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  • Obama Tries to Have it Both Ways on Abortion

    U.S. President Barack Obama reacts during the Notre Dame University 164th commencement ceremonies on the campus of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana May 17, 2009. Obama received an honorary law degree from the university during the commencement.

    Today, the national media are lauding President Obama for seeking “common ground” on the abortion issue during his commencement speech yesterday at the University of Notre Dame. In an article entitled “Obama a Champion at Notre Dame,” Washington Post columnist Eboo Patel called the speech a “near perfect demonstration of public leadership in an environment of polarization.” If public leadership means saying what your audience wants to hear while pursuing your own hard-line agenda with gusto, then the author is right on target.

    The trouble is, the President’s words of reconciliation and common ground in the national spotlight at Notre Dame don’t square with his actions on abortion policy. From his pre-election record of opposing restrictions on partial-birth abortion and endorsing the controversial Freedom of Choice Act, to his lightening-fast moves to reverse the Mexico City policy, overturn restrictions on taxpayer funding of embryo-destroying research, and remove conscience clause protections for health care providers in his first days in office, Obama’s record already establishes him as the most stridently pro-abortion president in U.S. history.

    But in what some in the media are hailing as a significant compromise with pro-life supporters, Obama announced at Notre Dame that he wanted to “honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion, and draft a sensible conscience clause.”

    Once again the President’s words are at odds with his deeds. The President is fully aware that Congress has already drafted a sensible, bipartisan conscience clause that has been on the books for over 35 years. As described in detail, three federal laws protect doctors, nurses, medical students, hospitals, insurance companies, and other health care providers from having to take any part in abortion, sterilization, and other controversial medical procedures. Protections in the law extend to referral, counseling, and otherwise participating or assisting in abortion.

    After barely a month in office, Obama moved to reverse a Bush Administration regulation that, for the first time, provides for real enforcement of federal consience protections. Closely tracking the language of the underlying statues, the regulation defines key statutory terms, informs health care providers of their rights, and assigns the HHS Office of Civil Rights the task of receiving complaints and investigating violations. According to two recent national surveys, Americans support the regulation 2 to 1, and 95% of faith-based physicians surveyed warn that they will leave medicine rather than be required to violate their conscience.

    While skillfully expressing a willingness to listen to the other side in the national abortion debate, the President is using his office to pursue a one-sided, uncompromising agenda both on abortion and conscience rights. And with recent Gallup polling indicating that a majority of Americans identify themselves as pro-life, Obama’s actions on this issue are increasingly out of step with the public.

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    40 Responses to Obama Tries to Have it Both Ways on Abortion

    1. Lauren, Dallas says:

      Any U.S. President simply must have it both ways on abortion, because he or she leads pro-choice and anti-choice Americans.

      Women will have abortions, as has always been the case. It is the job of those opposed to decry abortion and to try to make it less necessary. And it's the job of those responsible for policy to be realists and keep as many real (as opposed to theoretical/potential) people as safe as possible.

      If "the public" didn't want abortions, they wouldn't have them.

    2. PKnight, North Carol says:

      There is a severe disconnect between what this president says and the actions of this administration. The media seems to ignore this fact because they support this sharp lean to left that our government has taken. The fact that a recent poll shows a majority of Americans are now pro-life indicates that Obama needs to move to the center on abortion, healthcare and social issues or suffer the biggest backlash against the federal government in history.

    3. Barb -mn says:

      This man is raping human value. Doesn't even know when life begins.

      Does Notre Dame teach God's will or Obama's?

      There better not ever be a compromise to murder coming from ANY follower of JESUS CHRIST!

    4. jr., Michigan says:

      obama- change NOBODY should believe in.

    5. concerned, Raleigh, says:

      As a black man I'm sad to see the first black american president preside as the major executioner of his own race. I'm also sad to see the leader of the free world be so oposed to 'freedom' for the world's most innocent inhabitants. Regardless of race or political or social position – abortion is appaling, immoral, uncivilized and brutish – no leader of the free world should condone such an act on humanity.

      I do hope there will be more polling of the nation's pulse with a larger audience to dispell any misnomers of the results. I do hope people will act upon their belief and urge their representatives to look at ways to facilitate and streamline the adoption process as well as enforce or strengthen rape laws.

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    8. Grace, Florida says:

      People don't miss the point here. This is not about what the Media thinks – this is about what the Catholic Church teaches and the value it places on human life. Don't make this a media event and make it look like he if finding common ground. If you are a Christian, who believes in the ten commandements as the word of God then there is no common ground. This is not about Politics!

    9. Jim, Evensville Tenn says:

      How can anyone compromise on "Thou shalt not Kill"

      John Paul II called it murder

      Fr. Corapi calls it genocide because it targets a specific group, the unborn.

      Embryonic stem cell research is not needed adult regressed cells are better candidates.

      Paying abortion clinics outside the US is aiding and abetting murder

      Common ground is pure political BS

    10. Dan, Washington DC says:

      I am a conservative Catholic, I am ashame and worried at the same time of my church! More than half of Catholics voted for him that claims to be ardent Pro-life Catholics. Only a quarter of the US bishops voiced their disapproval of the Notre Dame invite and honoring Obama with a degree. While viewing the Notre Dame commencement speeches (Jenkin's & Obama's) made my wife cry.

      Now Pope Benedict is meeting Obama in July after He has been friendly with him since. What is happening to the Pope?

    11. Jim Wilson Dallas Te says:

      I've never been happier that I am an "EX" Catholic! Between this and the way the abuse scandals have been handled it appears the church has lost it's footing. My wife and I switched to a Biblically based non-denominational church eight years ago and it was a good move.

      Two of the many things I can't figure out. Why did the majority of Catholics vote for a regime that is clearly pro murder? Why do Jewish people vote Democratic when the party has no interest in protecting Israel?

    12. Sam, New York says:

      Obama, assumes the American people are stupid, ignorant and only decide based on feelings. On abortion, an intrinsic evil activity always and everywhere performed, is it too much to ask for a political leader who knows the difference between "serving" the public and "killing the public. I pray for the conversion of his heart

    13. Betty Hanicke, Kansa says:

      Kudos to the concerned black from North Carolina. His views attract more. I'm afraid that too many people voted on skin color instead of looking at his voting record.

    14. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      What is the "common ground" between life and death? How do you resolve the two positions? By saying that abortion is a "heart-wrenching" decision, Obama admits that a live human being, not a blob of tissue, is being killed. Do you know of anyone who struggles with the decision to remove a life-threatening, cancerous mass from their body? Only the hardest of hearts wouldn't struggle with aborting a baby.

      Finally, why is choice elevated above life? In the Declaration of Independence, note that "governments are instituted among men…to secure these rights…of life, liberty (choice) and the pursuit of happiness". The 5th amendment says "no person shall…be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process", and the 14th amendment says "nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process". By the supreme law of the land, to which he swore an oath, life is elevated above choice. If your liberty or pursuit of happiness violates someone else's life, even that within your womb, then the government is obligated to intervene with punishment. Certainly laws protecting those who perform abortions are unconstitutional.

    15. Ross Writes, Bradent says:

      Isn't it odd that the proponents of abortion are already born? And those against abortion believe in and fight for the sanctity of life?

      Now the real questions; those for abortion, are they against the state executing harden and dangerous murderers(capital punishment)?

      Also are the those for abortion also for the state sanctioned mercy killing of the elderly? What about the derranged, the useless, the physically and mentally impaired. In a word, the useless of society?

      If a pro-choice(those for abortion) does not also believe in capital punishment or the euphenasia of the undesireables, useless, or the sick, old, afflicted, and unwanted of society, I can't imagine why these pro-choicer's would deny an innocent life even a chance to the very breath of life.

      Has the catholic church falling into seeking the approval of the "arm of the flesh of man" and not the words of God. Regretfully yes.

      As for the Democrats, what can I say? After all their national mascot is a jackass.

    16. Truby, NM says:

      It is sad–so sad that compromise is even considered regarding abortion. "Let Gcd be true and every man a liar!"

      It is also sad–so sad that Obama used the occasion of a graduation to give his political spin on abortion. It seems to me to be highly IAPPROPRIATE and ARROGANT!

    17. Truby, NM says:

      INappropriate and arrogant

    18. Wayne Birmingham, A says:

      The author has hit the nail on the head. While Obama professes to be open to debate on this issue, as well as many others, he truly is taking his marching orders from the extreme far left (Moveon.org., etc.) It's just too bad that college students with their heads full of mush cannot distinguish between words and deeds.

    19. Kathy, Pittsburgh PA says:

      What I don’t think most people understand, especially Catholics, is that this is foundational Catholic teaching. There is no compromise…abortion, and ultimately, the cuture of death that has been created as a result, has infiltrated ALL other aspects of our culture. Pope John Paul II writes in The Gospel Of Life (Evangiluem Vitae): “The end result of this is tragic. Not only is the fact of the destruction of so many human lives still to be born or in their final stage extremely grave and disturbing, but no less grave and disturbing is the fact that conscience itself, darkened as it were by such widespread conditioning, is finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between good and evil in what concerns the basic value of human life.”

      And to Lauren from Dallas: women did not always have abortions to the tune of 4000 a day. We have been cuturally disencitized to the evil of abortion.

    20. Don, New York says:

      Obama announced at Notre Dame that he wanted to “honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion, and draft a sensible conscience clause.” I don't see anything SENSIBLE about abortion.

    21. Ruth says:

      There is no compromise on abortion, ABORTION IS MURDER, Against the law of God.

    22. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Abortion – the debate will go on and on – those who are against the murder of innocents and value life and those who don't want to think about it because it infringes on their materialistic desires. Meanwhile our society, as a whole, is losing its ability to determine right from wrong.

      As for President Obama, he uses his rhetoric to sooth those who fret while he directs policies and executive orders to the contrary of that which he speaks. He has appointed radical pro abortion (and other evils) individuals to do that bidding and they will – even to the point of defining a pro life individual as a radical. Today's radical, in this administration's view, was yesterdays mainstream American.

    23. Angel, Ohio says:

      I find it very peculiar that Obama thinks it is above his pay grade to tell people that they can't have abortions but he tell everyone that they aren't allowed to drink sodas, have trans-fats, etc. These liberals talk out both ends constantly. Whatever fits their agenda.

      Obama is such a family man! or is he? Obama is Heartless!!!

      …… the fruit of thy womb. In this day in age, with all of our knowledge and our ability to see into the womb through ultrasound. ABORTION is MURDER and should be a crime. It doesn't take a degree from Notre Dame to know that.

    24. Gary, Greenwood, IN says:

      Abortion would be much less common if the people HAD to look at the human parts being removed from the womb. It's tragic. Hitler is condemned for killing millions… how will we fare?

    25. Laurie, San Antonio says:

      As a Catholic it is heartbreaking to see college institutions using the word Catholic as a label to describe it's origins, not it's current priorities. It's a nice marketing tool to lure in Catholic parents who think their children will get a Catholic, christ centered education. When will the Catholic bureaucracy stand up and demand something in return for the priviledge of calling themselves Catholic institutions.

      On abortion, Catholics turn a blind eye to the issue because rarely do their parish priests discuss why Catholics should protect and honor life. Most don't pay attention to the U.S. Bishops or their local bishops. All their information comes from their parish and until those priests step up to guide their flock, there will be Catholics voting for people like Obama.

    26. Bill W Minnesota says:

      as personally opposed to abortion as I am. It's a medical procedure between a doctor and patiant. If you want to kill your unborn child and you can find a doctor willing to do it I hope God does not have mercy on your soul but it is wrong to force my morality on others. As a divisive a issue as this is, NO taxpayer money should be used to fund any of these procedures. Let the Libs fund it with charitable donations of their money.Heavan will be alot less crowded and it will clean up the gene pool.

    27. Bettye Jo Georgia says:

      In answer to "Jim from Dallas" as to why Catholics and Jews voted for a man who did not support them or their views. The answer is simple…the majority of voters had no idea what Obama stood for. They read and listened only to materials from the far left and that did not give the full story. Obama is a charistimic, gifted speaker who preached what the people wanted to hear. He was their rock star. They did not look beyond that to the actual facts. Many voters were interviewed on the street and asked who they were voting far. When they said "Obama," the interviewer would say something like, "You are voting for Obama because he is AGAINST abortion?" They would answer "YES." So many were clueless as to his stand on important isues. Interestingly, now that some are seeing what he stands for, his support rating is falling.

    28. Debra, Texas says:

      Common ground on baby killing?

      I wonder if he has any "common ground" beliefs on slavery, rape, kidnapping, terrorism, torture of innocent people…you know he is against the torture of terrorists but I'll bet he could definitely "reach accross the aisle" and find common ground belief with torturing babies or service men and women who protect his right to have his absoulutely sick lack of integrity and morals.

      That being said, I would expect something like that from him. He consistently promotes baby killing. Why would he have a problem lying? He does not anger me nearly as much as the long line of so-called pro-life Presidents, V.P.s and candidates for the Presidency that we have had since and including Reagan. Reagan appointed Sanra O'Connor, a well-known pro-abortionist and republicans looked the other way and have been compromising ever since and every one of them have blood on their hands.

      When these good for nothing fake pro-lifers like Reagan, Dole, Bush, etc… who do nothing to stop the killing of children run, true Christians and pro-lifers should step back and let the heathens decide who will kill less babies or perhaps who will kill them in a more "humane" way.

      If we did not start compromising decades ago, child killing would not be legal today. "Never compromise so that good may come of it." This world is so messed up, people still worship Reagan as the "great compromiser" like that was a good thing and we wonder why the pro-death people get elected. I'm afraid this Country got what it deserved with Obama. If we would like to have a country much longer, we had better repent and look for someone that does not compromise on baby killing or the destruction of the family.

      I just don't understand why Alan Keys would remain loyal to such an obviously compromising church as the Catholic Church but if I could understand that, I do believe he is definitely what we need to heal this Country.

    29. Wormcreek, Utah says:

      King Obama will say anything that will make him look good at the moment. He is a two faced liar! He has failed to come through on many of his pre election promises i.e. transparency in government, bipartisanship, no earmarks, no lobbyists in his administration, and the list goes on. Every thinking person should know who he is by now and every person who cares about this country better get off their couch and get involved. We need more tea parties, we need more people kicking their corrupt congressmen/senators out of office, we need more people screaming at Washington and demanding a return to sanity. Get off the Obama train. Stop Cap and Trade, Socialized medicine, no bail outs for states and whatever else you think is wrong. Make your representatives represent you for a change!!

    30. Matthew Knickrehm, B says:

      Concerning comments from Lauren, Dallas about "keeping people as safe as possible" and "if the public didn't want abortions they wouldn't have them."

      Concerning the first comment: How does one keep the women in the womb safe as possible from her Mother's choice? I must assume you agree both are people.

      Concerning the second highlighted comment: If the public didn't want to commit a crime they wouldn't do it. Well, we know this is not so.

      In the past, abortions were publicized by the media as an action against a non-human, similar to what people do in war when they make the enemy not human; justifying their actions. However in these modern times, even those who are calling themselves pro-choice are admitting the unborn in the mothers womb is a child; a woman or a man. Modern technology has revealed what we thought we could not validate scientifically or confirm with our own "eyes". The problem lies in our own culture; the willingness to admit we have been and are wrong, even to the point of great dismay, about the approved action we as a nation have sanctioned; to abort another human being. Knowing what we know today is far greater than what we knew in 1973. Our nation and the world has suffered not only the abortion of many, many children, but also the hidden scars and wounds told to us by those mothers and fathers who have chosen to have an abortion. We are all at fault, and yet forgiveness and reconciliation are the pathways to change not only the law, but also our minds and hearts. Our first home is our mother's womb and we, as Americans, can now make some choices to make it a safe one for our future generations!

    31. nate says:

      I wonder what causes more suffering waterboarding

      or having a scissors stuck in the back of your head and your brains sucked out?

    32. Chris Sacco, Kennewi says:

      Whatever happened to personal responsibility, especially when it comes to sex? If people, although I am not saying I condone it a lot, practiced "safe" sex and protected themselves, the potential for abortion would lessen. You take a risk of possible conception when you choose to engage in intercourse. Abortion is the deliberate destruction of life no matter who you are, because last time I checked, conception (or fertilization) is the production of a NEW organism. It appalls me at how people have to debate what life is. God and those who fight for what is indeed right help this country and the ignorance of people, faith-based or not. I am a proud, conservative, Catholic American and will not rest when it comes to social issues like this when those who are innocent are oppressed. And to our President, I will support you when I agree with you (and I hope it gets to be more of the time in the future), and I will flat out take you down when I do not see eye-to-eye or understand your take on things.

    33. PAM, BENWOOD, WV says:


    34. Matt Nebraska says:

      How sad that the left is ready to protect the polar bears and the environment. But not a human being. This is apalling. Talk about messed up MORAL values.

    35. Margretto says:

      Bill W says; "as personally opposed to abortion as I am. It’s a medical procedure between a doctor and patiant. If you want to kill your unborn child and you can find a doctor willing to do it I hope God does not have mercy on your soul but it is wrong to force my morality on others. As a divisive a issue as this is, NO taxpayer money should be used to fund any of these procedures. Let the Libs fund it with charitable donations of their money.Heavan will be alot less crowded and it will clean up the gene pool."

      Abortion is a "medical procedure"? Huh? Abortion is a killing of an unborn baby. Removing a cyst is a medical procedure. You do NOT want God to mercy on the soul of those who peerform or have abortions? Bill are you a Christian? Are you a perfect Christian for that matter? Have you ever sinned? God is love so why wouldn't he have mercy on one of his children? Don't put your judgement on God, remember he says that you will receive the judgement that you give to others. What is this nonsense about cleaning up the gene pool? I will pray very hard for you Bill.

    36. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      Jim Wilson in Dallas raises interesting points when he asks:

      "Why did the majority of Catholics vote for a regime that is clearly pro murder?"

      In the interest of full disclosure, I’m Catholic now and attended the schools yet was raised Southern Baptist. I believe Catholics vote that way to assuage their racial guilt; it was the trendy thing to do; Bush was/is evil and must be repudiated. Don’t kid yourself and think Catholics are monolithic and conservative; most are about as liberal.. oops I mean “progressive” as they come.

      Please read George Weigel’s piece in National Review: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=YzNhZDI1MDAy… and note the the “seamless garment” metaphor. This will explain it.

      "Why do Jewish people vote Democratic when the party has no interest in protecting Israel?"

      I believe ideology trumps all including religion. Jews tend to be liberal; liberalism blames America for all the world’s ills; so if America protects Israel how can that be good for liberals?

      Besides, a basic tenet of liberalism is “one culture is no better than another”, so why protect Israel? What make them special? Other than that I can’t figure out why they’re pro-Islam; we all know what that leads to.

    37. BMG, Fort Myers, FL says:

      Life begins the instant the egg is fertilized. By the time most women even know that they are with child, the baby already has a heart beat and brain activity (8 to 10 weeks). The plain fact is that the choice to have sex is the promise that mother and father make to the baby, that she will carry the baby till birth and he will care for the baby. There is no choice except to allow the child to be born or to kill the baby. There is, of course no such thing as a safe abortion, since one of the parties, is killed. God, even if you do not believe in Him, will judge those who kill the innocent babies, only the forgiving Grace of Jesus can save you. Bottom line, let the children be born and stop the killing of over 1.5 million babies per year.

    38. Pat, Michigan says:

      I believe that if we really want to stop abortions in America, the citizens and churches need to continue to inform people that we as citizens of the United States need to value life at all ages. I believe we also need to elected God fearing leaders to both our federal and state governments. Until people realize that the leaders they elect are ungodly and will harm Americas interests we will continue to have theses issues before us.

    39. Bryan, Michigan says:

      Once again I say life liberty and the persuit of happieness! This president is a loonitik, and more wishywashy that John Kerry! Shame on the blind American Public for not doing more research on this nut before he was elected! join the fight 9/12 in Washington D.C. http://www.icaucus.org

    40. Very interesting blog post thank you for sharing I have added your site to my favorites and will check back :) By the way this is off subject but I really like your web page layout.

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