

      We have a gaping hole that no one is worried about including Pres. Obama, and the rest of you..

      Instand of supporting us here in AZ , CA continues to bash us.

      We make CA very nervous.

      If CA controled the illegal population where 3.5 million undocumented people now live, CA would have an instant $10.2 BILLION dollars to spend.

      CA can be very proud of what it has become… they ask for it, they still ask for it, and NO ONE wants ot talk about it.

      400,000 anchor babies born in CA ea year passing all costs/ to 86 hospital in CA.

      LA has 20,000 members of 18th street gangs.

      Ca over all has over 600 dif. gangs.

      90% of ALL outstanding warrants in CA are attached to Latinos now living in CA illegally.

      Neighborhoods in sections of San Diego, LA and San .F/ all sanctuary cities in CA are filled with grinding poverty, disease and violence.

      Certainly a new third world order has been established that resembles areas of Calcutta, or Bombay.

      Do I need to remind all of us that CA gets millions in Federal kick-backs/ from the Fed.Gov't for all those quasi Acorn style programs to;

      re-hab ?, educate? train? press 1 for Eng./ 2 for SP/ under age violent offenders/ over-flowing prisons/ and schools systems that have a drop-out rate of over 50% and more…but no one is talking in CA

      AZ makes CA very uncomfortable because in AZ we refuse to become sancturay on any level..

      CA you say is inploding under the burden of the fiscal nightmare they have created.

      Meanwhile the tax base is shinking and remaining tax payers will be taxed further.

      Here in AZ we believe that Americans come first.

      Here in AZ we have the same problems CA has.

      Here in AZ we decided not to support all cost for thousnds of illegals living in AZ and will enforce all FED laws regardless of sn1070.

      We must help all American family's that have lost jobs and homes here.

      We also understand we must to go forward and grow our state.

      We want to support Buss. and re-invest in Buss.to expand and hire again.

      Is that profiling?

      CA would say "Yes"

      AZ says, "No"

      Here in AZ we faced two issue squarely for all 50 states in America.

      The control of our border areas and to control the un-controled cost of the spin-over of all issues related to that end.

      Boycotts, backlash, name calling, a total mis-representation for all reporting on a little law that front and center has /nothing to do with racial porfiling.

      Througout all the diatribes Here is WHAT you missed .

      In AZ what has been with-held from you and by the all media is proof ;

      Proof for months that illegal crossers coming into our un-protected borders have ties to terrorist countries that reads like a Jhard manifesto.

      Ca knows this. .All border states know this.

      The only state that stood with us is TX.

      Homeland Security knows this

      ATT General Holder knows this.

      Now you in America also know this.

      AZ is will NOT trade-off our responsibility for National Security .

      Az is the first state in the union to directly face the staggering costs and over all issues based on 40 years of looking the other way over on the topic of illegal immigration.

      18 other states have now found their voices on the same issues further passing laws and enforcing existing laws.

      America you have very short memories.

      Ca needs to cean-up their own back yard before they trash AZ .

      We continued to fight for securing our border with

      NO real help insight .

      Also Un-reported to you there

      for every one person interdicted ten or more make it across.

      The question you should be asking is, who ?

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