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  • Dangers of EFCA: Government Imposed Contracts

    This video highlights a danger in the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) that could be worse then taking away the secret ballot. EFCA gives government officials the power to impose contracts on employees if an “acceptable” contract with the union is not negotiated within 90 days. According former Union Organizer Rian Wathen says:

    If you put in the binding arbitration you remove any incentive for the union to be practical


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    5 Responses to Dangers of EFCA: Government Imposed Contracts

    1. Larry, in the Republ says:

      If I understand this ex-union man correctly, he BELIEVES that the incorporation of this binding arbitration would FORCE the unions to place unreasonable offers on the bargaining table, simply to start a fight that only lawyers win! So, what has really changed then? If they choose to walk off of a job, and are consequently banned from re-entering the premises of the abandoned work place, then criminal tresspassing charges and restraining orders should be filed with the Attorney General of the city having jurisdiction. Therefore if ANY attempt is made by them to harrass, block entry or picket that address they should rightfully be thrown in jail and charged! If all parties show good faith in resolving the differences it would never come to unreasonble offers or rejections. Enough said, next problem!

    2. Mel, Florida says:

      Larry, you are incredibly naive. As a former state prosecutor, I can tell you that a party with the government's backing has all the power, and no incentive to negotiate in good faith. The Obama administration needs to be replaced in total come 2012.

    3. Concerned citizen &a says:

      Govt.intrusion into Chrysler Bankruptcy case putting Unions before Senior investors(contrary to established bankruptcy law)

      Now because workers don't want to lose "secret ballot"option,the

      attempt to drop that from Card check bill….Employee Free Choice Act is Political Double speak like geo.Orwell's 1984…

      Like Big Bro's Healthcare Reform is nothing more than another

      Fed.Govt.power grab …they "guessed wrong "on the Stimulus bill

      that no one in congress had time to read but the majority felt

      compelled to vote Yes…easy to spend more of our tax dollars and

      mortgage our kids & grandkids financial futures and individual

      freedoms for their PROGRESSIVE vision of remaking this great constitutional republic into a banana republic..Disunited Socialistic States of Amerika ,politically correct "social

      justice" and sharing the wealth…Tax the most prosperous nations and give to the developing ones! Destroying our most

      successful wage earners won't help our economy recover just

      expand the Federal Govt's power destroying State's rights and

      local control and individual rights guaranteed by the constitution (President & Congress and our military swore an

      oath to uphold & defend against all enemies foreign & domestic)

      Seems the military is doing their part but this admin.&congress

      are shredding the rule of law …Oligarchy is not the CHANGE WE

      CAN BELIEVE IN…Va. is still "right to work"state and while our economy is not thriving it has not been destroyed by unions


    4. Concerned citizen &a says:

      EFCA(code for Govt.supported Union takeovers of private companies) Effectively Forcing Controlling Arbitration(EFCA)

      More Chicago-mafia style tactics to help union bosses prosper

      while small businesses suffer and Free enterprise and the

      individual entreprenial spirit which made our country #1 in the

      world!God bless us and save us from mandated Politically correct

      "social justice" and the Progressive's vision for our country!

    5. Kim . Columbus says:

      We need congressmen to listen to their constituents, not what they want to hear. There are many voices but no ears.

      No on cap and trade(crap and tax) and no on nomomacare. This bill is not only ridiculous but a legal form on murder by medicine(or lack of)

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