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  • Nancy Pelosi or Captain Renault? You Be the Judge


    Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press conference yesterday reminded a friend of ours of a particular scene from Casablanca.  The great Claude Rains was nominated for an Oscar for this role.  Will the Speaker be so honored by the Academy?

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    23 Responses to Nancy Pelosi or Captain Renault? You Be the Judge

    1. Larry, in the Republ says:

      Indeed a fine representation of Nancy "Profit Sharing" Pelosi and her uncanny ability to keep both of her faces straight during a blatant lie. Amazing! Seriously, it don't matter which face she "SPEAKERS" out of you just can't deny the deceiptful skills.

    2. Rob "Skid" says:

      I used to admire leaders in our great country . . . for putting up with so much to get where they are. Boxer? Feinstein? Princess Pelosi (the CIA lied?) and this rediculous administration and its fiscal-fallacious decision-making? Schwarzennegger and his rediculous collapse to the CA Hippy Legislature, prop 1A?

      Gone is the respect I had . . . curious though to see a nation's people so quiet as we slide into the socialized sea of spending. Will somebody tell me where we will get almost 2 Trillion dollars for this bankrupt nation to spend? Is it coming from thin air? Has anyone heard of massive inflation? The money supply has octupled since 1.5 years ago. Does anyone know that 1 trillion is one million million dollars?

      I miss Texas, too. Too bad for me.

    3. Barb -mn says:

      That IS hilarious.

      When will her stain be removed from this honest and dignified stain-free government? Oh wait, well, it's always best to rub these stains out one at a time. If that doesn't work, throw them out and Start with a clean sheet.

    4. Mike, Elko, NV says:

      This is my favorite movie of all times. I have no idea why it was besmirched by the likes of Nancy Pelosi. Better would have been to pick a scene for "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes".

      Gee, I really miss her.

      A tomato ate my sister.

      That makes as much sense as did Pelosi's, hmmm, ahem, golly, I'm not sure what to call that other than a fiasco.

    5. Marsha, Wheeling Wes says:

      Perrrrfact example of her. Couldn't have made a better analogy of her and her side kick Murtha out of Pennsylvania.

    6. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      Oh what a tangled web we weeve. She can't keep her story straight and that was obvious to all. I can only hope they will call for her resignation and we don't have to see or hear her lying face ever again. She is the epitomy of a dishonest politcian.

    7. Grace, Florida says:

      Her press conference was surreal. She looked like it was the first time she was in front of the press. She really is lying – big time. She's a goof.

    8. Don R Lynch, Merrill says:

      I'm shocked, shocked to the suggestion that a Democrat leader of Congress would distort the truth ! This is an affront to Captain Renault !

    9. John Roane Sarasota says:

      You all are forgetting that when a Liberal Progressive repeats something long enough or at least three times it becomes the truth. Well at least to Nancy and her friends.

    10. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      Can you say TERM LIMITS?? Just think of all the headaches these entrenched politicians are causing us!! Politics should not be a career! It should be like Jury Duty, an short term obligation. No health care benefits, and No pensions!! Man, can you imagine all the money we could save?

    11. Carol in az says:

      This pathethic useless appointee by G.Bush I hope will be aked to step down by the current administration and also recalled by the State of CA.

      Pleae send her across the border to live- out her retirement. She is certainly pro-open borders, against E-Verfy which comes-up for vote again in July. Pro-amnesty, and has stated many times that she wants all illegal's to receive S.S benefits.. Last wk it was reported that by 2017 the S.S fund will be broke.

      Her track record is pathetic. why do we put-up her. Carol, AZ

    12. Bob in St. Louis, Mi says:

      This is all so outrageous!! Nancy Pelosi has weaved herself a web of deceit and she's been caught in it. I think she's done quite enough to bring discredit to her position as "Speaker". Her record the last two years speaks for itself and she should do the honorable thing and resign. I see all these career politicians like Dodd, Frank, Reid, Pelosi, and Lord knows who else, just taking us all to the cleaners with all their fiscal malfeasance and it makes me ill to think that they keep getting re-elected!?!? What does the electorate see in these individuals? Am I missing something here? The POTUS is flushng our great country down the toilet along with both the capitulation of both dems and repubs!! Where is the honor and the oath these people took to protect and defend the "Constitution of the United States of America"? What law gives these people the right to intervene in contractual agreements, fire CEO's, determine payscales for business executives, tax bonuses at 90%, take over Chrysler, award the unions ahead of the investors in bankruptcy proceedings and I could go on and on…..Constitutionally I think it's all illegal!! Where is the outrage!?!?

    13. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      She looked like a kid with her finger caught in the cookie jar. She lied and knows it. Will she have the guts to admit it????? I doubt it.

      L would bet if someone were to be called in front of a hearing before Congress and lied she would be the first to holler about the law, but not when she is wrong.THIS COUNTRY IS IN SAD SHAPE, LOOK WHAT WE HAVE IN THE CONGRESS AND AS A SO CALLED PRESIDENT.

    14. Bob in St. Louis, Mi says:

      I'm mad as hell at these morons in D.C.. I'm mad as hell that the Republican party isn't taking Obama to task and to the courts for all his phony-balogney socialist agenda!! The republicans should be getting down in the gutter and street fighting with Obama and his thugs from Chicago because these guys are going to take this country for a ride we'll never forget. Remember GOP, there were 47 to 50 million people that didn't vote for this moron Obama!! We expect you stand and fight, fight, fight!!! Do whatever it takes to stop his agenda of big governement, high taxes, nationalized health care, illegals amnesty, card check and the fairness doctrine!!

    15. John J. Michigan says:

      I think Obama needs to make a decision. Leave the White House or get rid of the Vice Pres and Speaker. They are both trouble for our country.

      Wake up America

    16. Ross Writes, Bradent says:

      Pelosi is the product of a sick society from a sick city in a state (California) ran by "progressives"(translation; socialist), now out of money. A state where commonsense and simple morality (like lying, cheating, and deception) is in such a short supply to being almost non-existent. Anyone with even a smigging of common-sense is considered a subspecies of a Banana slug in California.

      In yesteryear the cry was: AS CALIFORNIA GOES, SO DOES THE NATION. Regretfully after WW2 that has been true. Today, however "God help us!" is my cry as a 20+ year refugee of California.

      Pelosi, Boxer, Waxman, Feinstein, you name any of them, and you'll see the intellectual/commonsense void found in the once great state of California.

    17. Moose says:

      When House Speaker Pelosi lies she just doesn't do it to Republicans or Conservatives, she does it to the American people, Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives. The problem is that the left appears to condone it.

    18. Ron Thompson says:

      I didn't like term limits before, but I'm getting closer to agreement. With all that said, I would like to see an age limit or mandatory retirement placed on Congressional and Senatorial people. it should be a set age of 65, no more! we get these hanger's on until they are worthless. Pelosi is an excellent example this. She does not need to be in government any more. She needs to step down and leave.

    19. Patriot III says:

      Turm limits are our only hope for the future of this country.

    20. jim smith new york says:

      It seems like your basic IQ test is in order for all 535 Senate and House members. Also, they need a crash course on unintended consequences, especially with environmental issues. Lets see if we can avoid all the baggage that comes with forcing fuel efficient vehicles on Americans, only to find later that with reduced gasoline consumption, you decrease gas taxes collected. DUH!

      Claude Rains was appalled that Rick's was allowing gambling, only to be further surprised when the headwaiter handed him his winnings. Only later did he do the right thing by having a round up of all the usual suspects. Nancy should stop blinking for a bit and acquire a French accent.

    21. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      I agree with Greg of Vail NV when he says:

      Can you say TERM LIMITS?? Just think of all the headaches these entrenched politicians are causing us!! Politics should not be a career! It should be like Jury Duty, an short term obligation. No health care benefits, and No pensions!! Man, can you imagine all the money we could save?

    22. rocky ky. says:


    23. John Salt Springs,Fl says:

      I keep hearing about term limits and how we need them. Well, how do we change term limits? I don't think the fox in the hen house is going to change them. I am tired of talking about it, let's get off our duff and do something about it along with taxes (lower) and health care(not universal). We talk alot and myself included but never seem to get it done. It is time we ran DC and not the opposite. I will make an effort to change these but you and me have to change the individuals that hold office. We cannot continue to say well my rep is ok and all the rest are wrong for us. One last thing Pelosi lied people died, sounds like the shoe fits to me.

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