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  • Video of the Week: Peter Brookes


    Posted in Security [slideshow_deploy]

    12 Responses to Video of the Week: Peter Brookes

    1. Larry, in the Republ says:

      Wow, that was a waste of 4 minutes and 45 seconds of my life! About all that was covered in this riveting interview was Peter Brookes' ability to step around the "obvious reason" for the interview, with his awesome verbal skills and irritating "Billy Mays" hand langauge! Seriously, did he do any better at answering ANY question than Pelosi did? I'm pretty sure that what the "News Correspondant" was trying to dig up was some insight as to how stupid Pelosi can REALLY be by denying something that was obviously kept track of "for the RECORD"? Pelosi is an accomplished and astute liar, who believes herself to somehow be "above the very LAW" that she, by her very own mouth, insisted that all who are responsible for letting the torture take place should be tried and convicted by! Let that process begin!

    2. Tim, Waterford, Mich says:

      I noticed that Pelosi would only re-read her prepared statement when asked if she was accusing the CIA of lying, and not directly answer the question put to her . But more importantly, why is she allowed to hide behind not being present for the briefing in question- as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. You better believe that all briefings and the complete, unadulterated minutes of those briefings, were and/or are in her posession. Also,I'm curious as to why none of the Republican members of that committee have not confirmed that the CIA did indeed disclose that waterboarding was being used effectively. If she's lying, then let the facts see the light of day. If the tables were turned and a Republican was vulnerable, in all likelihood GOP blood would already be in the water. Republican silence on this matter causes me to wonder if they're spineless or she is actually right about the CIA being less than forthcoming about their interrogation techniques. Whatever the case may be, this is another issue in a long, painful saga that continues to diminish my faith in our govt.

    3. Barb -mn says:

      Boy, does the tax payers pay for that face? She looks and her face moves like one of those human-like Chinese robots. Well, not that good.

      This cannot stand without reprimand. All the surprises here now and to come, must be dealt with in a sound and discipline manner. Obama will continue to play dumb for the most part.

      Time to clean up what the clowns mess up.

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    5. Larry, California says:

      The republicans need to come out of the closet and speak up! From grass roots to congress! Pelosi and Democrats in general with their egos are on a track to implode our great America! California once a strong state, has now become the weakest. Heavier tax burdens on citizens, and big business have pushed them out of the state. The cork (Republican Preident) has been removed and the democrats are bubbling out…out of control!!

    6. Northstar says:

      Liar,lair pants on fire! She is lying through her teeth.

    7. John, Arizona says:

      I will simply say that given the option of believing Pelosi, or the CIA: I go with the CIA any day. I believe an increasing number of Americans hold the CAREER politicians "running" our nation in such low regard (high contempt) that the majority would feel the same way. This is the latest example of the complete lack of focus almost everyone on "The Hill" suffers from. This situation IS NOT improving until the "average Joe American" votes them ALL out.

    8. David, Virginia says:

      I think Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, Frank, Dodd and many other unpatriotic, radical, congress members need to pack their bags and take their wicked politics with them. I served in Afghanistan during "The Global War on Terrorism" in 2003-2004. People like the above mentioned degrade the troops and we know that they are not for us nor do they support us. Wake up America, your foundation is under attack.

    9. Hal Pryor says:

      Pelosi is lying and not for the first time. The Democrats seem to be in some sort of trance as they help Obama bankrupt the nation and destroy the capitalistic system that has made this country so successful. I can only weep.

    10. Becky in Michigan says:

      I find myself fascinated with the Pelosi video and can watch it over and over again without regret. As Gerrit from Lansing says, this is indicative of the arrogance Pelosi and this Administration have for the American People and their positions.

      As the Republican Party is the only Party that "Eats their own", not the Dems, I am afraid that nothing is going to happen as a result of the lies and politicking she does from her exalted position…3rd in line for the Presidency??? SCARY!

    11. Nancy from PA says:

      I am by no means a fan of Nancy Pelosi's politics or her party.

      However, in watching and listening to her I've wondered if she

      could possibly be afflicted with some sort of mental problem?

      Seriously, and no joke because mental illness is a real issue.

      Her speaking seems erratic and not very well formulated.

      Could some form of dementia or early alzheimer's be at play


      If this were to be the case, would this be brought to anyone's

      attention? Do members of the house, senate, supreme court ever

      have any testing for their cognitive abilities?

    12. fridzi, CA says:

      They all suffer from some kind of psychological and or psychiatric disorder. A president who's narcissitic, H. Reid, Pelosi, B. Frank, etc. etc. etc. Shouldn't be that hard for Republicans to point out to the Democrats' obvious defects. When will they be rightfully called "the Social Democratic Party"?

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