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  • Morning Bell: Don't Do to Health Care What President Obama Did to DC School Children

    Latasha Bennett is a 37 year-old single mother of two very intelligent children: her son Nico and daughter Nia. Thanks to the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, Nico attends the Naylor Road Private School and “he is excelling.” Earlier this year, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) sponsored an amendment that would have stripped Nico of his scholarship and relegated him to a public school that Mrs. Bennett told a Senate hearing this week was unacceptable, disorderly, and unsafe.

    After a rally to save the Opportunity Scholarship Program last week, President Barack Obama stepped in and said he would fight to preserve the program for existing scholarship students. So Nico’s education is safe. But what about Nia’s education? Mrs. Bennett informed the committee:

    I applied for Nia to get a D.C. Opportunity Scholarship so that she could attend Naylor Road for the 09-10 school year. I was initially told that she was eligible for a scholarship, I was so elated. Then along came a retraction letter, and I was devastated and angry. I want Nia to have the same opportunity to excel as well as her older brother.

    So what happened to Nia’s scholarship? Why was it taken away from her? Under pressure from teachers unions Obama administration Education Secretary Arne Duncan decided to phase out the program. In fact, the Obama administration did not in any way “save” the Opportunity Scholarship Program; they only “grand fathered” in protection for those already attending the school of their choice. Since Nia had not yet started attending school with her brother, she did not qualify. Mrs. Bennett had a question for Secretary Duncan: “I would like to ask Mr. Secretary Arne Duncan how is it that my child should not be given the same opportunity as his children to get the best education possible?”

    What does all this have to do with health care? The Obama administration’s game plan for killing school choice is the exact same game plan they want to use to kill health care choice. During the campaign, then-candidate Obama promised that “you will be able to keep your doctor and health insurance if you want.” But your doctor and your private insurance are a big threat to Obama’s desire for a public plan. The solution? Hudson Institute fellow James Capretta explains how the Senate’s latest health care proposal solves the problem:

    If an Obama-like plan were to pass, all health-insurance plans would have to conform to one of four benefit designs: lowest, low, medium, and high. That’s it. Four options for everyone in the United States, determined by the federal government.

    Of course, the committee is cognizant of President Obama’s promise that Americans who like the insurance they have today will be able to keep it. So they create a carve-out for “grandfathered plans.” Existing insurance can stay just as it is, they say.

    Except that’s not really true. Because elsewhere in the document, the committee makes it clear that existing insurance arrangements that do not comply with government requirements cannot enroll new entrants. Nor can any enrollees get the new premium subsidies the committee is contemplating. Consequently, no “grandfathered plan” will be viable, or at least not for long.

    So just as the Obama administration plans to kill Opportunity Scholarship Program by not allowing any new entrants, they also plan to kill your current health insurance plan by not allowing it to sign up any new enrollees. The result is the same for both: Americans will have less control over their health and education as they are forced into government programs they do not want to be in.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gave the chief executives of the country’s nine largest banks no choice but to accept TARP bailout funds.
    • The Obama administration’s decision to shut 1 in every 4 Chrysler dealerships is hitting family-owned shops hard.
    • Thanks to government-backed mortgages, the federal government now owns more than 50,000 foreclosed homes nationwide — enough homes to fill a city the size of Miami.
    • Tea Party Patriots are leading opposition to a half-dozen ballot initiatives that would raise taxes on Californians.
    • According to the latest Gallup Poll, for the first time since Gallup began asking the question in 1995, a majority of U.S. adults now identify themselves as pro-life.
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    29 Responses to Morning Bell: Don't Do to Health Care What President Obama Did to DC School Children

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Obama's move toward government controlled healthcare is again more than just about healthcare, education, banks, automakers, State's rights, ect…. It's an out of control train of big government take over that's becoming more and more difficult to stop. It makes sane people either want to jump off for a safer haven or find a dark corner and hide until the damned thing ultimately crashes. And it will. At that point, sanity will prevail while Americans "HOPE" there are enough pieces to salvage.

    2. Steve, Michigan says:

      At the risk of repeating myself, we get what we elect. Despite fair warning, the voters elected a statist President, with a statist leaning Congress. When we look like today's Detroit, with health care that looks like Cuba's, in few years, no one should be surprised.

    3. Ed Brown - Louisvill says:

      American Liberty was built solidly upon respect for the individual and upon almost universal devotion to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Collectivism, on the other hand, is anti liberty and anti American. Human freedom can only subsist in political and social communities that value the individual.

      Leszek Kolakowski in a paper he delivered defining his reasons for rejecting his long held beliefs, “My Correct Ideas on Everything” exposes the double standards that are crucial to the arguments used by the Left. The first of three forms of the double standard is the invocation of moral standards in judging capitalist regimes, while historical criteria are used to evaluate their socialist counterparts.

      Secondly, capitalist and socialist regimes are always judged differently when discussing and assessing their futures. Capitalist systems were seen as stagnate and unable to improve, and yet the socialist regimes were always judged on the assumption that they would improve. Repressions by conservative governments were never seen as necessary preludes to democratic restorations, but were condemned as unmitigated evils. However, far greater repressions of revolutionary regimes and dictatorships are minimized as just that, necessary steps along the path to a progressive future.

      The third form of the double standard is that the negative aspects of existing socialism are always attributed to capitalist influences. There are usually elements of the previous or old society that remain. Did Hitler give rise to Stalinism or was it the other way around? It would seem more likely that the socialist assault on democracy and the example of the forced labor camps gave impetus to Nazism.

    4. Mr. Campbell, Louisi says:

      I have a couple questions:

      President Obama, has taken an oath to serve and protect the constitution. It is blatantly obvious that he is in fact working against every article of this document. Why hasn’t the word ‘impeachment’ escaped anybody’s lips yet, and why is it that Obama is being allowed to perform so many radical moves in such a short amount of time? He has made it clear that he has no intention of protecting anything but his own agenda, so what is it that is protecting him from being thrown out of office?

      It is disturbing to me that the issue of his natural citizenship was tucked under the rug. Our founding fathers had a very good reason for adding that stipulation; to prevent the ‘Trojan Horse’ from destroying our country from within. Much like what is happening now.

    5. fc, nc says:

      the dc school system is deplorable because it is a public system, like a public toilet. it might work, it's there and it's better than nothing. the teachers that work there represent the public in that area. because of the teachers union, all the teachers are like public toilets. in the end, the students finishing the schools will be like the public toilets, they might work, they're there and as employees, better than nothing. to say that the population of dc, except for their finer cloths and inflated self esteem, look just like the population of ethopia, another failed society. there is little hope for dc, an example of what the government builds. no, we do not want a health care system built by the government.

    6. Larry, in the Republ says:

      Obviously this Administration still holds true to their "Bait and Switch" roots that got them elected! This is another situation where the "policy makers" will make a comment or speak OUT in praise for "something" then renig on any offers previously made! It sounds a lot like Liberals "threatening" to release ALL of the CIA interrogation memos, then realizing that probably aint such a good idea for their beloved Speaker of the House. So they start their crawfishing on THAT threat!! As for the people in D.C. who DEMAND that they get Federal money to send their kids to a prep school I say this: clean up your own neighborhood and school system before you expect me and my tax dollars to "GIVE YOU preferrential TREATMENT" and SINGLE payer schooling! Yea, it sounds a lot like Obamas' health care idiocrocy, just shut up and vote HIS way or ELSE!! Just keep smiling and handing THEM the rope! Eventually they'll tangle it all up around their very own throat and we'll be done with them. Where is MY money?

    7. Jim, St. Louis, Miss says:

      Unfortunately for Ms. Bennett, she is breaking the rules of Obamaland. She dares to go outside of the indoctrinating, socialistic education system. Her son is evidence that school vouchers will work. But unfortunately, that would undermine the teachers unions that continue to do less educating for more money. I wish I could afford to pay for her daughter's education. I’m sure it would be a great investment for the future of our country.

    8. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      This is about far more than a power grab

      by a bunch of greedy Democrats who're get-

      ting even for the last 8 years. When are

      people going to wake up to the fact that,

      as "one nation under God", we have failed

      miserably. We've moved so far away from

      that position to the point where, in their

      ignorance, most are incapable of seeing it. The sad truth is, most "Christians"

      attend churches that don't even open the

      bible. Also, many that DO, are not teach-

      ing what it is that God is saying, but are

      instead telling funny anecdotes and personal stories having little to do with

      what the Lord intended His word to say to

      church members who don't even have a clue

      as to how they are being deceived!

      This is where we are, and how far we

      have moved away from the only truth that

      matters in this dark world in which we now

      find ourselves…

    9. Larry, in the Republ says:

      Mr. Ed Brown-right on. Very well said! Especially the realization that any change made by a conservative government is hailed as oppressive or intolerant while ALL moves made by a "revolutionary" (modify to read "change")to Dictatorship is minimalized to just being "necessary" for an all inclusive and progressive future for ALL! Your question as to whether Hitler gave rise to Stalinism, or was it the other way around bades thought and logic be applied! Unfortunately our educational systems and LOCAL school districts no longer require that a thought "PROCESS" be developed or achieved. As well, the fact that free enterprise, capitolism and basic economics are being set aside in the classroom to make room for informing the students how and where they can get free abortions and condom handouts, (courtesy of the Federal Government)which does nothing to improve the intelligence at the voting booth! So the results we now see manifested in the District of Columbia are to be considered "NORMAL" and acceptable across the board. Which really means, of course, that it's the Governments' fault, so what is the "government" going to do to help US? Instead, those of us who can see the forest amongst the trees, recognize that that it is the responsiblity of each individual to make the necessary changes that reap the results that they themselves desire. In short, if they really want to institute change they WILL HAVE to turn their palms from the upright position to the down in the dirt, work related position and get it for themselves. That is the ONLY way that personal freedoms can be truly appreciated, cherished and held on to! Mr. Campbell, your point is sharp as well. Impeachment is likened to a "Dishonorable Discharge" for deriliction of duty or insubordination. High Treason on the other hand is PERSONAL punishment for lieng to the people, legislative branch, judiciary branch and the world at large. Then instituting a reign of tyranny and deceipt that results in irrepairable damage to the people and Country that individual "Swore an OATH to protect and defend", so help him GOD! High Treason is the charge Obama should be facing-not impeachment! So, Mr. Campbell, I have written on the point you make about holding the "Anmointed ONE" accountable before. However my posts' on the subject were pulled and never saw the light of day! Maybe today will be different, all we can do is try our best!

    10. C.C. W.V. says:

      The thought of the Government taking over my health Insurance is deplorable…. Anything that I would need to go to the Dr. for is none of their business. The government put in place the Hippa Act for the patients privacy now the Government wants to take that away too!!!!They are truly going to far. They have even talked about taxing the existing insurance we have if we wish to remain with our plann we now have. The money they need to start up this plann will put us further in debt and still won't pay long term. What will happen when the next 1.3 trillion is needed that we don't have to start with…..?????

    11. Steve, Michigan says:

      Mr. Brown's analysis is elegant. I would like to add a thought: The Christian notion is that sinfulness is universal. From that assumption, one can readily understand that any government, whether tyrannical or democratic, will be imperfect. The genius of the founders was that they recognized that and distributed power widely to provide "checks and balances," frankly, on the ways that human sinfulness can pervert governments. Our Constitution is, therefore, not perfect, but is as close to the best that anyone can devise as it recognizes the basic problem of concentrating power in few hands – sinfulness run rampant. When we cede power to the federal government, we begin the process of concentrating it and removing the checks and balances. Anytime we allow the central government to take over a part of our economy, moreover, we also take away another independent power center. If we panic and ask Uncle Sam to rescue us from every problem we may face, in short order we will have tyranny. The statists don't recognize this largely because they seem to believe the lie that there is such a thing as a compassionate and perfectable government. Other than my Dad, who used to claim that he was perfect :), there ain't any savior other than the original One!

    12. Frank W. New Mexi says:

      I can't understand how the voucher system was voted out. Mrs. Bennett's child was issued a voucher for the $7500 dollars which she used to enter her child in the private school. The information on how well this program was working was not delivered to congress until about three days after they voted against continuing the program. The public schools get $10,000 for each student. Students choosing the voucher program get a voucher for $7500 this leaves $2500 for the public school that they can use to improve their school. This also does not cost the Taxpayers any more money and rewards the schools that are giving their students an excellant education. The public school gets a windfall of the $2500 dollars for not having to teach the voucher student. We could do away with the 500 billion that congress needs to reward the teachers union for their support in the election. Just think teachers if you could get all the kids in your district to sign up for vouchers you could take the whole year off with pay instead of just the summer. You could use the school buses for shopping trips anytime you wanted instead of having to schedule your trips around teaching those pesky studemts.

    13. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      To all of you who voted for the new USSR of North Anerica, enjoy. Thankfully, at 92 I won't be around to participate.

    14. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      So, if you were unaware, uninformed, wrong headed, young and starry eyed, you got what you thought you wanted in Obama.

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Well said Ed Brown. Eloquent. To this I add the book "People of the Lie" by Scott Peck as an excellent treatise on evil. His premise is that evil does exist and manifests itself in many different ways. Some people are pure evil but outwardly appear as good. It is the actions – not the words that count.

    16. Robert O. Gray Colu says:

      What's the point,did my comment of 5-13 on Social Security not meet your criterion,or am I on the wrong page.in either case would appreciate knowing.

    17. Ron, Derry NH says:

      America has allowed the Communist socialist party to fester in the rank and file of the union supported representitives and congressmen of the Democratic party for so long that they think it is harmless.

      This is where we stand; on the threshold of a fascist take over of all we held dear while a bunch of pathetic frauds take our country down a path of disaster.

      Drunk with power, I don't think there is much stopping them 'til they tear up the constitution and use it for a saturday night live prop.

      This is what a hostile take over looks like, and like Katrina, everyone is waiting to be saved and doing nothing while waiting for the wave to impact and destroy us.

      God Bless what America was.

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    19. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Let us see, Medicare (single payer system!) is going broke. Care is already being rationed. VA hospitals and care are mess. Those that look to government for their health care first need mental health care before they can make that decision. How else can you justify relying on proven failure?

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    21. Joe Turner, Indianap says:

      I have never really supported the voucher programs. For the most part, I could never really understand why parents would abandon their neighborhood. I suppose in my involvement as an elected official of a school system, my assessment of the situation is somewhat controversial. The parents have to go back to school! Get involved again! Go in there and shake things up! Here is the controversial part, if your life style does not support your involvement then change your lifestyle! Analogy: If you go to the doctor because you have an ailment and you rely entirely on their assessment without offering any input, you may or may not benefit from their performance. I would go so far as to say, chances are, the doctor may find something wrong which is totally unrelated to the ailment you went in for.

      Look, in short, if “We The People” sit on the sidelines then we have to drink the cool-aid. If we get involved we get to make the cool-aid! That goes for health care, education and any other tentacle the government extends into our freedoms.

    22. herby1966 says:

      All I can think of is the slow death of Germany and the mathodical aproach to the Third Rich under Hitler. We better be prapared for the words, " do you have your papers" as we travel from town to town, and state to state. This that we have now is not what I served my country for in the Marines, nor is it what my daughter sighned up for, who is now in her 3rd. year at the Naval Accadamy. Seper Fi.

    23. Steve, Ohio says:

      I find it scary and ironic that the left, who have been harshly critical of conservatives as fascists, are so willing to go along with fascism as long as it is there guy. Have we lost the language to the point that no one really knows the definition of the word any longer?

      For future reference to all those on the left who don't know the meaning and will only be able to focus on a few words at a time…"Fascism is authoritarian hierarchial government" (I'm sorry, now I most certainly need to define authoritarian and hierarchial as well, but I won't)

      I did not intend to bring up the word to throw gas on the fire, but it is important. Look at the policies and you can't conclude anything less than fascism. Forcing you to send you children to their schools and if you don't, you still pay. Forcing you onto a substandard government health program and if you want your own, you'll still pay for both. Telling companies what they can pay their employees. I know everyone hates smokers (I'm not one, but to each his own) and forcing them to pay higher taxes. If they force (i.e. fascism) all of these things, how long will it be before they tell you where to work, where you may go, what you can do when you get there, what you will be able to eat, what you drive, what you wear, how many children you can have…

      Fascism, Obama…synonyms!

    24. Mike McLellen, Grand says:

      First, my disclaimer – my wife is a school teacher and is a member of the MEA.

      I think to blame the unions as if they are the whole problem is a cheap shot and a easy way out for all of the critics of "public education".

      I grew up in the public system and, I feel I can say, I got out of it what I put into it. The differences – teachers had authority in the classroom, the administration supported them so long as they were within the generally accepted boundaries (including corporal punishment of which I took full advantage). – Parents for the most part were involved, even in the case of single parent households, the parent attended conferences, school events and social gathering and were very much a part of the "process". Teachers were not expected to be social arbitors and counselors, that was left to counselors and principals. There were expectations of performance and, if you failed to achieve those expectations, you were held back or went to summer school.

      This is not to say there were or are not "bad teachers"…there are bad administrators, and dare I say, bad parents.

      Another problem that has been touted for as long as I can rememeber is class size. This has never been addressed in any meaningful fashion either.

      If we are going to "fix" the education problem we need to look at the whole problem, with all of it's facets. Quit demonizing teachers and the teachers union.

    25. Amanda Odessa TX says:

      How long until we can efforce are consititional rights? It is our duty as inteligent citizens to not let our country go down the gutter, and yet we all sit here watching it. How much worse is this going to have to get before peoples eyes are open to the truth in everything this terrible President preaches about? Are we litteraly going to wait until things get worse? If they get worse and everything he speaks of comes true will there even be hope for America? The telvision is the worst source of information and yet over half the Americans in this country use it as their only source of information. Why do I feel so hopless for my country when all I want to do is make a difference. I feel that I wont even get the chance to make a difference. I'm trying not to loose hope but what do I need to do? They dont tell me that on the dumb TV.

    26. dennis florida says:

      government schools are not supposed to work. their designed to keep people dependent on government.private schools,and home schools are a threat to the government because they teach children how to think for themselves and to solve common sense problems. they probably would grow up to run against some of these corrupt politican and win. who knows, they might straighten out washington. however, there are children who come out of public school who seem it rise above .this is probaly due parent intervention.thank god for determined parents.

    27. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Well, I am as guilty as everybody else. All I do is write letters, talk to everybody I know or can get to hold still long enough,and always vote against the incumbent. Because I cannot get anybody to listen to me, or vote against the incumbent, I am helpless. If I knew how to get others to do as I do, I might be able to make a difference, but I cannot. Kinky Freedman is the only person who has a platform, that I have heard to say"never vote for an incumbent" when all of these so-called conseratives should be shouting it from the rooftops. But, even at this late date, with the country almost totally gone, they still try to cling to the tattered remians of their power to the riun of us all.

    28. Mike McLellen, Grand says:

      Dennis – If government schools don't "work" why then did my daughter (now an lawyer), three of her friends – now doctors, two of her friends – now dentists, two of her other friends – teachers, one of her friends an architect and another completing his PhD.

      Government schools look worse and worse because the people that can afford to and dosend their children to private or perochial schools change the "demographic" of the overall public school system so naturally, averages will go down at public schools and averages at private, perocial and charter schools go up.

      The fact that the government injects itself so much inot the public schools has made them much less able to respond to local needs.

      Local communities should govern what their schools do, following generally accepted guidelines for performance that are established based on what skills and knowledge is needed to survive in the competative world.

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