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  • Obama Puts Israel at Risk

    Heritage fellow Ariel Cohen explains how in the Christian Science Monitor:

    The administration seems to be making three grave errors. The first is disregarding reality. The entrenched hostility of the Arab world and radical Muslims toward Israel is there for all to see. The core issue is that the Arab elites have not accepted Israel’s existence in the region. This fundamental point cannot be overlooked.

    A second major mistake is arm-twisting a staunch democratic ally to curry favor among a deeply anti-American Arab and Islamic world. Doing so would send a message of weakness. America’s allies from Japan to India to the Baltics will take note. A new wave of anti-American attacks – in Iraq, in the Gulf, and even on American soil – may be the unintended consequence.

    The third mistake is to reward terrorism. A seven-year barrage of rockets from Gaza has not broken the will of the Israelis. Neither have the terror attacks, which killed nearly 1,200 Israelis since 2000 – mathematically proportional to 50,000 deaths in America. We should not allow the threat of terror to break the will of America to stand up to terror masters and financiers.

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    5 Responses to Obama Puts Israel at Risk

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I wouldn't worry about Israel. They have nuclear capability and if we (America) pull out of Israel's corner, they will not hesitate to use it! If you look at the whole Israel issue, it has been the USA that has intervened and kept Israel from blasting the Arabs to kingdom-come! Not that I am advocating leaving Israel on their own, I just want to make people aware that Israel does not fall into the "victim" category. They know how to take care of business if need be.

    2. parson says:

      Israel is not at risk! The day America abandons Israel will be a sad day for America yet a victorious day for Israel. The Man in the upstairs office has promised to take care of Israel. For centuries this conflict has raged yet Israel survives. The Nazi death camps, The Six Day war, Daily terrorist threats and attacks yet Israel stands firm. Unfortunately Israel does not need America to survive. Look at the big picture. They are not the "victim" but the victor. Keep your eyes and ears open the meeting with the President and the Prime Minister will tell the world our (America's)fate.

    3. Burl Huffman says:

      Whatever happens over the next four years in Washington, you can believe one thing…..Isreal will not sit idly by and allow themselves to be wiped out. Many years ago, God made a certain promise to Isreal and I believe He meant what He said.

    4. Michael Hess, Charlo says:

      Ozy6900, do you seriously think Israel could use nukes with impunity? Have you asked yourself what happens to Israel the day after?

      Parson, the state of Israel has only existed since 1948. There is no invisible skydaddy handing out land deeds, and there is a huge problem in that Israel ethnically cleansed more than 700,000 and destroyed more than 450 Arab villages to build Israeli villages upon.

      Burl, it would be nice if you could spell Israel correctly as you make claims of supernatural mythical promises.

      And finally, Ariel Cohen. It is you who are ignoring reality. There is and has been an Arab Peace Initiative on the table gathering dust since March 2002. It includes all of the things that Israel claims it wants.

      But the reality is, Israel wants the land, the resources, but it does not want the indigenous population. So it kicked them out, subjugates them in bantustans, and holds under brutal siege 1.5 million Gaza Palestinians to elicit a particular political outcome.

      And Ariel, that is the very definition of State Terrorism.

    5. shirley trejo USA says:

      Since Obama belief is that Israel share Jerusalem,is only several of his mistakes. In the Balfour Treaty Israel was given permission for building settlements on the West bank and Gaza. Also, Israel will never go back to the land the had before 1967. 1967, was a great day for all Jews, reclaiming the Holy City, Jerusalem, they will never give it up. The land belongs to Israel, read your Bible.

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