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  • The Press Conference Nancy Pelosi Hopes You Forget


    This morning Nancy Pelosi briefed the media on her knowledge of enhanced interrogation techniques, and we are guessing spent the rest of the day trying to unspill the milk. Aside from the torture inflicted on viewers of this disaster of a news conference, Nancy Pelosi created a brand new version of events to explain how she wasn’t aware of what she definitely was aware of.

    While trying to jump out of the way of a moving freight train, she tried to drag the men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency onto the tracks. Luckily, America knows whom to believe in this integrity contest. Speaker Pelosi also tried to criminalize policy differences with the Bush administration (despite actually having no policy differences by the way). And what is her answer to everything? A Truth Commission. Something straight out of an Orwellian novel. That would be ideal for the Speaker, so long as it doesn’t focus on her.

    And finally, you had the Speaker calling for the further release of classified material. Following the pattern set by the President, Speaker Pelosi is completely comfortable asking to declassify Top Secret information when 1) she knows it likely won’t happen, and 2) it suits her politically. She is not so forthcoming when former Vice President Dick Cheney asks for similar information to be declassified and is turned down.

    It is time for a serious discussion on how America is currently fighting terrorism. Reviewing 2002 and 2003 events may and will continue to embarrass the Speaker, but the value to our nation is shining a light on current policies. What are President Obama’s policies on interrogation? What will President Obama do with detainees at Guantanamo Bay in 6 months? What “Contingency Operations” are being planned and are President Obama and Nancy Pelosi doing everything in their power to stop them? We’re crossing our fingers for another news conference tomorrow. (Please?)

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    61 Responses to The Press Conference Nancy Pelosi Hopes You Forget

    1. Barb -mn says:

      It's time to clean out the white house. Everything is a cover-up! IMMEDIATE REPRIMAND.

    2. April, Colorado says:

      I agree, Barb. Let's hold those responsible for allowing the torture to be held accountable. OOps, that's right…that would be George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

      Shame. The former administration has brought such shame to our country. Can you and the others that blog on this sight admit it? Or will you make excuses for them because they have the letter (R) after their names?

      I love it how HR spins it. Sure, don't hold the former Commander in Chief and the former Secretary of Defense to the standard. Yep, blame that liberal woman.

    3. Barb -mn says:

      This time I got to watch the video. Dana did a wonderful job. Too bad she works for CNN.

      Hopefully more incompetence will be revealed to the country…

    4. Larry, in the Republ says:

      Yep, April you've shown your underside! The fact that Cheney has requested for ALL OF THE MEMOS to be released means "WHAT" to you? In your native language does this request mean He is covering up? Or does it mean what most folks who understand the English langauge to be ALL memos, whether they be damning or not? It's just a question for those who "have" a thought process, or the ability to follow the truth to it's origin! For an Administration that campaigned on "transparency" there is only one thing they've made clear. They will threaten to do "something" if their cries aren't pampered or tolerated, and when the adults dare them to 'go ahead and do it' they renig on the offer to do "anything"! Sounds like a kindergarten classroom instead of the leadership of what 4 months ago "WAS" still the greatest Nation on Earth!

    5. Rick, Texas says:

      Well said Larry. Once again the Democrats show their true colors.

    6. Grace, Florida says:

      April, if you think keeping our country safe from additional terrorist attacks is shame – then the shame is on you.

      If the Bush Administration did something wrong – that should be investigated – get it all out in the open. I believe the administration acted on the information they received and made the decisions they needed to make to keep you and I safe. To me that's no a shame. The shame would be that now that Pelosi is trying to play both sides, she just can't say she agreed with them at the time. Our country was facing something we never went through before – there is no shame in that.

    7. Shawn, Ind. says:

      "oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

      william shakespeare

    8. TGOTCB says:

      April, if you want told hold people accountable for so called torture (acts that were approved by the very Congress that now wants to condemn those same acts), then let's have public hearings on those in Congress that had the responsibility to act on the warnings of the Fed Gov't's own oversight regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Those same incompetent and on the take frauds (Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and Chris Dodd to name a few) should be tried for treason but instead are grandstanding against credit card companies which have broker no laws.

    9. Greg, Vail, AZ says:

      You do what it takes to get the job done, PERIOD. Terrorists are NOT deserving of our good graces. They forfeit the right to be treated as a human being when they choose to commit acts that are inhuman.

    10. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Pelosi is a lier, period! But what does anyone expect from this administration? I feel the tone

      CNN takes in this lie-fest is just one reason

      they are loosing viewship every day. It is really

      a shame people like April gets here news from such

      a bias sorce. It is more upsetting that April actually has had more that her share of the cool-aid and has no interest in the truth. April – switch to Fox News.

    11. Dennis Anacortes, says:

      April shows her true BLUE colors and lack of reasoning that goes hand in hand with the Blues. The waterboarding was used on 3 THREE TRES

    12. Lee A Kenaga, Dearbo says:

      To my mind queen pelosi has a very convenient

      memory lapse re: enhanced uses on potential ter-

      rorists (a better word is lying because the re-

      cords proves that this is what she is doing. She

      wants special privileges for flying non'stop all

      the way to her home in Frisco, so the gov't pro-

      vides her with one that does that except it's

      more expensive to operate, so were stuck as tax

      payera to meet her whims. Nothing is too good

      for the queen it seems.

    13. Normca says:

      Hey April Colorado – using your perverse logic – 1st you do not deserve to be free because you aren't willing to do what it takes to be free. If water boarding is torture, then tell the military not to do it when they train soldiers and marines. Secondly if Bush can be at fault in all of these things, then lets charge Obama with killing the 5 soldiers last week. Third; grow !

    14. Hogarth says:

      "Did she seem surprised and annoyed at your question?"

      Of course she did! No Democrat expects a meaningful and serious question from any network other than Fox. Pelosi: "Gee, guys, what happened to our mutual admiration?? What happened to our don't ask, don't tell relationship?"

    15. Jim@Redding,CA says:

      Pelosi is doing what we conservitives were

      unable to do: creating problems for a united liberal agenda in government. Each

      time she lies, she offends even the most liberal sensibilities who she imagines will just continue to not challenge her

      lies in the face of overwhelming evidence

      to the contrary. Every time she opens her

      mouth these days, it is a good thing for

      those of us who know we need all the help

      we can get to combat the evil going on in

      Washington DC…

    16. Tom Iowa says:

      It won't be long till these ( I forgot) (that is'nt how I remember it) ( that was'nt me) Democrats are up for re-election. Then we will see if the American voter remembers who forgot ,or remembered……

    17. Duke, Ohio says:

      Always tell the truth. That way you don't have to remember what you said. Clearly, she is making it up, because the truth will not set her free.

    18. Tom Iowa says:

      April; Welcome to the right site for the real news… Glad you can attend to the real world with the rest of us. When will the ( we are such a bad country ) left going to admit they are just screwing the American public into the ground with evry new ( this will fix it )law that they pass. OPPPS lets throw some more money at it…..

    19. J. Jackson Houston T says:

      If I read the Geneva convention right, the terrorists are not protected under this treaty. They are not uniformed military from a country, but rather hidden terrorists. If the waterboarding saves one American from harm, well woth it. Next, Pelosi will say " I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WONAM". This all looks too familiar. But watch, when Pelosi is up for re-election, she will win. I am sure ACRON will be behind her.

    20. Barry Rockford,Il. says:

      Please stop this rep/dem mind set. We need to oust the shadow government that has control of both parties. Let's return to the constitution and bill of rights that made this country the greatest on earth. God help us reclaim America from the evil international bankers who control us.

    21. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is normal for obama and his crowd. They will denie that they were born if it will get them anything. I agree the whole bunch need to be thrown out of Washington, they are all a bunch of cheats. What really makes it bad is the American people let them get away with their BS.

    22. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Does Pelosi's lies sound farmilar? They should.

      Just think Hillary and the Grand Jury. That come from page 7 of the Democratic hand book under "memory loss and it's benefits.

    23. Larry, in the Republ says:

      It seems that some of Y'all are declaring that Nancy "Profit Sharing" Pelosi is "wearing the results" of her efforts. After all, how could she ever guess that the media could be "that" touchy when she smokes her cigars? Talk about bringing the Billary Clintons into the picture! What, did she "Lewinsky" herself? Just kidding, of course it wasn't HER fault! How do we know? Because someone else was in the room!

    24. Yvonne Naples fl says:




    25. John, Fort Worth Tex says:

      April, can I get you some more Cool Aid? As much as I enjoy seeing Pelosi squirm and fidget like an adolescent telling a lie, I fear what she and this administration is doing to harm our national security. Many have some differences with the Bush administration, however, they kept us safe. The harm Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Murtha, Barney, Geitner and the rest of the Obama adminstration is doing to our once great country will take generations to repair. Oh, and don't get me started on the harm they are doing to our national debt (which they claim was inherited), health care issues and the whole move towards Socialism…

    26. Joseph, FL says:

      Let politics end at the waters edge for the sake of the American peoples security.

    27. Truth Hurts, The Rea says:

      "What if you were a idoit.What if you were a member of congress.Then I repeat myself" Mark Twain .Is it possible for Bo Tox to cause brain damage,surely Nancy is a good case study! Never tell the truth,when in doubt blame some else !The Moral Impertative of this Adminstration rears its hollow head yet again!

    28. John J. Michigan says:

      I was a Seal-Sealcwo4 Vietnam. Now we have another war. To bad the Demos want politices first instead of COUNTRY first. Both Demo and reps lie to protect there jobs. The speaker is the biggest lier. Watch out Americans Wash DC is taking our freedom.A Boen Again American speaks.

    29. Charles, Oklahoma says:

      Is there an honest democrat in Washington?? Certainly not the TREASONIST speaker. It never fails to amaze me, the very people whom would not and will not lift a finger to defend this country, will do ANYTHING to attack the people that DO defend this country.

    30. Grace, Florida says:

      Let's have a little transparency here – how about the truth Nancy.

    31. Richard, Dayton OH says:

      I think it's great that a reporter from CNN is finally asking some questions that try to get at the truth. There has been so much pandering to the left that they have not been held accountable for their blunders and out-right lies.

      Let's hope that this is a new direction that CNN is taking; to get the truth regardless of political persuation.

    32. Moose says:

      Nancy Pelosi's next statement will be, "God made me lie".

    33. Larry, in the Republ says:

      It seems that some folks are thinkin' Pelosi might ACTUALLY be takin' one for the "TEAM", and you can beleive that aint true! So much of it has spewed forth from her lieing lips that it was inevitable that somehow, sooner than later, she was going to step in her own dookie! Obviously She has grown so malicious in her "Bully Pulpit" that she can no longer stay absent from her own malice! It's time for the Chicken Dance, fire up the grill and butter up them feets!!Umm…Hummm..

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    35. Annie, Westerly, RI says:

      "We the people" need to stick together. This is all about government control and loss of freedom, follow the buck!

    36. dave, syracuse, ny says:

      you can't have it both ways, madame speaker.

      i'm a foxnews viewer, who says "kudos to cnn! they forgot politix and went for the story!"

    37. Sharon Georgia says:

      It is time that this embarassment goes. Time for investigations and cleaning house even before 2010. This nation cannot take much more of these brain dead traitors and liars and unethical corrupt idiots. They are an embarassment to this nation and Pelosi is really STUPID. When you have John Stewart making fun of you it is time to go so Pelosi Bye Bye and good riddance you old washed up has been who never was

    38. chuck, wy. says:

      stop riding the fence and choose a side, admit that politicians in general (80% if not more), move with the blowing wind, that's how they get re-elected again and again.

    39. Barb -mn says:

      April, I agree with what everyone wrote to you. I wish you come to the truth soon. The spin is always on the left. You want truth? Both sides? Then you want The Heritage Foundation.

    40. David, Evansville IN says:

      I can't believe Washington has even let things get this far. It just proves the Dem's are out to destroy this country. 3100 Americans died on Sept. 11 2001, followed by the Anthrax attacks. Oh i almost forgot. The World Trade Centers in 93', U.S. Embassaies, U.S.S Cole. Dem's wake up!!!!! WE ARE IN A WAR, WE HAVE BEEN AT WAR FOR MANY YEARS. We finally fight back and your wanting our own prior admin to come before a witch hunt. Terrorist, Pirates, etc. do not fall under the Geneva Covention because we are not fighting, or taking prisoner a uniform military foe. Will you please think about Country first and worry about the treatment of someone who would'nt think twice before beheading you second.

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    42. David Poon, Alberta, says:

      Can anyone tell if Queen Pelosi went to the same high school with Casey Anthony? They learned the endless circle of lies!

    43. Dave McDuffie,Laguna says:

      Has any of the so-called war protesters gathered against the muslims killing the christians in Africa? No, I guess not. I guess these days, since Obama has stated America IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION, christians are the bad guys! Obama, is he a nightmare or what?! This country was built with the foundation of "IN GOD WE TRUST"! We are a "Christian Nation", Obama is a hate-filled muslim indoctrinated in Indonesia the same way ALL muslims there are indoctrinated, with hatred for the great satan, America, then he attended the most hatefilled/hate America church of all for twenty years! So what else would you expect?! Just look at every Godless society on earth…they create NOTHING, they build NOTHING, they solve NOTHING, they cure NOTHING, and you Obamatrons want us to follow THEM?! Just look at the once great Britain, they are going down like the Titanic. We are next.

    44. larry, waycross, geo says:

      Grow up America. Waterboarding is NOT torture.

      Bamboos shoots under the fingernails, now that’s torture.

    45. herby1966 says:

      Bla, Bla, Bla, When are people going to wake up. I get so agrivated with the stuppidity of the people that just keep going on beleiving all this crap that comes out of there moulths. And how dare they attack our brave men and women in the service and law enforcement agencies. If it take Waterboarding or some other type of uncofratable actions tword TARRORISTS (not legal combatents, see Geneva convention, SHOOT ON SITE.) Tough they are killing us becouse of who me are and what we believe. Our Government needs to make up there colective minds pull out or let our guys do the job they are there for with out feer of being prosecuted becouse some taliban didn't get to face east for his preyer. He would not be in Gitmo, if he 1st had not taken up arms against those 3000 dead in the towers. Or have we fogotten. Semper Fi!

    46. April, Colorado says:

      Dave McDuffie, We live in a PLURALISTIC society. Which means that ALL people have a seat at the table. That ALL are to be treated as equals. Stating that our country is a "Christian Nation" undermines the very principals upon which this country was based. It lessens the roles of other citizens who are not Christians. Our founding fathers drew their inspiration from a higher power, but they were careful not to mention the name of Jesus in any of their writings or legislation. If we are to protect our freedom of religion, then we must be careful not to elevate one religion over another. There are so many other people in our country…so many walks of life, colors, creeds, faiths and all should be respected. Obama never implied that Christians are the bad guys. The point was that Christians are not the "special" guys or the "better" guys. If we think of one group of citizens as better than another group, then we are discriminating against others. Democracy is based on EQUALITY. Equality for all takes work by all. And, I believe, a strong separation between Church and State.

      Kudos to President Obama for taking a stand against torture. Water-boarding is torture and the experts have said, time and time again, that it is ineffective at acquiring real intelligence. Let the world hear from the very lips of our leader that AMERICA will conduct itself with honor and integrity in peace and in war. President Obama has a HUGE job of trying to mend our relationships with our allies. Thank God that we won't hear any more Axis of Evil speeches.

      It is interesting to read the HR blogs. There is such negativity and mean-spirited talk. Hate will not get you back in the majority. Are those that blog on HR able to back up their comments with sound reason? Or are you just venting?


      April, heralding from the FREE state of Colorado

      P.S. All news media is slanted. It is important that we watch and listen to assess the slant. All writers and reporters are human with subjective opinions. Those opinions will shine through in their reporting. I am completely aware of the fact that CNN often slants to the left. Are you willing to admit that FOXX and The Heritage Foundation slants to the right?

    47. toomuchgovernment, C says:


      you need to get a life as we are were in war.

      We were trying to obtain information to protect people like you who obviously don't appreciate what the previous administration did to keep libs like you safe.

      What were we supposed to do with these people, take them for dinner and drinks?

      You are such a liberal you need to get a job-perhaps 'the princess' will hire you to carry her luggage as you would fit nicely in with these liberal democrats who wish to give our country away…better yet, how about applying for a job direct with Obama, you may be able to give him some pointers on playing 'the-blame-game' as if he didn't already have this technique down pat.

      Liberal democrats–we all are just about to get a real dose of who and what they are all about…and I can not wait until the next election as there WILL be a house-cleaning!

    48. dennis florida says:

      america was based on christian principles.over 30% of the constution was drafted from the bible. the bible was mandatory reading in the schools for many many years. if it wasn't for jesus, the god of jews wound still belong to the jews only. religon today is just a bunch of different rules and regulations put in different belief's.true christianity is simply a relationship with our CREATOR through JEASUS. if you chose not to be christian, i have no problem with it. we are all still americans and want to protect our family's. if we can get valuable imformation from these crazy nuts by squirting a little water in their faces in order to remain safe, whats the big deal.

    49. April, Colorado says:

      Too Much Government, Try to make your point without attacking me. Water-boarding is torture. We thought those that conducted that type of torture against our troops barbarians. We have to set a moral standard. If we let our standards slip when dealing with our enemies, it is only a matter of time when these methods will be used on our own citizens that the government might deem as terrorists. We have to stand behind the rule of law. Let's not outlaw Habeas Corpus.

      Dennis in Florida. I agree with most of your statements. However, water-boarding is torture. It is ineffective at obtaining accurate intelligence. It is a huge deal! By promoting torture methods when dealing with detainees, we are opening the door for those same techniques to be used on our own men and women in this country's service. My niece is a Marine. When we engage in war, believe it or not, there are rules of engagement. If we break those rules, whether those that we are fighting do so or not, we become the enemy that we are fighting. I don't understand how one can speak about a relationship with our Creator through Jesus Christ and still support torture.

    50. catero, CA says:

      April and all. I think we are missing the point here. This discussion is not about whether waterboarding is right or not. This discussion is about the hypocrisy of the entire US political class. Mrs. Pelosi, on a completely politicized move, cried for the hanging of those who had tainted the honor of our country with torture. The problem now is that she new and did nothing about it until it was politically convenient for her and her party to do so. And when she was put on evidence of her shameful act, he had no better idea than to publicly lie about what she knew or didn’t know. And to make things work she said that the CIA lied to her. It is absolutely disgusting what this people will do for power. Starting to see little differences with the politicians from my developing country.

    51. catero, CA says:

      April, we don't need to admit that Fox or Heritage slant to the right. They do it themselves. They don't hide behind a fake facade of "news providers" to suport their ideology. They are honest about it.

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    53. dennis florida says:

      april, i applaude your niece for helping to keep us safe. however if your niece was captured along with other marines,ready to be beheaded, and we had captured some bad guys who we knew knew the location of their whereabouts, would waterboarding be ok? i believe it's time for nancy pelosi to step down.she;s out of control.

    54. catero, CA says:

      Dennis, brilliant. Thank you for putting things in perspective. April, this is not an atack oin you. It's time America starts getting real about what is going on and stop living in a fantasy world. I would love to hear your opinion on what Dennis said.

    55. Wayde, Omaha says:

      April, Read the 5000 Year Leap and then tell me we as a nation aren't founded on Christian principles–albeit all forms of religions are free to worship because of our Constitution. Here is a simple rule…Step 1: Educate mind, Step 2, consider your position and analyze other sources, Step 3: engage mind…then type–this will help you avoid the emotional appeal wrought with fallacy of composition.

      P.S As American's and by policy we don't nor should we torture–I've been through survival training it is not torture, but you do want it to stop–the intent is for you to cooperate with the inherent fears we all have. Our techniques are based on an individuals motivations–for example April, I would interrogate a liberal, by having Newt Gingrich lecture them for 23 hours straight, followed by lessons on the Constitution…I promise they'd convert or tell me what I wanted to know and they'd say that was "torture" relative to their comfort…but saying it doesn't make it so. If merely saying it makes it true, then I'm tortured daily by Congress, the president, his administration (and media lies)–so impeach them all and I'll understand the rules better.

      P.S x2 Also, I was "tortured" by liberal schools, Me and my class were coerced, by a public school teacher into voting for a benevolent Jimmy Carter because " Republican's don't like poor people and are greedy"–hell of a thing to tell a kid, when I should have been learning my multiplication tables instead of politics. Don't worry April, I finished my Master's degree in Engineering after I taught myself math–now that's torture!

    56. Marshall Hill MI. says:

      Nancy is getting JUST Deserts!

    57. C.J.Katy Wyoming says:

      April, April, Everyone is born a liberal then they grow up. Can you say accountability? Everyone on the left is so quick to blame Bush/Cheney for EVERYTHING. You know Presidents and their cabinet can really do nothing it is Congress, Lobbyists/Lawyers who do everything. Always follow the money. The Fanny Mae/Freddie MAc home give away was Liberal politics, The mess we're in, the $12.4 trillion debt is liberal politics, tax and spend for lazy entitlement holders. Yes there is a distinction among good boys/girls and bad boys/girls and all will be accountable.When the left can distinguish between deserving and undeserving we might be able to get somewhere but until then EVERYONE read (simple Google Search)the 6900 Series Protocols for Economic Collapse in America by Al Martin (even though he blames Bush/Cheney)The lack of leadership in decision making (read concensus)and the attendent lack of accountability is taking us to socialism in a heart beat and to hell in an amoral handcart being pushed by the liberal left whose actions are always ending in predictive counter intuitive results. The warm and fuzzy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone mantra is Satanic distraction and the left is full of self absorbed feel good efforts that are destroying the fabric of family and all that is good and truthfull! There is nothing that any liberal can say that will change those facts.

    58. dennis florida says:

      i think april is very sincere in what she belives,however ,her thinking has been altered by the liberal meda. my perscription is to take one rush limbaugh and shawn hanity, and call me in the morning.

    59. April, Colorado says:

      It is interesting to see how some bloggers respond to someone with whom they disagree.

      My mission is to engage in and encourage debate of the issues. We as a people have lost our ability to debate. Instead, it turns into some schoolyard name-calling match that is at best demeaning and divisive.

      We need to disagree while maintaining a level of human respect for one another. Some of the responses to my blogs are extremely disrespectful. I had a man from TN actually call me "sweetie" on another blog.

      When we are able to share our thoughts without attacking one another, then we will be able to once again debate the issues with our families and friends instead of avoiding those topics to keep the peace. This will force us to back up our opinions with reason.

      It is interesting to me when bloggers on this sight refer to me as a "liberal" as if they were calling me a name that starts with a "B".

      For those who believe that we should call our nation a Christian nation…"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord."

    60. dennis florida says:

      the fact is that nancy pelosi and others were very much informed on these E.I.T's.and she signed off on them agreeing with them.i think it is time for her to take newt gingrigh's advice and resign. then maby we can get a vot on the floor to drill,drill,drill

    61. dennis florida says:

      get a VOTE on the floor. sorry for the bad spelling

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